This story contains graphic violence, f/f and m/f n/c, and rape, and other elements that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

In Enemy Hands
Part 2

Is it true? Did the evil Nazi defeat our gallant Amazon in a hand to hand fight?

Sadly it was true!  Having beaten the gallant Amazon heroine senseless, Commandant Kramm produced some rope and bound the groggy prisoner.

Once the prisoner was helplessly secured, Dita cruelly forced her to kiss her hand in submission.  Tears of chagrin and shame, at her mortifying defeat, threatened to overflow the Amazon's troubled blue eyes, and she sniffed back a sob.

Commandant Kramm pushed the vanquished Allied Heroine, ahead of her, back to the Interrogation Center.

"You are under mein jurisdiction, now, Princess, und you von't escape, again!  Ve vill start your interrogation in ze morning, und I VILL break you! You vill beg me, to tell what you know!"  Commandant Dita crowed, as she untied the Amazon, after roughly shoving her into a holding cell for the night.

When Dita left, the defeated, imprisoned Princess of Amazon Isle slumped despondently on the edge of her narrow, lumpy cot, pondering her defeat.  How could she ever face her Mother, the Amazon Queen and her sister Amazons, after such a disgrace? And what awaited her in the morning?

Our gallant heroine  didn't have long to wait and ponder though, for Commandant Dita decided a little late night softening up, would give her a head start in the morning, and would relieve the excited high of her unprecedented victory.

Without warning, Dita burst back into the cell, wearing a loose bathrobe. The weeping captive looked up in alarm.  Without further ceremony, Dita began to intimately fondle her prisoner.

 The virtuous Amazon jumped to her feet in alarm, but as she did...

Dita tore the tattered remains of what was left of her costume, from the Amazon's trembling, abused body, and then...

Dita left her abused captive, sobbing helplessly on her knees, in shame.  the Commandant carried away the tattered remains of the heroine's proud uniform, of red white and blue, knowing enforced nudity would add to the ravaged Amazon's shame and vulnerability, making her that much more susceptible to torture in the morning.

End Part 2

Can any Nazi, even the relentless Dita Kramm, break the will of an Amazon Princess?

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