WARNING: This story contains nudity, extreme graphic violence, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Author's Note: Certain attitudes and prejudices, presented herein, are not  those of the author, but were widespread during, the era, and in the milieu, portrayed.

Dragon Ladies. Part 5.
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Once the hapless Amazon blurted out the words of shamed entreaty, begging the Dragon Lady to stop spanking her, the cruel oriental woman was satisfied, that she had accomplished her purpose.

"Really, My Dear, I always thought superheroines were made of sterner stuff! Ah, another girlish illusion shattered!" The Dragon Lady snickered, as she disdainfully pushed the humiliated, still whimpering, Wonder Warrior from her lap.

The Dragon Lady turned to Namasui. "Put the sluts in the cell, for now! It will take me a day or so, to arrange to transport them to the Prisoner of War Camp, in Japan!"

In the maelstrom of emotions, that assailed her, watching the incredible spectacle of Wonder Warrior's defeat and humiliation, Yetta, never much given to forethought, hardly considered what the superheroine's defeat would mean to her personally. The Dragon Lady's announcement that she would be sending her to a Japanese P. O. W. Camp, sent a chilling shiver down her spine. This had turned from an exciting adventure to horrifying reality! Yetta began sobbing bitterly at the realization of her fate, blaming Wonder Warrior even more than the Dragon Lady for her horrifying plight.

On one side, Namasui led a submissively leashed, tragically crestfallen, Amazon Princess, whose soft girlish sniffles betrayed her warrior heritage. On the other side, with a claw on a fat behind, she propelled a sobbing, disconsolate, and sadly disillusioned college girl, who had discovered to her horrified dismay, that the heroine she had long idolized, as a Goddess, was all too human, after all.

At the cell door, Namasui removed the leash from Wonder Warrior's bowed neck. It had accomplished its purpose, all to well. She gave her a little push, and the bedraggled, former superheroine obediently shuffled into the cell, with a sad sniffle of resignation.  When Namasui untied Yetta, it was only after a difficult struggle, that she forced the indignantly sobbing coed inside, kicking and screaming abuse at her. 

Alone in their cell, together, Wonder Warrior snuffled, miserably, "I-I m sorry Yetta...(sniffle)...", her saddened, cast down eyes imploring forgiveness and understanding.

Wiping away her own tears, Yetta glared back at her former idol, with an unforgiving sneer. Devotion had turned to disgusted animosity at the betrayal of her illusions.

Yetta's eyes lit up, though, when magnetically drawn to the defeated superheroine's, incredibly voluptuous, nude body. She had often fantasized about the intimate secrets of those swelling, mouthwatering delights. Still glaring, she boldly inspected the rich, womanly curves; lavishly upswept breasts, like heavy, succulently ripened fruit, jutting with firm resilience above that flat molded tummy; oh, the bold thrust of those magnificent haunches, their hard, round buttocks still aglow from Maroo's cruel gloved hand; and that neat, fleecy, ebony triangle, exotically inverted, adorning and highlighting that most delicate and precious, little pink treasure of all. Yummm! Yetta licked her lips, her mouth watering, as it did when she greedily opened a large box of her favorite chocolates.

Feeling the girl's leering, contemptuous observation, Wonder Warrior shrank away from her, with a shiver.

A keen observer, unblinkered by the conventions of the time, would have suspected more than an innocent school girl crush, in Yetta's worshipful adoration of Wonder Warrior. Of course, any such feelings were buried deep in Yetta's subconscious, inadmissible even to herself, sublimated as idealistic, adolescent, hero worship of an unattainable, seemingly asexual paragon of purity and righteousness. If sometimes in her bed at night certain thoughts arose unbidden, she cast them aside, as unworthy of association with such a heroic paragon.

Now, Yetta had seen her ideal brought low, defeated, brutally beaten and stripped naked, seen her bow her neck in submission to an evil enemy, seen her contemptuously punished like a child, and heard her sobbingly cry out for mercy.  Seeing terrible, irreversible disaster befall the seemingly invincible superheroine, she so extravagantly admired, Yetta was, at first, appalled; but then, as she watched the heroine's ignominious destruction, she had been overwhelmed by other less innocent emotions. At the deepest, most primitive level of her psyche, the brutal destruction and desecration of her idol, inflamed Yetta's feverish imagination like a raging fire.

To witness that pure haughty, gorgeous goddess humiliated and broken, contemptuously used as a plaything! Admit it! Wasn't THAT what Yetta, in her darkest, most secret thoughts, dreamed of doing, herself? Now she was locked alone in a cell, with her broken idol, both of them naked. Yetta's fawning hero worship was irrevocably destroyed, but in its place was a raw, hot desire. The object of her raging desire was an arm's length away, naked and vulnerable, defeated, but still in Yetta's eyes, a dreamboat of a woman, now perhaps within her pudgy reach. How could she resist the sadly weeping beauty's opulent charms, now?

Yetta was an impulsive, head strong young woman, not given to introspection or hesitation. Impulsively, she thew her arms around Wonder Warrior's neck, and pulled her head down, seeking those ripe, quivering, pink lips.

For a moment, the astonished Wonder Warrior, still in a state of shock, hardly knew what was happening.  Before she could react, Yetta was kissing her passionately on the mouth, her stiff tongue probing her lips, and invading her mouth, with horrid familiarity.

