WARNING: This story contains nudity, extreme graphic violence, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Author's Note: Certain attitudes and prejudices, presented herein, are not  those of the author, but were widespread during, the era, and in the milieu, portrayed.

Dragon Ladies. Part 3.
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Partially revived, though, most unpleasantly so, by Namasui's harsh painful roughhouse, Wonder Warrior could do no more than to look up at her brutal foe in alarm.

Wonder Warrior was powerless to protect herself, when Namasui grabbed her right leg, and bent it backward at an agonizing angle.

Eagerly displaying her now unchallenged mastery, Namasui ruthlessly tormented her helpless opponent. Unable to escape, Wonder Warrior howled in misery.

Yetta  had turned away from the horrifying spectacle more than once, but there was something powerfully, hypnotically riveting, that kept her turning back. She licked her lips, nervously, as she avidly watched the brutal one sided beating of her idolized heroine. Yetta, who never cheered for underdogs or admired lost causes, invariably identified with the winners. Of course, that's what initially fascinated her with Wonder Warrior, who seemed the biggest winner of all. "Until now, anyway!" Yetta thought with a lack of sympathy approaching disdain.

Did Yetta, now, unconsciously identify with the squat, triumphant Namasui, displaying such dominant mastery over her tall, beautiful foe?

"Gotta give the little ape credit, I suppose; she sure is one tough little cookie! Wish I could say the same fo..."

"Oh Gee! She's PATHETIC!" Yetta breathed as Namasui twisted Wonder Warrior's resplendently voluptuous body like a pretzel.

Seemingly spellbound, Yetta couldn't tear her fixed, glassy gaze from the atrocious pain and suffering reflected in the helpless, Amazon victim's beautiful face, or the haunted fear clouding her large blue eyes.

"I can't believe...Hate t'say it, but she really looks scared silly! Sooa sexy, though..."

As she watched, transfixed, Yetta rubbed her legs together as though to relieve a persistent itch.

When Namasui finally released the awful pressure, Wonder Warrior groaned wretchedly, unable to move.

Still not done, Namasui mercilessly kicked the moaning Amazon over on her back.

On her back, still paralyzed by pain, Wonder Warrior whimpered in fear, as she saw Namasui about to jump on her, feet first.

The awful impact of Namasui's hefty body, landing, like the proverbial ton of bricks, on Wonder Warrior's pulverized mid-section was unendurable.

Pleased with the result, Namasui continued to jump up and down, on her, as if Wonder Warrior's magnificent body was a trampoline.

When at last, Namasui agilely leaped to the floor, the brave Amazon lay paralyzed by the unendurable waves of  pain, contorting her battered form.

Namasui's work was nearly done, now. She pulled the fearful Wonder Warrior to a sitting position by the hair, her other fist cocked for the coup de grace.

The victorious dwarf pitilessly ignored the plaintiff appeal in her foe's haunted, blue eyes, as her fist struck like a sledge hammer.

As Wonder Warrior collapsed in a pitiful, broken heap, Namasui scrupulously stood back a step, to allow her fallen foe time to rise and resume, if she could. Namasui's confident smile indicated she thought there was little chance of that.

This time, Maroo, with a tinkling laugh, pressed the button on the timer that would chime off the twenty-five seconds. She gaily counted along with each chime.

Maroo reached the count of twenty, before the stricken Amazon could rally her reeling senses.

The count reached twenty-four, but the gallant Amazon Princess was no nearer rising, despite her desperate heartrending struggle.  She gave one last desperate lunge, but it was no use!

"TWENTY-FIVE!" Maroo crowed triumphantly!

With a groan of hopeless despair, the defeated Amazon champion collapsed. The rigged contest was over, and she had lost! Her one despondent thought was that she had failed to rescue her friend, Yetta.

Namasui triumphantly placed her foot on the defeated Amazon's body, in token of victory, adding to the defeated warrior's mortified despair.  Wonder Warrior miserably pondered her disastrous defeat. Bound by her Amazon oath, she must submit to the dreaded Dragon Lady's authority as a prisoner, and poor Yetta's ordeal would go on.

"Bring the arrogant slut here!" The ruthless Dragon Lady ordered Namasui. "So I can inspect her!"

The always obedient subordinate, roughly grabbed Wonder Warrior's hair, and dragged her, on her hands and knees to where Maroo was triumphantly seated.


Namasui paused a moment, then flung the defeated champion over on her back.

End of Part 3.

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