WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, f/f and f/m rape and other non-consensual sexual acts, and perversions. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Crimson Might's Downfall.
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Crimson Might and his beautiful blond, junior partner Scarlet, Center City's most famous crime fighting duo, were having a busy day. The husband/wife team had just changed into costume to track down the notorious Jester, no doubt their most persistent foe, though hardly their most dangerous. The wise-cracking, female arch-criminal was a recurring thorn in the side of justice. Three days ago, she had escaped from a Federal penitentiary where she was serving a long sentence, thanks to the efforts of Crimson Might and Scarlet. Crimson Might received a tip from one of his many sources, that Jester was holed up in an old warehouse in the nearly deserted waterfront section of town. 

Just as the Intrepid Duo were about to set out from the ultra-secret Crimson Lair, for the waterfront, there was a bulletin on the Crimson Alertascope; a robbery was in progress at the Second National Bank on the opposite side of town.

"You take care of the bank robbers,"  Scarlet suggested, "I'll roundup that henna haired trollop, Jester! The frumpy, little tramp is always making eyes at you, whenever we recapture her!"

"Ha, ha! You don't think I'd ever give Jester a second look, when I've got a sexpot like you at home, do you?"

"Just remember that Big Boy!" Scarlet replied with a grin.

Though Scarlet did her best to conceal it behind a smile, Jester's seductive familiarity with Crimson Might, always made the shapely blond heroine's blood boil. Until the senior crimefighter had accepted Scarlet, then just out of college as his new partner, and then more, there had been persistent rumors about his relationship with his most persistent archenemy.  Of course, that was before early middle age took its toll on Jester's formerly svelte, exciting figure.

"Well if we have to split up, I guess it is better, that you go after Jester!" Crimson Might agreed. "She's certainly not dangerous on her own, and she hasn't had time to gather a gang of henchman! Still be extra careful, she usually has some sneaky trick up her sleeve; don't let her take you by surprise!"

"Hmmph, I can handle Jester! And don't think I can't handle a gang of armed robbers, on my own, either, just as well as you can!" Scarlet sniffed a little resentfully, as she gave her partner a brief kiss on the cheek. "I've saved your butt more than once, and don't you forget it!"  Although Crimson Might had trained her and taught her the art of fighting crime, Scarlet had excelled at the task, and her partner's often patronizing husbandly attitude often irritated her.

"Yes Dear! " Crimson Might replied with an irritating chuckle. "Remember though, don't take unnecessary chances and follow procedure!"

"Ohff.. I'd like to..." Scarlet left the muttered sentence unfinished, as they mounted their gyroscopic aircycles and set off in different directions through the skies of Center City.

As Scarlet flew over the rooftops, she breathed a sight of relief. "Oh Gosh! Sometimes its good to get off on my own! He's always so serious about fighting crime! It's like a business with him! We have to do everything by the book!  I always thought it would be an exciting, fun adventure! Sometimes, I envy that nasty witch, Jester, even if I would like to scratch her eyes out! She always seems to be having fun!"

Scarlet swiftly arrived at the nearly deserted, old warehouse district, and began searching the premises, at the address furnished by Crimson Might's informant. The dynamic heroine's search was immediately successful. Jester was standing  in the middle of the huge, now empty storage area, seemingly waiting. She didn't even try to escape. It seemed all too easy. Scarlet glanced around warily, suspecting some trap. There was no place for accomplices to hide, though: no trap doors in the floor; no weighted overhead nets. In fact there was no sign of any of the many tricks, that Jester employed in the past and was so fond of.

Jester's hands were visible and empty, and there was little chance of concealing any diabolical devices in her abbreviated costume.

"The Little Tub should have put that bikini away years ago! It's about six sizes too small for her! The only thing it's hiding is her sagging boobs, and it's not doing a very good job of that!" Scarlet maliciously observed to herself.

Jester still made no move to flee, as Scarlet approached her, but she looked disappointed at seeing Scarlet, as if expecting someone else.

"Hmf! Just you! How come Crimson Might sent a BIMBO to do a man's job!" The plump, little redhead sneered.

The tall, hard-bodied blond gritted her teeth, and bit back a retort as she reached for Jester. "I'm not going to descend to her level, of name-calling!" Scarlet told herself, righteously.

"Come on Pudgy! Your little vacation is over! Time to get back to the prison laundry! I bet they're saving a big pile of filthy linen for you!" The tall, sinuously erotic blond chuckled cattily, immediately forgetting her resolve to maintain a dignified silence.

Though still on the alert, Scarlet really expected no resistance, as she grasped Jester's shoulder. Instead of going quietly, though, Jester pulled away a moment, then grabbed Scarlet's waist in a bear-hug, exerting much more pressure, than the surprised blond ever guessed possible. It was out of all proportion to Jester's small, pudgy physique. Scarlet doubted she could exert this much pressure herself. She wasn't even sure Crimson Might could.

