WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, rape and other non-consensual sexual acts. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Jungle Harem Part 4. Conclusion.
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Seeing that the huge queen was nearly unconscious, and helpless to resist her, Suleema paused a moment to get her breath, before she resumed the task of completely subduing and taming the Magnificent Afrique. A prize like this didn't fall into her hands every day. Sheik Yusef would pay handsomely for such a splendid addition to his Harem.

Blaze, helplessly watching the one-sided fight, began to sob softly. She felt sick to her stomach at sight of the Magnificent Afrique crouching on the ground cradling her fabulous bosom and whimpering pitifully in pain.

Suleema approached the stricken Queen, and without warning grasped her nipples. Still in shock, Afrique could only scream in protest.

Blaze watched in horror, as Suleema grasping Afrique's sore aching breasts by the nipples, hauled the huge queen up on her feet, shrieking in distress. Though her dumpy body might belie it, Suleema possessed a bull like strength, that enabled her to suspend Afrique's enormous form dangling helplessly from her vicious grip.

Once, Suleema hauled the screaming Afrique up on tiptoe, she rammed her bony knee, and leg, into her victim's genitals with deadly force, not once but over and over. Her foe, was obviously already beaten and helpless, but that was only the first step. Now, Suleema would establish her savage dominance, once and for all, in a lesson Afrique would never forget.

When Suleema struck the final blow, Afrique rolled on the ground, her splendid form contorted in unspeakable agony.

Suleema flung herself atop her helpless adversary, and pinned her powerlessly to the ground.
Trapped between Suleema's steely thighs, Afrique struggled madly. The long triumphant queen no longer struggled to prevail over Suleema; she knew all hope of victory was dashed. Now, gallant Afrique struggled only to escape this frightening demon woman, who had nearly destroyed her. Escape, was no more possible than victory; the triumphant harem mistress rode Afrique with assured, practiced ease. It was a sobering, humbling shock for the mighty, never defeated queen, to be held helpless and dominated by another woman. She was close to weeping in despair.

No matter how desperately mighty Afrique struggled, she couldn't budge Suleema. Knowing she was decisively defeated, and unable to endure the further ignominy of being physically dominated by the smaller woman, the Queen snuffled her submission.

Surrender wasn't enough, Suleema demanded total submission to her harsh authority. Spirit broken by horrible defeat, Afrique surrendered her life and freedom to the tyrannical harem mistress.

When the victorious Suleema climbed off her, the shamed Afrique never before defeated, sat up, snuffling in shock, hardly able to comprehend the disaster that had befallen her. In hardly more than the blink of an eye, the vicious harem mistress had reduced the mightiest of queens, to her cowering slave.

Suleema harshly uttered her first command to her new slave.

In shamed misery, Afrique surrendered the Royal Jewelry that she had worn so long in pride. It now rightfully belonged to her cruel, new mistress.

Suleema gloatingly stowed away the royal jewelry. Queen Afrique, disgraced by defeat and her craven surrender, sorrowfully accepted her bitter fate as just, according to the hard Law of the Jungle. She who had commanded all others, must now grovel as slave to the arrogant Harem Mistress, who had conquered her.

As Suleema covetously stowed away the valuable golden adornments she had despoiled, the gleaming gold reminded her of the tales she had heard, in her long trek through the jungle. It was widely said, that Queen Afrique was the guardian of a vast treasure, the offerings of generations of worshipers, to the tribal god of the Nabobi.

Why should greedy Suleema be satisfied with these few baubles?

Though now Suleema's slave by right of conquest, Afrique dared not commit the blasphemous sacrilege of revealing the hiding place of the sacred treasure. Sobbing in fear she refused to divulge her secret.

Suleema picked up the stout stick she had used to drive Blaze through the jungle, and raised it menacingly. Afrique cowered away.

She who that morning reigned as undisputed Queen of a mighty nation of warriors, her word law, now crouched on the ground, her neck pinned under Suleema's boot, sobbing brokenly like a child, as the harem mistress beat her like a disobedient beast of burden.

The sun was rising higher in the sky and Suleema was hot and tired. The harem mistress was never inflexible; if one method didn't work, she was always willing to try another.

Thinking, perhaps her ordeal was over, Afrique crouched on the ground her head buried in her arms in humiliation at being beaten like a slave. She was unaware of Suleema's preparations, until the vile slave driver crept up behind her.

Raised in the pure air of the jungle, Afrique was unaware such horrifying unnatural things existed, until Suleema rammed her prickly studded, punishment dildo into the defeated queen's rectum, up to the hilt.

Flesh has its limits, and the sorrowing Afrique agreed to lead the harsh Suleema to the hiding place of the sacred treasure.

The treasure was concealed beneath the ground, and they had no tools, but Suleema cruelly forced her two captives to dig with their bare hands.

As her new slaves worked, Suleema lay down on the grass to relax, but her sharp eye never left the unfortunate captives.

Scrabbling in the dirt like dogs, the hapless former rulers of the jungle recovered enough treasure to fill two huge parcels, so heavy that they bowed even the mighty backs of Afrique and Blaze.

As she led her cruelly burdened captives from their beloved jungle home, to a harsh new life of bondage, Suleema was planning a new life of her own.

"No sense in going back and sharing my fortune with that Old Fool, Yusef! I'm richer than he is now! I'll go to a different city and buy my own palace, and have a harem of my own. These two sluts will make a nice start!" 

The End.