Beletiva and the Troll King's Daughter. Chapter 4. Divine Handmaiden. Part A.


A Goddess defends her realm against evil trolls. Illustrated.

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, and m/f and f/f rape.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Divine Handmaiden. Part A.

Once Morgullus stripped the goddess of all her divine powers by his blasphemous rape of her divine person, the Celestial Huntress became no more than the demeaned plaything of Morgullus and his equally demonic daughter Erishka. The day after Beletiva's capture and rape, Morgullus's troll army attacked the Enchanted Vale.  Without Beletiva to lead them, the mortal defenders were soon overwhelmed.

"Where is Our Goddess?"  Beletiva's troops moaned. "Has our divine lady deserted us?"  Others wailed. In just one day of battle, Morgullus triumphantly swept the valley of resistance.

Now, Morgullus would reclaim his ancient realm.  After due preparation, by his invaluable daughter, and right arm, Erishka, the trollish forces proceeded in procession through the vale to take possession of Beletiva's temple-palace.

As the defeated people sullenly awaited the approach of the Troll King's triumphant array, their only hope was that Beloved Beletiva would return, and free them from hateful, trollish bondage, as she had their forefathers, in days long past.

The people's hopes, as well as their happy world, came abruptly crashing down, as Morgullus's chariot hove into view. Her people gazed in shock and dismay, for there, led in disgrace, was their beloved patroness, divine Beletiva, stripped of might and honor, a vanquished captive and hapless trophy of war, led through the streets of her own land, for the amusement of the cruel troll lord. Her yoked neck bowed in defeat, stripped humiliatingly naked, she stumbled along behind Morgullus's chariot, with tears of shame blurring her once fierce eyes.

Morgullus appropriated Beletiva's palace as his own. For some weeks, Morgullus availed himself of the reluctant favors of his divinely beautiful captive, but with troll like inconstancy, he grew bored.

One day, Morgullus called Princess Erishka to him.  "Daughter, I grow tired of this whey- faced godling bitch!  She whines and whimpers, at my touch! She is no fit bed partner for a lusty, troll king!  Now, that  I have shorn her of divine power, she holds no further allure; better the lusty peasant women who eagerly seek my favor.  Take the worthless trollop as your body servant and handmaiden!  Do with her as you please! May be, you can find some use for her?"

"Thank you, Father!  I shall enjoy teaching this arrogant, divine bitch, the proper manners of a troll's slut of work!"

Crouching, dejectedly, beside Morgullus's throne, Beletiva listened with heavy heart. She, who was lately the mightiest of goddesses, could now be disposed of, like a stray dog, with a casual word.  Bad as the troll king was, Beletiva knew his cruel daughter was yet more diabolical, and would make her life an eternal misery.

Erishka looked upon her new toy, with gloating, possessive eye.  Even in her defilement, the ravaged goddess was of incomparable, divine beauty.  Erishka would glory in further debasing that beauty, and totally breaking that haughty divine spirit.  She had been about to go to the kennels, and carried a hound's leash.  All thought of the kennels vanished from her mind, but the leash would be useful. Erishka looked at Beletiva's still unbowed neck, as graceful as that of a beautiful swan, and her eyes gleamed maliciously.  As Beletiva humbly knelt at her feet, Erishka yoked the animal leash about the goddess's stiff neck.

Erishka led the captive goddess on her  leash, like an ill-behaved hound bitch, from her father's throne room to her own chambers, to begin Beletiva's training. Morgullus laughed with deep trollish glee to see his ancient enemy, indomitable Beletiva, treated with such demeaning impiety.  His final sight of his divine foe was her broad, shapely haunches rolling, to and fro, as she crawled abjectly on hands and knees at Erishka's heel.

Though divine Beletiva crawled at her feet on a leash, like some captive animal, Erishka was not yet satisfied that the haughty divinity was fully domesticated. "Certainly, my father's mighty rod has done much to tame the bitch's spirit, and stripped away her divine power, but perhaps a few days in a cell, to contemplate her rightful station, may make her more docile, still?"

