Note: This story is the second segment in the saga of Green Goddess's battle with the escaped demoness of the Netherworld. The first segment The Volcano begins at  The Volcano. Part 1.

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity and sorcery. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by mature adults above the age of twenty-one.

Divine Wrath. Part 3. Conclusion.
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Ultrairia, the Green Goddess.

Mistress of Nature and Immortal Guardian of Virtue and Right.
Defender of the Dark Gates against the foul creatures of the Netherworld.
Mentor and Patroness of Superheroines.

Green Goddess's terrible foe appeared invincible. Once sure she had bested the eternally victorious, divine champion, the blonde demoness went on to humiliate and punish the nearly defenseless goddess. Catching Green Goddess's graceful neck between girlishly slim thighs, she squeezed remorselessly. Exhausted, and gurgling for breath, Green Goddess began to lose consciousness, her magnificent, sumptuous body no longer offering the least resistance.

For a moment Green Goddess blacked out. Seconds later she came to her senses, to find the awful girl sitting on her beautiful face, clearly determined to totally humiliate her in the process of defeating her. As she rubbed her skinny behind on that divinely beautiful face, the girl pinned Ultrairia's arms securely to the ground, and maliciously toyed with her generous, gorgeously erect bosom, as though it was now her right to do with the goddess as she chose.

How dare the bitch? There must be something a goddess could do to protect herself from this evil, spiteful enemy! But what? Ultrairia's mighty body was twisted in agony, scarcely able to move; she was gasping for breath, and her head was spinning dizzily. She struggled indignantly, but uselessly; once more the horrifying girl proved irresistible.

Ultrairia's face grew red, as she seethed in impotent fury. Unable to escape the degrading mortification, Green Goddess vowed retribution, yet, in her heart, little hope remained of paying back this deadly, irresistible foe.

After she had humiliated her powerless divine foe, to her heart's content, the girl squirmed around and pinned Green Goddess under her knee.

The girl loomed over her, pinning her securely to the ground, her hard little fists poised, threateningly. For a moment, the girl's cruel glittering eyes bored intimidatingly into her own. Green Goddess shivered in apprehension, shrinking from that fearsome, hate filled gaze. She, eternally  undaunted by any foe until this hour, would have fled in terror from those hate filled, overbearing eyes if she could have escaped them.  She strained every aching muscle, but the girl had drained all her divine strength with monstrous brutality, and she could do nothing but wriggle uselessly. Ultrairia braced herself, fearfully, for the inevitable fiendish beating. It took all the tattered remnants of divine pride and courage to keep from shrieking in surrender.

Powerlessly pinned to the ground, trembling in unaccustomed fear, Green Goddess nervously tried to defy the hateful, frightening foe with a feeble curse.

A hard little fist smashed into her ripe, red lips, cutting short Green Goddess's resentful cries of loathing for this despicable creature.

After the first few savage blows, even divine pride couldn't hold back Green Goddess's broken pleas to the girl to stop.

Green Goddess's whimpering pleas were met with snickering contempt, and the vicious beating went on, and on.

A final brutal right fist knocked Green Goddess completely out cold, ending her torment, for the moment at least.

With a contented sigh of satisfaction, the demon girl rose from Green Goddess's prostrate, moaning form.

"At last, I've taught this smug, self-righteous bitch that even a goddess isn't invincible, that she can suffer and mewl and beg like a mortal!  AND, I have many more lessons to teach her!"

The victorious fury revived Green Goddess with a brutal kick to her ribs. The goddess woke with a startled cry of pain, to the remembered horror of her first unprecedented defeat.

The girl continued to brutally kick her defeated foe, until she forced Green Goddess over on her belly. Green Goddess screamed resentfully at this new indignity.

Though the girl had contemptuously, irresistibly beaten her senseless, the proud goddess was still loathe to admit defeat. Green Goddess indomitably did her best to get up. Oh how she ached to repay this bitch!

Ultrairia's numb, battered body would hardly respond, and she only made it to her hands and knees, much to the blonde's satisfaction. Now, displaying her complete mastery over the near helpless divine superheroine, the girl climbed onto Green Goddess's broad back, as though she was mounting a plump, well trained pony. Too weak to stop her, Ultrairia could only shout angrily, but uselessly.

Emphasizing the full extent of the demeaning physical insult, the evilly grinning girl smacked her  unwilling, divine mount across her large shapely behind. The slap stung like fire. Green Goddess screeched furiously, as she struggled to buck off her hateful, unwelcome burden. All her struggles were in vain, for the chortling blonde rode her battered body with the skill of a master jockey.

Snarling in frustrated fury, there was nothing Green Goddess could do to dislodge the masterful blonde. Then, woefully obedient to the repeated stinging smacks to her broad behind, and the sharp heel digging into her groin, the proud exemplar of divine justice slowly crawled across the stony field like a well domesticated farm animal, carrying her victorious foe in gleeful triumph.

