WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, rape and non-consensual sexual scenes. It is not suitable for children. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Demigoddess Daughter of Athena
come from her Mount Olympus home to
bring truth and justice to a savage world!
Fairmaiden's mission is to seek out and
destroy evil, wherever the forces of
light cannot otherwise reach!

The Adventures of Fairmaiden
Chapter 3. Olympian Wrath.
Part C.


"Bet no one ever did that, to this arrogant bitch, before!" Lilith thought smugly, as for one brief moment, she glanced down at the nearly unconscious, mortal form of the Goddess Athena.

Then, not wasting a moment, Lilith hopped between Athena's out stretched legs, and stooping, secured one of those mighty limbs under each arm.

Barely conscious, Athena hardly knew what was happening, until she felt herself whirling through the air, held powerless by Lilith's unshakable grip on her own long, fantastically curved legs. Overwhelmed by the unforeseen shock, Divine Athena screamed fearfully.

Lilith whirled the goddess's heroically formed body around in a circle, as though it was lighter than a feather, building up tremendous momentum. When she flung her, she twisted Athena's body so it corkscrewed in midair, as the helpless goddess hurtled across the room, to land with a resounding thump.

Lilith gave Athena no chance to recover, but seized her under the arms from behind, and hauled the moaning goddess to her feet. Athena recognized her danger, but was too weak to escape Lilith's strong arms.

Once Lilith set her on her feet, it took all Athena's concentration to keep her wobbly legs from buckling. It was easy for Lilith to seize the goddess's arm and ram it up behind her back in a hammer lock. The fierce searing pain in her shoulder and back drove the cobwebs from her mind, but Athena found the hold unbreakable, no matter how frantically she struggled.

Using the hammer lock to full advantage, Lilith first forced Athena to her knees and then down onto the floor, leaping astride her middle as she pushed her down. Once Lilith had Athena down flat under her, she switched holds, twisting her bigger foe's muscular arm into another painful direction.

Already half astride the goddess, as she painfully  tormented Athena's arm, Lilith insidiously slid her plump things around her foe's trim, slab-muscled waist.  Athena felt the trap close, with painful force.  With a groan of pain, she tensed, concentrating all her waning powers, to resist the brutal force of Lilith's fat thighs. Her resistance did her little good. Despite the incredible development of her ridged, abdomen, she helplessly felt her belly caving in, under the inexorable pressure of those deceptively plump thighs.


Lilith tormented the goddess with the wrenching scissors, until, Athena's tortured  body went limp. When Lilith finally released her deadly scissors, the stricken deity writhed in agony, hardly able to breathe, or even move, still feeling the deadening pressure of that relentless grip.

As usual, Lilith wasted no time.  She was enjoying herself too much. She seized the moaning goddess in a full nelson, and hauled her to her feet, again. 

By now, Mighty Athena was weak as a kitten, but even so, she struggled mightily to escape the hateful Lilith's imprisoning arms.

Weak as she was, divine courage partially won out, and Athena nearly escaped the hampering hold, but Lilith seized her wrists before she could escape entirely, and held her helplessly suspended, long enough, to drive a deadly kick into her kidneys.

When Lilith released her wrists, after that deadly kick, Athena, somehow, gallantly  managed to stay on her feet, the thought of her captive daughter giving her the will to go on. It wasn't to be for long, though, for Athena's aching, leaden arms could no longer protect her from Lilith's deadly fists.


A devastating blow to Athena's chin proved the final straw. The goddess's gray eyes rolled, her mighty legs buckled, and she fell senseless to the floor.

Lilith  looked down at the unconscious form of her divine prey with satisfaction, enjoying her victory, while she got her breath. It had been an exhausting struggle even for the victor.

Once she got her breath, Lilith triumphantly picked up the senseless Athena in her arms, and carried the helpless goddess into that horrifying, green dungeon, where her beloved daughter was so horrifyingly brutalized and defiled; where  Fairmaiden still waited anxiously for her mother to return triumphantly, to free her.

Oh horrors! Fairmaiden's divine mother defeated and fallen into the hands of another of Doctor Natas's despicable disciples!  What terrors await the unfortunate, Olympian mother and daughter, now? 

To be continued in: The Adventure's of Fairmaiden. Chapter 4. Olympian Shame.