Erishka shoved the hapless goddess into a cold, cramped, odorous cell, and confined her there without food or water.  The ceiling was too low for  tall Beletiva to stand without stooping.  For several days, the unfortunate deity lay on the dirty floor, cold and shivering, reflecting on her fate, and sobbing long hours in despair.  Shorn of her divine powers, she grew hungry and thirsty, until she scratched pitifully at the door of the cell, begging Erishka for sustenance.

When at last, Erishka opened the cell door, Beletiva looked up at her troll mistress, imploringly.  "Pl-please, I am so hungry and thirsty!" The goddess whimpered.

Erishka leashed her captive's neck once more, and led her out of the cell.  Erishka sneeringly pointed to a bowl of gruel on the floor.  Though nearly delirious with thirst and hunger, Beletiva could not forget who and what she was. "No, no! I am a goddess!  I shall not eat from a dog's bowl!"  She wept, with the remnants of her divine pride.

With a sneer, Erishka jerked on the leash, half strangling the crouching Beletiva.  She pulled her back toward the cell.  Her dry mouth watering in need, Beletiva cried out piteously.  "All right!  Please don't put me back in there!'

The sneering troll watched the goddess eat greedily from the slop jar, crouching on the floor like a dog, in her own temple.  Somehow, fastidious Beletiva found herself almost grateful to slake her thirst and fill her empty belly, even in this degrading manner.

When Beletiva had greedily licked the bottom of the dish clean, Erishka announced, "Now it is time for my bath!"  pointing to a hip bath in the corner of her quarters.

Erishka forced Beletiva to fill the vessel with clean water.  The goddess reluctantly helped the troll princess to disrobe, feeling a mortification no goddess ever endured before.

Erishka climbed into the tub, and then commanded.  "Now wash my body, slut!"

Beletiva bridled at the command.  Summoning what was left of her divine pride, she snapped.  "No Daughter of Tyvus will ever perform so degrading a task, for a troll!"

Erishka regarded the goddess with smoldering fury.  She had learned in past cruel dealings, one of the most effective means of breaking prideful resistance in mortal underlings.  It delightfully combined pain with humiliation. Perhaps it would serve as effectively with a proud goddess.

Erishka leaped from the tub, and seized Beletiva by the scruff of the neck.  Beletiva resisted, but shorn of her powers, she was no match for the strong, young, troll girl. Erishka dragged the full figured, womanly body of the goddess across her knees.

"You need a good spanking, on that big, fat, goddess bum!"  Erishka laughed gleefully.

"H-how dare you!" Beletiva sputtered in helpless indignation.

Erishka picked up a strap used for punishment. It was never far from the cruel troll's hand.  For a moment, she regarded that fully shaped, divine behind, so round and firmly molded in its generous bounty, the most delectable of targets for her strap.

Beletiva struggled futilely, already humiliated by her abject, demeaning position, across the troll's lap. She waited, breathlessly, for the first stroke to fall, willing herself to resist.  In such position, the captive deity found it near impossible to maintain divine hauteur, though, and when the blow fell, she yelped in pain.

Erishka wielded the well worn strap with lusty vigor, striping Beletiva's delicate, carnation flesh with hot, angry welts.  The unfamiliar, scalding misery, in her fulsome posterior was terrible for the goddess to bear.  The divine huntress scarce dreamed a demeaning child's punishment could so terrorize and intimidate a goddess.  It wasn't long before she would do anything to end this mortifying misery.  She sobbed and pleaded, at last blurting out, with a loud sob,  "All right, damn you, I'll do as you ask!"

Erishka paused a moment.  "What did you say?"  She asked, and struck again.

Of quick wit, the goddess replied again, with a louder sob of submission. "I will do as you command, Mistress!"

"That's better!"  Erishka sneered, pleased by the effectiveness of her remedy, but a bit sorry to cease the task she so enjoyed.  She roughly spilled Beletiva's pain ridden body to the floor, and climbed back into her bath.

Still sobbing, Beletiva painfully picked herself up, and with divine distaste picked up the wash cloth, Erishka indicated.  She daintily began to wash the body of her troll mistress.  Her worst moment, was when Erishka laughingly turned and presented her shapely back side. Even then, the weeping goddess dared not demur.  With trembling hand, Beletiva gingerly washed the troll's behind.

End of Part A.

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