As she abjectly crawled across the ground, ridden like a well tamed mare, Ultrairia lost all hope of besting the terrible creature who rode her with such arrogant ease.  Nearly in tears, she realized with chilling clarity, that for the first time in all her long years, she was not just defeated, but completely in this villainous archfiend's power. She shivered in dread of her own fate, but much worse, she knew that her own overthrow was a terrible, unprecedented defeat for justice and goodness.

When the triumphant victor finally alit from her broad back, Ultrairia continued to crouch on the ground in hopeless, humbled misery. Divine Ultrairia, defeated, and ridden like an obedient pony! It was an appalling, mortifying blow that her proud, audacious, divine self-confidence could never repair.

Green Goddess was truly beaten. She knew she could never summon the courage and will to face that grinning devil again, even if that frightful beating had not so weakened her, that she couldn't rise from her knees. Eternally victorious, failure and defeat were  appalling shocks. Worse was the realization that those awful shocks had robbed her of all her divine courage.

"I'm afraid of her! I'd run from her, if I could! That devil has made Green Goddess a coward!" Divine Ultrairia nearly wept in grievous, hopeless despair.

The vicious victor then paused in thought. "How shall I go about this? If I make the slightest mistake, it will backfire and destroy me! It will work best with some powerful charm of her own! Yes, of course, her Golden Girdle!"

The girl leaned over, and possessively unloosed Ultrairia's golden girdle. Though she despairingly knew her enfeebled efforts were vain, Green Goddess automatically strained her battered body to protect the precious girdle. The girl easily dealt with the Goddess's feeble effort, holding her down with a hand placed lightly on her back. Laughing at the Goddess's useless protest, she took the charmed golden girdle from Ultrairia's slim waist, by right of conquest.

Defeated again, Green Goddess hopelessly sank back to the ground in despair.

The girl looked again at the girdle, still in deep thought, her brow furrowed. "There must be no resistance from her! Her powers are weak now, but if she is conscious, she will struggle and that would be dangerous! I must make sure!"

Without warning the girl looped the girdle around Green Goddess's throat and jerked her erect.

The devil girl twisted Green Goddess's own girdle into a deadly noose, that cut into her white throat with deadly, terrifying pressure.

Green Goddess was immortal, and well knew that strangulation could not end her life, nevertheless, it was terrifying to feel that deadly garrote cutting deep into her white throat, to feel her breathing passages crushed close, to strain for breath that could not reach her lungs, to experience all the horrifying, mortal symptoms of impending doom. She frantically struggled and tore at her own golden chain, now become a fearsome instrument of torment.

Even weakened by pain, terror and defeat, that she never before experienced, Ultraria's powerful physique resisted the cruel strangulation for some time. Yet, even divinity has its limits, and at length, her desperate struggles slowly subsided; her mighty arms dropped lifelessly to her sides, and her head drooped forward on her breast. The girl gave the chain another twist, pulling it even tighter and continued to squeeze for some further time, making absolutely sure her divine victim was truly, totally incapacitated.

Finally the blonde demoness was satisfied, and released the chain, although she did not remove it, and Green Goddess pitched forward on her face where she lay apparently lifeless.

"Her divine vitality will restore her soon enough, but not before I have accomplished my purpose!" The demoness told herself, with a satisfied smile.

"Now for the hard part!"

The girlish blonde leaned over the fallen goddess, and placing her hands on the golden girdle, collaring Ultrairia's divine neck, muttered a spell she had learned at frightful cost, in a hellish place. The spell was long and complicated, and the strain was terrible. The girl's face twisted in agony, and her brow ran with with perspiration. Finally with a triumphant, if wearied, cry, she completed the foul incantation, and the golden belt became an irremovable golden collar, one to bind even a goddess.

Though she didn't regain consciousness, Green Goddess gave a terrible moan of anguish as the collar gripped her throat in demonic possession.

The girl continued to kneel beside Ultrairia's still form for some minutes, resting after her ordeal, but her success, and what it would mean, soon revived her.

"At last! AT LAST!" She cried, springing to her feet. "She is MINE!"

The girl stripped off Ultrairia's green garments. "You will have no need of this green finery now, My Pretty! Not where I'm taking you!"

As she impiously stripped the goddess naked, the girl gloated possessively over the sumptuous, white voluptuosity of Green Goddess's divine form.

Then the smirking girl effortlessly picked up Green Goddess's sizable body under her arm as though she were a sack of grain, and carried her deep into the near-by dark cavern, she had prepared to be her lair.

In the cavern, the girl flung the goddess to the floor. "I have no further need, for these rags, myself!" She muttered, tearing off the brief, blue costume she had donned earlier, that day.

The girl waited patiently, unhurriedly savoring her triumph, as she looked down at the defeated goddess. At last, Ultrairia began to stir and tried to sit up.

"Well, awake at last!" The blonde snickered.

At the sound of the girl's voice, Ultrairia came fully to her senses. She felt the constricting collar about her neck and uselessly clawed at it, as she looked up at the demoness who had not just defeated her, but humbled and near broken her.

The fallen goddess gasped in apprehensive misery. "Wh-who...wh-what are you?"

"Chlorisinda!" The triumphant reply cut like a knife into Ultrairia's heart.

The End of Divine Wrath.

The story will conclude shortly in The Dark Cavern.