Before she had the slightest chance to free herself, Jester's crushing grip took Scarlet's breath away, and robbed her of much of her own formidable strength. She groaned aloud in distress. Despite the enormous effort she must be putting into the hold, Jester wasn't even breathing hard, but could spare breath for a wisecrack.

To be unexpectedly caught in an inescapable grip, and painfully crushed  in Jester's clutches, was one of the scariest things to happen to Scarlet since she began her career as a masked crusader. She was the Heroine! SHE kicked butt, NOT the criminal! She gritted her teeth and struggled harder.

"No fat little...."

"Ahhhh!" Jester gave an incredibly hard squeeze, and Scarlett stiffened in agony, and then slumped forward.

As vision blurred, and limbs sagged, an awful thing happened to Scarlet. Along with her growing alarm, the virtuous defender of justice felt a hint of sexual arousal.

"Uhh....uhhhh...not that...not now...not now..." Though it only happened once, Scarlet had had this reaction before, BUT that single other time was indelibly inscribed on her memory. Certainly Scarlet would RATHER forget, but no matter how hard she tried
to repress it, the memory of that disturbing incident occasionally induced guilty sexual fantasies.

It happened long before she met Crimson Might, when Scarlet was a junior in college. Her dormitory roommate was a strong athletic competitive girl, just like Scarlet. Despite their friendship, there was always strong rivalry between the two coeds. Sometimes they playfully wrestled, just to see who could dominate the other. Scarlet had always won, but one night, red-haired Astrid decisively overcame her beautiful blond friend. L
aughing nastily in triumph, Astrid refused to release her vanquished roommate, until Scarlet nearly swooned from the pain of an inescapable hold.

As the swooning Scarlet lay helpless, Astrid maliciously tied her friend to the bed, and began to fondle her, and make advances. The triumphant Astrid had her way with the helplessly bound blond. Scarlet angrily and desperately resisted at first, but then against her will she responded, maybe more than responded. In fact, she never before, or since, experienced such an intense sexual high, not even with her mate, the super masculine Crimson Might, who she idolized as the epitome male sexuality. Alarmed by her reaction, Scarlet had found another roommate the next day, and never spoken to Astrid again. She sometimes missed Astrid's friendship, but never regretted her decision.

Now as helplessly trapped as she was that night tied to the bed, powerless in the arms of another dominant redhead, Scarlet seemed to be reliving that unnerving experience. In unconscious response to the pressure of Jester's belly, firmer than expected, rubbing against her pubic mound, her hips rotated, sinuously.

The shrewd, red-haired villainess craftily divined Scarlet's secret.

Amidst the erotic sensations Jester's sexy dominance roused in Scarlet's bosom, the fearsome grip soon rendered the over-matched heroine unconscious.

Jester dropped Scarlet to the floor and quickly handcuffed the helpless, younger woman.

Coming to her senses, Scarlet found herself a bound prisoner in Jester's nefarious clutches.

Still a little woozy, and unsure of herself after being
unaccountably overpowered by the smaller woman, a woman she never believed could pose such a threat, Scarlet hesitantly blurted out a querulous question.

Indeed, how did Jester, normally the most non-violent, and even timid of criminals, so easily and fearlessly subdue and bind the nearly invincible Scarlet?

While serving her latest prison term, Jester had heard rumors from some of the Latina prisoners, most intriguing rumors. Could they be true?

Once she escaped from prison, instead of returning directly to Center City, Jester had gathered up a stash of hidden valuables, long concealed for emergencies, and then made a wide circuitous detour in her journey. She made her way to the Mexican Laboratory of the infamous Dr. Doom. There, in exchange for the bulk of her cash reserves, Dr. Doom had carried out one of his near miraculous, though unnatural transformations.

Not understanding the amazing transformation, and still unsure of herself, Scarlet looked at the small plump redhead with some trepidation, yet a trepidation not unmixed with a grudging admiration, and perhaps more than admiration. She certainly would never give in willingly, but now that another aggressive, dominating female had mastered her....

"STOP THAT, DON'T EVEN THINK..." Scarlet's conscience and sense of duty warned sternly.

"Ohh, but she is so strong and sure of herself...just like Astrid...Ohh, what is she going to do to me...I feel so helpless...I'm at her mercy...What if...ohh...She...she could have her way with me...like Astrid did...I mustn't let myself..."  In spite of her fear, Scarlet tingled with guilty excitement.

Scarlet had no more time to ponder her plight, before the wisecracking, arch-criminal  began tearing her abbreviated costume from her voluptuous form.

"Ooouuu...STOP THAT, you Fiend! How dare you?"

Jester always did her best to conceal her feelings, though perhaps not very successfully, but rumors were true. Crimson Might's arch-foe did long harbor hopes of a sexual alliance. Once, long ago, her feelings may not have been entirely unreciprocated, as Scarlet sometimes suspected.

