WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, rape and n/c sexual scenes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Note: Some of you may be familiar with the heroines of the Superfamily from some of my other stories. However, this series of five stories takes place in an alternate time continuum, in which the Troll Princess, Erishka, and her evil descendants never existed. Consequently, our three heroines have reached the present day, undefeated and perpetually triumphant in their crusade against crime and evil. The first and second stories in the series are posted at: A College Acquaintance. and Supermom To The Rescue.

The Invincible Superfamily.

Supermom (Laura White)
Supergran (Clarissa Kent)
Superlass (Betty White)

Superfamily And The Coming of the Banshees 3.
Supergran Steps In.

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Even as Panthia carried out her bestial, anal rape of Supermom, Superlass reached the Superfamily headquarters seeking the one person who might be able to stem this inconceivable tide of defeat. 

Supergran's eyes opened wide in astonishment, at seeing her granddaughter, stripped of her uniform, and babbling nearly hysterically in despair. She was even more astounded at the bleak news that both her daughter and granddaughter had met with disastrous defeat, the first in the family's proud history.

"Oh My Gosh! No time to lose!" Supergran declared decisively. Without even pausing for Superlass to re-clothe herself, she took her granddaughter's hand for the immediate flight back to the Banshee's lair.

Panthia was still tormenting the defeated Supermom, when Superlass and Supergran smashed through the door into the Banshee lair. Supergran strode toward the presumably more dangerous Meroe. Superlass caught sight of her mother, pinned to the floor under the hated, younger Banshee's triumphant foot. Superlass quivered in rage, forgetting her previous defeat, forgetting everything but the sight of her beautiful, mistreated mother, whimpering in pain and despair The young superheroine was possessed by the red-hot, uncontrollable craving to literally rend the grinning little redhead, limb from limb.

As Panthia nonchalantly turned to face the avenging blond fury, she removed her restraining foot from Supermom's neck. Fearing for her daughter's safety, in another encounter with tiny redhead, Supermom overcame her own fear of the vicious young Banshee, and awkwardly stumbled to her feet, to help.

As Supermom feared, the diabolical Banshee counterattacked instantly, driving her fist into Superlass's svelte belly with pile-driver force, before the distraught mother even stumbled to her feet.

Before the battered, weakened Supermom could intervene, Panthia blasted a follow-up, right uppercut to Superlass's jaw. The punch knocked the brave, young heroine senseless.

Having made short work of the unfortunate Superlass, Panthia turned vengefully on Supermom. Anxious as she was to help her fallen daughter, Supermom's faltering courage failed her again, and the tall, strongly curved, older crimefighter, cringing in fear, shamefully whimpered her renewed submission to the hateful, little, red-haired girl.

Meanwhile, Meroe confronted Supergran, shielding her daughter from the magnificently mature crimefighter's interference.

In all her long career there had never been a criminal, who did not quake in terror, facing Supergran's righteous wrath, and now that wrath was personal. These devils had abused and raped Supergran's own daughter and granddaughter. Meroe should be groveling at this avenging goddess's feet, pitifully wailing for mercy! Was she a fool? Her head barely reached the huge crimefighter's bosom, and she was scarcely half as broad as the mightily muscled Supergran. Yet, when the huge, invincible Supergran's hand fell heavily on her shoulder, she snickered in derision.

As soon as Supergran grasped Meroe's shoulder, the evil Banshee flew into action. With unforeseeable strength, she pulled loose from that hand of steel. She struck back with a damaging Savate kick to the jaw. Supergran had never been struck by such irresistible force in her long, glorious career. It was a sobering, not to mention painful, shock, for one so long invincible.

Although the Banshees didn't possess the otherworldly, Kryptonian ability to fly at supersonic speeds, they could flit around in the air with great skill and agility. Meroe learned to integrate that advantage with her incomparable, combat skills. Invulnerable to fists and weapons, and stronger than Hercules, Supergran never thought of using her amazing aerial capabilities in combat. In fact, her combat skills were quite rudimentary. With her Kryptonian advantages, who needed martial arts to deal with ordinary, earthling criminals? Now, despite her incredible, unmatchable strength, the venerable Matriarch of Might found herself at a considerable disadvantage against the wily Banshee. Meroe followed up the first kick, by somersaulting into a handstand, to deliver another shattering blow, to the the silver haired crimefighter's jaw.

The diabolical Banshee seemed to be coming at Supergran from all directions, and angles, her feet rarely touching ground, although they were slamming into Supergran's curvaceous body with alarming, stunning rapidity, and numbing force.

As her mother viciously attacked Supergran, Panthia hauled the woozy Superlass to her feet, and forced her, and her intimidated mother, to witness the awful spectacle.

