WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, rape and n/c sexual scenes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Note: Some of you may be familiar with the heroines of the Superfamily from some of my other stories. However, this series of five stories takes place in an alternate time continuum, in which the Troll Princess, Erishka, and her evil descendants never existed. Consequently, our three heroines have reached the present day, undefeated and perpetually triumphant in their crusade against crime and evil. The first story in the series is posted at: A College Acquaintance

The Invincible Superfamily.

Supermom (Laura White)
Supergran (Clarissa Kent)
Superlass (Betty White)

Superfamily And The Coming of the Banshees 2.
Supermom To The Rescue.

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Superlass had been gone for several hours, much longer than seemed necessary to deal with some petty female pimp. Despite her resolve not to interfere, Supermom was growing anxious. While her own mother, Supergran was busy with some paperwork, the Matron of Might slipped away.

"Think I'll just see that everything's okay!" She told herself. "I'm sure Betty is fine, but just in case..."

Out of sight of her mother, Supermom flew at near light speed to the Banshee lair. Using her X-ray vision the dauntless older heroine, inspected the interior.

Supermom gasped in horrified shock at the sight that affronted her maternal eye. Inside, her beautiful daughter, Superlass, a superheroine with powers equal to her own, was stripped naked, and being held helpless by a fierce, redheaded girl, barely half her size. The redhead was daring to spank the stalwart Superlass, who was wailing in pain, and nearly in tears. Unbelievably, the creamy flesh of her lush, bottom cheeks, normally invulnerable to injury, showed the cruel ravages inflicted by her captor's tiny hand.

Supermom stormed into the Banshee lair, her eyes blazing fiercely, intent on retribution.  A moment later, she grasped the red haired girl by the hair, and tore her away from her screaming daughter.

Caught completely by surprise, Panthia squalled fearfully, and put up no resistance.

Seeing her mother triumphantly intimidate the hateful, young Banshee, Superlass displayed a vindictiveness, perhaps not becoming in a superheroine, but not unexpected under the circumstances.

Unfortunately for Superlass, and perhaps Supermom, as well, she was not the only girl with a strong protective mother! Panthia's own mother, Meroe had been proudly watching from the shadows, as her daughter beat up, and terrorized the heroic, younger Champion of Justice. Now it was her turn.

Meroe attacked Supermom with vicious, skilled abandon. Taken completely off-guard, before she had any chance to fight back, Supermom was overwhelmed by the unexpected pain inflicted by the older Banshee's deadly kicks.

Thinking herself saved, Superlass gasped in shock, at the success of Meroe's sneak attack on her mother.  Her heart sank, as the elder Banshee viciously overpowered her strong, beautiful  mother. The gallant young superheroine's only thought was to rush to her aid. Panthia had other ideas!

As Superlass turned her back on Panthia, to rush to her mother's assistance, the vicious younger Banshee struck from behind. She leaped into the air, and slammed her forearm across the nape of Superlass's neck, with enough force to come close to breaking her prey's neck.

As Panthia dropped back to the floor, Superlass collapsed unconscious, as though poleaxed, falling in a broken moaning heap.

Meanwhile, Meroe savagely continued her punishing attack on Supermom.

When Panthia rushed over to help her mother, it hardly looked like the older Banshee needed any help, having already proved considerably more than the sorely pressed Supermom could handle. In fact the big, blond superheroine already looked whipped, and scared out of her wits.

Although scarcely needed, Meroe had no qualms about accepting her daughter's help; double-teaming an opponent was a venerable Banshee custom.

Meroe whirled the groggy Supermom around, and flung her to her daughter. Dizzy and disoriented, the stalwart, blond superheroine was contemptuously tossed from one Banshee to the other, like a ball between two seals.

Panthia seized Supermom's arms, and wrenched them behind her, rendering  her defenseless.

One banshee had already proved as much, or more, than Supermom could handle. Against two, she was helpless.  As Panthia held the big superheroine in her inescapable grip, Meroe smashed her fist into the tall blond's trim, muscularly ridged midriff. No blows ever fazed the invulnerable Kryptonian before, but to her astonished horror, a Banshee's fists inflicted grievous damage, and sickening pain.

