WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, rape and other non-consensual scenes.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Note: The characters in this trilogy are familiar to readers of other related stories. A complete chronology of the adventures and travails of the heroines of this temporal continuum was prepared by an enthusiastic reader, Adam ben Yisroel, and is appended to the conclusion of this story.

Early Retirement. Part 1.

Superlady had saved the earth from certain destruction by a fiery comet on a certain collision course with the planet. Despite the dangers of massive amounts of Kryptonite, Superlady's courageous, resolute use of her phenomenal super powers had deflected the comet, so it passed harmlessly off into deep space. But where was the gallant savior of the planet?

In Capital City that night, a frantic Supermom reported to her friends and fellow superheroines, Silver Valkyrie and Justice Lady, that she had searched everywhere but could find no trace of her missing mother.

"I got as close to the Kryptonite comet as I dared, and checked it with my super vision, but there was no sign of her there. I checked the rout she would have taken back and then searched everywhere but I can't find her!" Supermom wailed despondently

As we know, Superlady had proceeded directly from outer space to the City of Chicago where she had information, that the notorious Nazi war criminal, Elfrieda von Richtofen had been seen.

Weakened by her encounter with the Kryptonite Comet, Superlady  found herself overmatched against the vile Nazi fugitive, once known as Black Valkyrie. The Nazi was already super strong herself as a result of her wartime discovery of the powers of the Dark Amazons. Worse, she had an even greater advantage against the weakened Superlady. Like a vampire, she could drain and absorb the powers of her foes and victims, to use against them. Sapping more of the already disadvantaged Superlady's powers as she did so, the von Richtofen woman had brutally beaten the gorgeous blonde superheroine into total helplessness. Superlady had no choice but total humiliating surrender to her evilly grinning foe.

Elfrieda was not a merciful victor. The sadistic war criminal  enjoyed humiliating her beaten  victims, particularly proud American superheroines. Her fist still cocked threateningly, the merciless Nazi ordered Superlady to stand up, and put her hands behind her head in total abject  submission. Much of her courage and will sapped by Elfrieda, along with her super power, Superlady dragged her aching, battered body erect and servilely obeyed the Nazi's order.

Even after witnessing her superheroine mothers destruction by another evil Nazi villainess, Superlady somehow never believed the same thing could happen to her. Though she did her best to face her first defeat bravely, Superlady couldn't help a few sniffles of woeful despondency, as she submitted to the diabolical Nazi.

From her discarded rain coat, Elfrieda took a pair of handcuffs, and cuffed the snuffling Superlady's hands securely behind her neck. Finding herself powerlessly bound by a toy she could have effortlessly snapped an hour before, was the final blow to Superlady's pride and courage. Her utter helplessness drove home the horror of her desperate plight.

As soon as Elfrieda secured the cuffs, with a snicker of malicious glee she tore Superlady's uniform briefs from her trembling body. Already half naked, it was a terrible blow to lose the last vestiges  of her proud uniform. Like her mother, she was forced to endure the ignominy of surrendering her proud uniform to an evil Nazi villainess.

Since Elfrieda's powers derived from feeding on the misery, pain and humiliation of her victims, it was always advantageous to make them suffer in every way possible. It was a chore that accorded well with Elfrieda's naturally sadistic nature.  Few things so humiliated a superheroine as being stripped naked by a victorious foe.

There was one thing even more shameful and mortifying than forced nudity, though. No superheroine could endure with equanimity the disgrace of being sexually victimized, while powerless to defend herself.  Elfrieda was all too aware of this virtuous superheroine abhorrence to being used as a villain's debauched toy. Ah! And it was always so delicious to lecherously abuse an incorruptible superheroine!  Elfrieda would never forget proud, forceful Amerizon's shamed anguish, as she succumbed to multiple sapphic assaults before a jeering throng.

"Too bad we don't have an audience!" The evil Nazi whispered in Superlady's ear as she  gropingly fondled that luscious, creamy hued form, now lewdly displayed for her pleasure.

Superlady protested loudly, but there was nothing she could do to prevent the vicious molestation.

Elfrieda's noxious power had not only drained her super strength, but also much of Superlady's courage and will to resist. Horrifying as it was to feel those odious fingers wriggling within her body, the proud symbol of virtuous American womanhood despairingly surrendered to this wicked violation of her chastity.

Of course, shame and humiliation had their place, but nothing was more effective than physical pain. Elfrieda guessed that by now, the snuffling, blonde superheroine was so drained of super invulnerability, that she would be unable to withstand another physical beating. From a cupboard, she took a weapon that always struck terror in the  hearts of her victims, a heavy, iron headed mace, a personal gift from Heinrich Himmler.

In all her life, Superlady never had cause to fear any weapon, before that terrible night. But now? Trembling in misery, the bound heroine eyed the dreadful weapon apprehensively, remembering the pain of Elfrieda's fists striking her voluptuous body. Though she tried to maintain a brave front, her lower lip trembled and her voice quavered. Elfrieda easily discerned the dawning fear in those tear filled, sky-blue eyes.

Elfrieda brutally struck the trembling superheroine squarely in the face with the fearsome weapon, and Superlady found to her horror that the Nazi's dark powers had indeed rendered her terribly vulnerable.

A second blow to her sculpted belly laid Superlady low. With a terrible groan of pain she fell to the floor.

Already bruised and bloody, after only two blows, the suffering blonde forgot that she was a superheroine, and wailed piteously for mercy, begging and pleading in sobbing distress.

Predictably, the vicious Elfrieda ignored Superlady's sobbing wails and continued to batter her helplessly bound, superheroine victim.

Superlady could take no more of the atrocious beating. She was terrified that Elfrieda would beat her to death, her only hope was to so abase herself, that Elfrieda might be satisfied. The superheroine, who that day courageously hurled her body at a comet composed of deadly Kryptonite, now desperately squirmed over on her belly, and like a whipped dog, crawled to the evil Nazi's foot in supplication, still wailing pleas for mercy.

Amused by the world renowned superheroine's terrified pleas, Elfrieda stopped the assault for a moment. Superlady was so desperately frightened by now, that she began kissing the Nazi's foot as she begged for mercy.

Black Valkyrie had gained more strength in the last hour, than she had in years of preying on normal victims. It had been an amusing and rewarding evening for Elfrieda, but a long tiring day as well; she was finally satiated, for the moment, at least.

"Hmmff! What should I do with her? Have to be in Rio next week, and with airline security the way it is because of the Gulf Crisis thing, I'll have to go by roundabout routes! That'll take a while! I'd like to stop over at my villa in Los Grande for a few days to relax! I should get started first thing in the morning!  Well I'll decide then!"

Having put off any decision till morning, Elfrieda kicked her battered, sobbing victim into a tiny alcove for the night.

In the cramped closet, Superlady squirmed and tossed fitfully, trying, unsuccessfully, to find some position that made the terrible aches and pains in her battered, bruised body bearable. Oh It was so terrifyingly horrible! Superlady could, even now, hardly believe that the evil Nazi had defeated her and made her a helpless captive, to be abused at will.  Eventually she sobbed herself into a fitful sleep of exhaustion.


End of Part 1.

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