WARNING: This story contains graphic violence and nudity, F\F N\C and anal  rape. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults above the age of twenty-one.

Invasion Of The Blue Grotto. Part 3.

Having invaded her secret sanctum, the Blue Grotto, and apparently defeated and brutally beaten, our Champion of Justice, Pink Lady, the evil Black Bitch pulled her to her feet, and flung the dazed crimefighter back down on her knees.

When Black Bitch released her, the villainess's ponderous teats had nearly smothered Pink Lady.  She pitched face down on the floor, swooning in shame and disgust. Her frightful mortifying ordeal had hardly begun.

No matter how Pink Lady squirmed and wriggled, she couldn't escape Black Bitch's hateful, humiliating display of dominance.

After a shatteringly satisfying orgasm, it was some little time before Black Bitch recovered her composure.  By the time she rose dreamily from the defeated crimefighter's cum-stained face, Pink Lady had recovered a small fraction of her own strength.  Bravely but wearily, she rose from the floor as well.  Once on her feet, she paid for her gallant effort, swaying woozily, hardly able to stand.  Black Bitch sat down on an upturned crate, and before Pink Lady quite knew how it happened, dragged the beaten crimefighter, face down, across her lap.

Stretched helplessly across another woman's lap, in hateful, mortifying impotence!  It was enough to intimidate even a fiery, resolute superheroine. Pink Lady gulped down a lump in her throat, and felt her stomach turn over in queasy apprehension. Could this be happening to HER?

Pink Lady's nervous alarm grew to near hysteria, when the vile villainess roughly pulled her uniform briefs down her svelte thighs to bare her pertly muscled behind.  Pink Lady's sweetly turned bottom cheeks clenched in fearful anticipation.  Nothing in her crimefighting career ever prepared her  to suffer such a frightening indignity. She wriggled helplessly.  Unable to escape her mortifying predicament, she gritted her teeth and waited.

It was almost a relief, when the first slap stung Pink Lady's prettily rounded derriere, provoking angry indignation to replace her unfamiliar apprehensive fear. The first blow hurt, but was endurable, but the rain of blows fell with relentless regularity, each one adding to the scalding hurt. Black Bitch's bare hand, driven by her enormous strength, produced hot shock waves of flame, that soon spread. In little time, Pink Lady felt her whole lower body was on fire.

It wasn't long before the scalding pain blotted everything else, fear indignation and humiliation from Pink Lady's mind.

Pink Lady kicked and struggled violently to escape the searing pain, until she exhausted herself, and still the vicious beating went on.  Finally defeated by the frightful hurt, sobbing bitterly in her awful distress, Pink Lady forgot she was an indomitable superheroine, and begged and pleaded, in choked, childlike sobs, for Black Bitch to end the dreadful chastisement.

At long last, Black Bitch ended her cruel demonstration of mastery over the valiant superheroine.  Pink Lady slumped helplessly across Black Bitch's knees, weak as child, consumed by tormented anguish. Though the blows had stopped, the scalding pain went on unabated.


End Of Part 3.

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