WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, and m/f and f/f n/c and rape.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Balance of Power. Part 4. Conclusion.

Black Valkyrie climbed off the defeated, unmasked American Heroine, and waved Amerizon's mask triumphantly at the Generalissimo, who waved back wildly, applauding with unbridled enthusiasm. The sight of the strong, beautiful, confident, American super woman totally defeated, trembling helplessly at the feet of the stronger woman who had virtually destroyed her, was a sight that would give him wet dreams for years to come.

Crouching on all fours, at Black Valkyrie's feet, Amerizon didn't move, couldn't move. Brutally beaten and unmasked, publicly humiliated, forced to scream in surrender; the traumatic shock of her disgrace and defeat paralyzed her.  All her strength and powers were gone, plundered and stolen by the vicious Nazi's foul tactics. She still suffered the frightful agonies of the vile punishment the vicious Nazi inflicted, but physical agony paled in comparison to her mental anguish. Not only her own pride and honor had been at stake, but infinitely more importantly the honor of her beloved Country. She had failed miserably to protect that honor. Amerizon could hardly comprehend this appalling disaster.

Black Valkyrie stood above her beaten foe grinning in triumph at the Generalissimo. She gestured to her aide, who clad in black SS uniform darted to her and handed her a case. Black Valkyrie eagerly opened the case, and with an evil grin buckled a huge dildo around her loins. By now, the squeamish or those with any sense of morality or decency had fled the ballroom in disgust or shame. Those that remained, licked their lips hungrily, eyes glistening in anticipation, the Generalissimo chief among them. Still grinning at the Generalissimo, Black Valkyrie knelt down between the unsuspecting  Amerizon's splayed legs.

Overwhelmed by shock and despair, Amerizon was oblivious to Black Valkyrie's obscene preparations, until the hard, cold, rubber knob of the phallus probingly touched her tiny anus. She reared back with a screech of alarm.

As the panicky superheroine reared back, her spasmodic reaction painfully squeezed the very large knob of the dildo through her tiny sphincter.  Amerizon screamed and pleaded, but Black Valkyrie  laughed demonically. Half impaled already, Amerizon clawed and wriggled to elude the frightful violation, but there was no escape for the defeated heroine.  Black Valkyrie stiffened her body and rammed the knobby shaft into her screaming victim's body, to the hilt.  Amerizon shrieked in terrible agony.

The Generalissimo and his entourage callously applauded and laughed at the beautiful American's shameful degradation.

Frightfully impaled on the phallus, there was no escape for Amerizon; she writhed in terrible agony, screaming, begging and pleading for Black Valkyrie to end this horrible inhuman violation, as the tears that already filled her horrified eyes, began to flow copiously down her cheeks.

Black Valkyrie just laughed at the American heroine's pitiful pleas, as she rammed the dildo harder and harder, increasing the poor girl's hideous torment, until Amerizon thought she'd die.

When Black Valkyrie finally finished her vile humiliation of her despised American counterpart, she pulled the phallus from Amerizon's behind with a relentless tug.

As soon as she pulled the dildo free, Black Valkyrie roughly rolled the helpless heroine over on her back. Before Amerizon could even guess her intent, the grinning Nazi shoved the dildo into Amerizon's long inviolate pussy. Though she screamed in protest, the huge phallus invading her pussy had a frightful effect on the chaste American.

Once more the accumulated passions of all those years of self-denial raged through the defeated heroine's shapely form with uncontrollable intensity. Earlier, Amerizon had barely resisted those passions when Black Valkyrie erotically manipulated her nipple, but that was nothing compared to the potency of the huge, terrible dildo filling her insides with its power.

Amerizon's long apprenticeship in the virtuous Arts of Artemis was now all for nothing. Black Valkyrie had broken her indomitable will by painful assaults on her erogenous zones, and by frightful humiliations, and now, her shattered will was powerless to rebuild the broken dam of self-control.  Her powerful erotic passion once her greatest ally, would now enslave her.

Amerizon's tight pussy walls gripped the diabolical instrument within her, with insatiable intensity. Grinning in triumph Black Valkyrie saw the unwished for. but undeniably eager fire of passion kindled in her defeated foe's tragic eyes, even as Amerizon trembled and wriggled in surrender to the forbidden pleasure of this perverted violation. As she thrust the dildo in and out, Black Valkyrie delicately tweaked Amerizon's thrusting erect nipple.

Amerizon was all too aware of a hundred pairs of greedy eyes avidly scrutinizing her disgrace, but she was beyond shame, now. She had fallen so low, that perhaps the additional humiliation of knowing she was the object of perverted voyeurism only added fuel to her raging desire.

Enslaved by her passion, it was not long before Amerizon orgasmed with explosive intensity.

Black Valkyrie slid the dildo out of her victim's body, and then rolled over on her own back. Sobbing in shame, and still dizzy from the incredible power of her orgasm, the debauched American heroine hardly had time to wonder what the Nazi was up to, until Black Valkyrie grabbed her swellingly rounded behind and pulled Amerizon on top of her.

Finally grasping her intention, Amerizon pleaded with the perverted Nazi witch, but her sobbing protests fell on deaf ears. Painfully gripping  Amerizon's buttocks, so there was no way she could get loose, Black Valkyrie forced the sobbing heroine, to squat down astride her, so that the horrible dildo entered her wet, dripping, pussy anew.

