WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, and m/f and f/f n/c and rape.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Balance of Power. Part 1.

It was impossible to believe the tall, powerfully built, masked woman feared anything, yet she hesitated as though from reluctance for just a moment. Then taking a deep breath, she strode across the large ballroom toward the short, fat Generalissimo. Her incredibly curvaceous figure in bright costume was instantly recognizable everywhere in the world; she was the renowned superheroine, Amerizon. As she drew near the man, Amerizon's flesh crawled, but she gritted her teeth and smiled through her skintight mask. The Generalissimo repelled her; he was the antithesis of everything she believed in and fought for. Yet here she was about to do her best to captivate this odious, little man.

It was 1942, the darkest days of World War II for the Allied cause.  The neutral country ruled by this corrupt dictator might join either side in the War, and provide a decisive advantage to that side. Intelligence Sources believed the Generalissimo was edging toward an alliance with the Axis, an alliance that would open U-boat bases to the Kriegsmarine and air bases to Goering's Luftwaffe.

It was known that the repugnant dictator was an extravagant admirer of strong, athletic women, and certainly few women in the world equaled, and none surpassed, the magnificent Amerizon.  At the behest of the President himself, Secretary of State Cordell Hull requested America's premier superheroine to undertake this crucial diplomatic mission to sway the balance of power.

"I feel like a whore!" The gallant champion thought, as she held out her hand to the short repugnant figure.  The man would have been comical, if not so vicious.  "Well, I am doing this for my Country, but I can't help feeling my time would be better spent tracking down that new Nazi superwoman I've heard so much about, calls herself Black Valkyrie!"

For a moment, the Generalissimo stared at the beautiful superheroine with glassy eyed awe. Then unable to control his lustful appetite for feminine muscle, he stammered a request to feel the formidable woman's arm muscle. Shocked by the request, Amerizon reluctantly permitted the liberty, though her flesh crawled and she had to grit her teeth to endure the ordeal.

As the Generalissimo fawningly touched her arm, and covertly did his best to paw other parts of the  American heroine's incredible anatomy, he babbled. "Ah I'd love to know the story of how you became so formidable, My Dear! It must be a fascinating story!"

For once, the Generalissimo spoke the truth. The secret of Amerizon's origin was a fascinating story, but one she never shared. "I'm afraid that's classified, Your Excellency!" Amerizon replied with a mysterious smile.  For a moment the story of that incredible odyssey that led to super power flashed through the tall heroine's consciousness.

In 1930, beautiful, young Veronica Dare, best selling author, celebrated explorer, and daredevil aviatrix took off on a long distance flight over the Caucasus Mountains, the last leg of an international air race. She was far ahead of all other participants over the most desolate stretch of the mountains, her small plane alone in the sky, when the engine began to cough and and smoke. Years later, Veronica discovered she had been the victim of Nazi sabotage, in retaliation for her Olympic victory over a favored German athlete.  Using all her skill, the adept young pilot had crash landed safely, though her plane was destroyed.

Though she'd miraculously survived the crash, Veronica found herself stranded in a virtually uninhabited wilderness. Alone without food or supplies, the intrepid adventuress, using her formidable wilderness survival skills sought to walk back to civilization.  Living off the land, she traveled for several days before she came upon a small, nearly inaccessible valley. At the rocky pass leading to the valley, she was challenged by a tall, woman speaking what sounded to the well educated author to be classical Greek.

Taken before the feminine leader of the valley, Veronica found herself seemingly transported back to a time of legend. She had stumbled upon a society of real life Amazons, the last descendants of the Warrior Women of Ancient Greek myth. The young aviatrix discovered legend had not done the mighty feminine warriors full justice; they were virtually superwomen. These were the kind of women Veronica had always dreamed of meeting, the fully ripened fruit of feminine goodness and prowess.  They bowed their knee to no man, but served only their Patron Goddess, Artemis. Veronica knew instantly what she must do. She humbly begged entry to this order of Warrior Priestesses as an acolyte. The wise Mistress and High Priestess of Artemis saw the strength and moral purity in Veronica's calm blue eyes, and granted the young woman's request.

As she proceeded through the degrees of arduous training and preparation, Veronica learned the Amazon's seemingly miraculous powers rose from concentrating the power of female sexuality to an incredibly intense degree, much like concentrating the rays of the sun into a hot burning cone of power. Achieving such concentration required the greatest of self discipline and control. Veronica learned to keep her sexual passion at a fever pitch, yet never to give vent to it, or surrender to it's power, but use it only for good.  Few had the dedication and determination to learn to maintain that delicate balance of power. After years of study, Veronica mastered the power and became an adept of the Order, excelling in determination and strength of purpose, even her Sister Amazons born in the Valley of Artemis.

