WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, and f/f rape. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by mature adults above the age of twenty-one.

Deferred Inheritance. Part 2.
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Ashley snarled at her stepmother, Darlene, to get up.

Nothing so terrible ever happened to Darlene in her entire life. Hurting all over, and snuffling in humiliated misery, she shakily stumbled to her feet, a beaten woman. She didn't need any further convincing, that she was no match for her nasty, vicious step-daughter in a catfight; and she certainly didn't want to fight anymore. Scared out of her wits, she only wanted to run and hide from the hateful teen.

The fight might be over, as far as her humbled stepmother was concerned, but Ashley came at Darlene, fists menacingly cocked for more. Darlene snifflingly tried to reason with the vicious teen, as she fearfully backed away from her. Ashley stalked Darlene, grinning evilly, a tiny cat playing with a very large, but very frightened, mouse.

Ashley cut off Darlene's frightened protests with a paralyzing right-handed punch to her stepmother's belly. Darlene saw the punch coming, but couldn't avoid it.

After the fist dreadful punch, Darlene was a sitting duck. Ashley plowed punch after punch onto her stepmother's belly. Darlene couldn't block the vicious belly punches, no matter how she tried. With each gut wrenching blow, her big, fabulously shapely, body leaped and danced like a puppet. Having the time of her life, Ashley pounded Darlene's flat muscular gut until it was jelly.

No matter how much the sobbing, gasping Darlene pleaded, Ashley kept right on punching her, adding insult to injury, by taunting her for her helpless inability to defend herself.

Finally, Darlene collapsed in agony, but as she fell, the ruthless teen plowed one more awful punch into her belly.

Groveling in agony on the ground, Darlene sobbingly pleaded with her vicious little step-daughter.

Although the house was secluded, there was always the chance someone might come by, and rescue Darlene. Ashley decided it would be better to continue this delightful amusement inside, where there was no chance of being interrupted. She kicked Darlene in the behind and told her to get up.

When her battered, sobbing step-mother didn't get up, quickly enough, Ashley grabbed her by the hair, and hauled her to her feet.

Ashley gave Darlene a shove, and told her to go in the house.

For someone who was never beaten up before, or ever even been in a fight, the merciless thrashing Ashley gave Darlene was a horrifying, jarring experience. On top of the frightful pain, was the awful humiliation of being totally dominated, especially by a teenager half her size, and most especially, when that teenager was Ashley. For a proud woman like Darlene that kind of humiliation was shattering. Crushed and mortified by her defeat, snuffling in misery at her pain, trying to cover her huge, badly battered, naked breasts, Darlene hardly comprehended what Ashley was saying.

When Darlene didn't move quickly enough to satisfy the vicious teen, the girl grabbed the back of her bathing suit bottom, and jerked it upward into a wedgie that cut cruelly into Darlene's badly mauled genitalia.

Ashley frog-marched her squealing, sobbing stepmother into the house, and down to the basement. No one else ever went down there, and the basement den had always been Ashley's private sanctum.

Ashley knew how skittish, Darlene was about nudity, and maliciously decided that would be a good way to have some fun, with her stepmother, even though poor Darlene was just about naked already. The skinny teen pulled off her own skimpy thong, and told Darlene to take hers off too.
Darlene reacted with horror.

Her stepmother's pathetic protest was all the excuse Ashley needed to hatefully smack Darlene nearly silly.

Darlene kept slapping her helpless stepmother, until Darlene sobbingly agreed to remove the last, pitiful vestiges of her modesty.

Sobbing in despair, Darlene stepped out of the briefs, surrendering not only the last ragged remnants of her bathing suit, but the last ragged remnants of her pride, as well.

Ashley callously inspected her stepmother's large, shapely body with the eye of a butcher buying a side of beef. Humiliated beyond belief, shoulders slumped in despair, not daring to move, Darlene could have died of shame.

 Ashley had to admit, that her hated stepmother did have a fabulous body, even covered with the nasty bruises she just inflicted. Up until now, Ashley had been satisfied just to hurt and humiliate Darlene, but now her revenge took a different turn. She hardly realized it until now, but beating up Darlene, and sadistically abusing her, was sexually exciting, powerfully so. Ashley's pussy was wet, and her nipples tingling. Having her big, beautiful step-mother, naked and helpless, blubbering in misery, completely at her mercy, was as big a turn on, as getting it on with a guy.

"Wonder if she got turned on getting beat up, too? Some bimbos do, I've heard! Might as well see!" Ashley thought with an evil grin.

She pulled Darlene's legs apart to get a better view of her pussy. Darlene mewled in protest.

Ashley stroked Darlene's fleshy thigh suggestively, as her glittering eyes inspected her stepmother's pussy. Darlene was appalled; her diminutive stepdaughter was close to sexually abusing her. How could a teenager do this to a grown woman? Darlene shivered in awful dread. What SHOULD she do? What COULD she do? She wanted to run as far a from the hateful teenager as she could get, but she was terrified to even move, with Ashley so close.