Supermom doubled up in terrible distress, as Meroe continued the merciless attack.

Panthia let go of Supermom's arms, and the groaning heroine slumped to her knees in agony.

Meroe pulled Supermom to her feet by the hair, as her daughter watched admiringly.

Another devastating kick to her sore, aching belly, just about finished Supermom.

Then a ruthless kick to the jaw completed the destruction of the beautiful, blond crimefighter, knocking Supermom unconscious.

As Supermom started to fall, Meroe caught her around the waist in a bear-hug.

Supermom screamed as the fierce, painful pressure of Meroe's steely arms crushed her svelte middle like jelly. The awful, unaccustomed pain brought her fully back to her senses.

Each time Supermom tried to take a breath, Meroe would tighten her inexorable grip another notch. The valiant heroine ceased to struggle, nearly broken by the frightful pain. Her shapely body twisted and writhed in paralyzing agony. Her huge breasts bounced around her broad chest, like over-inflated balloons, as she fought for breath. As the last vestiges of super strength deserted her, Supermom's courage was fast failing her, as well. For the first time in her long distinguished career, she knew real fear, a terrible, panicky fear that was impossible to resist.

Her strong, ripely-contoured body convulsed in agony, her straining lungs on fire, Supermom reached the limit of endurance. She whimpered for mercy.

With a nasty laugh, the grinning Banshee dropped Supermom. The scared, helpless heroine fell to her knees, tasting the agony and shame of her first defeat. Though she had no doubts that Meroe had decisively beaten her, when the dreadful Banshee commanded her to take off her uniform, Supermom was horrified. How could she degrade herself in that awful way?

Though she couldn't fight the evil redhead anymore, the defeated, distraught Supermom whimperingly refused to denude herself, with whatever pitiful indignation she could muster.

Panthia eagerly butted in, again.

The viciously inventive Panthia had no intention of ripping the hapless heroine's uniform off herself. That would be too easy! It would be more fun to make Supermom take it off, with her own trembling hands. Meroe watched approvingly as her daughter bullied the unfortunate Supermom into removing her uniform.

When she'd nearly slapped the reeling heroine senseless, Panthia grabbed her arm, bending it, until she nearly broke it.

When Supermom's arm was so numbed by pain she couldn't resist, Panthia twisted it behind the shrieking heroine's back.

The pain was unbearable, and Supermom finally screamed her willingness to obey the horrid, young girl.

The ruthless girl, half her size and age, had thoroughly intimidated her, and the trembling superheroine shamefully removed her proud blue halter, baring her magnificent bosom to the Banshees' derision.

"Yeah, let's see that big set o'jugs! Wow! Bigger'n Stupidlass!"

Supermom forlornly paused a moment. Oh wasn't her tunic enough?

"GET those pants off too, Moron! Panthia snapped. "Or do you want me to smack you around some more? You must like getting beat up!"

With a whimper of shame, Supermom slid her red shorts down her strongly arched, white thighs

Horribly conscious of her mortifying, nude vulnerability, the virtuous crimefighter tried to shield her shame from the giggling Banshees.

Supermom's forlorn hope to shield herself, proved futile. The evil Banshees inspected and pawed their unfortunate, naked captive. Nauseated by the small prying hands toying with every part of her voluptuous charms, Supermom wailed in shocked, despondent misery.

Then a new thought struck Panthia; she momentarily hurried away, as Meroe became even bolder.

Supermom desperately tried to elude Meroe's prying fingers, but the grinning Banshee caught her arm and pulled her back.

Though Supermom was obviously thoroughly intimidated, and begged the evil Banshee not to hit her, Meroe smacked the cringing superheroine across the face once more, for good measure.

Once she terrorized and cowed Supermom with her harsh bullying, Meroe contemptuously confirmed her dominance, by offensively pawing the trembling superheroine's gorgeous, matronly form.