Jester had bitterly resented Crimson Might's selection of this young, blond upstart to be, not only his partner in fighting crime, but his sexual partner, as well. Unrequited desire had engendered vindictive resentment in the arch-villain's bosom. Jester hungered for revenge against both Crimson Might and Scarlet.

Jester normally preferred male sexual partners, but in her long sojourns in women's prisons, she did acquire an equal proclivity for more unconventional forms of erotic adventure. Though she might be intensely jealous of Scarlet's intimate relationship with Crimson Might, she couldn't deny the voluptuous heroine was a most desirable sexual object in her own right. How better to avenge herself on both Crimson Might and Scarlet, than by ravishing Scarlet, now that she had the beautiful heroine in her power.

"Hee,hee! Oh how delicious! That sanctimonious bonehead will never recover from the shock of finding out Jester, made his beloved, virtuous, simpering, little goody-goody blond, her personal plaything!"

Being defeated, and then having a strong, evil woman strip her naked, while she was helplessly bound was frighteningly unpleasant, not to mind embarrassing! The intrepid Scarlet hated losing, and hated even more being made to feel helpless. And she was HELPLESS! She might be in dire peril! Criminals had been known to wreak fearful vengeance on crimefighters fallen into their clutches, and she knew Jester hated her. She recalled the mutilated bodies of unfortunate colleagues found floating in the river. Scarlet gulped at that horrifying prospect.

Yet...yet...her heart pounded in excited, goose-pimply anticipation, fear only fueling her feelings. She licked her lips, nervously. 

"No, No! Can't! Not with her!"
This was no game, like that night with Astrid!

Then Jester fondled her breasts, and Scarlet's nipples stiffened like spear-points, making it impossible to disguise her conflicted feelings.

Jester took full advantage of Scarlet's unexpected passionate reaction to her forceful advances.

In kindness, let us draw a veil over Scarlet's further anguishing tribulations...

When Crimson Might parted with Scarlet, he flew directly to the Second National Bank. The reported robbery was still in progress, and the indomitable hero swiftly captured the would be criminals before they could make their escape. When the criminals were safely turned over to the police, Crimson Might paused only long enough to accept the heartfelt thanks of the Bank's President, and then sped swiftly back to the Crimson Lair, expecting that Scarlet would have already completed her mission, and returned. If the tip about Jester's whereabouts was true, it shouldn't have taken long to put the little pest behind bars.

But there was no sign of Scarlet, and no message, from her. Had Jester managed to spring some crafty surprise, after all?

There might be no time to lose!

With his usual decisive dispatch, Crimson Might sped to the deserted warehouse. When he discovered Scarlet's aircycle still parked in an adjacent alley, he felt a thrill of alarm. He rushed into the derelict building with no thought of caution. Scarlet might be in dire straits!

Entering the large vacant storage area, Crimson Might was infuriated to see Scarlet, not only in bondage, but stripped naked, standing forlornly in a corner, her lower lip trembling.

"Good God! What has that fiend done?"

As Crimson Might approached her, Scarlet hung her head, unwilling to meet his eyes.

"Oh! He'll never let me forget that he had to rescue me, from Jester of all people! Oh Gosh, its a good thing he didn't get here sooner though, when...when.... oh how could I?"

In his concern for his beloved Scarlet, Crimson Might pushed contemptuously past Jester without a second glance, as though the green clad criminal was of no consequence, even if she had unaccountably captured his female partner.

It was obvious that the invincible, masked vigilante was certain, plump, little Jester was no threat to HIM!

Jester had other ideas! After her success dealing with Scarlet, she was infused with arrogant self-assurance. She was no insignificant nonentity, to be disregarded, NOT anymore! How dare he ignore HER, to rush to that whey-faced, simpering blond?

Jester decided Crimson Might needed a lesson in good manners, and, TODAY, SHE was just the person to teach him that lesson!

Jester crept behind Crimson Might, and prepared to spring. The masked vigilante had no thought other than the plight of his beloved Scarlet, and paid no attention.

Crimson Might's had no inkling of danger, until Jester sprang upon his back, like a lioness intent on bringing down a bull rhino. Her plump arms and legs closed about his neck and trunk with the power of a nest of pythons.

For once in his acclaimed career, the veteran crimefighter was caught completely off-guard. Crimson Might reared back and thrashed furiously, but Jester rode him skillfully, her twin grip tightening with inexorable power, her plump feminine softness dominating his huge, hard, muscular male body.

In some alarm, Crimson Might realized he was dealing with a new, incredibly more dangerous Jester. In spite of his furious struggles, Jester forced the herculean hero to one knee. Could a mere woman prove the deadliest foe. the brawny, male hero ever faced?

