Warning: This story contains graphic violence, n/c and other graphic sexual scenes and elements, that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Deterrent Strike. Part 1.

FBI Director, Jane Armstrong, excused herself from the Award Dinner as early as decently possible, considering that she was the guest of honor. Unlike her best known predecessor, Jane did not enjoy wild nightlife. The tall, blonde woman hurried to the large bank of elevators that would take her to her room in the large, new, luxury, San Francisco hotel, where the banquet was held.

A local Civic Group had taken the opportunity of Jane's' San Francisco business trip, to present her with an Award for Special Lifetime Achievement. It had been a bothersome chore, for the work oriented Jane to attend the dinner; she hated that kind of thing, but a certain amount of Public Relations was a necessary part of her high profile position. The Civic Group had arranged a room for her in the same Hotel where the dinner was being held. That, thankfully, had made it easier to slip out early.

As she waited impatiently for the elevator, the Hotel food was already forming a leaden lump in Jane's stomach. "Damn, I hate those things!"  She thought, distastefully. Thankfully, there was no one else on the first elevator; Jane wasn't in the mood to make small talk with strangers. She had work to do in her room, preparatory to the important meeting tomorrow.

Last year, one of Director Armstrong's first official acts, upon being confirmed as the first woman to hold the prestigious position of Director, was to order an extensive investigation of Yakusa penetration of the West Coast. She was here in San Francisco to review the task force team's findings. The team leader had reported that the group was ready to seek indictments of some of the Yakusa's top local people.  There was a summary of their work waiting for her in her room, and Jane was anxious to review it thoroughly before tomorrow's nine o'clock meeting. She had already skimmed through it, as soon as she arrived in the hotel, late that afternoon.

"Hmm!" Jane thought absently, as she got off the elevator.  "For a new luxury hotel, there doesn't seem to be much activity here! I haven't seen another person on this floor since I checked in!"

As she approached her room, Jane was, therefore, surprised to see a woman's figure standing in the shadows of the opened doorway of the room next to her own. "Guess I was wrong!" Jane shrugged.

Just as Jane was about to unlock the door of her room, the woman stepped out of the shadows, and hissed at her, as though to make conversation.

As Jane turned to face the other woman, she was met with an insulting remark.

Turning to face the slim young woman, the astute FBI Director recognized her from her preliminary review of the Yakusa files. The small oriental was Konisha, despite her youth, the Yakusa's top hit woman and enforcer. Born and raised in the United State of a Yakusa family, Konisha's only loyalty was to her criminal organization. Jane regretted not bringing her service automatic to the dinner, but it was just too big for her tiny dress bag.

"Well the bitch doesn't seem to be armed, herself, I guess! She sure couldn't hide a weapon under that dress! I don't think I'll have any trouble handling her, if it comes to that!"  Jane thought with confidence in her abilities as one of the Bureau's top hand to hand combat experts.

Combat expertise or no, the tall, blonde FBI woman was taken off guard, when Konisha suddenly lashed out, throwing a punch at her middle, a punch that played havoc with Jane's already queasy stomach.

Konisha didn't stop with one punch, but followed up quickly, while Jane was off balance, battering her face with a right and a left.

Even with an upset stomach, it would take more than a couple of punches to incapacitate the tall strongly built FBI Director, who kept herself in excellent shape. Jane rubbed her jaw ruefully a moment, as Konisha grinned insolently at her, then retaliated with a deadly Karate attack of her own

Quick and skillful as Jane was, Konisha was, perhaps, just as quick and skilled. As she fell to the corridor floor, Konisha fought back with a deadly kick to Jane's knee, that buckled the tall blonde's long, shapely left leg.

As Jane instinctively grabbed her knee to ease the searing pain, Konisha launched an even more deadly kick with her other foot.

Momentarily paralyzed by the pain in her crotch and knee, Jane vainly tried to fend her assailant off, as Konisha agilely hopped to her feet with a fierce karate shriek.

Before Jane could stop her, Konisha leaped at her from the side, and seizing the collar of her suit jacket, jerked the garment down, trapping the blonde's arms, as the furious FBI Director screamed indignantly.

As Jane struggled to free herself from the hampering garment, Konisha drove another deadly fist into her svelte middle, striking her solar plexus with the force of a sledge hammer.

Jane's stomach distress was becoming more acute by the second, as Konisha drove a second blow into the same aching spot.

The second brutal blow to her belly knocked Jane off her feet, but as her behind hit the floor, she finally tore her suit jacket free of her arms, with a desperate shrug of her shoulders.

Jane didn't get her jacket off in time to avoid another glancing kick to her jaw.

When Konisha tried to kick her again, though, the resourceful FBI Director caught her ankle just in time, and upended her.

The two women rose at the same time, warily eying each other like rival jungle cats.

As they faced each other, circling cautiously, Konisha got in the first blow, nailing Jane with a deadly left hook to her cheek, that nearly dislocated her jaw.

The punch to her face hurt, but Jane retaliated with a kick to Konisha's belly, that came close to knocking her smaller foe off her feet.

Jane grabbed the front of Konisha's dress with such force, that when the Yakusa girl jerked free, her dress was torn off her pert, little, right breast.

Jane swung her fist at Konisha's jaw, but her tiny, agile foe dodged nimbly, and the punch missed her face, though it did substantial damage to her saucy right breast.

The punch to Konisha's breast did nothing to slow her down, but made her angry as a hornet. She came back with a straight left to Jane's mouth that split her lip, and then, a right to the FBI Director's left eye that closed it, painfully swollen shut.

Jane was still stunned by the painful blows to her face, when Konisha grabbed her hair, steadying her head for another face punch that would likely finish the reeling blonde.


End of Part 1.

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