WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, and f/f rape. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by mature adults above the age of twenty-one.

Deferred Inheritance. Part 1.
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Darlene Marshall, senior partner in the law firm of Marshall and Danvers, stopped her car in the driveway of the secluded, rural farmhouse, she occupied, somewhat reluctantly, with her eighteen year old step-daughter, Ashley. It had been an exhausting day in court, but Darlene was exhilarated that she had secured a favorable ruling on a disputed point, from a dithering old judge, who was always reluctant to make a decision that might later be overturned.

As she picked up her brief-case and got out of the car, she remembered that tonight was Selma the house-keeper's night off.

"I suppose I'll have to cook something for the little ingrate!" She thought "Oh the heck with it, I'll order pizza! She never eats anything but junk food anyway, no matter what Selma or I cook for her!"

Darlene was not overly fond of her step-daughter who she considered lazy and spoiled, and Ashley detested her step-mother, outright. When her widowed father, wealthy industrialist Alexander Hathaway, married Darlene, than just starting her law practice, seven years earlier, eleven ear old Ashley had thrown a tantrum and had to be removed from the wedding, kicking and scratching.

His daughter's behavior had been the chief bone of contention between Darlene and her husband from the start. Darlene who had worked hard all her life, thought Ashley was a spoiled brat, and that Alex should discipline the girl. A doting parent, though often absent on business, he had left Ashley's rearing to the servants, who had spoiled her outrageously. Though Darlene loved her husband, repeated arguments over Ashley's behavior had finally led to their separation, much to Ashley's delight. Although, she and Alex remained married, Darlene used her maiden name, and moved to an apartment in the City, nearer to her practice.

Darlene had been separated from Ashley's father several years, before his death. In the interim, by the time she was sixteen, Ashley had been expelled from every exclusive school in the area, though she was intelligent and a skilled gymnast. Since then, she had been tutored at home, although no tutor had stayed very long.

It had come as an unpleasant surprise, when Darlene discovered she was named executor of Alex's estate, and guardian of his eighteen year old daughter. Alex had left a letter for Darlene saying that she had been right all along about his wayward daughter, and that he hoped Darlene could straighten her out. Always driven by a strong sense of duty, and still motivated by her love for Alex, Darlene agreed to accept the burden. Though she kept her apartment in the City, she moved back to Alex's country home, to share it with Ashley. She only kept one servant, assigning Ashley chores to make up for it. "A little hard work will be good for her!" Darlene thought, although she did her best to share the chores.

Her father's will had come as an even more unpleasant surprise to Ashley. Having the hated  Darlene as her guardian was bad enough, but worse, unless Darlene released her inheritance to her, she would not receive a penny until she was twenty-five. Somewhat intimidated by Darlene's imposing presence, and by her power over the purse strings, at first, Ashley, at least, made a pretense of accepting the situation. She even halfheartedly did some of her assigned duties around the house. However, it wasn't long before the spoiled, would-be heiress began to shirk them, whenever possible. If Darlene chided her, she retorted nastily. Of late, her constant back talk had grown abusive, and made Darlene's time at the house a misery.

It became a game for Ashley to see just how far she could push Darlene, and how mad she could make her. An intelligent girl with a gift for sneering sarcasm, Ashley usually succeeded at least once a day, in sending Darlene's blood pressure through the roof.  There were days when Darlene was tempted to release the inheritance, and let Ashley go her own way, but her strong sense of duty always caused her to reconsider.

Darlene had been hoping for a swim before dinner to cool off. The air-conditioning in the old courthouse was not working again, and it had been an exceedingly hot, muggy summer day. She was disappointed to see Ashley sunbathing by the pool.

"Well, too bad! I'm not going to let her keep me away from that pool tonight!" Darlene resolved, wiping the perspiration from her brow.

Darlene had asked Ashley to mow the lawn that day, but, not unsurprisingly, the grass was still as long as it had been that morning.

"You were going to mow the lawn, I thought?" Darlene said, as she passed the teenager.

Ashley sneered. "You thought so, not me! It's too much work!"

"It's hardly too much work with a ride-on, power lawn mower, Young Lady!"

"Why dontcha do it yourself, then? Or you can hire someone, there's plenty of money! Daddy's will let's you use the interest on MY trust fund for expenses!"

"That's NOT the point! You have an obligation to make some contribution around here yourself!"

Ashley had had enough of Darlene's 'preaching' as she called it, and told her step-mother what she could do, with the lawn mower.