In spite of all his frantic efforts, Jester flipped Crimson Might over on his side on the floor, her implacable double grip never slackening. No foe HAD EVER floored Crimson Might! This was intolerable!

In her new position of advantage, Jester increased her leverage, and exerted tremendous force on her prey's middle, even as she choked him with relentless force. The masked hero's huge, sculpted male body stiffened and convulsed in pain. Unable to breathe, he was fast losing strength.

No, no! No woman could do this to Crimson Might! With a lunge of desperation, the male hero freed his neck. Filling his tortured lungs, strength flooded back into his trembling limbs.

His strength returning, Crimson Might was able to pry Jester's plump thighs apart and leap to his feet.

Now, the presumptuous tart would pay!

Before, Crimson Might could retaliate, and put Jester in her rightful place, the grinning villainess kicked him in the belly with the deadly force of a mule.

Before her huge, male foe could recover from the kick, Jester drove her palm into his chest, with heart-stopping force. Crimson Might's stalwart frame shivered at the shock.

Momentarily transfixed by pain, Crimson Might was wide open; Jester's left fist cracked against his jaw, with resounding force. His huge, muscular body, sturdier than a huge oak, bent like a sapling in a windstorm.

Now, Crimson Might was completely vulnerable to the even more damaging, right handed punch that followed the left. Once again, his massive form was bent and twisted by the incredible force of Jester's right arm

After taking two near knockout punches, Crimson Might's legs were rubbery, his vision blurred, his head spinning; he could mount no defense. The small plump woman waded into the huge muscular male, skillfully swinging her fists; fists of steel; fists with the power of battering rams behind them; fists able to mercilessly batter even this most formidable crimefighter. Jester's deadly fists drove Crimson Might stumbling backward, groaning at every blow, unable to retaliate, or even defend himself.

Jester's merciless taunts emphasized the effects of her merciless fists.

The deadly onslaught continued, until Jester nearly knocked her male opponent to the floor, unconscious.

Before Crimson Might slumped to the floor, Jester grabbed his arm, keeping him on his feet, with a hard, painful twist of his hugely muscled captive limb.

Jester wrenched and contorted the huge muscular arm until, to her delight, the indomitable Crimson Might screamed at the frightful pain.

Crimson Might was still roaring in pain, as Jester used his arm as a lever to fling him to the floor.

When Crimson Might desperately tried to scramble to his feet, Jester ruthlessly forestalled him with a kick to the throat.

Not satisfied with the kick, Jester ruthlessly stomped her male prey's belly, while he was down.

Groaning in agony, Crimson Might rolled on his hands and knees, but overcome by a wave of sickening weakness, he got no further.

Jester looked down, grinning with malicious delight!

The grinning Jester reached down and clamped her fearsomely strong arms around Crimson Might's muscular belly. The valiant hero was powerless to resist that implacable grip. All his formidable strength was no match for the plump arms of this devil woman. Was it possible the red-haired fiend was too much for the indomitable male hero? Crimson Might dreaded the answer!

With effortless ease, Jester lifted her male victim's huge body off the floor, his head dangling between her plump thighs, his own huge, heavily muscled legs kicking futilely, and foolishly in the air. Laughing at the comical sight, Jester hefted the man's enormous, brawny bulk with contemptuous ease.

Already, badly rattled, Crimson Might cried out fearfully. So suddenly and unexpectedly possessed of irresistible strength and power, the little redhead had become a ruthless avenging dominatrix, the powerful male's worst nightmare.

To emphasize her irresistible dominance, Jester rammed the helpless hero's head against the floor in a masterfully executed pile-driver.

Only half-conscious, Crimson Might crept along the floor, unable to rise. The only thought in his clouded mind was the bitter knowledge that he was no match for the hellish female standing over him. He had learned to dread her new-found supremacy. Yet how could he admit defeat? Not to an evil criminal, not...not to a woman!

Helplessly bound in the corner, Scarlet's eyes had widened in horror. All was lost! "Oh Lord! She's beaten him too! I never thought...Oh she'll make both of us her prisoners and abuse us both!"

Jester had shown her proud, once invincible, male foe that she could beat him into submission whenever she chose. She could bully him at her whim, rub his nose in defeat, humiliate him as his long indifference to her charms had humiliated her, and YES, she could display his weakness to that simpering blond chippie in the corner.

Time for the vindictive games to begin!  With sadistic, feline glee, Jester began to toy with her victim. She grasped the waistband of Crimson Might's uniform shorts, and pulled the huge crimefighter to his feet.

In hauling him erect, Jester nearly pulled the shorts from Crimson Might's muscular buttocks. Humiliated beyond belief, Crimson Might desperately adjusted the shorts, as Jester snickered, appreciatively.

Jester added immeasurably to her male victim's mortification, by groping his genitals possessively. Caught by surprise, Crimson Might couldn't prevent the demeaning physical insult, or perhaps he no longer dared to provoke the triumphant redhead, by trying.

