WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, rape and non-consensual sexual scenes. It is not suitable for children. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Demigoddess Daughter of Athena
come from her Mount Olympus home to
bring truth and justice to a savage world!
Fairmaiden's mission is to seek out and
destroy evil, wherever the forces of
light cannot otherwise reach!

The Adventures of Fairmaiden.

Chapter 6. Blind Date.
Part A. 


Degradingly beaten up, and milked of her divine powers by the grinning Devil Doll, then anally assaulted with a dildo strapped to her own innocent daughter's loins, the Goddess Athena was left dangling from the painful chain-harness, brooding on her shame, for the rest of the afternoon.


The daylight that never penetrated the hideous, green dungeon had grown dim. The hapless goddess, suffering atrociously, had nearly passed out when Devil Doll released her from her chains, and led her into one of the anterooms of the evil cellar. Athena gasped in terror at the sight that awaited her. Her daughter Fairmaiden was helplessly stretched out upon an ancient altar, her body stiff with terror. Lilith loomed sinisterly over her, a sharp knife pressed to the trembling superheroine’s throat. Doctor Natas stood at Lilith’s side, his keen eye on Athena’s face.

"No! Stop! What are you doing?” Athena quavered, in mortal terror for her daughter’s life.

“As you in your divine wisdom know, my dear Athena, the sacrifice of a maiden demigoddess would increase my powers to irresistible heights!”   Doctor Natas answered, in a coldly matter of fact tone.

“N-no…noo…you can’t!  Please…not my daughter!” Athena sobbed, brokenly.

“Hmm…well…perhaps there is another way!” Doctor Natas answered, after a long pause, as though genuinely concerned about the captive goddess’s plight, and pondering for a way to help her.

"Yes…of course...if the Goddess Athena, herself, were to swear fealty to me, the ‘Good Doctor’, as her eternal master, that would be an equally acceptable compromise!” The evil old man went on.

“No, no!   I am Divine Athena!  I can never swear allegiance to you!” The unhappy goddess wept.

Athena knew full well, that her vow of fealty to this incarnation of evil would make him near invincible. The sacrifice of twenty demigoddesses would be as nothing to such a coup. How could the proudest, and most virtuous, of Olympian deities ever basely surrender to such evil? Yet, her mother’s heart breaking, Athena knew also, that the malevolent creature would indeed murder her daughter, if she refused. 

“Ah. too bad!   It was just a thought…a way out of our little dilemma!” Doctor Natas mused.  “Well, I suppose there is nothing to be done, then! It’s too bad, really! Lilith, you may proceed! Oh dear! I do so hate to think of all that innocent blood spilled here in my home!”



Fairmaiden's heartbroken pleas, begging her mother not to give in, rang in Athena’s ears.  How could she surrender all divine honor and virtue to such base evil? Yet, how could she stand by and watch her gallant daughter butchered? With a horrified sob of resignation, Athena knew she had no choice; she must save Athenia, no matter how high the price.  

“Oh, if only I hadn’t let that bitch beat me!” Athena silently agonized.  Blaming her own disastrous failure for this dreadful calamity, Athena slumped to her knees at the ‘Good Doctor's’ feet. In humbled, broken voice, Mighty Athena sobbed her pledge, of everlasting subservience.

After the hapless goddess shamefully bowed her stiff neck in obedience, Doctor Natas leaned over and pulled away the ornament that bound her hair in a warrior’s braid. With a sob of resignation, the stricken goddess meekly accepted her evil master’s whim.  Her dark red hair spilled wantonly about her shoulders, in charming disarray. What did an ornament matter, now that Mighty Athena was no more than a bonded serving wench?

“That will be all for now, My Dear!” Doctor Natas purred, patting the divine Athena on the head as though she were a pet dog. Then, with something very like a smug, satisfied smile twisting his grim visage into unaccustomed shape, Doctor Natas sauntered from the dungeon.

“Well, as long as we're not going to “off’ the bitch, maybe I'll take Fairslut back to her cell and have some more fun with her!”  Devil Doll chirped.

“Not too late!” Lilith cautioned the ‘Good Doctor’s’ younger disciple.   “Remember our Master arranged a blind date for “Blondy’ for tomorrow night.  Let her get some rest, so she'll look her prettiest! Anyway the Doctor said you have homework to do!”

“Damn it!   They treat me like a child!”   Devil Doll fumed, as she led the unfortunate Fairmaiden back to more, most unchildlike, torment in her cell.

All hope of escape or rescue dashed, Fairmaiden and her broken spirited mother spent another hideous night of captivity, serving the twisted passions of Devil Doll and Lilith.

