WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Atrocity. Part  1.

Elfrieda, von Richtofen, once known as Black Valkyrie, the dreaded Nazi superwoman, had found the amenities of her niece Morganna's clinic so enjoyable on her Yule visit the year before, that she made the clinic her new headquarters. (See Not Easy Being Green. Not Easy Being Green , Holiday Reunion  Holiday Reunion and Yule Eve at Morganna's Yule Eve at Morganna's All By GW)

Elfrieda's adoring family were pleased by her frequent visits, and made every effort to make her stays enjoyable. One evening, Morganna announced. "Oh Aunt Elfrieda you'll never guess what I found on the internet! It's a DVD copy of the propaganda film your associates made of your encounter with that 'old-time' superheroine, Amerizon, during World War ll! I ordered a copy and it's just arrived! I thought maybe we'd watch it tonight?"

"Ha, ha!  Amerizon! Yes I remember that evening well!  I haven't seen that film in years! It would be amusing to watch it again!"

After dinner, the family settled down in the huge living room to watch Aunt Elfrieda's first, great triumph, as Morganna's sister, Leticia Luther, started the DVD player.

The film opened with Black Valkyrie challenging Amerizon at a reception at the Presidential Palace of the Generalissimo, Dictator of a Neutral Nation. (See Balance of Power by GW,  Balance Of Power.)

"Wow!"  Admiringly enthused Billy Luther, Leticia's evil young son. "You were really 'hot' in that outfit, Aunt Elf!"

"Why thank you Dear," Elfrieda answered. "I did look pretty good in those days, if I do say so myself!"

Billy's sister, Wendy snorted, muttering, loud enough for her brother to hear. "Little twerp's always sucking up!"

Elfrieda provided a running commentary as the film proceeded.

"I let the bitch get in a few punches, at first! I didn't want it to look TOO easy!"

"Then the arrogant bitch let down her guard! That was the opening I was waiting for! I knew her weakness! It was a weakness, I don't think she even knew, herself!  Her powers were based on control and channeling of her sexual energies. An attack on her sexual organs could break her concentration! I nailed her right in the pussy! Oh, you should have heard the Bitch scream!"

"After THAT punch, I could see the big sow got all weak in the knees! From then on, it was easy! I just beat the stuffing out of her!"

"Pinching her fat nipples was great fun and it made her even weaker!  By then, I must admit, I was really enjoying myself, and showing off a little for the Generalissimo!"

"Finally, I slammed the Slut down over my knee in a 'back breaker'!  I had the stupid bitch bent double, and I could really work over her pussy!"

"Ha! That was the end of the Great Amerizon! She squealed like a stuck pig for mercy!"

"After that, I played with her some more! I knew the Generalissimo would enjoy that! He was a horny little devil!"

"When I unmasked her, the Great Allied Heroine was crying like baby! Ha, ha! They always hate to be unmasked! It turned out she was Veronica Dare the famous explorer! I had suspected as much!"

"Unmasking the pathetic bitch was only the beginning! I gave her one of the family dildo's up the behind, just for good measure!"

"Then I made the whore give the Generalissimo a special treat!"

"The little devil was grateful to me for the rest of his life! After the war, when I needed safe refuge,  he made me Chief of his Secret Police!"

The film ended with Black Valkyrie turning her back contemptuously on her sobbing defeated foe, and leading the Generalissimo off to discuss diplomacy.

"Oh Aunty Elf, you were magnificent!" Wendy gushed, not above a little 'sucking up' to her admired aunt, herself.

"Yes Aunt Elfrieda, it was such a pleasure to see you destroy that bimbo with such style, even in front of a camera!" Wendy's mother, Leticia agreed.

"You do have a wonderful flair!" Morganna told her aunt. "When I was young I used to watch that film on an old 8 mm projector all the time! I learned so much from it!"

As the others headed for their rooms, Elfrieda took Morganna aside, and asked her confidentially.
"Morganna, have you had any luck with that Ruby Pendent that belonged to Drusilla, the so-called Jungle Goddess?"

"I've been able to determine that it is indeed an artifact of incredible power! It's truly amazing that Cousin Gerda could defeat that savage while she wore it!" (See Fraulein Power On Safari  By GW   Fraulein Power On Safari )

"I think I'm on the right track, but I haven't got it quite yet!" Morganna added, reluctant to disappoint her Aunt.

"Well keep working on it, Dear! I have a feeling it could be of great importance to the family! If anyone can figure it out, I know it's you!" Elfrieda said encouragingly.


Coincidentally in a secluded refuge on Amazon Island, another woman remembered that same fateful night in the Generalissimo's Palace, from a horribly different perspective. The sad figure was Veronica Dare, called Amerizon before that traumatic disgrace. She prayed sorrowfully before a statue of Beletiva, the Suffering Goddess. (See GW's Beletiva and the Troll King's Daughter.  Chapter 1.  The Purple Forest The Purple Forest, Chapter 2. Forest Vendetta. Forest Vendetta, Chapter 3. Trolls Vengeance,   Trolls Vengeance., and Chapter 4. Divine HandmaidenDivine Handmaiden.)

Veronica never recovered from her harrowing ordeal and the terrible captivity that followed it. She was not freed from Nazi captivity by the victorious Allies, until the end of World War II, three years later. Her disgrace had been made public by the evil Nazi propaganda machine during the War, and she was unable to face the world, or resume her career as a superheroine. She roamed the world for many years, hiding in dark corners, a tragic nomad with no place to call home.

A short time before, Queen Deena, the loving Ruler of this Island, and sometime sister superheroine, discovered Veronica's whereabouts and brought her here, to the last refuge of the Amazons. Veronica's hair had turned gray, but otherwise, like her terrible nemesis Elfrieda, she looked scarcely older than she had in 1942.

"Dear Lady you knew captivity and degradation, more terrible than my own! Give me the strength to bear it!" Veronica murmured, remembering that after she was left sobbing and disgraced, in the Generalissimo's Palace her ordeal was far from over. It was just the start of further suffering and degradation. While Black Valkyrie entertained the Generalissimo, two of her young aides approached the shattered Amerizon. The girls were scarcely out of their teens, if that. Their American contemporaries were wearing bobby sox, and innocently listening to swing music in malt shops, but these two angelic faced devils, Gilda and Ilsa, were already hardened Nazi war criminals.

The depraved girls hauled Amerizon to her feet as she whimpered in alarm.

As the throng crowded around Black Valkyrie and the Generalissimo, the girls quickly and efficiently dragged Amerizon from the room. The Nazi Embassy was conveniently located across a deserted alley from the Presidential Palace, and the girls quickly dragged the protesting American heroine to the cellar, where the SS maintained interrogation facilities.

As the bewildered Amerizon tried to escape, the girls ripped the shreds of her costume from her battered body.

Though Black Valkyrie had reduced Amerizon's uniform to useless shreds, the indignity of being forcibly stripped totally naked by grinning teenagers, outraged the unfortunate superheroine. Forgetting her weakness, Amerizon indignantly tried to reclaim the pitiful remnants of her costume.

Amerizon's indignation was all the excuse the evil young Nazis needed. They attacked her with ferocious zeal. Hardly able to stand after the frightful beating Black Valkyrie had given her, Amerizon was in no condition to defend herself, and the devils beat the hapless American Champion savagely.


End of Part 1.

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