Once satisfied by her bold inspection, Jester suddenly closed her hand on Crimson Might's scrotum with a cruel claw-like grip. As he shrieked in agony, the villainess effortlessly upended him.

In shock, Crimson Might sat helplessly at Jester's feet, clutching his injured genitalia in agony.

In amused contempt, Jester smacked her suffering male victim across the face, as a foretaste of things to come.

Not fully satisfied with the arrogant slap of dominance, Jester viciously rubbed her behind against Crimson Might's suffering face, like a cat marking her possession. The musky aroma filled Crimson Might with horrified disgust. To suffer such indignity at the hands of a woman!  His disgrace was unquestionable, now!

Thinking of wrapping up her victory, Jester kicked the humiliated male crimefighter over on his back.

Jester paused. Was it enough? She'd waited a long time for this day, a really long time!

"Aw, no, not yet! I'm having too much fun! I'd like to hear him scream some more!"

Jester pulled the frightened, painfully suffering, moaning male crusader up, and twisted his unresistant body like a pretzel. The plump, little redhead manipulated his herculean form with effortless ease. No question WHO was in charge, now! The sick look of apprehension on his face, indicated Crimson Might had no doubt, either!

Jester hardly seemed aware of her own incredible, new strength as she bent Crimson Might's body to near the breaking point. The pain became unbearable. She would cripple him! Hardly knowing it, the tormented masked hero began to shriek and plead.

In the corner, Scarlet's eyes widened in terror. "Stop it! Stop it you witch! you'll kill him. Stopp! For God's sake, STOP!"

Though she was enjoying the male shrieks of agony, Jester did not want to destroy her victim completely. Not yet! She had other delicious plans in mind. She flung the defeated man to the floor. Crimson Might knew it was over; he was decisively beaten. Jester had erased any last, lingering vestiges of doubt from his mind. The shame of defeat by a woman was a cloud that would always hang over his bowed head.

Just in case, there was still any doubt in his mind, Jester wanted to make sure She yearned to hear the arrogant, self-righteous crimefighter abjectly admit defeat; even more she wanted his adored blond partner to hear him surrender to superior female force. Ruthlessly, Jester kicked Crimson Might in the behind, flattening him.

Crimson Might looked up in horror, to see Jester standing astride him, with the arrogant assurance of victory, poised for the kill. The merciless fiend owned him!

Jester settled down on Crimson Might's magnificent, male body, bulging with incredible muscle, yet her soft, womanly body pinned him helplessly to the floor beneath her victorious haunches. She began to ruthlessly punch the male hero's' face, brutally smashing his head from side to side, knowing he was powerless to defend himself. Crimson Might screamed in fear and pain. Jester went on, mercilessly teaching the huge, brawny male hero, that a woman was his master.

It was a chilling horrible nightmare; the invincible Crimson Might was being helplessly and brutally beaten by a foe, even more nightmarish, his triumphantly grinning assailant was a small, dumpy, flabby woman. For the first time in his illustrious crime-fighting career, Crimson Might's courage failed him; he whimpered his surrender to the heartless female he had long spurned and despised.

Cringing in the corner, Scarlet heard those awful words of surrender, with a gasp. Something died forever.

Even now, Jester wasn't quite satisfied. She triumphantly forced one more mortifying admission from the cowering crimefighter. Brutally beaten into humbled impotence by girlish fists, terrorized by the hellish, red-haired harpy, his masculine pride torn to shreds, Crimson Might reluctantly whimpered the final degrading words of submission.

Scarlet hung her head.

From  the mysterious recesses of her abbreviated costume, Jester produced another pair of handcuffs, and manacled the defeated Crimson Might, as she had his partner Scarlet. Crimson Might whimpered, in despairing dread; he must face the consequences of his first defeat, hellish defeat at the hands of a merciless, vengeful woman. As Jester bound him against his will, the cuffs were the visible symbol of Crimson Might's ignominious, hateful defeat!

Kneeling beaten and bound at Jester's feet, Crimson Might's world had crumbled about him. How could a male hero suffer such degradation? Thought invincible by the world, he had begged for mercy and surrendered his honor to a female criminal!

Jester ordered her new bitch to stand up. Sunk in despair, Crimson Might hardly heard her.

Jester authoritatively reminded the defeated, shackled hero, that he owed instant obedience to his new Mistress.

When Crimson Might shakily rose to his feet, Jester stooped down, and cruelly denuded him, exposing his vanquished manhood to her gloating sneer.

Crimson Might suffered the awful, mortifying outrage in silent, shamed misery.

Now, that she was his undisputed Mistress, Jester continued to inspect her new property with critical disdain. Horrified by Jester's cruel sneering dominance, Crimson Might whimpered in protest.

