Beletiva and the Troll King's Daughter. Chapter 2. Forest Vendetta. Part A.


A Goddess defends her realm against evil trolls. Illustrated.

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, and m/f and f/f rape.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Forest Vendetta. Part A.

Near exhaustion herself, the Goddess Beletiva knelt to minister to her fallen young foe, the Troll Princess, Erishka.  In her own weariness, Beletiva did not notice the evil troll gather a fist full of dirt in her oversized fist.  Suddenly Erishka flung the large handful of grit into Beletiva's divinely beautiful face.

"Fool!"  Muttered the treacherous troll, as Beletiva, her eyes burning, reared back trying to rub the filth from her eyes, and clear her vision.   Erishka leapt nimbly to her feet, and attacked the beautiful goddess with the full vigor of a troll warrior.  The goddess found the girl to be a mistress of esoteric combat skills.

Erishka crashed her great foot against Beletiva's jaw, and followed immediately with a flying kick to the divine belly.

As Beletiva tried to rally her reeling senses, Erishka drove her foot into the kidneys of the Goddess, striking the vulnerable spot twice in succession, and followed with another devastating kick to Beletiva's face.

Before Beletiva had any chance to recover from the trollish kicks, Erishka rammed her elbow into the goddess's aching kidneys, and then struck Beletiva a resounding blow on the jaw.

When Beletiva stumbled in pain, Erishka drove her foot into the weakening belly muscles of the powerfully formed, divine huntress.

The kick directly to the solar plexus, left Beletiva reeling in distress, hardly able to stand.  Erishka contemptuously lifted her foe's beautiful face, and taunted the goddess.

Now, that she had so shaken and disoriented the goddess, the young demoness sprang on her, with the ferocity of a feral cat.  She twisted Beletiva's body in her strong arms, and forced the goddess to her knees.

End Part A of Chapter 2

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