Meroe was totally unimpressed by Supergran's awesome reputation, and laughingly did her best to humiliate the formidable heroine. The despicable wretch had the temerity to kick the stately, dignified superheroine in the arse! The venerable matriarch's adoring daughter and granddaughter, helpless to interfere, watched with sick apprehension.

As Supergran indignantly spun around to retaliate, Meroe was waiting with a left uppercut.

Staggering back from the damaging barrage, Supergran was taught the painful lesson, that a Banshee's fists are as deadly as her feet.

Meroe grew ever more artful in her attack, as she warmed to the seemingly impossible task of subduing the World's mightiest superheroine. A flying, double judo chop to the sides of her neck, staggered Supergran, leaving her breathless and disoriented.

Supergran tottered breathlessly on wobbly legs. Meroe inspected her battered foe with satisfaction. The mighty Supergran was proving as vulnerable to Banshee strength and skill as had her granddaughter and daughter.

Meroe resumed her flying attack, leaping into the air, and wrapping her strong, slim legs around
the shaky Supergran's neck. Supergran squealed in alarm, as those python strong thighs closed around her neck.

An agile midair twist of Meroe's snakelike body, nearly snapped Supergran's neck.

Taking quick advantage of her perch, Meroe smashed her fist into Supergran's eye.

With another wrenching twist, that would surely have broken a lesser woman's neck, Meroe leaped clear. But a moment, later, before Supergran had recovered from that onslaught, the wicked Banshee settled down on her shoulders again, this time from behind.

In her youth, Meroe had sometimes worked in the old Paris market, wringing the necks of unfortunate chickens, destined to end their existence in some French housewife's delicious coq-au-vin. Using her old skills, she wrenched free of Supergran's neck, coming close to breaking it for a third time.

Without her feet touching the floor, Meroe landed another damaging kick to the staggering, disoriented heroine's jaw, and followed it with an equally damaging kick to Supergran's trimly muscled belly.

Yet another kick to the jaw, nearly completed the mighty superheroine's annihilation.

As Supergran tottered on trembling legs, nearly unconscious, Meroe's foot slammed into her upper torso, with resounding force.

Meroe completed the destruction of her majestic foe, with another neck-snapping, flying kick to the chin.

The final, solid kick to the point of the chin was too much. With a loud moan, Supergran tottered a moment, and then, like a stately oak felled by the axe, she crashed over backwards. The demonic Meroe watched in satisfaction as Supergran sprawled unconscious, at full length on the floor.

The evil Banshee looked down at the moaning Supergran, knocked out stone cold, yet still so formidably magnificent, even in defeat. Meroe had done what thousands of criminal foes over the years, had only dreamed of doing. She inspected her evil accomplishment with pleased satisfaction.

Meroe was not a magnanimous victor. She had no respect or regard for the elderly crimefighter's imposing dignity. In fact, once she kayoed Supergran, that majestic dignity offended the despicable Banshee.

"Time to take you down a peg or two, you overrated, old has-been!" The grinning Banshee muttered, as she maliciously began to strip the vanquished heroine, of that renowned uniform, worn with well-deserved pride for so long.

Panthia rushed to join the fun, after first ordering Supermom and Superlass to remain where they were, as though issuing a command to two lap dogs. Supermom was shattered by her horrible experiences, and had fallen completely under the sway of the diabolical, young Banshee.  After seeing her formidable grandmother resoundingly defeated, and after her own latest disastrous encounter with Panthia, Superlass, too, had given up all hope. Now, neither dared disobey the grinning Panthia, even to help their beloved Supergran. Trembling in trepidation, both remained rooted to the spot where Panthia left them.

In horror, but too terrified to interfere, the defeated mother and daughter watched the Banshees finish stripping their latest victim. It was like watching the profane desecration of some revered goddess of old. The grinning Banshees tore away the moaning Supergran's garments, with the perverse glee of vultures harrying new prey.

Once they denuded their hapless victim's magnificent form, the Banshee's hauled Supergran to her feet. On her feet, the moaning, dethroned champion of a thousand victories, slowly regained her senses. In awful despair, the never before defeated heroine's first conscious thought, was the frightful realization that Meroe had beaten her senseless, and she had not even landed one retaliatory blow.

The evil Panthia viciously hastened the tottering Supergran's dawning awareness of her dire plight.

Fully conscious, now, the dignified grand dame, discovered to her awful dismay, that the devilish duo had stripped her naked.

Then, before Supergran had time to recover from the awful shock of being beaten senseless, and stripped naked, Meroe smacked her across the face with alarming power, to reinforce her newly established dominance.

A perpetually victorious superheroine develops little resource to deal with her first, horrifying defeat. When Meroe demanded an acknowledgment, a badly shaken Supergran stammered her acquiescence.