Darlene was incensed by the teen's rude remark, but after her hard day in court, she just didn't have the energy to pursue the matter. She just wanted to go for a swim, have some pizza, and spent the rest of the evening working on an important brief. With an angry toss of her head, she went in the house, to change into her bathing suit.

"That is the most exasperating, little brat I ever met!" Darlene fumed as she changed.

When Darlene got back to the pool, Ashley was still lying, indolently, on the uncut grass.

Seeing Darlene's bathing suit Ashley snickered. "Oh Good! I see you changed! I guess that means you're going to do the lawn yourself, Huh?"

'No it does NOT!" Darlene snapped indignantly. "What it does mean, is that instead of giving you your all too generous allowance, I'll use it to have the lawn mowed!"

Ashley jumped up furiously. "You can't do that! Daddy set my allowance!"

"I can, and I will, Young Lady! Your father's will gives me complete control over every penny in your trust! If cutting off your allowance, is the only way to get through to you, than I WILL do it!" Darlene said, a little self righteously.

"YOU lousy bitch!" Ashley snarled.

"Don't you ever dare use that kind of language to me, you obnoxious, little snot!" Darlene snapped back, just as incensed. She would never do such a thing, but her first impulse was to haul off and smack the snotty teen across the face. She clenched her fist in exasperation, to hold herself in check.

Ashley, her face red with furious anger, had no such compunctions about physical violence. At the thought of a week without money, the spoiled 'princess' suddenly went nearly berserk. Without any warning, Ashley threw herself forward and tackled Darlene around the waist, burying her shoulder in the brunette's trim midriff.

A sports purist might say that the tackle was much too high, and should have been around the knees. Nevertheless, it was effective enough to bowl Darlene over on her back, with Ashley on top of her. The wind knocked out of her, Darlene gasped for breath, in shock.

Darlene was a very pugnacious lady in the courtroom and at the negotiating table, and she was a large, imposing figure of a woman, who worked out regularly, several times a week at a private gym, and was in tip-top physical shape. Nevertheless, she certainly wasn't used to brawling. She believed an attorney should be above anything so sordid. Even as a girl, she never had much experience in cat fighting. Her strictly religious parents would have been horrified if their daughter got into a fight, and she always did her best to avoid doing anything to upset them. Now, she was completely taken aback by Ashley's sudden attack; she had no idea what to do next.

Though tiny, Ashley's gymnast muscles were exceptionally strong, and she could be unbelievably nasty in a fight. Unlike Darlene, she was well versed in the art of cat fighting. In fact, it was usually brawling that got Ashley expelled from so many schools. She had often beaten up bigger, stronger girls, although none was anywhere as big, and powerfully built, as Darlene. Nor had she ever fought a grownup woman before; that was intimidating in itself. It was only her blind hatred and rage that  led Ashley to attack her step-mother. If she had been thinking, she never would have come to blows with Darlene. Just taunting her and was easier, and almost as much fun.

Once she committed herself though, it seemed to Ashley, that there was no turning back. She wouldn't be in any more trouble winning the fight, than if she lost, or even backed down and apologized. She might as well try to win.

"Geez, but I'd rally love to kick her big, fat ass! Guess I might as well be hung for a sheep, as for a lamb!"

Ashley knew that to win against so large and strong an opponent, she'd have to fight dirtier than she ever had in her life. Unfortunately for Darlene, Ashley was up to that challenge.

Not sure how to react, Darlene just lay on the grass panting painfully, for a minute. Once Ashley decided she was going to do her best to win, that minute was all the time needed.  She knelt up straight between her stepmother's legs, and drove her hard little fist into Darlene's pussy, with all her might. Darlene shrieked in pain.

Ashley knelt up a little straighter, and pushed Darlene's legs apart. Her lower limbs paralyzed from the punch, Darlene couldn't stop her. She pleaded for a moment before the teen's hard knee sank deep into her womanhood.

Ashley stood up and grabbed Darlene's ankle. Darlene saw the  girl's foot raised and screamed in fear.

Her stepmother's fearful scream wasn't about to stop Ashley. If anything, hearing Darlene squawking in terror, egged the nasty teen on. She drove her foot into Darlene's pussy with all her weight.

If Darlene ever had any inclination to fight back, the terrible pain between her legs erased it. She lay paralyzed, moaning in frightful anguish.

Ashley knelt down and tore at the bodice of her stepmother's bathing suit. "Let's see how bad your fat boobs sag without this!" Ashley sneered sarcastically.