Jester ignored the feeble masculine protest, ruthlessly displaying her feminine mastery over the powerful, manly crimefighter she had disgraced. If he still had any doubts, about her dominion over him, she was resolved to crush them. Crimson Might cringed fearfully at her degrading touch.

A heartsick Scarlet nearly wept as Jester took possession of the man she loved. How dare that bitch? Yet? Galling though it was, Scarlet had to reluctantly concede the hateful female's mastery was fairly won.

"She-she did beat us fair and square, even h-him...a-and...and...he g-gave up...and...he b-begged...oh, and now he looks scared to death...never believed..."

Since she was a little girl, Scarlet was drawn to the strong and victorious. She admired winners and disdained losers! When she met Crimson Might, he was invincible, the greatest champion of all. How could she resist him? But now...

Scarlet had seen a new champion crowned, and that, another WOMAN!  AND, there was perverse fascination in seeing a woman resoundingly defeat a man, a man twice her size, a proud, virile he-man of incredible strength and power. Horrified as she was by Crimson Might's awful defeat, Scarlet experienced the same guilty emotional response she had when Jester's dominated her own helplessly naked body. In dismay she felt that familiar shameful rush of excitement.

OH! If this wasn't the man she loved, she'd...Scarlet gulped in confusion. "No, no! How can I..." But Scarlet couldn't tear her fascinated eyes away, as Jester demeaned her husband.

In his disgrace, Crimson Might was intensely aware of Scarlet's wide, spellbound eyes glued to every move.

Jester, glorying in her victory, continued to prod and fondle the defeated, disgraced male crimefighter; she was also fully aware of Scarlet's watchful eyes.

"Hope that little simp  in the corner is enjoying this show! It's going to get even better, too!" Jester whispered seductively in Crimson Might's ear.

In fact Jester did intend to enjoy some erotic stimulation with her new 'bitch', but in a more horribly degrading way than Crimson Might could have imagined in his worst nightmare. The diabolical villainess strapped a huge dildo around her waist.

Unmanned by the terrifying prospect of anal rape, the hampered crimefighter tried to escape the fearsome appendage dangling between the green clad criminal's plump, feminine thighs. He fled from Jester with all the desperation of a frightened woman from a ravening beast.

Hampered by his bound arms, Crimson Might was soon caught. The giggling Jester flung her male victim to the floor with the ease of a warrior about to possess a helpless village maiden. Crimson Might squealed with the same terror, such a maiden might know.

No, no! Aghast, but transfixed, Scarlet couldn't tear her tear-filled eyes away from the horrifying, mesmerizing spectacle.  Her own buttocks clenched involuntarily, when she saw the evil Jester drive the huge phallus into the defenseless anus of the man she loved. She heard his horrible shrieks of violation, almost like the high-pitched wails of a woman being raped. 

"Oh, how can that vile wretch do such a despicable, degrading thing to a decent man? How could any woman do such a thing?" Then unbidden, Scarlet saw the image of herself in Jester's place, a triumphant WOMAN displaying supreme power over a helpless defeated man!  "No, no! Mustn't think such vile thoughts, but...but...Oh Gosh..."

After a seeming eternity, Jester was done. She yanked the horrible tool from Crimson Mights violated anal tract, and stood up. The horrible pain hardly abated. Even worse than the physical pain, was the terrible searing knowledge that he could never be the same man again! He was invisibly branded for life! He would feel Jester's dildo ramming triumphantly into his defeated body as long as he lived!

Pulled roughly to his feet, Crimson Might endured Jester's sneering taunts of vindictive derision, with sick shame.

Jester led the degraded, hatefully used crimefighter across the room, to face the woman he had chosen over her, using his own penis as a leash.

It seemed Crimson Might's fears regarding his beloved partner were borne out. Scarlet averted her eyes in shame, perhaps hiding her own guilty secret.

Jester had other plans for Scarlet.

Crimson Might was shocked as Jester knelt before his blond lover, and began to lick her already excited pussy.

"Surely she doesn't think Scarlet is susceptible to her filthy blandishments!"

Scarlet feigned disgust, but she trembled in passionate eagerness.

Scarlet offered a token resistance, and did her best to resist Jester's insidiously skillful tongue, but she was already aflame at the spectacle of her mighty male lover decisively beaten by a female, and then brutally raped like a woman. The spectacle had aroused her to a passionate fever pitch.

Crimson Might turned away in shocked despair, as he saw and heard his beloved Scarlet lustily succumb to Jester's amorous attentions. Jester had inflicted another crushing defeat to his manhood.

Contemptuously sure of her dominance, Jester removed the two sets of handcuffs. Scarlet had seemingly fallen under her sexual sway, and she was sure Crimson Might, his manhood crushed by defeat and horrible anal rape posed little threat. None, at least that she couldn't easily deal with.