Wonder Warrior reacted in shocked disgust, trying to pull loose from the offensively amorous coed, but Yetta's fat arms, wrapped tightly around her neck, were stronger than they looked, and Yetta's lips remained glued to her own. She tried to shut her mouth, but Yetta's worm like tongue was deep inside her mouth, manipulating her own.

It wasn't until the indignant Wonder Warrior gave the girl a hard shove, that she managed to free herself from the odious embrace.

"Get AWAY from me!" The shocked Amazon cried in disgust. "Are you crazy?"

Though  Wonder Warrior, herself, was an unattainable ideal before today, at the sorority, Yetta often enjoyed some diversion with the other girls. After all, that was just a "little innocent girly fun", usually starting out as playful roughhouse. If a younger girl resisted, the strong, stocky Yetta invariably prevailed. She had grown used to having her way, in these matters, and the challenge of the struggle made the reluctant reward all the sweeter.

Wonder Warrior's angry, contemptuous rejection enraged the teen aged bully.

"Huh! Who do you think you are, anyway, ya' pitiful loser?" Yetta angrily snarled. "This all your fault, anyways! I'm only here 'cause that witch used me as bait t'get you! If I'd never met you, I'd be playing football back at school right now!" Yetta sniffed a little, reminded of her predicament, but then went on savagely.

"Gosh I thought you were so strong, nobody  could beat you, an' then I saw that little shrimp of a jap knock ya' all over the room, an' then jump up and down on ya!  All us girls thought YOU weren't afraid of nothing, but when that witch spanked ya', ya' bawled like a baby for her to stop! Yeah! I heard ya beggin' like a little five year old priss for that 'awfwul mean wady' t'stop spanking yer poor, fat behind! Heck! She used a whip on me, and I never begged her!  Geez, but yer a sorry excuse for a superheroine! Yer nothin' but a big, dumb loser, with big boobies, an' no guts!"

Wonder Warrior gasped in shock, at Yetta's hate-filled outburst. She tried to explain.

"Yetta please, I-It's not my fault, but even if it is, we can't do THAT! I-It's wrong! I-I don't like it anyway, n-not with a girl.."

"Ah SHADDUP!" Yetta glared menacingly for emphasis. "Now GET this, Honey! Were stuck together in here with nothin' else t'do!  We night as well have some fun, together, AND we're gonna! Whether you like it or NOT! It's fun either way, fer me! Ya'll get t'like it, tho'! They always do, 'specially the sweet, little teases that pretend not ta!"

Wonder Warrior was nearly paralyzed by Yetta's hurtful the outburst. The girl's hateful sneers and threats struck her with the same force as Namasui's fists! Had the unfortunate girl lost her mind?

Yetta reached for her again, and Wonder Warrior shrank away apprehensively. If there had been any tenderness in Yetta's first, crude sexual advances, there was none now. She pinched a large amazonian behind, at the same time that she painfully squeezed a melon sized breast, as though testing its ripeness.

Desperate to escape the amorous coed's bold, unwelcome advances, Wonder Warrior pulled away, defensively. She was convinced the girl had lost her senses, and was fearful of injuring her. As the alarmed Amazon shrank back, Yetta grabbed her arm and twisted it. It was only then, that Wonder Warrior realized how weak she was. The loss of her super powers, compounded by Namasui's savage beating had devastated her. It was a rude shock, for a superheroine, to learn the plump but athletic, little coed was at least as strong as she was, now.

Yetta effortlessly twisted the enfeebled superheroine's arm behind her back, and boldly fondled her gorgeous nude body.

In frenzied repugnance, Wonder Warrior lunged free, at the cost of wrenching pain in her twisted arm. If she had not caught Yetta by surprise, she doubted she could have gotten loose at all. She continued to plead with the girl, as her frantic eyes darted around the cell for some refuge.

There was no place to run or hide in the cramped cell, and Yetta swiftly caught the taller, more mature woman by the hair and jerked her backward.

As Yetta twisted Wonder Warrior back to her, she ruthlessly drove her other fist into the Amazon's firm belly. Her fist met little resistance, and drove the breath from the cringing woman's tortured lungs with a whoosh.

An experienced collegiate woman boxer, Yetta watched Namasui batter Wonder Warrior's splendid midriff to mush. She knew from experience, the Amazon's belly muscles could never have recovered so soon, but must still be tender and terribly sore. Yetta's surmise proved correct, and she pitilessly capitalized on the weakness. She carried out her attack with an experienced savage skill, that was irresistible.

Yetta battered the stricken Amazon's belly, until Wonder Warrior collapsed in agony, moaning and whimpering. Yetta's savagery was frightening, and cowed the former superheroine, already made vulnerable by the Dragon Lady's cruel, expert domination.

Yetta grasped the trembling Amazon's chin and twisted her head painfully. Until today, Wonder Warrior never need fear anything, but now she found herself at the mercy of a small, fat school girl, helplessly intimidated by her. 

"Get with it, Moron, before I take ya across my knee and give you a worse spanking then that Dragon Witch did! Ya GOT IT! Wish I had my sorority paddle with me! That always works wonders with the girly-girl frosh!"

Whimpering plaintively, Wonder Warrior cringed in fear of the heartless, vicious shrew she always thought was her devoted protegee and friend.

Yetta contemptuously continued her brutal wooing, with a series of hard smacks across the face. The awful fear she saw in those big, blue, tear-stained eyes excited and spurred her on. She remembered those sky blue eyes were proudly fearless, before today.

Yetta smacked the stricken Amazon from side to side, until she toppled the larger, older woman to the floor. That was just the start!

End of Part 5.

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