One day, the Revered Mistress of the Order, Veronica's beloved mentor, summoned her most accomplished disciple. "My child you have learned all we have to teach you! What will you do with your knowledge?"

"I'd love to spend all my days here in this Blessed Valley with my sisters, Beloved Mistress, but I feel a longing to use my gifts for my own people at home! Does that meet with your approval, Dear Mistress?"

"I think your decision is wise, My Child," The venerable teacher replied, "though parting will be painful! I have come to love you as a daughter!"

A few days later, with tears in her eyes, Veronica left her adopted sisters and departed the Blessed Valley. She boldly trekked through the mountains on foot to the edge of civilization and found transportation back to the land of her birth.

Returning home in 1934, Veronica energetically devoted her incredible powers to the Battle for truth and justice. Concealing her identity behind a mask, as the first American Amazon, she chose to call herself, 'Amerizon'.  The brief costume she found most practical for her strenuous adventures, did have one embarrassing feature; it couldn't entirely hide her hard, thrusting nipples, always erect and eager due to the controlled female passion, that burned eternally through her magnificent form. "Well, that can't be helped, I guess!' Veronica thought with a wry smile of resignation.

The exploits of the heroic female crusader soon caught the attention the media, and Amerizon became a bright, shining torch of hope to the nation, in the dark days of the Great Depression. Tonight, due to the amazing Powers of Artemis, Amerizon seemed scarcely a day older than the young Veronica whose plane fatefully crashed twelve years earlier.

Amerizon's moment of reverie was rudely interrupted when another powerfully built, masked woman approached from the other side of the room where the Axis representatives had gathered. The woman shoved between Amerizon and the Generalissimo with brassy impertinence.

Amerizon instantly recognized the intruder. "Huh! Well if it isn't the notorious Black Valkyrie! Guess I don't have to go looking for her; she seems to have found me! I suppose she's here for the same reason I am! Look at that little pig's eyes light up!" Amerizon thought.

Once she boldly introduced herself to the Generalissimo, Black Valkyrie turned with a sneer to the calmly smiling Amerizon and jeered. "Care to try your so-called powers against a real woman, Yankee Slut?"

The smile didn't leave Amerizon's face even at the Nazi insult though her eyes narrowed dangerously. "Anytime, anywhere, Hon!" She hissed.

"How about here and now! I'm sure the Generalissimo won't mind if we settle things here in his ballroom! Will you Handsome?" Black Valkyrie answered, turning back to the short, fat dictator, with a seductive smile.

The Generalissimo's eyes glittered hungrily, his body trembling eagerly, in anticipation. He couldn't believe this was happening.

"By all means Ladies! I would be happy to host such a contest!" The comical little man chortled, nearly drooling.

"Fine with me! It's your funeral!" Amerizon retorted with as shrug. Thinking:  "Oh, it sure is fine with me, you despicable witch! I can't wait to get my hands on YOU!"

The Generalissimo rapidly cleared a large circle in the middle of the polished marble ballroom, and without further ado, the two champions of their respective nations faced each other. As they circled, Black Valkyrie taunted her American opponent.

Amerizon didn't reply to the provocative jeers, until she saw an opening, and smashed a left cross into Black Valkyrie's jaw that stunned the Nazi. That was just the start, as Amerizon battered her foe from one end of the cleared circle to the other.

Amerizon doubled her black clad foe over, with a deadly punch to her belly. Without pausing, she threw another quick right to Black Valkyrie's jaw that nearly decked her.

Overwhelmed by the relentless barrage, Black Valkyrie stumbled nearly, falling. Seeing the Nazi's distress, the gallant Amerizon mercifully held back her next blow.

"She's finished!" Amerizon thought "Guess I should end this silly farce, but I hate to hit someone when they're almost out on their feet!"

Perhaps Black Valkyrie was not so badly hurt as she appeared, and perhaps she had a surprise in store for the tall American superheroine. Black Valkyrie knew a secret about Amerizon's powers, a secret even Amerizon didn't know, for Black Valkyrie's own evil powers stemmed from a common source.

Elfrieda von Richtofen, distant cousin of the "Bloody Red Baron" was educated at Cambridge University in  England, where she became a well respected scholar of classical languages.  Despite her exposure to British democracy and sense of fair play, Elfrieda nonetheless became an early advocate of the Nazi movement and a devotee of its Fuhrer. Though she returned to teach classical studies at Cambridge, she used her position to carry out espionage activities of great value to her Fatherland. In September 1939, when war broke out, she daringly escaped from England, craftily eluding British internment, and returned in triumph to the Fatherland.