Exhausted by late night debauchery, both Devil Doll and Lilith slept most of the day next day. It was early evening, when they opened Fairmaiden’s cell. Lilith was carrying Fairmaiden's superheroine uniform and boots. Fairmaiden had not seen them since Devil Doll tore them from her helpless body, and raped her, three days earlier. Now, an abused, enfeebled slave, those proud badges of virtuous strength seemed to mock her.

‘Here, Slut! Put these on!”  Lilith laughed.   “We want you to look nice for your ‘big date’!”

Knowing better than to resist or protest, Fairmaiden slipped on her white boots, and then stepped into her brief costume. In horror, the blonde heroine discovered that the bosom and crotch of her uniform had been cut away, exposing her sprightly breasts and delicious pussy to full view.   In this caricature of her renowned costume, the virtuous crimefighter felt more shamefully naked, then when she was fully nude.

Devil Doll wrapped Fairmaiden's white cape around her shoulders, and body, temporarily concealing her gorgeous form.  Then, the two villainesses led their trembling captive into the main dungeon. There, Doctor Natas waited for them. Beside him stood the humbled Athena. Mortifyingly naked, the goddess cringed in shame before the admiring eyes of one of Doctor Natas’s male underlings. Fairmaiden recognized the man with a startled shock. It was Spike, the petty criminal she had captured trying to rob the museum several weeks earlier. Just then, with a dramatic flourish, Devil Doll tore the cape from Fairmaiden’s shoulders, revealing her semi-nudity to Spike’s hot eager glance.   His eyes almost bugged out of his head.

“Meet your blind date!” Lilith snickered in Fairmaiden’s ear, with a wink to Spike.

Spike whistled in appreciation.

Spike ruefully remembered how the dynamic, irresistible Superheroine knocked him silly with one punch, and triumphantly carried him off to jail.   If it weren’t for Doctor Natas's connections, he'd be there until he was an old man. 

Was it really she? At first glance, who could believe this helplessly sniffling, young woman was the mighty Fairmaiden. His feral eyes gleaming, Spike inspected every inch of the trembling, partially clothed blonde captive’s incredible figure. There could be no doubt!  Even in the depths of her degradation, the renowned crimefighter’s athletically voluptuous figure, and classically perfect face could never be mistaken for another.

“Well, are you pleased with your blind date, My Boy?”   Doctor Natas purred.

"Oh Boy!   This is my lucky night!”   The petty crook snorted. “Geez, I don’t know how to thank you, Doc!”

Tonight, it was to be the criminal who carried the superheroine into captivity!   As the ‘Good Doctor’ looked on approvingly, Spike led Fairmaiden off to a small, intimate anteroom. The humbled, enfeebled superheroine sniffled in terror, but dutifully shuffled along behind, fearfully obedient to his insistence.

Seeing her daughter led off to a horrifying fate, Athena tried to rush after, but Doctor Natas seized her from behind. The frantic mother struggled desperately, but her warrior strength was gone, forcibly milked from her bountiful breasts. The evil old man easily overpowered the sobbing goddess, and pushed her down on a bench. Bound by her vow of subservience, the humbled deity had no choice but to obey her evil master, when he ordered her to stay.

In the privacy of the anteroom, Spike wasted no time forcing his rude attentions on the unfortunate superheroine captive.


Frightful abuse and Doctor Natas’s evil potion had made Fairmaiden weak as a child.   The courageous superheroine, who saved so many women from the horrors of rape, was now powerless to save herself. 

Fairmaiden struggled like a caged bird in the prison of Spike’s arms, a prison she no longer had any hope of escaping. With a thrill of disgust, the blonde heroine felt the threatening bulge of the thug’s penis throbbing against her thigh through his trousers.  Then!  Horror of horrors! The vicious thug's groping hand gripped Fairmaiden’s tight, little pussy, tickling the pouting, golden-thatched lips. Fairmaiden shrieked in horrified outrage.  

Born of her terror and shame, Spike's lewd fingerings, crude and brutal as they were, evoked a ghastly submissive response, in the virtuous, demigoddess crimefighter.   Fairmaiden’s innocent erotic flower, moistened by the morning dew of arousal, opened like a young rosebud. 

Weak and dispirited by too many defeats and too much humiliation, Fairmaiden could struggle no more. She surrendered to despair. Her tall, shapely body slumped limply against the thug’s chest, as he dropped his trousers, to expose a massively aroused penis. 

Struggling to get out of his hampering clothes, Spike let go of Fairmaiden’s waist, and the overwrought heroine, half-swooning in distress, tumbled helplessly to the floor. 


End of Chapter 6, Part A.

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