WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, and violent f/f rape.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Columbia and the Axis Twins. Part 3. Conclusion.

Columbia's fantastically muscled legs corkscrewed.  She would have pitched to the floor, but her tiny foe caught the big redhead from behind.  The girl stooped over, letting Columbia's back fall across her shoulders. The camera caught Columbia's classically beautiful face twisted in anguish.

Effortlessly straightening her frail body, the tittering teenager raised the struggling crimefighter in the air.  Columbia dangled helplessly, her waist bent backward in an intolerably painful "vee" over the girl's bony shoulder. Her long coppery mane dangled down the girl's back, while her long trembling legs dangled in front.  The devilish teen steadied Columbia's straining body with a vicious claw clamped on the juncture of her succulent thighs.

The arrogant, young Fascist pirouetted before the camera to display her hampered captive's humiliating distress; Columbia's beautiful face swinging upside down against her tiny buttocks; Columbia's cantaloup breasts dangling like ripe fruit begging to be plucked. She twirled to display her beastly grasp on Columbia's exquisite pussy.

After heartlessly displaying Columbia's utter helplessness and humiliation, the giggling girl casually threw the dethroned Allied Champion to the
floor.  Columbia crouched at the youthful Axis agent's feet, unable to rise after her vicious drubbing.  The fiendish teenager strutted around her, gloating at the calamitous overthrow of the idolized darling of the Free World.

The young terrorist sneered into Columbia's tormented green eyes, huge and dark with pain. "Want to fight some more Mithy Columbia?" She tittered. With a little thrill of fear, Columbia mutely raised her aching left arm to ward off the odious brat, knowing it was no more than a useless gesture of resistance.

The girl tittered again in derision, and grabbing Columbia's ear, pulled her face close to her own, and spat a huge gob of phlegm into Columbia's beautiful features.

Spittle dripped down Columbia's mouth and chin mingling with her tears. The twins had reduced the fiery freedom fighter to a plaything, to be tormented and humiliated with impunity.

"Cowardly Allied Cow!"  The adolescent sadist sneered, again, with venomous contempt.

The other twin returned, then, and the merciless devil girls hauled the vanquished champion closer to the camera.  They flung the helpless American Beauty down on the floor.  Columbia screeched when the rough stone rasped her flaming bottom.

The petite, young sadists lay down on either side of the chastised Allied heroine.  Facing Columbia, they each pinned one of her arms under them, and threw a leg across one of her powerfully muscled thighs, entrapping the mature heroine in odious physical bondage to their own flesh. Their diminutive legs wrenched the anguished redhead's beautiful gams into a wide vee, shamefully exposing her jewel like, pink pussy.

One twin insolently pressed her mouth to Columbia's bruised lips. She forced her tongue inside, and boldly french-kissed the older woman, while her sister tongued Columbia's breasts.  Both girls roughly pawed Columbia's defenseless sexual treasures. The anguished heroine felt wriggling fingers invasively exploring her body, painfully parting her labia, and even daring to fondle her clitoris.

Columbia gagged and retched, and whimpered in shame when the  twin's evil domination kindled a responsive spark in her captive body.

The depraved school girls forced Columbia to a shattering orgasm.  That was only the beginning. The merciless, tittering adolescents totally controlled Columbia's magnificent body, glorying in their dominance over the woeful Western Beauty.  They arrogantly toyed with their beautiful, pain drugged victim.  Tiny tongues still darted into her ears and mouth, and flogged her enormous, taut nippled breasts.  Columbia loathed those cruel, plucking hands, but, against her will, the helpless heroine exploded in a second shuddering orgasm.  Poor Columbia shrieked in despair.  Surrender to the venomous brat's lustful ravishment was a hundred times more distressing then the fearful drubbing they'd given her.

Severe cramps convulsed Columbia's lower body.  Her sexual organs were as raw and fiery as her well-paddled behind, now, and her evil captors had barely begun.  One young fiend balled her fist and shoved it right inside Columbia's body. Columbia howled in agony as the girl's fist forced her to another mortifying climax.