As Ashley tore at her bodice, Darlene panicked. Her rather puritanical, religious upbringing had given her a near phobia against nudity. Trying to protect her modesty, she waved her arm frantically, even scratching at the hateful teen. In the process, she accidentally pulled Ashley's skimpy top off, too, the last thing in the world she wanted to do.

Once she tore Darlene's top off, Ashley jumped to her feet, bare cheated. Up until now, Darlene certainly hadn't put up much of a fight, but why take chances. The tiny teen began to stomp on her stepmother's belly, driving her foot down with all her weight, which though not great, caused Darlene extreme anguish.

Writhing in pain, there was no way Darlene could avoid those quick little feet, no matter how she squirmed to escape. She screamed in terrified pain, her huge breasts rolling about her broad chest.

When she had fully pulverized Darlene's belly, Ashley switched to her step-mother's sizable bust. Those great big, firmly succulent globes, dancing impudently around Darlene's chest, were too good a target to miss. With her first breast stomp, Ashley almost squashed Darlene's enormous left breast.

Poor Darlene, shrieking in agony, could hardly believe any female, even Ashley, could be so cruel as to viciously attack another woman's breasts. For a moment, she naively believed it must have been by accident. After Ashley's vicious attack on her pussy only moments earlier, Darlene certainly should have known better.

Ashley swiftly disabused Darlene of the idea that her assault on her stepmother's bountiful bosom was an accident; Darlene's left breast was the next, very vulnerable target.

"Can't miss them blimps!" Darlene chortled in glee.

"Oh, Dear God the little bitch meant to do it!" Darlene realized in horror, as she shrieked in pain.

Ashley found squishing those big, ripe gourds, was even more sensually pleasurable, than crushing her stepmother's flat belly. In glee, she culminated her vicious attack on Darlene's bosom, by jumping in the air, and coming down feet first, flattening both delectable orbs, at once.

Ashley stood for a moment triumphantly poised on Darlene's monumental bust, as her stepmother gagged in anguish. Then she jumped down, only long enough to stomp her foot down on Darlene's throat. Standing up on one foot, she pressed her full weight down on her stepmother's wind pipe. Darlene couldn't breathe; she was sure the devilish teenager would strangle her.

Though Darlene's combat skills were certainly rudimentary, she did possess the instinct for self-preservation, and with a desperate grab, she caught Ashley's ankle, and nearly upended her.

Ashley, the agile gymnast, quickly recovered her balance, while Darlene prepared to flee for her life.

Before Darlene could stand up, and run for it, Ashley grabbed her ankle.

Ashley pulled Darlene's leg up, and to the side, exposing her genitalia to another brutal kick.

Darlene collapsed in agony. Her pussy was still sore and aching from Ashley's earlier attack, and this time, the pain was unbearable. She rolled around on the grass trying to ease the frightful hurt.

Ashley kept right on kicking her screaming stepmother, as Darlene rolled from side to side, unsuccessfully trying to avoid those lightening quick, little feet, that did so much damage to her ripe body.

When she had kicked her screaming stepmother halfway across the lawn, Ashley grabbed Darlene by the hair, and jerked her up on her behind, then thrust Darlene's head between her strong, wiry thighs.

Ashley's taut thighs snapped shut on Darlene's neck, with the force of a bear trap.

Once again, Ashley was nearly strangling her frightened stepmother. Darlene thrashed around in panic. To hold her still, Ashley leaned over, grabbed Darlene's right nipple, and twisted it excruciatingly.

Unable to breathe or to escape, Darlene screamed and pleaded with the vicious teen, until things started to blur and darken.

Ashley was so wrapped up in the heady feeling of complete mastery over her hated stepmother, that it took a few moments, for her to even notice that Darlene had stopped screaming and struggling, and had almost passed out.

A little reluctantly, Ashley released Darlene's nipple and let her seemingly lifeless body fall to the ground.

"Wow! That was fun!"

When Ashley released her, Darlene sat up groggily, coughing and gasping for breath, and sobbing miserably.

By now, Ashley had grown contemptuous of Darlene's complete lack of aggressive skill. Moreover, she couldn't remember when she'd had so much fun.

"Shit! I not only won the fight, I beat the crap out of the big, stupid slut!" Ashley thought exultantly. "No point in stopping now! Kick a bitch when she's down is my motto! I may never get this chance again!"

Ashley snarled at Darlene to get up.


End of Part 1.

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