Supergran was already devastated by her inability to rescue her loved ones, in the first defeat of her career. Long considered the strongest woman on Earth, it was appalling to find herself at the mercy of, and contemptuously shoved about, by an evil being, half her size.

In their long, evil underground existence, Banshees learned much arcane lore, and Meroe possessed considerable skill in sorcery, taught her by her equally evil, maternal ancestors. Earlier, seeing her daughter defeat and degrade Superlass, she had, with wily foresight, prepared an enchanted room, using powerful old spells capable of imprisoning the mightiest of trolls, or in this instance, of imprisoning the incredibly strong superwomen from another planet. Now she contemptuously shoved the defeated Supergran into that room. Supergran squealed in shock, when Meroe contemptuously smacked her broad behind to hurry her along.

Before she gave Supergran a final shove into the cell-like, bewitched room, Meroe turned her head and told her daughter to put the other two defeated captives inside as well. Both in shock at seeing Supergran's terrible defeat and humiliation, coming atop their own, the woebegone Supermom and Superlass obediently allowed the evilly grinning Panthia to shove them into the cell, joining their revered family Matriarch, in captivity.

Inside the grim depressing room, the naked heroines dispirited though they were by defeat, under Supergran's direction, made every effort to escape their vile cage. In despair, they soon discovered that Banshee magic, like the Banshees themselves, were more formidable than even their incredible powers could combat. They resigned themselves to temporary captivity. Yet even in defeat, Supergran did her best to buoy up their spirits and give them hope of eventual triumph.

Meroe observed the captive heroines through a concealed glass, with considerable, amused interest, as their efforts to escape proved futile.

"You know," Meroe said, turning to her daughter, "They're not bad looking, even the old goat is pretty well preserved! In fact, those fawning media morons always describe all three of them as gorgeous! No accounting for tastes! I think we can stop recruiting 'escorts'! We haven't had too much luck, anyway! We've already got a goldmine right in there! We can make a fortune with these three bimbos! I'd guess lots of clients'd pay a fortune to get it on with a real superheroine! Of course, it'll take a lot of work! The big one is the key! She's the other two dopes' idol! If she's taken down a peg, or two, I'm sure they'll all fall right into line! Now, if a tiny, young girl, like you, all by herself, were to totally humiliate the old bag, in front of the others..."

Panthia thought her mother's suggestion was a delightful idea, and lost no time carrying it out. A moment later, the cell door banged open, and Panthia strutted inside. Three, never before intimidated crimefighters, jumped in alarm.

Panthia strode directly up to Supergran, and looked her up and down, as though inspecting a prize heifer. She snickered in amusement, seemingly finding the magnificent, nude heroine a laughable sight. It was clear she was issuing a challenge. Supermom and Superlass cringed in the corner, both secretly relieved, Panthia's fierce eye hadn't fallen on either of them.

Despite her disastrous defeat by the older Banshee, Supergran resolved not to be intimidated by this mere slip of a girl. She WAS the World's Mightiest Woman, the dauntless Matriarch of Might! The huge, queenly woman resolutely stood her ground, and warned the tiny redhead off.

Panthia snapped. "Kneel down in front of me, Cow!"

WHAT? Supergran's back stiffened in indignation! She disdainfully turned away from the insolent young upstart.

As Supergran disdainfully turned away, Panthia, like a striking rattler, grabbed her with both hands.

Before the startled heroine realized what happened, the tiny girl lifted her huge form, high above her head. It appeared amazing that this slightly built girl could even budge the huge Supergran, at least twice her size and weight, yet she hoisted her huge curvaceous burden into the air, at arms length, with startling ease.

The astonished Supergran cried out in alarm.

Panthia flung the alarmed, squealing superheroine to the floor, with a jarring crash, that rattled the windows throughout the entire building.

As soon as Supergran landed with that thunderous crash, Panthia grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head, and forced her up into a crouch. In shock at the violence of the tiny girl's fierce reaction to her indignant refusal, Supergran was incapable of escaping the cruel grip.

The universally venerated superheroine was certainly not accustomed to be ordered about and treated with such disrespect, but the girl's violent mastery had temporarily overwhelmed her. In shock, crying out loudly in pain, she was helplessly duck-marched across the room by the hair.

With demeaning insolence, Panthia frog-marched the shrieking veteran crimefighter across the room to a small bench in the corner.

Before Supergran knew it, the devilish young Banshee tipped her up, and pulled her across her lap, as she sat down on the bench. Finding herself bullied into the posture of a naughty child about to be spanked, Supergran reacted with indignant fury.

Devastated earlier, at seeing their venerated idol and role model decisively defeated by the mature Meroe, it was an even more appalling shock, to see the mighty Supergran, so easily mastered and dominated by the tiny, younger Banshee. Now, Supermom and Superlass looked on in unbelieving horror, at the demeaning indignity being inflicted on the venerated Matriarch of Might, by this girlish tormentor.

