WARNING: This story contains nudity, extreme graphic violence, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Author's Note: Certain attitudes and prejudices, presented herein, are not  those of the author, but were widespread during, the era, and in the milieu, portrayed.

Dragon Ladies. Part 4.
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Maroo stood up, and looked down at her defeated enemy in seeming triumph, but her body was tense. She peered down at her defeated enemy, keenly probing her eyes and features. "So far so good!' She thought.

Satisfied with her inspection, the Dragon Lady demanded that Wonder Warrior acknowledge her defeat aloud. Though she spoke with arrogant confidence, she was still tense, waiting for the answer.

In bitter despair, Wonder Warrior knew only too well, that in defeat, her Amazon oath bound her to this cruel woman's will. With bitter groan, she sorrowfully murmured the admission.

Once Wonder Warrior humiliatingly admitted defeat, the Dragon Lady relaxed a trifle, and resumed her seat, with a slight swagger. "Excellent!" She thought. "Now for the next step!"

"Namasui! That gaudy red, white and blue costume offends my eyes! STRIP HER!" The Dragon Lady snapped. Once again, she tensely watched the Amazon's reaction, closely.

The dwarfish victress in the rigged combat, wasted no time carrying out her orders. With a single, swift swipe of her ham like fist, she tore Wonder Warrior's bodice from her trembling body, baring those large, exquisite globes of creamy flesh, that were many a lecher's hopeless dream. In her cramped cubicle, Yetta, eyes agog, gulped nervously.

Wonder Warrior protested, indignantly, but made no effort to prevent Namasui from tearing loose the golden sash, encircling her incredibly trim, wasp waist. Satisfied at meeting no resistance, so far, Namasui dragged the beaten woman to her feet. The deadly sonic waves still bombarded Wonder Warrior's mind, the awful pain numbing her senses and sapping her strength and will. Once she let Namasui pull her up, she could hardly stand.

As the defeated Amazon slumped in disgraced misery, mouthwateringly shapely legs trembling at the effort of supporting her, head drooping forlornly, Namasui roughly removed her famous star-spangled briefs, the ultimate indignity. Yetta's eyes almost popped out of her head.

Having succeeded in imposing her will, so far, by stripping her foe, naked, Namasui completed her task, more confidently, removing Wonder Warriors marvelous tiara and bracelets, priceless artifacts of advanced Amazon science. THEY would be sent posthaste to Tokyo for detailed scrutiny as potential weapons. Wonder Warrior gulped down the lump in her throat at the shame of their loss, relieved, though, in knowing that they were useless to any person but herself, and that they would self-destruct if tampered with.

With a glance at her superior, Namasui paused, then moving slowly, so as not to call attention to her action, she stooped. and picked up a length of chain, with an attached collar, that had been prepared in advance. As Namasui cautiously approached the defeated superheroine, she and the Dragon Lady exchanged another glance. The Dragon Lady nodded, grimly, to go ahead.

Namasui reached up to attach the leash to Wonder Warrior's neck, and the naked prisoner automatically pulled away, her eyes opening wide in alarm, at sight of the leash.

Namasui hesitated, the leash extended. The Dragon Lady gulped nervously, and drew in a quick breath and held it, her heart beating like a trip hammer, her first hints of nervousness. This was the critical moment of her plan. If Wonder Warrior submitted to this token of bondage, all of her super powers would be lost, leaving her no more than a normal woman, easily dealt with. Though she appeared docile enough, right now, in the first shock of defeat, still bombarded by the sonic barrage; how long would that docility last. The sonic generator was a fragile, jury-rigged contrivance that could fail at any second. If it did, the Dragon Lady might very well, face a vengeful, raging lioness. All very well to trust to a Sacred Amazon Oath, but Maroo had seen many sacred oaths broken, in her career, including every oath she, herself, had ever sworn.

As the Dragon Lady stood stock still, with baited breath, Namasui, gingerly extended the leash a second time, as though approaching a half tamed, wild creature. She had to stand on tiptoe to reach the throat of the very tall woman, she had defeated. 

