WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, rape and other non-consensual scenes.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Note: The characters in this trilogy are familiar to readers of other related stories. A complete chronology of the adventures and travails of the heroines of this temporal continuum was prepared by an enthusiastic reader, Adam ben Yisroel, and is appended to the conclusion of this story.

Early Retirement. Part 3. Conclusion.


Defeated, captured and forced to fly to Los Grande, where Black Valkyrie, the fugitive war criminal, Elfrieda von Richtofen could drain all her super powers at leisure, perhaps Superlady's worst ordeal was multiple rape, by Elfrieda's enormous strapon dildo.

Terrified by the huge dildo strapped about Elfrieda's loins, Superlady turned and bolted, screaming hysterically. Unremitting abuse and torment had robbed her of all her prodigious super strength and lightening speed. Elfrieda, fortified by the power she had stolen from her hapless captive, easily caught the fleeing Superlady by the hair, before she'd gone three steps.

Still frantically struggling to escape further abuse, Superlady lost her balance and fell over backward.

By the end of the week, the glamorous, superheroine darling of the media and tabloids was unrecognizable by even her most adoring admirers. Superlady's frightful ordeal had completely turned her beautiful golden hair, lusterless gray, and always so perfectly coifed, now it was dirty and matted. Her beautiful, youthful face was grown haggard and gaunt. Brilliant blue eyes, that once sparkled like diamonds, now stared vacantly, haunted and terrified by the disastrous horrors that had befallen her. Her once invulnerable body was bruised and battered, by frequent relentless brutal beatings.  Once afraid of nothing, the tall, powerfully built crimefighter cowered and cringed, whenever Elfrieda approached her.

As the week drew to a close, Elfrieda remembered her appointment in Rio. She looked speculatively at the frightened abused captive. She concluded there was no further advantage to be got from this pitiful shell of a woman she had defeated and enslaved. "I guess, I've milked this bitch dry!"

"My connections here in Los Grande would be embarrassed if I left a corpse lying around, I suppose! I'll just turn her loose! She's harmless enough, now! Let her be a warning to any of those  other superheroine bitches, who might get the same idea about capturing me!"

As she left, the villa, Elfrieda contemptuously threw the naked Superlady a filthy shirt to partially cover her bruises.

After Elfrieda was gone, a bedraggled Superlady staggered from the empty villa. Her only thought was to get home to safety. She tried to fly, but she had no strength for that now, and nearly collapsed at the effort. Dazed and fearful, eyes glassy, she began to walk aimlessly, through the narrow streets of the unfamiliar city.

Sniffling, hopelessly, with no idea where she was going, the dazed, enfeebled superheroine wandered the darkened streets for some time before exhaustion overcame her. In her dazed state she was unaware of two men who had been following her for some blocks. As she paused to rest  beside a deserted alley, the men struck.

Ignoring Superlady's plaintive protests, the two petty criminals dragged the nearly naked crimefighter into the deserted alley, and flung her down on the filthy ground.

When the two petty criminals finished degrading and abusing the helpless superheroine, they left her lying helpless in the alley.

The naked, unconscious woman, unrecognizable as the World's most renowned superheroine, was found next morning by passers-by. She was rushed to a local hospital.

That afternoon Silver Valkyrie and Justice Lady received a frantic call from Supermom. She had just been notified that her mother was in critical condition in a hospital In the Capital City of Los Grande.

"Yes, yes! They found her! Thank God! She's in critical condition in a hospital in Los Grande!
She was found almost naked in an alley in the slums. She seems to have lost her memory! The nurses found her passport in her boot and notified the American Embassy. The collision with the Kryptonite comet must have nearly killed her, but she somehow crash landed in Latin America! She's evidently been wandering the streets for days, with amnesia! Can you watch my kids while I fly down there?"

Several weeks later, Superlady recovered sufficiently for her concerned daughter, Supermom to bring her home to Capital City to convalesce.

A few days later, Supermom again called her friends, Justice Lady and Silver Valkyrie.

"Mom's recovered most of her super powers and memory, although she still can't remember anything that happened between the time she flew at the comet until she woke up in the Los Grande Hospital! The doctors believe some terrible shock must have blotted the memories from her conscious mind! The ordeal took a lot out of her! She's decided to retire from active crimefighting!  She's moving to a small cottage she owns in Florida! Dad bought it before he passed away! Before she leaves, she wanted to say goody to you both! My husband's away on business, this week, and I thought maybe you'd join us for dinner this evening, at my place?"

