WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, f/f rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Author's Note: Certain attitudes and prejudices, presented herein, are not  those of the author, but were widespread during, the World War II era, and in the milieu, portrayed.

This story is a sequel to GW's Mission To Los Grande  Mission To Los Grande.

 Lady Marvel's Interrogation. Part 1.
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In 1943, the renowned and beloved Lady Marvel, America's favorite superheroine of the World War II period, undertook a critical  mission to Latin America, at the behest of the U. S. Office of Special Operations (OSS). Lady Marvel's assignment was to capture her younger Nazi counterpart called Ubermadchen. Ubermadchen, like Lady Marvel was an otherworldly émigré to Earth, and like the American superheroine possessed super powers of incredible magnitude. Though Ubermadchen was only a girl of eighteen, she was already a major threat to the Allied war effort. She was in the Latin America nation of Los Grande, with orders from the SS, to destroy the Panama Canal. It was vital that the Nazi threat to the canal be eliminated immediately. Due to the political situation in Los Grande, only the redoubtable Lady Marvel could deal effectively with the Nazi plot.

Aided only by a crude map, Lady Marvel swiftly, and unerringly located the Nazi compound. She confronted the bellicose Ubermadchen, who made it clear she would not be taken willingly. Though both women possessed similar super powers, it hardly seemed it could be an equal contest. Lady Marvel was a large, fully mature woman of impressive, intimidating physique, with long experience in fighting evil doers. Despite her arrogant bravado, Ubermadchen was an untried girl, not yet out of her teens. Of slender, almost fragile build, she was barely half the American Champion's size. It was only because of the critical importance, of her mission, and with the greatest reluctance, that the gallant Lady Marvel even considered physical force against her girlish opponent.

Unknown to Lady Marvel, the young Nazi, though hardly more than a child, was mistress of a myriad of martial arts techniques, in which she'd been rigorously trained since near infancy. Moreover, Ubermadchen's training had been completed, and perfected by the notorious Commandant Gerda von Hipper, her superior officer in the SS. Commandant von Hipper, a formidable street fighter and barroom brawler, had taught the eager recruit much. Gerda's favorite, oft repeated admonition was to: "gedt ze boot in first!"

An apt pupil, Ubermadchen followed her mentor's instructions to the letter.

With her own formidable martial arts skills, augmented by many of Gerda's foul tactics, Ubermadchen gained the upper hand over her larger, more honorable opponent.

Once she gained the advantage, Ubermadchen ruthlessly, beat the gallant Lady Marvel into submission, with terrible, brutal ferocity.

Well indoctrinated by Gerda von Hipper, Ubermadchen was not a chivalrous victor. With true Nazi viciousness, she degradingly punished, demeaned, and then sexually abused the virtuous Lady Marvel.

By the time Ubermadchen was done with her prisoner, she had broken the proud Lady Marvel, robbing her of courage, pride and seemingly of the will to resist.

After she forced the unfortunate Lady Marvel to basely satisfy her perverse sexual desires, Ubermadchen redonned her somber costume, well satisfied with herself. She cruelly denied her sobbing, nude prisoner's request to cover her shameful nakedness. "Hah! Let the big cow parade around naked! That'll teach her she's no superheroine, when Ubermadchen's in town!"

As Ubermadchen finished dressing, she glanced down at the trembling sobbing prisoner, crouching miserably at her feet, and noticed Lady Marvel was still wearing her famous, crimson, high heeled boots.

"Oh! I forgot you still have those tacky, red boots on! Take them off, this instant! Commandant Gerda would be furious, if she saw you wearing them!" Ubermadchen snapped.

The degraded, naked captive, sunk in despondent misery, dutifully obeyed the young tyrant's command. Pride and self respect, like her proud uniform, forcefully stripped from her, Lady Marvel had seemingly surrendered her very soul to the vicious Nazi teenager.

As soon as the weeping Lady Marvel with heavy heart, removed her boots, Ubermadchen picked up a field telephone, to report her triumph to her superior.

"The great Lady Marvel is no more! I've defeated and captured her, Commandant!".....

"No! It was quite easy! She is a clumsy, cowardly sow! Her reputation was greatly overrated! She won't give us anymore trouble!".....

"Thank you, Commandant! You are most gracious! Yes, I'll bring her to you, immediately! Heil Hitler!".....

Ubermadchen put down the phone, and turned back to her captive.

"I have orders to bring you to the main compound! There are proper facilities for dealing with you, there!" As she spoke, Ubermadchen forcefully took the sobbing prisoner's arm, and led her from the cave.

The defeated, degraded superheroine followed in sheep like obedience, but  hopelessly whimpered a plea.

"Don't be an imbecile!" Ubermadchen sneered, disdainfully, in reply to the fatuous appeal. Now that she had captured such a prize, Ubermadchen certainly had no intention of setting her prisoner free. To even ask such a question was ridiculous! Only a weak fool or a traitor to the Reich would mercifully release a valuable prisoner! Inga von Hertzvald was neither, but a patriotic daughter of the Fatherland! "Only a cowardly weakling asks for mercy!" The Nazi added with a snort of disgust.

The final insult was too much! They were outside the cave, by now. Overhead the free blue sky beckoned.  Defeated and degraded, or not, Lady Marvel was a Superheroine! She couldn't let herself be led like a passive, contemptible sheep into captivity! If she couldn't defeat the evil, little Nazi, she must escape her! She suddenly pulled away, and launched herself into an airborne flight to safety. Her captive's unexpected show of spirit caught the arrogant Ubermadchen by surprise. She'd been sure she had the captive under her complete domination, and had grown careless.

