WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, rape and n/c sexual scenes.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Not Easy Being Green. Part 1.

In a remote and sparsely populated jungle of the small Nation of Los Grandes stands an impressively large, stockaded area, once the teeming hub of post World War II, Nazi activity. Now abandoned and derelict, the jungle is rapidly reclaiming its own ( See Latin Holiday By GW  Latin Holiday)

In one building slightly less dilapidated than the others, a solitary woman worked with swift efficiency, sorting and cataloging papers and evaluating objects.  Gray haired, she appeared a handsome vigorous woman in her thirties. Few would guess she was in her ninety-sixth year.

Elfrieda von Richtofen snorted is disgust.

"Little of value here, hardly worth the trip!" Then she sighed in the stoic resignation of a fanatic Nazi. "Ah well, orders are orders and must be obeyed!"

von Richtofen had been sent, by what remained of the high command of the Odessa Group as an unofficial executrix to wind up the affairs of the late Doctor Klinkhausen, once the Group's most valuable scientific mind.

"This assignment couldn't have come at a worse time!" Elfrieda thought in irritation. "That stupid bitch Green Justice is hot on my trail, and I want to visit Morganna and Leticia and the kids for the holidays! Of course, there's stuff of personal sentimental value here, but I can't carry it out of the jungle on my back, this trip! If I'd found the formula it might have been worth the trip!"

The secret she sought was the formula that Doctor Klinkhausen used to give Gerda von Hipper the super strength that made her the dreaded Fraulein Power, scourge of superheroine champions of justice. Unfortunately for Elfrieda her search was in vain.

"I suppose the old man must have destroyed the formula before he died! No one could have his formula but his beloved Gerda! He hinted as much in his diary! Little good his love for Gerda ever did the old fool; Gerda despised him!
Well there are these gloves he made for her to augment her strength! Don't suppose I'll ever need them, myself, but they may come in handy! There are several pair!  Make good Yule gifts, for the family! Ha! Then, there is Gerda's ring with a sliver of Kryptonite in it, the ring she used to defeat and cripple that bitch Superwoman, so many years ago! (See It Runs in the Family by GW  It Runs in the Family ) It's not expensive; I'll give it to one of the kids! maybe Billy to make up for missing his special Birthday party last year!" (See Billy's Birthday Bash by GW  Billy's Birthday Bash  )

"And, there's this antique pendent! According to the professor's diary, Gerda entrusted it to him to study, only two days before her death!  She told him that it was the Ruby Pendent she took from that Drusilla, the so-called 'Jungle Goddess' before she sold the bitch to Ilsa! Ha! I bet Gerda made a good profit on that deal!  (See Fraulein Power On Safari  By GW Fraulein Power On Safari )

"Anyway, this thing was supposed to be the source of Drusilla's super powers! Damn! Klinkhausen's notes say he was never able to unlock the occult secrets of the thing! Old Fool! Well, I'll let Morganna take a look at it! She's good at occult things like that! Sometimes useful to have a niece who's a witch!"

Elfrieda tossed the pendent into her knapsack with the power gloves. Just then there was a loud noise in the next room.

"What's that?"

Before, Elfrieda could investigate, the door came crashing down, as though blasted by an explosion.

"Gottdam!" Elfrieda snorted, as a huge, emerald green female burst into the room. "How did the bitch find me here?"

The powerfully muscled, green woman was Green Justice, once a brilliant research scientist who was transformed into a virtual behemoth by an experiment gone wrong. Unable to transform back into her former self, the huge woman selflessly used her enormous strength and power to combat evil and injustice.

Elfrieda faced the sudden interruption, with nonchalance. "Well Bitch, you've found me finally! Just as well to dispose of you now, I suppose! That way I can enjoy the holidays in peace!"

