WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, rape and other non-consensual scenes.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Note: The characters in this trilogy are familiar to readers of other related stories. A complete chronology of the adventures and travails of the heroines of this temporal continuum was prepared by an enthusiastic reader, Adam ben Yisroel, and is appended to the conclusion of this story.

Early Retirement. Part 2.


The morning after she defeated and captured Superlady, then raped her and beat her half to death with an iron mace, Nazi fugitive, Elfrieda von Richtofen, inspected her unfortunate captive. She was amazed to discover the terrible bruises she'd inflicted had completely healed. The captive superheroine could still be drained of considerably more strength and vitality. Elfrieda was reluctant to leave so valuable a prize behind.

"Maybe I could ship her by freight? Elfrieda pondered.

Then the wily Nazi had a stroke of inspiration. "Shit! This bitch can fly faster than a speeding bullet, herself, they say! She could be my ticket out of here! No airport security, no customs, on Superlady airline!"

Elfrieda roused the battered Superlady from her fitful sleep, and removed the cuffs from her wrists.

"I don't suppose I'll have any trouble handling you without these!'' Elfrieda chortled. Superlady sadly knew Elfrieda's boast was all too true.

Elfrieda led the docile prisoner up to the roof. It was only then, she informed her dismayed victim of her plans, and her own part in them. She ordered her unhappy captive to hover at waist high level. A moment later she mounted the mortified superheroine, sitting astride her slimly muscled middle, as though it was a saddle.

With Elfrieda's considerable weight planted squarely on her aching back, Superlady took off from the tenement roof. She moaned at the effort, and faltered a moment, before slowly gaining altitude. Exposure to Kryptonite and worse the effect of Elfrieda's vampire like draining of her powers had taken a terrible toll on the world's mightiest mortal.  She who had flown nearly at the speed of light the day before, today, could barely fly as fast as a lumbering cargo plane, much to Elfrieda's annoyance.

Terribly weakened, the trip became a nightmare of suffering for the unfortunate superheroine.

The evening sun was low in the sky, by the time the exhausted, pitifully whimpering Superlady, with her hateful rider impatiently spurring her on, reached Los Grande.

Elfrieda landed her barely conscious mount in the courtyard of a rundown suburban villa. Superlady collapsed gratefully on the ground. Her rest was short-lived.

Rousing Superlady from her exhausted stupor, with a sharp finger up her anus, Elfrieda callously dragged the captive superheroine to her feet. The long, boring flight made Elfrieda eager for some amusement.

In the secluded courtyard, Elfrieda flung Superlady against a wall. The exhausted, sobbing blonde heroine slumped against it, badly needing the support. Elfrieda began to remove her scant costume. As she did, she gave her hapless captive a horribly demeaning command.

How could America's most respected defender of virtue masturbate for the amusement of an evil Nazi? Superlady whimpered in protest. Elfrieda now naked, menacingly pushed against her captive's opulent curves. Her courage sapped along with her super strength by Elfrieda's diabolical powers, Superlady trembled in near terror, at the loathsome proximity of the Nazi's naked flesh.

Elfrieda seized Superlady's right wrist in her vise-like grip. Grinning wickedly, she forced the cowering superheroine's hand between her sumptuous white thighs, against her golden fringed, pink pussy. Intimidated into obedience by the Nazi's bullying glare, and painful grip, Superlady began to touch herself in wrongful lascivious self stimulation.  At the touch of her own fingers, Superlady shuddered in an immediate electric tingle of erotic arousal. Mortified by her weakness, she was powerless to stop, even when Elfrieda released her wrist.

As Superlady obediently fingered her pink-lipped genitalia, Elfrieda fondled her generously large, and delectably shapely, white bosom, and forcefully kissed her on the mouth. For a short while, Superlady clenched her jaw and pressed her ripe pink lips shut, but Elfrieda's insistent masterful tongue was irresistible. Despite her resolve, it wasn't long before Superlady surrendered to the Nazi's kiss of dominance.

When, inevitably, she orgasmed, with explosive intensity, Superlady sank down on the floor in despair, her hand still dripping with her own abundant cum, overwhelmed by the shame of playing with herself, on command, for the evil Nazi's amusement. It was the last terrible shattering blow to a superheroine's pride.

Elfrieda lay down beside Superlady, throwing her leg across the snuffling superheroine's thigh, in another possessive gesture of authority, and ordered her to return the favor.

Superlady remembered the horror she felt as an eight year old, when she saw her own beloved mother abjectly comply with the same command given by Fraulein Power. Like her mother, Superlady had no courage left to disobey this other evil Nazi. While While Elfrieda waited impatiently, Superlady crawled hesitantly, between the sneering Nazi's outstretched thighs, and gagging in disgust and sobbing in shame, obediently serviced the moaning Nazi.

For the next week, Elfrieda devised one humiliating and painful torment after another, to completely drain Superlady of her great reserves of strength and power. As the terrible ordeal went on, the terrible stress gradually turned Superlady's golden curls gray.

After a day of hellish horror, Elfrieda imposed dreadful bondage restraints, that made Superlady's nights as hellish as her days.


End of Part 2.

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