Warning: This story contains graphic violence, n/c sexual acts, brutal  rape, and other elements that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Clone War 1. Super Honeymoon, Part C. Conclusion.

Viciously attacked by a clone of his intended bride on their wedding night, the world's mightiest superhero found his tiny female bride to possess powers at least the equal of his own. Worse, the vicious creature proved his superior in combat, and repeatedly and brutally beat him into submission.  Unable to resist her deadly fits further, the Man of Steel cried out in surrender.

Sneering in triumph, the implacable clone pulled the whimpering defeated male to his feet by the hair, and gleefully tore his briefs down his muscular thighs.

The last shreds of masculine dignity torn away with his briefs, the mightiest of superheros could only whimper fearfully in protest.

Terrorized by his ferocious little bride, the Man of Steel hung his head in shame while she boldly groped and fondled his genitals.

Then gripping his penis in an unbreakably painful grip, the gleeful clone tugged the superhero, terrified and humiliated, over to the ottoman by her makeup table. She sat down, still gripping his huge penis in that terrifying, unbreakable grip. When she ordered him to lie down, across her lap, like a naughty school boy, the mighty crime fighter had no choice to obey.

Though his incredible body could withstand artillery shells, his bride's tiny hand proved even harder than his invulnerable flesh. Grinning maniacally, she wailed the tar out of her helpless husband, until he sobbed at the terrible fiery torment.

His masculine pride already shattered, the once invincible crime fighter couldn't endure the fiery pain for long before he sobbed brokenly for mercy.

Once her helpless husband acknowledged her authority, the triumphant clone let him off her lap; she had further humiliations in mind for the broken, sobbing superhero.

The smirking bride ordered her terrified mate to lie down on the hassock. When he didn't obey quickly enough to satisfy her imperious nature, she demonstrated her newly won authority with the most painful of grips.

Once she positioned her snuffling mate to her satisfaction, with her fearsome grip on his genitalia,  Clone Lois arrogantly mounted his face, as, still sobbing and gingerly nursing his ravaged scrotum,  he looked up in helpless terror.

This time, the groom, spirit broken by pain and shame, had no thought of refusing to pleasure his new wife, who had demonstrated her mastery over him so effectively.

Terror gave her battered husband a slavish eagerness to please his stern new mistress, and he soon brought her to a most satisfying orgasm.

After her first orgasm, the greedy clone kept her whimpering superhero husband at his servile task, but twisted restlessly around seeking a more comfortable mount. With a wicked grin, she noticed his heroic sized penis was stiff and erect. The devilish clone couldn't resist this opportunity to further humiliate and degrade her unfortunate mate.

Raping her terrified mate only whetted the heartless dominatrix's appetite for more brutal sport.

All manly pride and courage destroyed, there was nothing left but abject terror. In blind panic, the panicked superhero tried to flee, but his diminutive wife caught his arm in a hammerlock of irresistible force. Helpless in his bride's steely grip, the terrified male could only whimper sobbingly, as she roughly shoved him to the floor.

The beaten, panic-stricken superhero, screaming in terror, frantically tried to escape the horrifying threat, but his diminutive bride, held him powerless, as she grinningly positioned the massive phallus. At its first touch he screamed in terror.

The reality was even more horrifying than the anticipation. Aside from his new wife, only one element on earth could harm the mighty visitor from another world, the remnants of his own destroyed home planet. Though Kryptonite was in short supply, the diabolical Lex had managed to obtain a small supply, though in a highly diluted form. The huge dildo strapped to the brides luscious loins, contained a small core of the dread substance. It was not enough to do serious long term harm to the defeated superhero, but driven deep into his body, it would cause hideous pain.

The diabolical clone rammed the huge, Kryptonite laden dildo into the hapless superhero's butt with all her incredible strength, driving it in and out of his ravaged body, as he wept brokenly between screams of agony.

Once she securely impaled her mighty victim on the hellish dildo, the evil bride released his twisted arm, and grasped his imposing penis with both hands in a painfully erotic grip that brought new tears to his eyes. Laughing maniacally, she forced her screaming husband to climax once more, in culmination of the monstrous anal rape.

Her mission accomplished, Clone Mark-1, prankishly dressed herself in an adaptation of her husband's world famous uniform, then fastened a dog leash and collar to his bowed neck. Like the horrendous dildo, the collar contained enough Kryptonite to keep the defeated male subdued and to neutralize his ability to fly. He would have no hope of escaping his fiendish spouse.

It was then that the clone's equally fiendish master, who had been observing the nuptial proceedings with great relish behind a two-way, leaded mirror, stepped into view.

Watching the tiny, delicately formed bride vanquish and painfully subjugate his long invincible enemy, then viciously strip the unfortunate hero of his manhood, was the greatest satisfaction of Lex's career. Looking down at the mightiest superhero, now a pitiful, whimpering, leashed slave to his new bride, the evil Lex heartily congratulated his most successful creation.

Demonstrating her total mastery over her abused super spouse, Mark-1 ordered the leashed superhero to kiss her boot. Without question, the enslaved crime fighter sobbingly obeyed his new Mistress, to the evil Lex's delight.


The End.

This is the end of Clone War 1, Super Honeymoon, but our story will continue shortly in Clone War 2, Wondrous Wedding Night, in which the World's most beloved Amazon superheroine, unwittingly weds another of the evil Lex's vicious clones.