Ashley had had a couple of trial episodes with other girls, as well as many with boys. Normally, she much preferred guys, and, certainly, her hated step-mother was the last person in the world she ever thought of as a sex object.  Now though, as she eyed the bountiful breasts and opulent curves of her stepmother's full figured charms, and felt Darlene cringe fearfully as she stroked her firmly rounded leg, the thrill was more than erotic. The turn on was power, power over her hated stepmother, power to make the big beautiful, older woman cringe and weep in fear, power to make haughty, know-it-all Darlene her submissive sex slave. Nothing could be better than that!

With a predatory claw, Ashley grabbed Darlene's pussy.

It was the final straw! Though, by now, she was absolutely terrified of her stepdaughter, Darlene reacted with instinctive, ingrained horror to the physical, sexual threat. If she couldn't protect herself, she MUST escape! With a desperate lunge, she shoved Ashley away, and tried to run to the basement stairs. If she could only get upstairs to her bedroom, she could lock herself in, and call the police.

Darlene's panicky flight was cut short almost before it began. She barely took two steps, before the hateful teen, grabbed her around the waist.

When Ashley's skinny arms locked around her svelte midriff, Darlene reacted in a frenzy, to break free and run. Despite her great weight advantage, and hysterical desperation, she could only drag Ashley forward a few inches. No mater how hard she struggled, she didn't make any significant progress against the relentless teen, who clung to her like a leech.

With amazing power, Ashley made it nearly impossible for the desperately struggling Darlene to get away, by levering the much larger, heavier woman up on her toes, almost off her feet, entirely. Darlene's screams became shrieks of terror.

For a brief time, Ashley let her stepmother exhaust herself, with frenzied kicking and struggling, then without warning, she tightened her strong, little arms in a bear hug. In the backyard, Ashley had pulverized Darlene's powerfully ridged belly with kicks, stomps, and brutal punches. Now her entire abdomen throbbed painfully, and it was impossible to tense her muscles to resist Ashley's strong wiry arms.

Ashley  squeezed with unrelenting pressure, and it was only a short time before Darlene nearly passed out again. Her large, robust body dangled limply from her stepdaughter's frail looking, little arms.

Satisfied Darlene wasn't going anywhere for the time being, Ashley let her stepmother's big, voluptuous body drop. Darlene slumped to the floor, hopelessly convinced there was no escape from this devil girl. Though she enjoyed subduing her stepmother, yet again, Ashley was irritated that her mature victim tried to escape.

"She needs a REALLY good lesson!" Ashley thought. "I remember the Bitch was always telling Daddy that a spanking would make me toe the line! Course he didn't do it, but that was no thanks to HER! Guess I should take Darling Darlene's own advice! Hah! AND she says I never listen to her!"

"Hey Bitch, ever had your big, fat butt spanked for being a naughty girl?" Ashley demanded of her  tormented stepmother, crouching forlornly, at her feet.


Sobbing and gasping for breath, Darlene hardly knew whether she was coming or going, but the word 'spanking' penetrated the dismal fogginess, like knife. A very few times, as a child, her behavior had merited that punishment from her strict, but always fair, parents. Although neither her father nor mother ever gave her more than a few, token, hardly painful, swats, and never after she was nine, they were significant dreaded episodes of her childhood.  Of course, now that she was a mature, married woman, and successful, respected attorney, these painful memories had been long forgotten. Now they flooded back with striking, frightening clarity. Terrible enough to be deservedly spanked as a child, by loving parents, but for a proud, mature woman to be spanked for the hellish amusement of a tiny teenager half her size was a nightmarish horror.

Ashley looked around for a suitable tool. Not totally depraved, she was fond of the family dog and actually groomed him, when she remembered. Shep normally slept here in the basement, but the housekeeper had left him off overnight at the vet's, for shots. The grooming brush, Ashley intermittently used, was lying conveniently to hand. Shep was a Great Dane and the brush was extremely large, with stiff wire bristles. Eyes gleaming, Ashley picked up the vicious weapon. Brush in hand, she grabbed Darlene by the hair and hauled her over to the nearest stool.

In order to better control Darlene's panic-stricken, shrieking resistance, Ashley grabbed her stepmother by the ear to upend her, as she sat down on the stool. Darlene screamed hysterically in protest, but Ashley masterfully pulled the heroically proportioned woman down across her knees as though she were a helpless little girl.

"Geez! This is sooo sexy!" Ashley thought appreciatively, as brush raised, she briefly contemplated her stepmother's big, broad, bottom cheeks, delectably rounded by strongly defined muscles, quivering and wriggling, in awful dread of that fearsome wire brush. She took scarce notice of Darlene's pathetic, whimpered pleas.


End of Part 2.

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