The two superheroines eagerly accepted the invitation, and that evening met outside Supermom's home. Before they went in, Silver Valkyrie excitedly told her friend and legal mentor, Justice Lady some news of her own.

"Well, as Assistant DA Ulrica Wodden, I won my first court case today! That Morganna Morgul woman was sentenced to six months in the County Penitentiary!"

"Oh, that's wonderful Ulrica! I'm sure she deserves it!"

Inside the house, the two friends were shocked by the change in their admired idol, Superlady. The superheroine, Justice Lady had not inaccurately described a few weeks earlier as looking like a 'sexy thirty year old" now looked more than her fifty years.

"I guess you can really call me 'Supergran' now!' Superlady ruefully smiled, seeing her younger friends' shock.

At dinner, Supermom opened a bottle of vintage champagne for this special occasion, and the four superheroines who rarely touched alcohol, each took a glass.

When they had finished eating, Superlady at the head of the table, rose and proposed a toast.
"It's a comfort to know that I can retire with a clear conscience, leaving the City in safe hands with you three to protect it! Superlady said before she raised her glass.

Indeed, what evil-doer could stand against the might of Silver Valkyrie, Justice lady and Supermom?

Brooding in her cell in County Jail, Morganna Morgul wondered.

The End.


700 B.C

The troll woman, Erishka defeats and enslaves the Goddess Beletiva, and presents the captive goddess to her father the Troll King Morgullus, for his sexual amusement.

235 A. D

Ulrica the Valkyrie slays the Troll King Morgullus, thereby initiating the bad blood between the Morgul family and Ulrica.

By 1938

America is protected by the superheroines, Amerizon, Power Miss, Wonder Woman, and Superwoman, later joined by Mary Marvel and Mighty Maid. They are assisted by Drusilla, the mighty Queen of the Jungle, who helps them from the jungle where she reigns supreme.

During World War 2

Black Valkyrie, the Mighty Nazi superwoman, destroys the American Champion, Amerizon.

Gerda von Hipper, a magnificently built, very sexy and very resourceful Nazi agent, is captured by Drusilla. Although Gerda escapes, her credibility with the Nazi leadership is badly damaged, and she is not used to the full extent of her capacity during the rest of the war. She is further embarrassed when captured by Power Miss, who ends her wartime career.


Black Valkyrie escapes defeated Germany and becomes the Generalissimo's Chief of Police.


Gerda von Hipper gains incredible super strength. Armed with that strength she battles Power Miss, who is fighting with her own full super-power, augmented by her power suit. Nevertheless Gerda's super strength is so enormous that she thrashes Power Miss, and strips her of her power suit. Gerda dons the power suit herself, thereby augmenting her already unbelievable super strength to a level where she is invincible. Thus prepared, she takes the identity of Fraulein Power. She kisses Power Miss, not seductively but contemptuously, to demonstrate the full extent of her supremacy over her. Then she forces Power Miss to become her own personal slave. The battered and abused Power Miss is too intimidated to resist.

The invincible, and to all intents invulnerable Fraulein Power launches a campaign to destroy all of the Superheroines who protect America.


Fraulein Power catastrophically defeats Wonder Woman, and banishes her to Paradise Island.

Fraulein Power defeats and cripples Super Woman. (Unknown to Fraulein Power, her destruction of Super Woman is witnessed by the unfortunate superheroine's eight year old daughter, Clarissa, who will one day don the uniform of Superlady.)

Fraulein Power defeats and kills Mary Marvel. (She then beats up and  rapes Wonder Woman for daring to come to Mary Marvel's funeral against her express instructions - leaving Wonder Woman on her knees before her, worshipping her.)

Fraulein Power gets her revenge on Drusilla. Overwhelming her with her incredible physique and her unimaginable strength she defeats her catastrophically, rips the amulet on which she relies for her power, from her bosom, and sends her to a Prison Camp run by her friend Ilsa, known as the She Wolf.

Fraulein Power defeats and kills Mighty Maid.

Fraulein Power's unstoppable reign of terror is brought to an end when Power Miss, in a spontaneous and desperate surprise attack, stabs her to death, by applying a knife to Fraulein Power's only vulnerable spot, with all her residual superpower.