Her tall, strongly curvaceous body aquiver with revulsion, the Magnificent Matron of Might, brutally reduced to cowed submission, stood rigidly in horror, as Meroe possessively fondled her full-fleshed curves, in their denuded vulnerability. Terrified to resist, Supermom pleaded plaintively for her virtue.

When Panthia returned a few moments later, Meroe had the abused Supermom fully under her control. Panthia had gone to fetch a vibrator, that she triumphantly brandished above her head.

Realizing that the dastardly pair intended to molest her, the virtuous heroine struggled with pitiful futility in defense of her virtue. Unable to escape Meroe's implacable grip, she begged the fiends not to do this terrible, evil thing to her. Her desperate cries were answered by cruel laughter. 

Superlass was beginning to stir. In horror, she heard her mother's frightened pleas. Oh how horrible to hear her own stalwart, resolute, imperious mother wailing in terror, like...like a frightened child.  Knowing she was too weak to help her anguished mother, Superlass realized the only hope for both of them was to get help.

The Banshee's were so engrossed in their vile, sadistic abuse of Supermom, that they didn't notice the younger crimefighter slip to an open window, and leap into the sky.

Despite her long devotion to chaste virtue, the mortified Supermom came with a loud shriek of passion. Her orgasm was so intense, that her knees turned to water, and she slumped helplessly back against the evilly giggling Meroe.

Meroe let the disgraced superheroine slump to her knees in shame. Supermom was a broken woman. The terrible Banshees had not only defeated her, but robbed her of self-respect, and superheroinely pride, as well.

Supermom's terrible ordeal was far from over.

Meroe had been tremendously excited by her victory, and the ensuing abuse of the beautiful captive. Now, it was the turn of the abused victim to satisfy her.

Despite her virtuous repugnance, Supermom was too brutally intimidated, to dare refuse Meroe's deviant command.

When Meroe was satiated, Panthia asked: "Hey Ma, okay if I have some fun with the slut?"

"Of course, Dear!"

Panthia kicked a huge rubber ball into the center of the room, and ordered the cringing Supermom to lie down across it.

Supermom whimpered in fearful anguish at the command.  What new horror did the evil young Banshee have in store for her?

When Supermom hesitated a moment too long, Panthia roughly flung her down astride the ball.

In shock, the terrified superheroine pleaded with the youthful tormentor, as Panthia girded herself with a frightful instrument of degradation.

Afraid to move, Supermom glanced around apprehensively, and cried out in terror, her worst fears confirmed. Panthia had strapped on a huge dildo, and was aiming it at her plump, vulnerable bottom cheeks.

Her shapely body was mounted atop the ball, in the helpless, submissive position of a mare to be serviced; the demonic young Banshee was hardly a step away; escape was impossible. Her heart hammered with terrified intensity within her luxuriantly contoured bosom; her large ripely rounded buttocks clenched spasmodically in anticipatory horror. Supermom brokenly begged Panthia to spare her this horrible, unnatural violation. Panthia's response was a cruel sneering laugh.

Supermom felt the evil, frightening girl thrust her lush, rounded thighs further apart, and
vulnerably spread her nether cheeks. Then she felt the terrible phallus probing against her tiny anus. Her forlorn screams for mercy, reached a hysterical, frenzied pitch, before being cut short by her heart-rending scream of violation.

As Panthia's small but powerful body drove the hateful tool in and out of her ravaged rectum, each thrust deeper than the last, Supermom's agonized screams grew ever louder.

Would this frightful violation splitting her innards asunder, never end?

Finally satisfied, Panthia still managed to intensify the already unendurable pain by a hard twisting jerk of the over-sized dildo, to remove it.

Supermom rolled off the red ball of terror, still screaming in shocked agony. She curled up pitifully trying to ease the awful hurt, afraid to move her violated body. Panthia put away the swinish phallus and triumphantly placed her foot on the neck of the sodomized superheroine. The brutalized Supermom suffering in terrible pain and humiliation, crushed by the horrifying calamity that had befallen her, made no move to resist the triumphant boot.

As Supermom lay in agony at the demonic young Banshee's feet, she had only one forlorn shred of hope left!

Our story will continue in "Supergran Steps In."