Supergran struggled furiously, kicking and roaring in rage, but the tiny redhead kept her huge, shapely body under complete control, and despite her irate indignation, the Grande Dame of superheroines was helplessly trapped in her mortifying  predicament.

Unable to free herself, despite her furious struggles, Supergran gritted her teeth to endure this ridiculous charade with stoic resolution. OF COURSE, she WAS a superheroine! Supergran was confident the actual physical punishment would not be noticeable. Kryptonian flesh was invulnerable. Bullets bounced off her mighty bosom, not to mind her mighty backside. OH, but it was SO horribly humiliating! And, perhaps she had forgotten what Meroe's fists did to her 'invulnerable' Kryptonian flesh!

Panthia struck the first blow, her tiny hand, landing on a huge upturned bottom cheek, echoed with a loud smack. Despite her disdain for the 'childish chastisement', Supergran discovered that, incredibly, a Banshee's tiny hand was, indeed, tougher than Kryptonian flesh. She screamed in pain at the first smack, and betrayed her shocked surprise, much to Panthia's amusement.

Supergran did her best to deal with the fierce, unaccustomed pain. Panthia's hateful snickers of derision didn't make that ordeal any easier.

Panthia kept the incredibly hard smacks coming with a quick, relentless tempo. The fiery pain in her magnificent backside, elicited uncontrollable cries of pain at every stroke, and brought tears of pain to Supergran's eyes.

Supergran sniffed down the lump in her throat. Her loud snuffling shrieks at every painful smack testified to her incredible distress. OH! But she mustn't, she MUSTN'T let the tiny fiend know how much she was suffering! She MUST keep herself under control! She was a SUPERHEROINE! She must NOT be intimidated! She MUST endure this terrible ordeal with stoic resignation, befitting the World's most admired superheroine!

Hard as she tried, it was impossible for Supergran to disguise her terrible distress, much to Panthia's delight.

Supergran's huge, matriarchal behind blazed a glowing scarlet. Oh, how could anything hurt so much? It was enough to make the bravest superheroine break into sobs of misery! NO! NO! NEVER! The redoubtable matriarch renewed her resolve to hide her suffering from the hateful persecutrix. She bit her lip, and gulped down her cries, or tried to, at least.

The redoubtable Supergran did her best, but with tears of pain streaming down her cheeks, it was becoming impossible to withstand the fiery torment, without breaking into sobs.

In her terribly excruciating distress, Supergran, s
hrieking in pain, tried to wipe away the copious tears flowing from her eyes. The fierce, fiery pain won out at last. In spite of her resolution, there were now loud sobs intermixed with her shrieks of torment. Oh it was so terribly hard not to give in, and end this frightful torment!

To stiffen her resolution Supergran sobbingly did her best to defy her tiny tormentor.

Kryptonian flesh did have limits after all.

Once she gave in, the fiery pain totally overwhelmed Supergran, and babbling brokenly between her loud sobs, the venerable heroine acknowledged her submission to the hateful young Banshee.

Panthia cruelly rubbed the lesson in, forcing the dignified Grande Dame to call her 'Mistress'. Oh what a terrible, mortifying surrender, after a lifetime of triumph!

The humiliation and submission of the now loudly sobbing and pleading Supergran, had the intended effect on her daughter and granddaughter as well.

Panthia pushed the loudly sobbing Supergran off her lap, with a disdainful nudge, and stood triumphantly erect, chortling in derision. Crouched on her knees, at the triumphant Banshee's feet, weeping in misery, the abused, humbled matriarch tasted in full, the bitter cup of defeat and submission.

Supergran's sobbing daughter and granddaughter watched in horror, as Panthia ordered the broken-spirited matriarch to kiss her hand, in token of submission. With a loud snuffle of misery, the mightiest of superheroines slavishly kissed the tiny girl's hand, and acknowledged her obedient subservience.

Having broken the indomitable Supergran to her will, Panthia swaggered over to Supermom and Superlass. The horrifying degradation of the super family's revered  matriarch, their life-long idol and inspiration, had reduced the other two superheroines to hopeless, cowed terror. Instinctively, both mother and daughter sank down on their knees, in fearful homage to the fierce little Banshee. Unconsciously, Supermom nervously covered her own well-rounded bottom cheeks, in fear of a similar, demeaning chastisement.

Cringing like whipped dogs, the two renowned superheroines weepingly acknowledged the tiny girl's authority over them. Perhaps ownership would be a more accurate term.

What is to become of the Superfamily now? Can the Banshees, indeed, force the three virtuous heroines, role models for the World, into a life of shameful, paid harlotry?

Our story will continue in "Training the Superpets."