WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, and m/f and f/f n/c and rape.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Balance of Power. Part 3.

Though it had not been as easy as the arrogant Nazi initially hoped, Nazi brutality combined with her secret ancient knowledge seemed finally to be paying off. Amerizon, the American superheroine who had never known defeat was nearly out on her feet, as Black Valkyrie drove a final kick into her kidneys, and then seized her from behind.

With a lewd wink to the Generalissimo, Black Valkyrie slid Amerizon's halter up her chest, exposing the beautiful American's abundantly generous breasts. Some of the Generalissimo's more strait-laced guests gasped at the Nazi's audacity, most applauded enthusiastically.

Amerizon, stupefied by pain, hardly knew what was happening. She only knew she must escape that hateful grip on her body. As she blindly struggled to escape the evil Nazi's clutches, Black Valkyrie wrapped her body, with snakelike suppleness, around her foe's fulsome curves, and with another wink to the Generalissimo stroked an erect nipple. The Generalissimo quivered with lascivious craving, and covetous envy.

The skillful erotic assault on her sensitive bosom sent an electric shock through Amerizon's full figured form. Though Black Valkyrie had robbed her of the power engendered by her powerful erotic passions, those passions still raged in her bosom with undiminished power, passions no longer damned up by the force of her strong will, passions pent up for twelve long years by chaste denial, passions that now threatened to engulf her.

With a thrill of alarm, Amerizon's mind cleared. She must resist this shameful indignity! The American heroine tried to block the tantalizing tingling from her mind, but the insistent wriggling fingers were impossible to ignore. As Black Valkyrie sensuously stroked her nipple, Amerizon's tense, struggling body drooped languorously in near sensual surrender.

Amerizon's virtue was saved, at least for the moment, by Black Valkyrie's own vicious sadism. The Nazi couldn't resist the temptation to inflict more pain on the hated American. She gave Amerizon's nipple a vicious twisting pinch. The intense pain drove erotic desire from Amerizon's mind, though the attack physically weakened her even more. She might as well have been a helpless kitten in Black Valkyrie's vulture claws, by now.

Now Amerizon found herself fighting an overpowering urge to cry out in surrender and end this vile torment. Gallantly she swallowed her fear.

Black Valkyrie read the fearful indecision in her foe's troubled eyes. She longed to hear the hated American scream for mercy. Perhaps she would hasten the process.  She thrust her hand between Amerizon's thighs and seized her crotch in her vulture's grip. Her own considerable strength now combined with that she had plundered from her foe's voluptuous body made the Nazi, indeed, a super woman. She effortlessly hoisted Amerizon, kicking and screaming, above her head.

Black Valkyrie, strong as a gorilla now, bent her screaming foe's back across her sturdy thigh until it nearly snapped. Amerizon had never conceived of such pain, but worse was in store.

To increase Amerizon's suffering to unbearable heights, Black Valkyrie seized the crotch of her briefs, and pulled with all her might, the might of a female gorilla. The strong material cut like a knife into the horribly suffering American girl's delicate genitalia.

Amerizon's torment was unbearable; the crippling pain in her back, now compounded by the awful thong slicing into her genitalia and anus.

Viciously robbed of all her strength, beside herself with pain, Amerizon couldn't help herself; she begged Black Valkyrie to stop. Black Valkyrie made it plain the torture would only stop with unconditional surrender. Not only her own pride and honor, but more importantly, the honor of her Country a stake, Amerizon did her best to hang on.

Even the strongest and bravest can only take so much, and Amerizon finally reached the limits of endurance. Her strength was entirely gone, and her will broken. She shrieked in surrender to the hated Nazi.

The Generalissimo and his fawning entourage broke into a thunderous applause for the vile Black Valkyrie, as with a contemptuous laugh, she flung Amerizon to the floor, a broken woman.

While the Generalissimo and his toadies continued to laugh and applaud, Black Valkyrie stood over her defeated foe, and planted her foot on Amerizon's chest. Overcome by shame, Amerizon looked away unable to believe the contemptible Nazi had beaten her.

Black Valkyrie thrust her foot into Amerizon's face. Too weak to escape, Amerizon could do nothing to prevent Black Valkyrie from forcing the toe of her boot into her mouth. It appeared to the hooting crowd that America's Greatest Heroine was humbly sucking and licking the Nazi's boot.

In her heart of hearts, every superheroine no matter how valiant, harbors the nightmarish fear of unmasking, the fear that her secret identify will be revealed to the world, ending her usefulness as a crusader for virtue. How could Black Valkyrie resist making that nightmare a reality for her helplessly squirming victim? Crouching over Amerizon, Black Valkyrie seized the back of her blue mask and began to tug vigorously at it. Amerizon cried out in horrified alarm.

Weak as she might be, Amerizon did her best to protect her secret.

Finding herself too weak to fight the evil Nazi off, Amerizon tried to scramble away, frantic  to protect her precious secret identity.

Amerizon had no chance to escape. Black Valkyrie caught the sides of her mask in an unbreakable grip, and like a wrangler bulldogging a range cow, twisted the defeated heroine's huge body back to the floor, and straddled her screaming victim.

Inevitably, Black Valkyrie tore the mask away, revealing Amerizon's beautiful face to the jeering horde in the ballroom.

"Hah! I know you, don't I bitch? You're that American whore, Veronica Dare!" Black Valkyrie had good reason to recognize the American heroine. At the 1928 Olympics, Veronica Dare won three gold medals in track and swimming, while Elfrieda von Richtofen, the Nazi hope of the fatherland  gallingly took silver in the same events, igniting a burning hatred of the American beauty, that had smoldered for fourteen years. Well, she'd more than evened that score tonight, but the vindictive Nazi harpy's vengeance was far from complete. Now that she knew who she was dealing with, she had a few more surprises up her sleeve for the unhappy woman at her feet. This was personal, now!

Black Valkyrie climbed off the defeated, unmasked American Heroine, and waved the mask triumphantly at the Generalissimo, who waved back wildly, applauding with unbridled enthusiasm. The sight of the strong, beautiful, confident, American super woman totally defeated, trembling helplessly at the feet of the stronger woman who had virtually destroyed her, was a sight that would give him wet dreams for years to come.


End of Part 3.

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