Scarlet's grudging, reluctant admiration for the nefarious Jester was tested to the fullest a moment later.

Jester pushed the bemused, passive blond down on a bench, and handed her a hair brush. Before Crimson Might guessed what was coming, Jester twisted his arm behind his back, and forced him down across Scarlet's lap.

Her hand holding the hairbrush trembled in dread. How could Jester make her do this horrible thing? Scarlet hung her head in shame, but caught a glimpse of her husband's already badly abused backside, temptingly raised. She tried to look away, but continued to gaze at it in fascination.


Scarlet heard the icy tone in Jester's voice, and felt that cold dominating eye on her. She didn't dare disobey! Her arm trembling, she raised the brush.

"GO ON!"

With a reluctant gulp of dismay, Scarlet slammed the brush down across her husband's trembling buttocks with all her might, not daring to hold back under Jester's watchful glare.

Crimson Might shrieked in that same girlish falsetto, Scarlet heard when the huge dildo impaled his virgin backside.

"Oh Dear! This must hurt awful, and its so humiliating for him!"

Scarlet whimpered aloud "S-sorry, so sorry...I have to...I have to...she's making me..." 


Scarlet obediently struck again. Again, the crack of the brush was answered with an agonized shriek.

"Oh Gosh! Why does he have to squeal like a little girl? Makes me feel so guilty, and I HAVE to do it; SHE's watching every move! I know it must hurt awfully, but it IS just a spanking! No worse than my aunt gave me when I was li... Oh God, no! I'm getting wet again! It IS so erotic though! I can't help it! I can see why... Oh GOSH!"

Scarlet raised her arm and struck the third blow without waiting for Jester's prompt. This time the girlish shriek of pain elicited no sympathy at all, only irritation at the unmanly lack of fortitude. "He could at least try to take it like a man!...Oh God!" Scarlet wriggled her thighs together against her pussy; it was tingling with sexual excitement.

Scarlet raised her arm again eagerly. As she struck, she came in her third orgasm of the day.

"Oh God! God! Yessss....yesssss...YESSSS!"

Jester leered in delight. "Hee, hee! The little minx got off on it! Dear me, what a shameless, vicious, depraved SLUT, he picked, over me!"

Even after her orgasm, Scarlet sexual arousal didn't abate. If anything it intensified. She no longer tried to fight against it but gloried in it. Wriggling in erotic ecstasy, Scarlet took the final irreversible plunge into the sea of depravity.  Scarlet knew she would never look back. She had been a dutiful wife and virtuous heroine long enough! Too Boring! Jester's way was more fun! Jester's way was the ONLY way! The wicked temptress had made the virtuous heroine her own!

Scarlet swung the brush with ruthless abandon, now, her arm rising and striking with clockwork regularity.
She disregarded those pitiful, sobbing shrieks for mercy; no more than a minor annoyance. In fact, she was coming to enjoy them as a sign of her own dominance.

"Oh it's wonderful! Let him scream! Oh yes! Yes! Scream you wimp! I'm in charge now! He'll grovel to me, like a dog on his belly! What else is he good for! That thing between his legs never made me feel like THIS!"

Scarlet forgot everything but the power of the steel-bristled hairbrush. With her free hand, she eagerly fondled her tingling, erect nipples.  Why hadn't she ever thought of doing this before?

Through the haze of his humiliating pain, Crimson Might heard Scarlet's throaty cries and moans of pleasure. His own adored Scarlet was taking exultant, erotic delight in doing this horrible thing to him. Jester had won another horrifying victory over him!

Finding his desperate, whimpering pleas to Scarlet falling on deaf ears, Crimson Might nearly in tears, degraded himself to the extent of appealing to Jester.

Jester finally had to take the brush from Scarlet's hand. As Crimson Might stumbled disconsolately to his feet Scarlet turned to Jester, her eyes agleam with adoration.

In miserable, bitter despair, Crimson Might saw that he had lost his beloved Scarlet to the despicable Jester.

Crimson Might sank to his knees in despair.

After their stormy, sapphic interlude, Jester had another idea that elicited a squeal of delight from Scarlet.

Lost to all decency, Scarlet happily took the lead in the degrading sexual abuse of her unfortunate husband.

Scarlet, totally abandoned to Jester's depravity, had a malicious suggestion of her own, for even further degradation.

"Look at him over there, snuffling just 'cause we made him have sex! He should be grateful! As long as he acts like a wimpy, little, uptight bitch, let's dress him like a girl! Just what he deserves!"

When Crimson Might heard Scarlet's proposal, he fearfully tried to escape; this time it was Scarlet who caught him, and masterfully subdued him.

Although she had long accepted her subordinate status, in the interest of martial accord, Scarlet often resented receiving second billing in the crime-fighting duo. Now she would demonstrate to the former "senior partner" who really deserved top billing.

