WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, and violent f/f rape.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Columbia and the Axis Twins. Part 1.

When World War II broke out, Columbia, the world renowned, American
crimefighter became the ace Allied agent in the fight against Axis terrorists, spies, collaborators and saboteurs.  In late 1942, a double agent alerted Columbia to a hidden, beach front cave that was headquarters to a nest of Axis agents.  Working alone as always, Columbia scouted the beach area. She observed many suspicious comings and goings, centered around a concealed tunnel entrance.  Waiting until the beach was deserted, she stealthily approached to investigate. Still seeing no one, Columbia slipped inside the tunnel.

The gorgeous, redhead wasted no time.   She advanced with purposeful strides down the long, black tunnel corridor, until she reached a heavy iron door.  Surprisingly, the door was unlocked.  Columbia scented a trap, but she disdained danger in her ardor to combat the fascist threat to the world.  With an eager toss of her long, burnished, red hair she pushed the door open. It was pitch black inside. Undismayed, the tall, opulently endowed amazon took a deep breath that expanded her huge, scantily covered bosom to amazing proportions, and boldly thrust through the doorway.

As Columbia passed beyond the portal, sudden blinding light flooded the cavern she had entered! Columbia blinked, caught momentarily off guard by the dizzying brightness.  Her acute senses told her she was in grave danger, and she dimly spied a tiny, female figure poised to attack.   When Columbia spun to avoid the threat, a second assailant rabbit punched her from behind.

Columbia stumbled forward, off balance. The first foe kicked her kneecap.
Columbia's long, powerful leg almost collapsed.

A blow from behind smashed into the small of her back. Columbia kicked backward. She was rewarded by a cry of pain, but the girl in front kicked head high and her deadly foot landed squarely on Columbia's chin.  The impact spun her around, and another pointed toe struck the other side of her face.

Caught between two skillful foes, Columbia dodged sideways to face them both at once, and get a clear look at them.  Apparently Japanese, they were identical twins.  The girls were amazingly young and incredibly tiny.  Neither girl could weigh a hundred pounds, and the tops of their heads barely reached to the tall crimefighter's imposing bosom.  They looked barely eighteen. Columbia felt guilty to fight them at all.

"Those beasts have sent children against me. I must take extreme care that I don't hurt them."  The gallant champion resolved.

As Columbia sought room to maneuver, four rock hard, little fists struck her, all at once, it seemed.  One hit her right cheekbone, another square on her ear, a third pummeled her bosom and the fourth crushed her windpipe. The diminutive twins were experts at Karate, and worse, both little vipers had slipped brass knuckles on each hand.  Columbia's Emerald Tiara slipped from her coppery tresses and clanged on the floor.

Columbia swung at the girl on her right, but her foe ducked aside.  Columbia raised her guard too late, as the other sister smashed her fist into her face. From the pain Columbia feared her nose was broken. A two handed rabbit punch landed from behind an instant later.

Columbia spun between the girls, hoping to recover the initiative.  Instead, they sprang at her from either side with the intuitive coordination of twins. Before Columbia could evade them, they seized her arms.  Each girl grabbed a wrist and elbow, exerting enough leverage to break her arms. They were a perfect, and deadly team.  Columbia's burnished, coppery hair tossed wildly as she thrashed madly to break free.

Even after the surprise punishment she'd taken, Columbia was still strong as a hunting tigress, but to her chagrin, she couldn't dislodge the tiny girls.  The twins instinctively moved with her, immobilizing her arms, sapping her strength. Knees continuously whumped into her belly and crotch.

The dynamic redhead turned toward one girl for a split second and instantly, the girl jumped straight up butting her head into Columbia's jaw.

When Columbia spun around to throw her foes off balance. Small iron shod heels came down on both insteps, with excruciating results. Columbia lunged forward and each girl simultaneously wrapped a leg around one of her calves.  Columbia's momentum slammed her head first into the cave wall. Columbia saw stars.

The tiny girls twisted Columbia's arms behind her, in a double, four-handed hammerlock.  Columbia struggled vainly.  Before she knew it, only one girl was holding her, and the other was in front of her.  They were so quick, sometimes it seemed she was fighting a whole battalion of tiny girls.

The tiny black haired girl, in front of her, gravely bowed to Columbia.  Then, cobra swift, she drove her fist into Columbia's abdomen.  A magnificent sheath of muscles girdled the redhead's waist, but the tiny fist torpedoed deep into her body.  The breath exploded from Columbia's mouth in a loud gasp of agony. Her body jackknifed, but she was swiftly hauled erect by the girl in back.

The other vicious teenager buried her fist up to the wrist, in Columbia's bare midriff, again.  Columbia's belly already softened up, turned to jelly.  The hampered heroine gagged in a breathless, soundless scream.  Her beautiful, red mouth gaped open as a third blow struck the same spot. Columbia's mighty body sagged helplessly to her knees, then reared backward in a paroxysm of agony. The girl in back never loosened her hammerlock.

The girl in front stepped away, and drove her pointed toe into Columbia's wispily clad crotch.

