Note: My thanks to my reader Assoiuris for suggesting this story.

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, M/F rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

A Day At The Circus.
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"What you should have, is more girly stuff to bring in young guys, and maybe some beef cake too, for the ladies! And ya oughta' get rid of that tired, moth-eaten, old orchestra, and get a rock band! Bring in teenagers, people my age! Oh! An' yeah! How come ya don't have more clowns? What's a circus without clowns? I like clowns!"

Nancy was on her favorite topic, telling her Uncle Frank, what was wrong with the circus, and how to improve it. At eighteen, his opinionated niece thought she knew more than anybody else about most subjects, including how to run a circus. Ever since Nancy had joined her Uncle in traveling with the circus, two months earlier, she had been lecturing him about the business he'd been in for forty years.

"Well!" Her Uncle responded, wearily. "I have talked over some of your ideas with Greta, but she doesn't think it's a good idea to make too many changes!"

"TOO MANY? When did she ever make any? Same show it was fifty years ago! if her ideas are so hot, how come the show's barely breaking even? I don't get it! You own fifty-one percent of the circus, but she's the BOSS, and you take orders from HER!"

"Well her family owned and ran the show for three generations! I bought her father's interest, but Greta was brought up with the Olson Circus, and knows everything about it! Anyway, it's hard to talk back to the circus strong-lady! She's over six feet tall and about two hundred pounds of solid muscle!"

"Yeah! Most of it between her ears!"

"Now, now, Nancy! I really wish you'd try to get along with Greta!  She's really a wonderful person if you give her a chance!"

"Yeah, yeah! She's a Doll! Nobody should cross 'Dear Greta'!" Nancy answered sarcastically. "Cause the Big Moose might get mad!"

As Nancy left the trailer, her Uncle shook his head sadly.

Nancy wandered over to the main Circus Tent. The show was starting, as the teenager entered  through the cast entrance, to watch. As always, the show opened with Greta Olson's strong-woman act.

Nancy almost gagged, as the crowd 'oohed,' and 'aahed' at the truly phenomenal strength of the tall, busty, blond woman.

When she finished her weight-lifting routine, Greta challenged any spectator who thought they were stronger than she was, to come up and wrestle her. As usual, there was one big, muscle-bound ape, eager to show off in front of the hometown folks.

Nancy watched the fight disdainfully. "Shit! She's not very good! Nothing but big muscles, no technique! But that big, dumb ape is even worse! Don't know enough t'use her own strength against her! Heck! I bet I could take the big muscle-bound bimbo, myself! Maybe one of these days I oughta' give it a try?"

Though Nancy's academic achievements were slim, before she joined her Uncle Frank, she had excelled at martial arts. She'd taken classes since she was five, and had advanced black belt degrees in judo and karate. Naturally, the arrogant young lady was sure there was no one better.

The crowd went wild as Greta swiftly disposed of her unskilled opponent.

"Shit these dumb morons wouldn't know good martial arts, if they saw it!" Nancy sniffed in disdain.

A minute later, at the back of the tent, Nancy listened, giggling, to the big jerk of a loser get balled out by his tiny wife.

Greta smilingly invited anyone else in the audience to test their skills.

Nancy snapped her fingers. "Heck! Why not? T'day's as good a day as any! I know I can take that big, clumsy Bimbo!"

A moment later, the brash teenager was climbing the steps to the stage, rashly accepting the challenge. The audience hooted in derision.

Greta shook her braids in annoyance, about to tell Nancy to 'buzz off'.

Nancy sneered loudly, playing to the crowd. "Less yer afraid of a little girl like me, Hot Shot!"

Greta's gritted her teeth in annoyance. "Damn that Kid!" She thought. "She's been a pain in the backside to everyone in the circus, every since she joined! And she's been riding me 'til I'm ready to smack her snotty, little face!" She deserves a good lesson.

"Guess ya are AFRAID o'little ole me?" Nancy continued to ride the strong-woman.

Greta's eyes blazed, as some people in the crowd snickered. "Damn her! Well if she wants to wrestle, why not?"