Power Miss resumes her role of America's Superheroine Protectress, using the gloves which Fraulein Power had used to augment her strength still further.


Power Miss retires from her career as a superheroine when she marries a Washington Politician by the name of Bryant. Under her name of Cynthia Lane Bryant she becomes a distinguished Washington hostess. Elfrieda von Richtofen once known as Black Valkyrie becomes a hunted fugitive upon the death of the Generalissimo.

1958 The crippled Super Woman's eighteen year old daughter Clarissa begins her crimefighting career as Superlady. She begins a thirty year search for the fugitive Black Valkyrie.

1985 Cynthia Lane Bryant dies unexpectedly. An examination of Cynthia's papers, by her niece, Deirdre Mainwaring, reveals that Cynthia was Power Miss. It also reveals the secret of her super powers. Deirdre Mainwaring uses Power Miss's secrets to become a superheroine, taking the name Justice Lady.

1986 Ulrica the Valkyrie Chiefteness, who killed the Troll King Morgullus comes to the mortal plane as superheroine, Silver Valkyrie. As Ulrica Wodden, she enters law school where Professor Deirdre Mainwaring is her teacher and mentor.

1990 Superlady's daughter, Laura White, a young mother herself, returns to crimefighting as Supermom, despite her role as homemaker and parent.

 1991 After years of searching, Superlady finally gets a definite lead on the fugitive Black Valkyrie. Before she can follow up on the lead, she must deflect a giant comet from hitting earth. The comet is composed of deadly Kryptonite. Weakened by the exposure to the Kryptonite, Superlady confronts Black Valkyrie but is defeated by the Nazi's dark powers and is subjected to a week of horrible abuse. Although, she suffers a bout of amnesia and has no memory of the encounter, she retires from active crimefighting. In her guise as an assistant district attorney, Silver Valkyrie sends petty criminal Morganna Morgul to jail. At the request of Supermom she doesn't prosecute Morganna's sister Leticia who is Supermom's next door neighbor.

1999 Deirdre Mainwaring's young law clerk becomes her junior crimefighting partner as Equity Lass

2000 Leticia's two nasty children find a supply of Kryptonite and use it to humiliate their next door neighbor, Supermom.

Supermom's distant cousin, SuperGwendoline is defeated by the villainess, Lady Erotiqua Dastardly-D'Arcy. Erotiqua enslaves SuperGwen, but the young superheroine escapes on Halloween, and flees to Supermom for help. The two superheroines are defeated by Erotiqua's brother Jack and by Leticia, who has the temporary powers of a witch on Halloween.  While Supermom is raped by Leticia, SuperGwen falls in love with Jack and goes off with him, giving up her crimefighting career.

In the years since her conviction by Silver Valkyrie Morganna Morgul, a descendant of the troll woman Erishka becomes a powerful sorceress who defeats Silver Valkyrie. Morganna rapes Silver Valkyrie, and causes the Norse superheroine to fall utterly under her sexual thrall. She takes Silver Valkyrie to her hideout, which is disguised as a Clinic, where Silver Valkyrie serves as Morganna's personal slave.

Equity Lass makes sapphic advances to her boss Judge Deirdre Mainwaring. She is coldly rejected and falls under the evil influence of Morganna Morgul. She leaves Justice Lady and becomes a villain, calling herself Shyster Dame. She ambushes her former partner Justice lady, and defeats and abuses her. Shortly after, Justice Lady is made to join her friend Silver Valkyrie as a slave at Morganna's Clinic.

2001 On a visit from retirement, Superlady, now known as Supergran sets out to deal with Leticia, but aided by Morganna's sorcery, Leticia robs the venerable superheroine of her super powers and defeats her. Meanwhile her two evil children capture Supergran's superheroine granddaughter, Superlass, Supermom's young daughter. Supergran and Superlass join Justice Lady and Silver Valkyrie as abused slaves at Morganna's Clinic.

2002 Supermom returns from a mission to the Mideast fighting terrorists, and discovers her mother and daughter are missing. Before she can rescue them, Morganna magically endows her niece Wendy with the powers stolen from Supergran, Superlass and Silver Valkyrie. Wendy defeats and enslaves Supermom, at Morganna's Clinic.