Once again Amerizon found herself unable to resist the brutal thrusting power of the dildo, and of her own unleashed sexuality.

Amerizon came again; her queenly body rocked by such violent gyrations, that she would have crushed Black Valkyrie, if the Nazi had not absorbed so much of her victim's own strength. Still shuddering uncontrollably, Amerizon collapsed across Black Valkyrie's legs. Black Valkyrie angrily shoved  her victim's huge, nearly inert body aside.

By now, Black Valkyrie, herself, was overwhelmed by unendurable sexual excitement. She threw aside the monstrous dildo and climbed astride Amerizon's chest. The evil Nazi pulled aside her briefs exposing a pussy already wet with eagerness, and pressed it against Amerizon's trembling lips. The defeated heroine, overcome by the shame of her own repeated sexual surrenders, had no will to resist, though the proximity of the hated Nazi's genitalia agape with arousal, filled her with unimaginable disgust. When Black Valkyrie pinched her nipple painfully, the weeping heroine obediently yielded to the unspoken command.

Filled with disgust and humiliated beyond measure, even this degrading task sexually excited the debauched Amerizon, still unquenchably inflamed by twelve years of suppressed sexual desire. In her guilty excitement, she hardly felt Black Valkyrie's terribly  painful grip on her super sensitive nipple, as with lapping tongue and pouting lips she paid ardent homage to her conqueror.  Black Valkyrie became so aroused that she reverted to German in the throes of an orgasm nearly as her  explosive as that of Amerizon shortly before.  Amerizon's own thrashing legs hinted she was close to coming again, herself.

Satiated for now, by a sexual gratification such as she never before experienced, Black Valkyrie rose languidly from her dominant perch atop Amerizon's tragically beautiful face.  The dreamy smile still visible behind her mask, did not deter Black Valkyrie from acting with decisive purpose. She twisted Amerizon's arm behind her back and swiftly hauled her to her feet. With a force that was now irresistible to the once unconquerable Amerizon, she propelled the weeping beauty across the room and forced her to her knees in front of the Generalissimo.

"Perhaps you'd care to sample this pathetic whore's talents, yourself, Your Excellency?"  Black Valkyrie proposed with an expansive gesture, as casually as though she was offering the use of a domestic animal. Amerizon's heart quailed when she heard the obscene proposal, for she knew she had no power to refuse. Black Valkyrie could indeed dispose of her services as easily as though she were a pet Doberman bitch.

Initially enamored of Amerizon's commanding strength and beauty, the Generalissimo's infatuation grew by leaps and bounds to consuming sexual desire, as he watched an even stronger woman  defeat, degrade, humiliate and debauch the beautiful American superheroine. He quivered with unsuppressed erotic excitement at thought of this vanquished but still magnificent woman sucking his cock.  Released from his trousers, his penis swelled to proportions not known since he was a virile, young subaltern.

Though she had lost all pride and hope, Amerizon instinctively shied away from the threatening proximity of the Generalissimo's grossly exposed sexual organ. Black Valkyrie grabbed Amerizon's luxuriant mahogany hair with an irresistible grip, and forced her head down until her face was nearly touching the hateful penis.

Amerizon gazed at The Generalissimo's engorged penis in disgust, and fearfully clamped her mouth shut. Yet like a rabbit transfixed by a terrible snake, she couldn't tear her eyes away.  Robbed of all her strength, she couldn't prevent Black Valkyrie's cruel hands forcing her face closer and closer to the obscenely bobbing phallus.  Black Valkyrie gave her hair a hard tug, and Amerizon's mouth shot open in a scream of pain. Then, the evil Nazi forced her head forward, so the eagerly swollen penis slid into her open mouth.

As the Generalissimo's throbbing penis rubbed against her lips, and the bulbous head slid along her tongue and forced its way half down her throat, a terrible excitement gripped Amerizon. Still under the spell of all those years of pent up passion, Amerizon swallowed her disgust, and sucked eagerly and vigorously, while Black Valkyrie sneeringly urged her on.

As abhorrent sexual servitude to the odious Generalissimo triggered that violent, hateful, but by now all too familiar sexual response in her tumultuous bosom, Amerizon, hardly knowing she did it, slid her left hand down to her wet pussy and began to finger herself, as her right hand longingly fondled her own heaving breast. The Generalissimo's remaining guests, looking on enviously at his supreme good fortune sniggered and poked each other, as the disgraced American heroine masturbated seemingly for their amusement. Black Valkyrie winked knowingly at the German Ambassador.

The Generalissimo's penis spurted seminal fluid into her throat, in a volume and of a force that seemed to the hapless Amerizon, to be that of a fire hose. Between sobs of despair, she sputtered and choked, and nearly vomited, as the vile Black Valkyrie ridiculed her distress.

A disgraced and broken woman, Amerizon collapsed on the floor, sobbing bitterly in shame; Black Valkyrie led the admiring Generalissimo off for a late night tete'tete.

Despite the effort expended by both sides to gain his fickle favor, the crafty Generalissimo had no intention of joining either side until the winner was clear. In April 1945, in a thundering proclamation condemning Nazi crimes and atrocities, the Generalissimo declared war on Germany. A few months later he surreptitiously granted asylum to fugitive war criminal, Elfrieda von Richthofen, who subsequently served as Chief of the Generalissimo's Secret Police.

The End.