Greta smiled sweetly, as a plan occurred to her.

"All right Dear, if you'd like to try, I'll be happy to give you lesson!"

As soon as Nancy was in range, Greta intended to grab the brat, throw her across her lap, and give her a good, sound spanking. The audience would love it, and it was her chance to even the score, without offending Nancy's Uncle Frank.

But as Greta reached to grab the teenager, Nancy mischievously grabbed the big blond's brief halter, and snatched it right off Greta's formidable bosom. The strong-woman was outraged, though many men in the audience were more than pleased.

Furious and embarrassed by the lewd catcalls from the men in the audience, Greta made a wild grab for her halter, but Nancy was expecting the move, and ready for her.

Losing her halter was bad enough, but that knee in the groin really hurt. Greta was rapidly losing her composure, as Nancy confidently expected.

When Greta charged her, snarling furiously, Nancy was ready. She easily eluded the huge woman's grasp. The audience was beginning to react to Greta's discomfiture with titters and guffaws. The laughter fueled Greta's anger.

As Nancy dodged the furious lunge, she grabbed Greta's arm with both hands her fingernails digging painfully into the big blond's inner wrist.

For a moment the crowd watched is silent amazement, as the tiny teenager painfully twisted the huge, strong-woman's arm, keeping her off balance, so she couldn't retaliate. Greta hollered in shocked pain.

Before the powerful Greta could get loose, Nancy immobilized her with a vicious kick to the belly. The audience gawked in amazement, at the stunned look of pain on Greta's beautiful face. They never expected that the tiny girl was capable of hurting the huge strong-woman.

As Greta doubled over painfully, Nancy gave a hard twist on her arm, pulling her completely off balance.

As Greta strove to not only keep her balance, but free herself from the painful grip on her arm, Nancy gave another expert twist, and upended Greta's huge body, flinging her on her face.

Greta landed with a resounding crash, that shook the stage, her huge breasts, and her belly painfully absorbing the impact. There was more laughter at the look of painful confusion on the strong-woman's face.

Before the dazed Greta could move, Nancy leaped high in the air, and came down feet first, right in the middle of the big woman's broad back.

Though hurt and breathless, Greta reared up with a roar of rage, Nancy wisely leaped clear.

Greta surged to her feet, in a rage, her huge muscles glistening, her blue eyes glinting fiercely. For a moment, the brash Nancy wondered if she hadn't bitten off more than she could chew.

For the next few moments, Nancy desperately dodged Greta's furious swings.

Fortunately for Nancy, Greta was far from a skilled boxer.

It was obvious Greta had gone berserk! The crowd was growing nervous.

"Geez, she's out for BLOOD!"

"Omiggod! She'll kill the kid, if she ever connects!"

"Somebody oughta' call the Police!"

Though she was growing increasingly nervous; to her credit, the obnoxious, teen aged braggart didn't lose her cool. From a crouch, Nancy blasted a deadly karate stab to Greta's crotch, stopping the Mighty Greta dead.

The crowd responded with relieved enthusiasm

Some in the crowed were excited by blood lust, and were eager to see the tiny girl totally destroy the gorgeous, magnificent, blond specimen of womanhood; others thought Nancy would be better advised to escape, while she had the chance.

"Run, while ya got the chance, Kid!"

"Yeah! Get out, while the gettin's good!"

But Nancy scented victory! She still hadn't brought her karate skills into play, fully. She wasn't running from this BIG MOOSE! She wasted no time taking advantage of her respite. She leaped into the air, and sliced the edge of her hand deadly as a knife blade, across Greta's wind pipe. Nancy had often broken bricks with that strike, and came close to breaking the unfortunate Greta's neck.

Greta may well have toppled face first to the floor, but Nancy's foot struck her chest with the force of a sledgehammer, keeping her erect. Nancy had begun this as something of a lark, but now she saw her chance to shift the balance of power in the Circus. Humiliating the Circus Strong-woman in front of the customers, was a disgrace, Greta would find hard to recover from.

