WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, rape and non-consensual sexual scenes. It is not suitable for children. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Demigoddess Daughter of Athena
come from her Mount Olympus home to
bring truth and justice to a savage world!
Fairmaiden's mission is to seek out and
destroy evil, wherever the forces of
light cannot otherwise reach!

The Adventures of Fairmaiden.
Chapter 4. Olympian Shame.
Part C.  Chapter Conclusion.

Her evil toy had done its work well, and Lilith put the horrible electrified phallus back in the cupboard. Athena continued to sob softly, in revulsion and self-loathing, but her respite was short.    Lilith returned in a few moments, hardly able to contain her perverted excitement at forcefully raping the mighty Athena.    What a rush!  How that big, sanctimonious bitch squirmed and shrieked! Time for relief!

Lilith seized the sobbing goddess by the arm, and by her proud, warrior braid, and pulled her half up off the floor.    Glaring into the abused deity’s beautiful, upturned face, wet with tears, she commanded Athena, in an icy, authoritarian voice, “Eat my pussy, Bitch!” her hateful genitalia looming threatening inches away.

Athena gulped in revulsion at Lilith’s wicked command.    The idea sickened her. How could she ever do such a disgusting thing, in front of her daughter? Trying to save the last shreds of tattered, divine dignity, Athena tearfully stammered a refusal.   Athena’s whimpering rebuff infuriated the evil mortal.    Lilith slid down on the floor behind the goddess, wrapping her fat, deadly thighs around Athena’s aching middle, and her arms around Athena’s elegantly tapered neck. Tightening her limbs, she cut off all air to the goddess’s lungs.  In blind panic, Athena struggled, frantically, to escape, but there was no escape from that remorseless, terrifying pressure.


Crushed in that devastating double hold, Athena’s burning lungs nearly burst, yet she sobbingly refused to give in. Gasping for breath that couldn’t come, she couldn’t resist long. Her fabulously large breasts, full and round, as the sweet melons of Olympus, bounded with wild abandon, as the desperate deity frantically fought for just one gasp of air. Lilith’s unrelenting grip denied her even that. It was no use! After one last fitful spasm, Athena slumped forward, unconscious.

Lilith stood up, and looking over at her young colleague, Devil Doll, she grinned.    “ I guess the useless bitch passed out, but I know how to wake her up, quick enough. It's a trick my old partner, Asp, used to brag about. She was a little unstable, but she had some worthwhile ideas! Watch this!"

Lilith leaned over the unconscious goddess, and fingering that divinely full-fruited bosom, she clutched the sweet, tender nipple spikes in her remorseless, unbreakable grip. Tugging relentlessly, she lifted Athena’s mighty body to a sitting position, then pulled her off the floor, and finally lifted her high into the air.

As soon as Lilith lifted her, by her sharp tipped nipples, Athena woke with a start, shrieking in agony.


Though shapely as a young warrior maiden in her teens, mighty Athena was a formidably sized woman, weighing well over two hundred pounds, in her mortal form.  Yet, Lilith effortlessly lifted the struggling goddess so high, that Athena’s clawing toes left the floor.  Laughing maniacally, Lilith dangled the wailing goddess’s full weight from her sensitive nipples.

Lilith intended this awful hold to revive the hapless goddess, but the pain became so unbearably intense, that Athena momentarily passed out, again. In disgust, Lilith flung the goddess’s heavy body to the floor.

“The mightiest goddess of Olympus is sure a pitiful wimp!” Lilith snorted, as she settled down on the unconscious Athena’s face.

A moment later, when the goddess revived, she found Lilith squatting over her face.    The pain in her nipples had hardly abated, as Lilith was still pinching them, with delighted abandon.

Overcome by disgust, with Lilith's fat behind inches from her beautiful face, Athena sobbingly continued to refuse to service her conqueror. Lilith took a new tack.   As she tormented the defeated goddess, she whispered to her, the evil things she would do to her daughter, Fairmaiden, if Athena remained obstinate. Athena had no doubts that the merciless mortal would carry out her threats, with gleeful pleasure.    Maternal terror overcame Athena's chaste reticence, and she sobbingly surrendered.

Lilith eagerly swiveled around, thrusting her gaping genitalia into Athena’s beautiful face.    After a heartbroken moment’s hesitation, the shamed, despoiled deity, gagging in fastidious disgust, obediently extended her pink tongue, in final surrender.


Not satisfied with the unfortunate goddess's timorous, inexpert efforts, Lilith seized that proud red warrior braid, and rubbed that divinely beautiful face relentlessly into her crotch.  Nearly suffocating, Athena fearfully redoubled her efforts, sucking and tonguing Lilith’s obscene private parts with desperate vigor.

For the next horrifying half hour, the weeping goddess rendered awful, perverted homage to the evil mortal, who subjugated and dishonored her.  Finally sated, Lilith rose from her divine victim, and posed, in triumph, her foot planted on Athena’s smooth-muscled belly.

Cowering under that triumphant foot, Athena turned her head away, and cast her tear filled eyes on the floor, ashamed to meet her daughter's gaze.    Her fearful disgrace was hardly bearable in itself, but knowing her beloved daughter, Fairmaiden witnessed it, made her shame unendurable. 

“Too bad you don’t have a camera, Dee Dee!” Lilith chortled, before swaggering away.

All hope of rescue or escape dashed, what further horrors await Fairmaiden and her divine mother?

To be continued in Chapter 5. Jolly Milk Maid.