Wonder Warrior stared at the instrument of bondage, horrified by its significance. She shuddered apprehensively, as though about to flee.

No! She mustn't! She had given her Sacred Oath! There was no going back! The gallant Amazon had failed miserably to save the friend who relied on her, from a horrible captivity! Honor bound her to share that captivity!

With a bitter sigh of resignation, Wonder Warrior obediently bowed her head, letting Namasui leash her, voluntarily accepting the mortifying token of bondage at the hands of her enemies.

The Dragon Lady gasped in elated relief. "YES! Success! She is mine! Maroo you are a genius!" The Dragon Lady congratulated herself

At the moment she allowed Namasui to fasten the leash, Wonder Warrior was staggered by the harsh physical shock of losing the superhuman powers of strength, resilience, and keenness of sense and reflex, that were an essential part of her being, for so long.

As soon as the Dragon Lady saw her hapless prisoner's irrevocable submission, she immediately turned off the sonic wave broadcaster. "It was most providential, that piece of junk lasted this long! it did its work very well, though!" She thought in relief.

The cessation of the throbbing assault on her senses, brought Wonder Warrior little physical relief from pain, for with the loss of Amazon resiliency, she now experienced the full effects of the terrible beating, that had brutalized her magnificent body.

With a tug of the degrading chain, now binding her neck, Namasui led the heartbroken prisoner back to Maroo. The Dragon Lady keenly observed their approach. She noted that Wonder Warrior followed the smaller woman obediently, trailing a halting, respectful step behind the dwarfish figure who vanquished her. The leash binding her neck, not only robbed her of her physical, super powers, but seemingly of her dynamic Amazon boldness, and resourceful resolution, as well. The oppressive weight of catastrophic failure utterly crushed her buoyant spirit. Maroo nodded sagely to herself. This pitiable figure of defeated misery, so meek and submissive in manner, appeared doomed to intimidation and domination by strong personalities around her.

"I don't doubt, she'll be as easily manageable as a little lamb, now, but of course, it never hurts to be absolutely certain of these things! A few little tests, before she's locked up, I think!" The Dragon Lady concluded, silently. It might seem pointless, now, but it was second nature for the Dragon Lady to rub a defeated foe's nose in the dirt.

With a bow, Namasui presented the leashed captive to her Superior.

The Dragon Lady sneeringly inspected her hapless prisoner's luxuriantly contoured figure, the rich curves delectably emphasized by shaming nudity, and in such contrast to the harsh, angular lines of Maroo's own body.

The Dragon Lady was pitiless in triumph; she snapped: "Kowtow, Slut!"

With a gasp of dismay, the subjugated Amazon Princess submissively prostrated herself before the Dragon Lady.

Smugly satisfied, the Dragon Lady indicated her captive should rise to her knees, by a tug of the leash. Such a delightful feeling of power, to hold that leash!

Perhaps it was only her imagination, but despite the sad forlorn expression of defeat on her captive's beautiful face, Maroo thought she detected a hint of dignified pride in the defiant tilt of Wonder Warrior's neck. The imperious Dragon Lady was offended.

"Let's bend that stiff Amazon neck!" Maroo jeered, and with cruel delight, jerked the chain binding her prisoner's throat, forcing her into a servile crouch. Wonder Warrior squawked in pain.

The Dragon Lady was remorselessly determined to extinguish her leashed prisoners every last vestige of Royal pride. Even if not necessary, it was delightfully amusing! So delicious to degrade a fallen, defeated enemy, but particularly this one, who until this morning was the haughty, invincible champion of a hated enemy nation.

Gagging in disgust, the naked prisoner, servilely, though resentfully, licked the Dragon Lady's shiny black boots.


When her captive finished that most odious task, the Dragon Lady had yet one more, even more devastating, humiliation in store. She tugged Wonder Warrior to her feet, and then with another hard masterful jerk on the leash, she upended the tall, statuesque Amazon princess, and settled her across her skinny lap, thrusting that ripely contoured, deliciously rounded, Royal bottom into hazardous prominence.

