WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, rape and non-consensual sexual scenes. It is not suitable for children. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Demigoddess Daughter of Athena
come from her Mount Olympus home to
bring truth and justice to a savage world!
Fairmaiden's mission is to seek out and
destroy evil, wherever the forces of
light cannot otherwise reach!

The Adventures of Fairmaiden
Chapter 1. Devil Doll.
Part B.

As Fairmaiden struggled with Devil Doll, the evil, young acolyte of the demonic Doctor Natas, she did her best to warn her foe of  the dangers of attacking a semi-divine superheroine, but  Devil Doll only laughed in her ear, at the threat.

Still laughing, almost contemptuously, with a graceful twist of her tiny body, Devil Doll flung Fairmaiden down on her back.  When the groggy heroine rolled over to get up, Devil Doll smashed her heel down into the small of her back, flattening her, face down.  She pressed down, with her foot, trapping Fairmaiden's squirming body on the dirty ground of the alley, and posed arrogantly, for a moment.

Lying stunned on her belly, Fairmaiden thought. "Why this tiny creature is winning this fight!   I better get it together, and quick!"   The indomitable heroine jumped to her feet, face set in determination.   She raised her fists, expecting another attack from the air, but Devil Doll came in low, instead, driving her foot into Fairmaiden's lower abdomen.

As Fairmaiden staggered from the low blow, Devil Doll leaped onto her, wrapping her hot, burning legs around her foe's neck. It was then Fairmaiden discovered the creature was nude.  She gagged in disgust, as Devil Doll thrust her genitals into her face, intuitively knowing it would disconcert the chaste Olympian.  >From her perch, Devil Doll hammered her hard little fists into the big, blond heroine's face. Fairmaiden staggered backward.

Dizzied by those hard, relentless, little fists, Fairmaiden toppled over backward.

As Fairmaiden's back hit the ground, Devil Doll wasted no time in knee dropping onto her throat, hauling Fairmaiden's leg painfully upright, a second later.

Devil Doll followed up the knee drop, with a vicious punch between Fairmaiden's legs.

Laughing maniacally, Devil Doll jumped off the fallen heroine, before her much larger opponent had any chance to gain the initiative.  She flew up into the air.  Fairmaiden climbed painfully to her feet.  That crotch punch had really hurt!  She looked around in confusion.

"Darn it!  Where did she go?"  Fairmaiden muttered.  Just then, Devil Doll struck from behind, diving, feet first, into Fairmaiden's back.  The impact knocked the gallant Olympian flat on her face, and imposingly uptilted bosom.

Standing on the middle of her back, Devil Doll jerked Fairmaiden's arms behind her, bending her fingers excruciatingly.  Fairmaiden groaned at the pain in her fingers and shoulder sockets.

Suddenly, Devil Doll let go and flew away.  Fairmaiden doggedly climbed to her feet, wondering warily why Devil Doll released her.

"I'll get her this time!"  Fairmaiden  told herself, vehemently.  Instead, once again, Devil Doll struck first.  This time, the tiny, flame colored virago flew in, with the speed of a jet plane, at face level.  Both feet smashed into Fairmaiden's face, luckily missing her chin.  Even so, the attack staggered the beautiful crimefighter.

 Devil Doll immediately scored a second time, driving her foot into Fairmaiden's solar plexus.

As Fairmaiden sagged forward, Devil Doll smashed her fist into the heroine's mouth. Then she flew up into the air, and came down like a rocket, her foot plowing into the side of Fairmaiden's neck.  For a moment the nearly invulnerable superheroine feared her diminutive foe had snapped her neck.  As it was, the impact knocked the gorgeous blonde face down, into a garbage can.

The groggy superheroine strove to hold onto consciousness, as face in the filthy, overflowing garbage, she clawed at the trash can itself for leverage to rise. There was no time for that.  Devil Doll flitted behind her, and jerked her legs out from under her. Fairmaiden hit the hard cement face first, with a loud crack.

Get up,  Fairmaiden!  Get up!  Truth and right are counting on you!  But No!  Devil Doll prodded Fairmaiden's still body with her foot. It was clear the heroine was out cold.  Her chin had struck the concrete squarely with devastating force.

"Boy!  That was easier than I expected!   Doctor Natas really does know what he's doing!"  Devil Doll exulted.

Devil Doll flew off into the early morning sky, carrying the vanquished Fairmaiden by the most humiliating, painful grip her diabolical, young mind could conceive.  Perhaps, luckily, the beloved superheroine was not aware of the ignominy of her progress through the air, although she moaned at the pain to the most sensitive area of her gorgeous body.  Devil Doll laughed aloud as she lightly carried her heavy burden through the skies.

"Boy, this grip  must really smart, and it couldn't happen to a nicer superheroine, either.  It sure is convenient, too, just like picking up my suitcase, after I fold it.

What dire dangers, now, await the Nation's Darling at the hands of Devil Doll and Doctor Natas?  For the answer, watch for "Fairmaiden's Ordeal", coming soon.

to be continued...