(Author's Note: This story is a sequel to Mega Woman's Disgrace., originally intended as the introduction to this much longer story. Technical difficulties have been more or less overcome, so here is the rest of the story. My thanks to my friend, David, for some suggestions, incorporated, herein.)

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, bestiality and adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Adder's Return. Part 5. Conclusion.

Mega Woman and  Ultra Maid.
Champions of Justice.

Restored by a night's recuperative rest, the doughty duo resolved that it was time to show the evil Adder and her despicable granddaughters, the error of their ways.  Mega Woman had come back from one harrowing, humiliating defeat, in her career, and ultimately triumphed Now, she and her stalwart daughter would do it again! Justice demanded rightful retribution!

Now, that she was free from prison, Adder had decided it was time to clear her family farm of its rocky burden. Who better to accomplish that ambition than two unpaid laborers, possessing super powers. Adder dispatched Coral and Cobra to set the captives to the task. When Cobra ordered Mega Woman to follow her, the tall shapely heroine responded with furious indignation.

Cobra's response to insubordination was instantaneous, and ruthlessly decisive.

Seeing Cobra attacking her mother, Ultra Maid tried to rush to her aid, but Coral caught her by the hair and arm from behind. Perhaps neither superheroine had recovered as fully from their ordeal as they had imagined.

Unable to help her mother, Ultra Maid was forced to watch Cobra continue her merciless, brutal attack.

Overwhelmed by the teenager's brutality, Mega Woman tried to get her bearings. Cobra picked up a large Krononite paddle, she had provided in readiness for just such an eventuality.

Cobra seized the huge crimefighter and seating herself, hauled the disoriented, older woman across her knees.

Mega Woman reacted in indignant, shocked rage to this insufferable affront to her mature dignity, but she was unable to escape the youthful tormentress, half her size and age.

Easily overpowering Ultra Maid, Coral forced the younger crimefighter to helplessly watch the vicious Cobra humiliate her stately, dignified beloved mother.

Despite her mortifying situation, Mega Woman furiously defied the devilish teen.

The first whack from the Krononite paddle was a startling revelation, to the normally invulnerable superheroine. Krononite was as deadly as a weapon as it was an effective restraint. The indignant Mega Woman howled at the unexpected smarting pain.

Mega Woman clenched her fists, furiously. How dare this evil brat?

Scorching misery in her magnificent, fully contoured derriere began to sap Mega Woman's indignant resolve to defy this hateful little blond.

The frightful torment brought tears to Mega Woman's huge green eyes, and snuffles of misery to her bee-stung, pink lips.

Mega Woman struggled heroically to retain her stoic resolve, but tears flowed freely down her face, and her snuffles grew to full-blown sobs of distress.

As they watched Mega Woman's humiliation, Coral scornfully tormented the captive Ultra Maid, weeping herself, in anguished sympathy for her shrieking, sobbing mother. Ultra Maid revered and idolized her mother as the epitome of courage and rectitude, her shining ideal!  How did that heartless little devil dare inflict such a hideous outrage on the incomparable, heroic, veteran crimefighter?

Alas, even a superheroine's resolve has its limits! Sobbing in shame, Mega Woman brokenly surrendered to the vicious little sadist.

To emphasize the abusive lesson, Cobra climbed on an upside down waste paper basket, and ordered the terrorized superheroine to kiss her foot, while promising obedience. Her resistance broken, her pride in tatters, Mega Woman abjectly obeyed the vicious teen.

Coral recorded the horrible spectacle, while Ultra Maid sobbed in brokenhearted misery, the heroic image of her Mother, she carried in her heart, shattered. All thought of resistance was crushed in her own bosom.

The triumphant teens led the two enslaved superheroines to the fields, and put them to work with a merciless cruelty, that would have done credit to a Simon Legree. Their spirits crushed, the brokenhearted duo, abjectly obeyed their heartless Mistresses' commands.

Adder's vicious granddaughters were ingenious in devising games, sometimes challenging Mega Woman to compete against their farm horse, Dobbin, in impromptu contests.

Even when the day's work was done, there was little rest for the captives.

Adder's vengeance proved as boundless and endless, as the supply of rocks and stones on her hellish, barren farm.

The End.