As the War escalated, the Nazis in their fanatical hunger for lebensraum conquered most of Europe even penetrating the isolated Caucuses. The evil Nazi legions discovered the green Valley of Artemis, which they attacked with their usual ferocious brutality. The Amazon defenders fought like lionesses, but even their near limitless powers could not long prevail against panzer tanks and Stuka dive bombers. It was a costly victory for the third Reich, but inevitably Nazi might prevailed, but not before every able bodied Amazon defender was dead. The Fuhrer incensed at the disproportionate losses to his forces ordered Himmler to find out the secret of these warrior women's prowess.

Newly commissions SS Colonel von Richtofen was dispatched to conduct the investigation. She carried out her mission with brutal, teutonic efficiency. During her frightful interrogation of one of the last survivors, Elfrieda learned much of value to her vile cause.  After days of torture, the hapless, elderly Amazon, long the custodian of the precious Library of Artemis, confessed the secret of the Power of Artemis. In her near delirium, she also babbled another secret, one she was long sworn to conceal, the secret existence of the long hidden 'Dark Books'.

The existence of the Dark Books was known to few, even among Amazons of the highest rank.  Elfrieda ordered an immediate search of what remained of the Amazon Library. The library had contained many of the lost treasures of the legendary Library of Alexandria, sent for safe keeping by Queen Cleopatra to her sisters, nearly two thousand years earlier.  Those treasures, that escaped Roman destruction fell victim to the Nazi barbarians, who burned another priceless library as their Roman counterparts had done long ago. Yet, Elfrieda was in luck. A deeply buried sub cellar of the library was discovered containing those volumes thought too dangerous for even the virtuous Amazons to peruse.

Poring over the moldering tomes written in archaic Greek, Elfrieda succeeded in translating them.
She learned that there was another dark path to power, the antithesis of Artemis's Path of Love. Dark Amazons long extinct had drawn power from the suffering and pain of others. As they inflicted pain on their foes and victims, they became ever stronger. It was a road to power, that accorded well with Elfrieda's cruel nature, and she soon mastered the art, experimenting with the few unfortunate Amazon survivors, who endured horrendous suffering in the process.

With the Fuhrer's blessing Elfrieda became 'Black Valkyrie', Nazi Germany's answer to America's bold Amerizon.

Black Valkyrie had learned another secret from those evil books so long hidden. The Power of Artemis had a weakness, oft exploited by the Dark Sisters. An attack on the erogenous zones of an Adept of Artemis, could break her concentration and make her vulnerable.

As Amerizon reluctantly closed for the finisher, Black Valkyrie threw the punch she'd been practicing for in anticipation of this night, a low blow that blasted into Amerizon's crotch and genitalia with alarming results.

A wave of nausea and weakness flooded over the tall American heroine. The fierce pain in her most intimate and sensitive erogenous zone had the desired result, breaking her concentration; she stumbled backward.

As Amerizon struggled to regain her equilibrium, Black Valkyrie struck again with a kick to the same spot, that inflicted even more grievous damage than the punch.

As her strength ebbed, Amerizon discovered Black Valkyrie's fists could be deadly, even when targeting her jaw. The evil Nazi's own strength was already beginning to grow phenomenally, as she battened on her foe's pain and anguish.

Before Amerizon could regain her concentration, a kick to the jaw upended the gorgeous American heroine.

As Amerizon struggled to get up, Black Valkyrie leaped into the air and came down with all her weight driving her right foot into Amerizon's crotch.

"See how that feels, you fat whore!" Black Valkyrie crowed, as Amerizon writhed in excruciating agony.

Moaning in pain, it took all the strength Amerizon could muster just to sit up, and once she did sit up, she could only hold her injured crotch in terrible distress.

The arrogant Nazi paused a moment to stare smugly down at her foe. "Guess i showed this Yankee Bitch?" She silently congratulated herself, perhaps prematurely. "Maybe I'll have some fun with her before I finish her!" Black Valkyrie seized Amerizon's right arm and literally climbed on top of her, as she sought to force the American to the floor.

Black valkyrie's posturing gave the strong willed Amerizon the moment she needed to recover her composure and reestablish control over her erotic drive. A good measure of strength returned to her. Disregarding considerable pain, Amerizon drew upon her returning strength, thrust her free hand between Black Valkyrie's thigh and lifted the astonished Nazi into the air; then standing, she flung her to the floor.

Amerizon had recovered the initiative, and her strength was returning in nearly full measure to her stout limbs, though she knew she was not as strong as when the battle began. In her entire career, Amerizon had never been threatened by defeat, until Black Valkyrie's dastardly assault on her genitalia nearly overwhelmed her. It had been a sobering demonstration of an unexpected vulnerability. It was clear she was dealing with the most dangerous foe she ever faced. She must end things soon, clearly and decisively.

Amerizon grabbed Black Valkyrie by the hair and hauled her to her feet, even before the Nazi had a chance to rise.  Holding her foe's head steady, as the other woman kicked and struggled like a puppet on wires, Amerizon slammed her fist into the Nazi's jaw.


End of Part 1.

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