Ubermadchen felt butterflies in her stomach at the threat of losing her prize. She would be disgraced if she let such an important prisoner escape through youthful carelessness.

"Inga you are a dumbkopf! I've got to catch her!" Ubermadchen thought in bitter self recrimination, as she quickly launched herself in swift pursuit.

Her body sore and aching from the terrible beating she had endured, and exhausted by her frightful ordeal, Lady Marvel flew with difficulty. Normally graceful as an eagle in the air, now her flight was slow and erratic. Furious with herself, the youthful Ubermadchen was overtaking and swiftly gaining more altitude. Lady Marvel glanced back and apprehensively tried to increase her speed and fly higher, but it was tough going.

The chase was short, and bitter for Lady Marvel. The swifter, more agile Ubermadchen swiftly gained speed and altitude, and then plummeted down striking her in the back with deadly force. Still furious with herself, the young Nazi concentrated all her fury on punishing her escaped captive.

The force of Ubermadchen's boot heel, striking the small of her back, with the force of a Nazi V-2 Rocket, doubled Lady Marvels body into a backward vee, and knocked her nearly unconscious. She lost all power to levitate, and plummeted from the sky like a rock falling. Hardly conscious, she shrieked fearfully as the jungle floor rushed up to meet her.

Lady Marvel struck the ground with the force a meteor striking the earth, the landing especially hard on her huge, cushiony breasts.

Though badly shaken and frightened by her precipitous fall and calamitous landing, the invulnerable Lady Marvel was not permanently injured by the impact. She groggily sat up sobbing miserably at another defeat.
Ubermadchen landed behind her, still furious.

Fuming at the American crimefighter's desperate escape attempt, Ubermadchen roughly hoisted the weeping Lady Marvel to her feet with a hammer lock. If the big woman might once have had the strength to break loose from such a hold, Ubermadchen had ruthlessly beaten that strength out of her.

Ubermadchen took no more chances. She didn't release or ease the painful hold, until the prisoner was safely inside the headquarters building of the main Nazi compound. Forcing the weeping prisoner to walk in front of her at the quick pace, she viciously twisted her arm a little harder with each step. If Lady Marvel's step faltered, the Nazi viciously kneed her in the behind.

Swaggering with youthful bravado, Ubermadchen triumphantly shoved her cowering, naked captive into the presence of her Commanding Officer, the infamous Commandant Gerda von Hipper.

Showing off before her superior officer, Ubermadchen arrogantly demonstrated her total mastery over her larger, older captive, by poking and shoving the defeated American superheroine this way and that for Gerda's contemptuous inspection. A dispirited Lady Marvel sobbingly obeyed the hateful teen's commands, her head sunk low in mortification.

Even without her high heeled boots, the captive American crimefighter towered over the other two women, and perhaps with her spectacular muscular development weighed nearly as much as both of them combined. Yet she submitted to their demeaning inspection and nasty taunts, with only a sob of misery. The cruel Nazis made sport of Lady Marvel's curvaceous physical attributes, as they jeered at her.

As Ubermadchen poked the unfortunate sobbing Lady Marvel's spectacular behind, she snickered: "Ja Commandant! You should have seen the sow's big fat behind when I paddled it! It was red as raw beef! She is such a coward, she howled like a pig being butchered all the time, too! Never had a proper paddling before! Yankee parents are too lax! Course she heals quickly, like I do, so it's faded now!"

"Ach, I am zorry I mizzed zadt!" Gerda snickered. "Didt you gedt ze zludt'z costume readty to sendt to Dr. Goebbels, Liebchen?"

"Yes, just as you ordered, Commandant! Even her red boots! I made her take them off, herself! She really hated that! She was already crying like an infant, but she cried even louder taking them off! I hope, though, that Dr. Goebbels will return her things some day, so I can mount them as a souvenir on the wall of My Father's Trophy Room!"

"Ach, zadt ist a splendidt idea, Liebchen! Ja, idt vouldt be nize to haff a whole vall vull ov Yankee superbitch's cosdtumes! I vouldt like zat meinself!" Gerda replied enthusiastically, her small pig like eyes gleaming at the thought.

"Ach! Budt enofft vun, Liebchen! Idt ist time to stardt ze interrogazhun! Ve musdt learn everyzink your American zludt knowz!"  As she spoke, Gerda stripped off her SS Uniform and her undies. She liked to be comfortable when she worked, and then too, Gerda's interrogations often became somewhat messy. She wouldn't want to muss up her starched uniform. She kept her intimidating black boots on, of course. Gerda often slept in her gleaming black boots. They were the symbol of SS might, of her power.

When she was ready to work, Gerda pushed the docile Lady Marvel into a corner, and took Ubermadchen aside for a moment, and whispered to her protégé.
"I musdt go to vork on her, now! You musdt nodt ztay in here, or kommen near, Liebchen! You know vhy!" 

"Yes, I know!" The teenager answered, in obedience to Gerda's order, but she was clearly disappointed.

Cowering in the corner, Lady Marvel overheard the exchange, with her keen super hearing. The hapless prisoner felt a wild gleam of hope. She would be alone with the Nazi Commandant! Gerda was no super woman! Lady Marvel could overpower her easily! Then she could escape, perhaps taking Gerda with her as a prisoner. She held her breath, waiting eagerly for the youthful Nazi superwoman to leave the room.

End of Part 1.

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