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WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Billy's Birthday Bash. Part 1.

Morganna Morgul observed her trophy board with satisfaction, though a little wistfully.

"Hmm we're doing all right, but it has been a while since we added a new picture! I'd like to see a picture of that bitch, Power Angel up there! My contacts tell me she's has been snooping around our operation! I wish I knew her secret identity! That always makes those super bitches so much easier to deal with!"

The pictures of her Superheroine captives triggered another idea in Morganna's head.

"Tomorrow's Billy's sixteenth birthday! I want to do something special for his coming of age! Now that he's almost a man, maybe a night with some of our little friends there would be just the thing!"

Billy was Morganna's sister Leticia's son, and, along with his sister Wendy,  the apple of doting Aunt Morganna's eye. That afternoon, Morganna broached her plan to Leticia.

"Oh Morg do you think he's ready for that?"

"Oh Tish don't be such a stick in the mud! Of course, he is!"

"Well, if you think so, Morg?" As usual, Leticia bowed to the wishes of her older sister.

The next evening, after a special birthday dinner, cooked by the unfortunate Supergran, and obsequiously served by other humbled, captive superheroines, two family groups gathered in the rumpus room of Morganna's 'Clinic'.

On one hand were Morganna, Leticia and an excited Billy, all arrogantly certain of their power and authority. In sad contrast, three generations of superheroines, once the World's mightiest and most revered crimefighters, huddled together, naked and trembling fearfully. In their center stood Supermom, only two years ago named 'Woman of the Year" for her incredible contributions to the fight against terrorism. Beside her, stood her own mother, once known as Superlady, and later in dignified retirement as Supergran, for many decades the most recognized and renowned of heroines. Thirdly, was Supermom's daughter, young Superlass. Despite their incredible super powers, the unfortunate family trio had all fallen victim to Morganna's tribe. Now, they were degraded enslaved prisoners, subject to any vile whim of their heartless captors.

"Well Billy, any special requests for your 'Birthday Sluts'?" Morganna inquired gleefully.

"Hey yeah! How about starting out with a fight Aunt Morg? I'd like to see how the young one does against the old bag!"

"That does sound like fun, Dear!" Morganna replied. "And to make it more interesting, the winner gets to use the Morgullus Phallus on the loser! If they don't put up a good fight, all three of them will get it!"

Supergran and her beloved granddaughter, Superlass, listened to the discussion with sinking hearts. Both knew that however reluctant they might be to face each other in combat, neither would dare disobey the evil Mistress of the Clinic.

Reluctantly the two beautiful women, one young, one ripely mature, faced each other, fists raised; their years of horrible painful degradation had conditioned them to instant obedience to any command no matter how degrading or horrifying.

As was her granddaughter, Supergran was sadly prepared to put her all into this hateful fight. Anything was better than incurring the wrath of Morganna and Leticia. Yet once again, as she had discovered in the past, despite her marvelously muscled physique, without her super powers the venerable crimefighters was not much of a fighter.

Though Superlass had suffered her own share of humiliating defeats, she was young and quick, and had some fighting skills. Her one thought was to get this over with as quickly as possible, before one of them was seriously injured.

Superlass attacked her beloved "Gran" with ruthless ferocity. Moving swiftly,  her left cross sped past the elderly superheroine's clumsy defense, cracking against her jaw, snapping her neck painfully to the side.

Superlass's next punch plowed into the shapely Grande Dame's belly, paralyzing  the woman who had once been Superlady, the invincible idol of the Nation.

Superlass capitalized on her initial advantage, swiftly driving two more deadly punches into the older woman's aching belly.

As Supergran tottered backward, Superlass nailed her with a barrage of face punches.

Virtually defenseless after her granddaughter's initial savage assault, Supergran, inevitably, crashed to the floor, knocked cold.

Now the hapless superheroine must pay the penalty for failure. Leticia swiftly roused the fallen grandmother, while Morganna prepared the granddaughter. As she revived, Supergran realized she must endure the horrible violation of the evil Morgul Phallus. She screamed as the full horror dawned on her.

Leticia gleefully held the tall, stately, silver haired woman in an unshakable grip. The dignified older woman babbled in terror of the frightful brutalization about to be inflicted upon her by her own beloved granddaughter. Her pitiful cries belied her powerful physique, and augustly dignified demeanor.

Leticia held the terrified grandmother, until Morganna buckled the horrifying Morgul phallus about the sorrowful granddaughter's loins before releasing her.  The panic stricken older woman fled from her own granddaughter squalling in terror.

The quick, twenty year old swiftly caught her fleeing grandmother, and in the same swift lunge, anally impaled the venerable silver haired heroine with the enormous phallus.

It was scarcely the first time that Supergran endured this terrible anal rape, but each time seemed more painful than the last. Supergran's terrible shriek of violation echoed through every room of the huge Morgul Clinic. Silver Valkyrie and Justice Lady locked in their cramped cells, cringed and trembled, and covered their ears in horror.

The loving daughter, Supermom grew faint at the sight of her own daughter brutalizing her darling granny. Supermom sank to her knees in shock, sobbing uncontrollably.

Even after it was obvious the unfortunate woman had passed out, Superlass dared not end the frightful rape until a nod from Morganna.  Superlass withdrew the terrible log like phallus, and let her moaning unconscious grandmother fall to the floor. The atrocious intensity of pain, as the dildo ripped loose from her ravaged rectum, instantly revived Supergran, and she shrieked piteously.

As Supergran crashed to the floor, Supermom sobbed despairingly at the horrible spectacle, and covered her ears, unable to bear her mother's pitiful weeping. For a moment the image of her mother, the magnificent Superlady of twelve years before, courageously braving massive Kryptonite poising to save the Earth from an erratic giant comet flashed through her mind.

Morganna rang for her servants, and two more former superheroines rushed to do her bidding.

"Put the old bag back in her cell!" Morganna snapped. "She's not good for anything more tonight!"

Silver Valkyrie and Justice Lady tenderly carried the pathetically sobbing former Grande Dame of superheroines to her harsh cell.


End of Part 1.

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