More than sixty years earlier, while a ranking officer of Hitler's SS, Elfrieda discovered the secrets of the Dark Amazons. She had learned to drain a foe's strength and courage, and batten on their pain and suffering! In 1942, calling herself Black Valkyrie, she had used her new knowledge to publicly defeat and humiliate the American Champion of Justice, Amerizon, a major Nazi propaganda coup. ( See Balance of Power By GW  Balance of Power )

Since that day, Elfrieda had scarcely seemed to age a day. After World War II ended in defeat for the Axis Powers, she had been a hunted fugitive, but with her amazing evil powers she had escaped her pursuers again and again. More than one super hero had fallen victim to Elfrieda's devastating power.

Elfrieda lost no time in attacking the huge, nearly naked, green crimefighter. For once, the arrogant Nazi's supreme self conceit appeared to be misplaced. It was almost a year since she had defeated and drained the strength and life force of any powerful being. Her own powers were at their lowest ebb in years.

Laughing off Elfrieda's blows, as though they were no more than gnat stings, Green Justice retaliated with a deadly attack of her own, an attack that quickly rendered Elfrieda nearly senseless.

A badly battered Elfrieda fell nearly unconscious to the floor. How could this be happening to her? Was there nothing she could do against this Monster of Justice? Gerda's power gloves? Elfrieda's bleary, half closed eyes fell on her knapsack. Fortunately for her, Green Justice had knocked her down beside it. Confident the fight was over, the huge green woman, unwilling to hit a downed, helpless foe, laughed as Elfrieda desperately scrabbled at the knapsack for the gloves.

To the astonishment of Green Justice, Elfrieda wearily stumbled to her feet again. As she rose she slipped her hands into the gloves she'd taken from her knapsack.

"The Nazi bitch is no quitter! I'll say that for her!" Green Justice thought, half admiringly. Unconcerned she paid no heed, to Elfrieda's desperate fumbling efforts to don the gloves.

As Elfrieda faced her again, Green Justice still unconcerned laughed at the gloves the Nazi had put on, confidently eschewing any precautions to guard against attack.

When Elfrieda struck the first blow with the gloves, Green Justice discovered to her sorrow, that her confident disdain, had been badly misplaced. This time, Elfrieda's left fist drove into her ridged belly so deeply that the Nazi's hand nearly disappeared in the solid green flesh.

As her huge adversary, gagged in pain, Elfrieda felt the first, familiar jolt of power course through her body. That was more like it!

Green Justice not only suffered the considerable pain of the punch, but she  felt  giddy, as though she'd lost some of her strength and energy. Elfrieda struck again, with her right hand this time. The second punch was even more murderous, as muscles paralyzed by pain, collapsed.

Now, it was to Elfrieda's advantage to cause her foe as much pain as possible, while she harvested ever more of the giant's strength. She smashed her gloved fists into Green Justice's formidable bosom.

As her deadly fists enhanced by the power gloves drove into her foe's vulnerable breasts, Elfrieda felt more and more of that wonderful power flowing into her body. Not knowing why she felt so weak, Green Justice could hardly raise her arms to fend Elfrieda off. The Nazi stepped in close, and rammed her thigh like a battering ram into the green girl's crotch.

Green Justice stumbled backward in agony, and Elfrieda struck again. Now her face punches almost knocked the giant green woman off her feet.

Belly punches drained Green Justice of strength and paralyzed her with pain, until she was no longer able to defend herself.

As she reeled drunkenly across the room, a flying kick almost took Green Justice's head off.

The huge green superheroine was almost out on her feet. Only her stubborn pride kept her standing on wobbly legs.

Stubborn pride was no match for Elfrieda's enormous new strength and her power gloves.

Green Justice fell to one knee. Elfrieda raised the green girl's pretty face, and grinned into dazed, half closed eyes, eyes blurred by the confusion of imminent defeat. The stricken heroine hardly knew Elfrieda was contemptuously pawing her.

In gloating triumph, Elfrieda knew it only remained to plunder every last vestige of Green Justice's phenomenal strength and endurance, and make it her own. She seized the groggy green woman in her arms.


End of Part 1.

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