Warning: This story contains graphic violence, n/c and other graphic sexual scenes and elements, that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Deterrent Strike. Part 2.

Konisha grabbed Jane's hair, steadying her head for another face punch that would likely finish the reeling, blonde FBI Director, she had ambushed in the deserted corridor of a San Francisco hotel.

Before Konisha could throw the punch, Jane frantically clawed the other girl's face, ripping four bloody furrows down her cheek, and the assassin fell back a step, squealing at the pain.

Jane's head was reeling, her stomach churning in anguish; if she didn't finish the other woman quickly, Konisha would finish her. The FBI Director realized that though she kept in tip top physical shape, she no longer possessed the stamina she had as a twenty-five year old agent in the field.  Jane lashed out with her foot, catching Konisha in the belly, before she could attack again.

As Konisha reeled backward from the belly kick, Jane didn't lower her leg, but high kicked her foe in the face.

As Konisha stumbled backward, hardly able to keep her feet, Jane wheeled around and kicked her in the face again, with her other long, shapely leg, but to Jane's dismay, even that deadly kick didn't knock Konisha off her feet, either.

In fact, instead of going down, Konisha grabbed Jane's upraised leg, and tossed the tall FBI Director to the floor, on her face.

As Konisha, with a gasp, tried to leap on her back, Jane swiftly drove her leg backward in a donkey kick, that landed squarely in her assailant's middle.

Konisha could hardly move after the painful kick to her middle, and was too late to prevent Jane from painfully climbing to her feet.

As Jane rose unsteadily, and was almost on her feet, Konisha desperately threw a punch at her head; Jane wearily dodged, with an equally desperate twist of her shapely body.

Jane countered, drilling her fist into Konisha's aching middle.  Her arm, felt like a lead weight, and she just couldn't get enough force behind the punch to knock the other woman down.

By now, both women were badly battered and exhausted. The grueling battle had taken its tremendous toll on both of them. One really good blow would finish either one of them. For now, Jane had the edge, but she could hardly throw a punch with her tired aching arms. She must end it! Jane gathered her strength and prepared to put everything she had into another punch, one that must finish the tough little, Yakusa hit woman. Almost out on her feet, Konisha knew very well, one more punch would finish her.

.As Jane cocked her fist, with slow deliberation, Konisha desperately summoned the last ounce of strength in her small wiry body, then straightening up like a spring uncoiling, she drove her fist straight up toward Jane's face. The exhausted blonde, her own legs trembling nearly uncontrollably, saw the punch coming, but her leaden arms moved too late to block it. Konisha's fist clobbered her directly on the point of the chin with stunning power. Jane saw stars! The punch lifted the tall FBI Director up on her toes, before its force toppled her over on her back.

Jane dropped to the floor like a fallen tree. Her eyelids fluttered, and her body stiffened a moment as though to move, but then her eyes closed and her body went limp. She was out cold! Konisha in barely better shape crouched on one knee a few moments, then painfully rose to her feet. Her legs were still wobbly, as she hopefully checked the condition of her fallen opponent.

It was clear Jane wouldn't be getting up anytime soon. Knowing she had beaten the toughest foe she ever faced, Konisha, with youthful resilience, caught her breath, her strength returning.

Though it appeared she had decked the big blonde woman for good, Konisha wasn't satisfied, yet. Always best to make sure with a foe as dangerous as this one, AND a little pay back for her own painful bruises seemed in order to the vindictive assassin.

Konisha grabbed Jane's hair and began tugging her to her feet. Jane's eyes fluttered at the new pain, but she hardly knew what was happening, at this point.

With one hand, the small but powerful hit woman pulled the nearly unconscious FBI Director to her feet. Jane dimly knew she'd lost the fight, and realized her fearful danger, but she was too befuddled to resist the painful pressure of Konisha's grip, as whining at the pain in her scalp, she was hauled nearly erect.

Arms dangling limply at her sides, legs buckling, Jane saw, through swollen slitted eyes, Konisha cock her fist, aiming it carefully at her aching belly. There was nothing she could do to protect herself, but moan fearfully.

Jane's body was limp as a dishrag, her ridged belly muscles flaccid, and Konisha's fist stabbed into her gut like a spear. The terrible punch lifted the big blonde right off her feet.

Jane doubled over in incredible agony, vainly clutching her pulverized belly to ease the intolerably painful cramp.

Even now, the merciless Konisha wasn't finished with the helpless FBI Director. Jane's hands clutching her belly were in the way though, so she grabbed one arm pulling it away from her target. Unable to defend herself, Jane looked up at the deadly witch, mewling plaintively.

Once she positioned Jane's pliantly battered body exactly as she wanted it, Konisha drove her knee up into the big blonde's belly, not once, but twice. Most of her strength had returned by now, and her slim leg was powered by steely muscles. The two knee lifts did fearful damage to Jane's abdomen, already bruised and mangled to mush by iron hard fists.

The second knee lift in her gut dropped Jane to her knees, clutching her belly in awful agony.


End of Part 2.

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