THIS was too much! Wonder Warrior bridled in indignant fury. Defeated or not, Amazon oath or not, this witch was NOT going to spank an Amazon Princess!

"How DARE you?" Princess Deena roared, with haughty, affronted Royal dignity.

The Dragon Lady smiled knowingly. "Yes! Just as I suspected, still a spark of resistance and pride! The foolish slut still has a few more lessons to learn! It will be a pleasure to teach them to her!" Maroo thought in pleased anticipation.

Wonder Warrior struggled furiously to escape her hideously mortifying position! Alas, it was no use! She was still incredibly weak from Namasui's brutal beating, and the Dragon Lady was professionally skilled in keeping her under full control with the chain leashing her neck. Half strangled, she had no choice, but to grit her teeth, resentfully, and await the inevitable.

Yetta watched breathlessly, as the Dragon Lady raised her hand, and then with incredible power in her skinny arm, smashed her gloved palm across that magnificent, amazonian rump. Wonder Warrior's body stiffened in shock at the stinging fiery pain. The pain was incredibly more intense than she anticipated, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. The Dragon Lady's thick leather gloves were reinforced with steel mesh, making them as painfully effective as her whip. Maroo was always prepared for any eventuality.

Giggling in glee, the Dragon Lady relentlessly went on smacking Wonder Warrior's broad bottom. At the second blow, the pain was so intense, that the resentful Amazon couldn't stifle a loud yelp.

As her globular buttocks blazed with searing torment, the dismayed Wonder Warrior, involuntarily crying out loudly at every smack, was ruefully convinced, to her shame, that this mortifying child's punishment, was much more intimidating, and unendurably harder to bear, than she ever could have imagined.

The scorching pain in her shapely behind, so awful for a Princess to endure, brought tears to suffering blue eyes, and a sniffle of pain to pouting pink lips.

Acutely attuned to the suffering of others, the Dragon Lady was quick to perceive and sarcastically comment on Wonder Warrior's whimpering snuffles of pained misery. The victim, humiliated by her unamazonian weakness, vainly tried to deny it, but her halting denial only made her sniffles louder, as she tried to wipe the flowing tears from her eyes. 

Hearing Wonder Warrior's loud snuffles and cries of misery, Namasui opened the sound proof door to the chamber, where Yetta was imprisoned, so the girl would hear them too. Yetta often expressed her contempt for those she saw as weaklings "Crybabies and whiners make me sick!" She'd said to her friend Judy just the day before she was kidnapped. Of course, THEN, she never believed her contempt could ever be directed at Wonder Warrior, but now her disgust at what she was hearing, knew no bounds. It was the final nail in the coffin of her impassioned worship of the defeated superheroine.


The Dragon Lady paused a moment, letting suspense build. Her trembling victim gritted her teeth, tensely waiting for the next scorching blow. She could no longer control her loud, snuffling gulps of misery. Every second she waited, made the painful anticipation harder to bear.

The suspense became unbearable. Princess Deena knew her tormentor's hand was raised to strike. The scorching pain in her magnificently contoured behind flooded through her whole body with searing intensity.

"Oh why doesn't she do it?" She instinctively raised her hand to protect her blazing backside. The Dragon Lady, scratched her nose, waited another second, then struck, harder than ever before.  Wonder Warrior shrieked, and then sobbed loudly in misery.


The Dragon Lady paused again, once more letting her victim squirm in miserable anticipation. Wonder Warrior's body was rigid in fearful dread. She held her breath. waiting...

The Dragon Lady still hesitated; Wonder Warrior bit her lip, and waited in awful suspense. Even a bitten lip couldn't stifle her loud sobs.

Her hand still poised, the Dragon Lady hissed softly: "Ready?"

"N-no-NO...DON'T...(sob)..." Wonder Warrior wailed in misery, bleating out the plea before she could stop herself.

In her cell, the ungrateful Yetta Sweets snorted in unfathomable disgust.

End of Part 4.

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