As the pain rippled through Columbia's vitals, the giggling girl stepped closer, and tore off the fighting redhead's skimpy halter, baring
those enormous, milky breasts, tipped by exquisite coral crowns. The
up-tilted globes trembled, and the pointed pink nipples crinkled in nervous

The fierce little, Axis vixen drove a relentless fist into each straining globe. Columbia's huge melons engulfed her tiny hands. Columbia's lips drew back in a grimace; her pearly teeth gritted in terrible distress. The girl holding her from behind, jammed Columbia's arms higher, pulling her bosom taut and vulnerable, so the next pair of punches hurt even more than the first two.

Suddenly the girl in back loosened Columbia's arms. Like a tautly drawn bow, Columbia pitched face first to the floor.  Her captor held on to her wrists to prevent her cushioning her fall, and Columbia's huge naked breasts smacked the floor with a meaty splat.  The girl dropped her arms, leaving Columbia stretched full length on her belly.

Through a fog of pain, Columbia heard high pitched, twittering giggles, then one of her assailants leaped in the air and came down feet first on the small of her back.  Steel shod slippers crushed her kidneys.  Not pausing, the girl leaped high again, and came down on Columbia's upper back, just as her twin came down on Columbia's kidneys again.  The tiny sadists danced on their huge foe's broad back mashing her body into the  unyielding stone.

Columbia's mind reeled with silent wails of agony. Their evil purpose accomplished, brass knuckles were slipped back into waiting pockets.  The tiny girls knelt beside the milky body of the titian haired beauty, and whisked off her trunks and emerald boots.

When they completely denuded the valiant heroine, the devilish twins seized her arms and lifted her off the floor.  Columbia was limp as a dish rag, her mighty muscles turned to mush.

One of the enemy girls ran to the corner and sat down, leaving her sister to face their weakened foe alone.  The remaining girl gave Columbia a shove, and she tottered across the room.  Her powerfully rounded limbs shook with the strain, but she kept her trembling legs under her.

The never-say-die redhead gasped a lung full of air and tensed for further action.  Facing just one antagonist, the denuded American Beauty took another deep breath to still her trembling limbs, and raised her hands in a fighting stance.  Her tiny adversary bowed, and smiled up at her insolently.  Columbia gritted her teeth.  Her pride was stung by the one sided beating the diminutive pair had dished out so far.  Teenagers or no, her cause was too critical to allow misplaced compassion to deter her, from her duty!  Time to turn the tables on the arrogant, little snots!

Columbia threw herself at the girl.  A gagging, half-stifled moan escaped her
bruised lips. The sudden strain on her injured abdomen had sent an unexpected burst of cramping pain through Columbia's middle, throwing her off balance as she reached the oriental girl.

Columbia's tiny foe grabbed the denuded redhead's strong right arm. Columbia resisted fiercely, but the girl effortlessly twisted her arm, and with a supple twist, somersaulted the huge redhead in a judo toss.

Columbia crashed to the floor, with a back wrenching thud.  Spread-eagled on her back, she tried to rise, but her little foe still gripped her arm, implacably. The girl  yanked the arm, as soon as Columbia raised her head, and smashed her heel down on Columbia's throat.  She pinned Columbia to the floor nearly strangling the gorgeous redhead. At the same time she bent and twisted the heroine's fingers with devilish cruelty.  As she gagged to breathe, Columbia's enormous breasts heaved spasmodically.  Her long voluptuous legs kicked in the air and her wide hips gyrated uselessly.

Contemptuously, the terrible twin dropped Columbia's arm and raised her foot from the fallen redhead's throat.  Columbia mastered her trembling, injured body and clambered awkwardly to her feet.  Gagging down the sickening flood of pain in her belly, the Allied heroine counterattacked. She had to press one hand tightly against the smooth, tight flesh of her lower belly to staunch the pain, and try to fight with the other.  Columbia stumbled at the oriental girl, and swung desperately at her elusive target.  The tiny twin dodged effortlessly, and the big redhead stumbled and lunged unable
to close with her. Columbia's heroic, unbridled bosom, bobbing frantically on her broad chest hindered her attack.

Columbia's fruitless efforts further devitalized the injured heroine.  Her long, fantastically curved legs wobbled and trembled, belying their powerful shapeliness.  Her knees knocked together and her wild swings moved in
slow motion.  Her sneering young adversary mockingly exposed herself to the big redhead's fury.  Columbia's solid right fist connected with the girl's fragile jaw.  Instead of crumpling senseless to the floor, the impudent teen laughed in Columbia's face.

After the disheartening failure of her best punch, Columbia's quaking legs could hardly support her majestically curved body.  Her tiny foe, now arrogantly scornful of the consequences, stepped in close, and brazenly clutched Columbia by the nipples.

The big redhead gasped in pain as her child-like foe pinched a long coral nipple in each hand.  The pain was so intense it took Columbia's breath away, blotted all else from her mind, made her defenseless.  She slapped uselessly at the cruel fingers tormenting her proudly high-set, globular breasts.  The pain worsened until Columbia threw back her head and howled.

Columbia's overtaxed legs abruptly went limp.  Shuddering uncontrollably, she sank slowly to her knees. The tormenting fingers tightened.  The gallant heroine's wails grew louder, and she hunched forward, head drooping.

When the snickering girl finally let go, Columbia huddled forward, face between her solidly rounded thighs, mewling in the aftermath of the grievous mistreatment.

End Of Part 1.

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