WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, violent death and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Adventures of


Crusader for Truth, Justice and Democracy.


Fraulein Power. Part 3.

Moaning in agony, Mighty Maid looked up blankly from where she lay.    Fraulein Power, the evil Nazi super woman, had already beaten the gorgeous champion of justice nearly senseless.  Now, she grabbed the bodice of Mighty Maid's costume, and hauled her up on her knees.

Once she dragged the groggy Superheroine to her knees, Fraulein Power laughingly mashed Mighty Maid's beautiful face against her overflowing bosom.  The groggy heroine gagged and gulped for air, but those huge, Teutonic mounds of flesh just about smothered her. Though Fraulein Power was not holding her with a particularly effective grip, the gasping superheroine was too weak to free herself

Finally, unable to breathe, Mighty Maid began to lose consciousness. As Fraulein Power felt the big heroine's body droop, lifelessly, she dropped her.  Mighty Maid twisted in agony, as she dropped to the ground.  She lay on her back, gasping for breath, hardly knowing where she was.

Fraulein Power knelt beside the fallen heroine, and tensing her power-mesh gloved hand into a deadly hook, she sank her clawed fingers into the splendid muscles of Mighty Maid's trim, ridged belly.  Frightful new pain brought Mighty Maid fully awake, shrieking at the agony in her gut.  It felt like those clawing fingers would rip her corded muscles loose from her a body.  In frantic terror, Mighty Maid tore at Fraulein Power's wrist, but the evil Nazi only laughed, and tightened her grip.

"Ja, I saw zis on the wrestling show on your Yankee television last veek!"  Fraulein Power chortled.

Mighty Maid's body jackknifed in agony, but no matter how hard, she struggled and squirmed, she couldn't escape that devilish grip.

Finally, when Mighty Maid was just about sure the pain would kill her, Fraulein Power released her grip, not out of mercy, naturally. She jumped swiftly to her feet, and scooped up Mighty Maid's incredible legs under her arms.  Before she knew what happened, Mighty Maid found herself whirling through the air in a circle, at alarming speed. She cried out fearfully, as Fraulein Power flung her across the lawn.

As she flew through the air, Mighty Maid tried to levitate, but the frightful beating, she'd taken, had so disoriented her senses, that she couldn't focus her mental  abilities.  Instead, she landed headfirst, with a jolting shock, that would have broken any other woman's neck.

As the hurt, groggy Mighty Maid gallantly struggled to get back on her feet, Fraulein Power ran up to her, and kicked her in the side.  Then, she elbow dropped into her back.

"Ja!  zose vere a couple of ozer sings, I saw on zat wrestling show!"  Fraulein Power chortled.

Once she had flattened her foe with her elbow, Fraulein Power leapt on Mighty Maid's back, and ground the red-haired heroines face into the dirt.

When Mighty Maid tried to roll the vicious Nazi off her, Fraulein Power grabbed the blue clad crimefighter's rump, dug her sharp claws into the delicate area between the large, shapely buttocks, and gleefully rode down the superheroine's useless struggles.

Too hurt and exhausted to struggle long, Mighty Maid collapsed helplessly, unable to protect herself from the demeaning punishment.  Feeling her foe's weakness, Fraulein Power rolled over, and locking her meaty thighs around Mighty Maid's slim, taut waist, she applied a sleeper hold to the redhead's neck.

"Ach! Zat wrestling show vas zo goot. I learned zis too!"

Mighty Maid tried to resist, but soon things grew dark and fuzzy, and her head drooped down on her chest.

"Ach! Zat ist too easy!" Fraulein Power muttered, as she uncurled her legs, and let the nearly unconscious heroine fall forward on the grass.

Fraulein Power leisurely stood up, moving with feline nonchalance.  She knew she'd won the fight, but it always took her a while to come down from the thrill of destroying another defenseless victim.  With casual ease, she hauled Mighty Maid to her feet. The beaten crimefighter moaned pitifully, as the Nazi tugged on her hair.  It was obvious to Cynthia Lane peeping fearfully, from behind the window curtains, that the mightiest of superheroine's, her last hope for the triumph of justice, was another helplessly beaten victim of Nazi brutality.  The hapless redhead, herself, hardly knew what was happening.  Pain blotted everything else from her mind.

When she'd raised the unhappy heroine half off the ground, Fraulein Power slammed her knee into the helpless girl's face, and let go of her hair.  Mighty Maid dropped inertly, already out cold, but even as she fell, the relentless Nazi drove a final boot heel into her spine.

Now, that she'd totally vanquished the gallant American Heroine, Fraulein Power stood arrogantly erect, at parade ground attention, and planted her boot on the her fallen foe's neck.  Mighty Maid hardly stirred.


End of Part 3.

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