Nancy continued her karate kicks with vicious abandon. The crowd was all with her now, laughing cruelly at Greta's distress.

The vicious teen mercilessly inflicted cruel agony on her less skillful opponent, but there was little, or no, sympathy for the huge woman's suffering. Greta was usually the crowd favorite, but today the fickle mob deserted her, exhilarated at seeing the tiny, frail looking teenager skillfully destroying the huge, invincible looking, strong-woman.

As Greta staggered away, her ears ringing and her eyes glazed, Nancy leaped high and struck with a flying kick to the chest, that knocked Greta to the floor of the stage.

Barely conscious, Greta tried to summon the strength to get up, but everything was whirling around in dizzy circles.

Nancy was scarcely one to give a fallen opponent time to get up and recover; she struck HARD! Her kick caught Greta on the point of the chin with incredible force, and the huge blond toppled over on her back, clearly out for the count.

"Wow! Can't believe it!"

"Looks like the little kid knocked the big ape out cold!"

"Haw, haw!"

"One for the books!"

Nancy didn't bother to count her fallen foe out. Nobody would argue that Greta was out cold! Instead, the girl picked up Greta's halter, and used it to tie the blond's arms securely behind her back.

When Nancy was satisfied Greta couldn't get loose for a while, she smacked her across the face to bring her to. The crowd was on its feet roaring in approval.

To the delight of the crowd, Nancy pulled the groggy strong-woman to her feet, by a painful grip on one of her braids.

When Nancy let go of her hair, Greta turned furiously on he tormentor.

Nancy had resolved that her victory meant there would be major changes in the Circus. Apparently, Greta hadn't gotten the message! Time to take her down another peg!

Nancy tore Greta's thong off her voluptuous body, totally denuding her. Greta was rapidly coming to realize that the obnoxious teenager was a force to be reckoned with.

In order to parade her around the stage, so the entire audience could get a look at her humiliating nudity, Nancy jammed her thumb up Greta's behind.

Greta reacted to that indignity, with an angry roar, but then realizing she was at the teenager's mercy, dejectedly let the hateful girl push her around the stage, to the hoots and jeers of the audience.

"Ha, ha!"

"Look at the little kid push the big ape around!"

"No question who's BOSS, now!"

"Haw, haw!"

At the edge of the stage, Nancy grabbed Greta's leg, and with a leer and a nasty snicker, exposed the big blond's womanhood to the jeering crowd.

Nancy was enjoying herself immensely. What next? She called for suggestions from the audience.

Nancy liked the suggestions she was getting. She glanced around the stage, and her eye lit on Greta's set of weights; the same weights that a short time ago the formidable strong-woman had amazed the crowd with. She pulled Greta over to them, by her blond braid. She was finding that braid a most convenient bridle.

Nancy forced Greta to lean over until her braids were in reach of the barbells. The humiliating posture forced Greta's large, solidly muscled behind prominently high in the air.

"Haw, haw! The Kid's tied the big ape to her OWN barbells!"

"Ha, ha! Yeah and by her own braids!"

"Gotta' love that Kid!"

Revenge is sweet!

Furnished with the appropriate tool, Nancy went to work on Greta's delectable buttocks with enthusiastic abandon.

When Nancy untied her, Greta was a broken woman. She let Nancy lead her sobbing from the stage, as the crowd hooted and jeered in derision. Nancy propelled the sobbing, naked strong-woman out of the tent, as the next act started. Now that she had shown Greta who was boss, she figured it was time to start implementing some of her ideas. She planned for Greta to have a BIG part in them.

On the way back to Greta's trailer, Nancy was offered a business proposition!

Shortly, in Greta's trailer!

Though she was profiting considerably, from the transaction, Nancy found the mechanics extremely distasteful, and decided to wait outside the trailer door, until the deed was done.

When the 'client' finally left, more than satisfied, Nancy was eager to get started with her plans.  Naturally, she couldn't do everything at once, but she could start by increasing the number of clowns, at the evening performance.

"YEAH! A circus can't have too many clowns! Hah, hah!"

The End.