Then the other evil girl chose an even more frightful target!

It was a brutal struggle, but the abusive teenager's tiny fist finally breached the Allied Heroine's tight little anus.

Columbia's outraged body, feverishly aroused by the marathon rape, even capitulated to that ultimately demeaning perversion, as the other girl pointed out with a tittered aside to her twin.  "Mithy Columbia mutht like your hand up her bum! Look how she wiggle aroun'!"

When the horrifyingly degrading anal rape was at last done, Columbia was given no respite.  Instead she was flipped on her back again and the other twin hopped atop her painfully heaving bosom.  The grinning girl straddled Columbia's face, and lifted her short school girl's skirt to expose a naked, surprisingly hairy, crotch to Columbia's horrified gaze.  The girl lisped an obscene command.  Columbia shook her head in mute refusal. How could any decent American crimefighter ever sink to THAT?

Columbia's timid defiance was short-lived.  The girl seized the sniffling crimefighter's ears.  Twisting and tearing at them, she ground Columbia's face against her crotch.  Terrorized almost out of her wits by the fiendish little devils, now, the tormented redhead sorrowfully capitulated.  She gagged down the lump in her throat, and puckered her bruised lips.

Fright overcame maidenly reticence; Columbia shamelessly sucked and kissed and tongued her diminutive conqueror.  The young devil, feverish with passion after her sadistic triumph, exploded almost immediately in multiple orgasms.  She forced the subjugated heroine to pleasure her again and again, until her twin demanded a turn.

Columbia serviced each girl several times before she satiated them with her
mortifying homage. Lying disgraced and helpless at the feet of her adolescent conquerors, Columbia wanted to die in shame at her acquiescent collaboration.  She never dreamed she could sink so low.


One girl lazily ambled to the wall and returned with a short samurai sword. The other girl playfully forced Columbia to sit up.

Columbia sat docilely, even when the girl with the sword laid it across her white throat.  Her delicate, translucent skin, still blushing in shame, paled to a deathly hue.  A moment before she had prayed for death, but now the cold steel terrified her.  She gulped convulsively, and whimpered a tearful plea.

The vicious girl tormented the captive Allied Agent a few moments, then pricked her throat with the razor sharp, sword edge.  A single drop of blood trickled down the white column of Columbia's throat.

As Columbia whimpered in terrified relief to still be alive, the girl holding her, seized her glossy mane of coppery curls and twisted it into a knot.  Columbia mewled as the other girl adroitly sliced away her glorious bronze crown, as easily as peeling a peach.  A single deft stroke left nothing but a coppery stubble.  Helplessly shorn like a passive sheep or shamed quisling, the proud Allied heroine wept bitterly.

The victorious teen waved the coppery trophy in front of the camera, then reverently laid it in front of a Japanese Flag, on the wall.

Next the devil girls hauled poor Columbia to her feet, and set her down on her knees in front of that same picture.

When they released her arms, the devastated American heroine pitched forward on her face, as though she was prostrating herself in fawning homage to the Axis banner.

The End


Columbia was transported by submarine to an enemy Concentration Camp. After months of harrowing torture and degradation, the resourceful Allied Champion escaped.  Displaying every ounce of her legendary courage, she overcame uncounted, bloodcurdling dangers in her patriotic determination to bring home the invaluable intelligence she secured while a prisoner inmate in an Axis brothel, where she'd been force to truly become the prototypical "DEEPTHROAT".

Unfortunately the dastardly Axis Intelligence Agencies distributed the film of
Columbia's capture and subjugation to every Allied Country.  Her reputation
besmirched, Columbia spent the duration of the War serving donuts and washing dirty coffee cups in a USO Club.

The devilish twins became "Rock and Roll" singing sensations in postwar Japan and then a champion wrestling tag team.