It was hardly a contest! The defeated, demoralized, sexually abused Crimson Might was helpless to oppose his depraved renegade wife. He could only whine helplessly, as Scarlet, fist cocked, positioned him for the kill.

As the hapless Crimson Might stumbled away in agony, Scarlet crept closer, a she-cat stalking her hapless male prey.

Crying loudly, in pain and terror, Crimson Might was subjected to Scarlet's own incredible feminine strength, as the shrewish hellcat lifted his huge body right off the floor, at the same time as her slim arms nearly cut him in half, at the waist.

Dangling like a rag doll in his wife's slender arms, and ruthlessly crushed into near unconsciousness, Crimson Might whimpered and pleaded for mercy, a broken pitiful victim of his cruel, dominant wife.

At last, with a contemptuous jeer, and snort of disgust, Scarlet heeded her degraded husband's tearful pleas, and contemptuously dropped the broken man, who only that morning was the center of her adoring admiration.

"Oh, how could I have loved that? He's nothing but a sniveling, gutless weakling!"

"Don't get sick on Jester's floor, you pitiful slob!" Scarlet sneered as she grasped the gagging shuddering Crimson Might's chin and raised his frightened face. "Cause I'm not finished with your lesson, yet!"

Now that she had reduced the once mighty crimefighter to a quivering, frightened victim of her cruelty, Scarlet masterfully smacked him from side to side like a whimpering child. Jester's pupil was swiftly excelling her tutor in malicious, female savagery.

Twice the slim blond's size, the frightened husband didn't even dare try to protect himself from his dominant, young wife's vicious cruelty. Though, as a modern young woman, she had long deplored it, Scarlet gleefully abandoned herself to spousal abuse.

As Scarlet smacked Crimson Might around with such ease, she was disgusted with herself that she had ever loved and idolized this pathetic wretch, as a heroic role model. She angrily vented her bitter disillusion, by smacking him even harder. He deserved nothing better than to be abused and degraded by strong dominant women, like Jester and herself.

"Hmmph! I don't know why I never put you in your place before, you gutless wimp! Hah! Underneath all those big 'manly' muscles, you're nothing but a scared little girl! Oh! I can't WAIT to dress you like one!"

Scarlet's cruel caustic jeers stung the hapless male more than her merciless slaps.

While Jester looked on admiringly, Scarlet, jeering in disgust, and now as ruthless as Jester herself, brutally terrorized her former lover and mentor, until the huge male crimefighter blubbered in panicky impotence.

With a threateningly painful grip on his penis, Scarlet completed the harsh lesson in dominance, threatening to destroy the physical vestige of Crimson Might's lost manhood, if he dared disobey her.

"I SHOULD rip this pitiful thing out by the roots! If you ever dare disobey Jester or me again, I WILL! It's no good for anything, anyway! Not to a blubbering LITTLE GIRL, like you!"

What Jester began, Scarlet rapidly completed, the utter ruination of the man, who until today was her adored ideal of masculine virility. Once, Scarlet ruthlessly subjugated her disgraced lover to her harsh dominion, the two giggling harpies implemented the innocent looking blond's spiteful scheme. Jester entered into the plot with gleeful enthusiasm.

As the shrewish females dressed the renowned symbol of ultra-masculine heroism, in feminine undergarments, Crimson Might, spirit and virile manhood destroyed, woefully accepted this final, terrible degradation, with only a servile sniffle of despair. What else could he do? He was no longer a manly hero, but only the despised plaything of two hellish vixens, glorying in his shameful downfall.

Jester sighed in contentment, almost purring in pleasure. Revenge was sweet! At last, she had fully paid back the insult to the man who dared reject her. She had totally destroyed the great macho hero the world so admired, the very epitome heroic virility. Hee, hee! Who would recognize her pitiful, abused, degraded, feminized, sex slave as the heroic indomitable Crimson Might, now? Even more delicious, she had seduced his own adored and adoring wife and partner, into enthusiastic participation in his degradation and ruin. Made his adored Scarlet her own fawning, worshipful disciple and lover, soon to be her eager accomplice in an adventurous, fun-filled life of crime.


The End.


Jester and her devoted new lover and accomplice, Scarlet, gloried in their gay, carefree, criminal adventures, while finding ever more diabolical ways to degrade their suffering, bewigged and feminized 'Bitch". Their idyl came to an abrupt end six months later, when they were unexpectedly apprehended by a U. S. Secret Service SWAT team, while attempting the daring daylight robbery of a Federal Branch Mint. Back in Federal women's prison, her reduced circumstances induced Jester  to trade her blond lover, to a mannish, abusive, dildo-wielding cell block bully, in exchange for a carton of cigarettes (generic). Freed from the two shrew's brutal domination, the former Crimson Might entered St. Hilda's Convent, as a postulant, and now in the last months of novitiate will soon take Final Vows as Sister Mary Emasculata.