Latin Holiday. Part 5. Conclusion


Superheroine, Power Miss, discovers a nest of fugitive Nazis in a Latin American jungle.

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Author's Note: Certain attitudes and prejudices, presented herein, are not  those of the author, but were widespread during, the era, and in the milieu, portrayed.  Also, thanks to "frend' for several suggestions incorporated herein.

Adventures of


Crusader for Truth, Justice and Democracy.


Latin Holiday. Part 5.

Once she secured her victim's hands, Gerda pushed Power Miss down on the bench, and sat down on her lap, in a perverse reversal of their previous positions.

There was no defense left to Power Miss, but to turn her tragically sad face away from the dominant Nazi. Even that pitiful gesture of defiance was crushed, when Gerda pulled her head around, and thrust her left breast into Power Miss's face.

"Kiss me!" Gerda commanded, harshly. Terrified of the demonic Nazi, by now, Power Miss couldn't gather the courage to resist.  She let Gerda thrust her stiff, excited nipple right into her mouth.  She reluctantly kissed the hard, stiff spear, in her terror, even timidly licking it.

The timid, maidenly act of submission by her powerful, once invincible enemy, inflamed Gerda’s  dark passion to a feverish heights. She slid off Power Miss's lap and knelt between her strongly molded, succulently formed thighs.  Her lewd touchings and gropings became more forceful and insistent. Power Miss knew, in her heart, what was to come, but such was her horrified dread, that, even now, she still tried to block it from her mind.

Gerda could not resist the allure of that sweet, delectable, ripely sculpted body for long. Like a hungry she-wolf she plunged her head between Power Miss's trembling alabaster thighs, seeking that sweet, most forbidden stronghold of passion, cruelly avid for the ultimate conquest of her terrified victim.

In horrified disbelief, Power Miss felt Gerda's hot lips and burning, snakelike tongue callously invade the once inviolate sanctity of her preciously guarded, virginal pussy.  The bound superheroine stiffened in shock as Gerda’s' sucking mouth overwhelmed the tight defenses of her gratifyingly delicious, pink labia, and the Nazi adder's tongue forcefully entered her, and assaulted her clitoris, with harsh, tormenting urgency. Gerda swiftly subjugated the precious core of Power Miss's passion, to her own twisted design.

Though stoically strong willed, and always in unyielding command of her emotions, Power Miss was a fiercely passionate woman, and her virtuous, lifelong denial of her own pleasure left her especially vulnerable.  Now, Gerda brutally broke through that iron self-control, letting loose a flood tide of pent-up passion. The terrible, degrading assault was too much for our chaste heroine's overtaxed, devastated sensibilities to bear.

Half swooning, Power Miss unwillingly succumbed to the vile, cowardly rape.  Her magnificent body shuddered with a feverish, newly awakened craving, a fearful, forbidden craving, born of defeat, pain, terror and humiliation.  The hateful, unwanted feelings of sexual excitement made her shame all the worse, an impossible burden to bear.  As Gerda's mouth conquered the last citadel of her defeated plundered body, Power Miss, unwillingly endured a shuddering climax of shocking intensity. The incredible, horrifying intensity of that response shook the foundations of everything Power Miss believed, and stood for.

Gerda stood up, a satisfied smirk on her cruel face. "Hah, hah! I sink my virtuous American superheroine liked me to eat her pussy, JA!  Liked it very much, nein?"

"N-no, no!  You raped me, you vicious beast!  It was disgusting and horrible!"  Power Miss cried, but in her heart was a dreadful fear.  "Oh Dear God! What kind of filthy, worthless pervert am I? I did cum, when this despicable animal molested me!  Maybe I'm no better than she is; dear God maybe I'm worse?  Maybe, I deserve these horrible things she's doing to me, deserve her heavy foot on my neck!"

After the brutal, violation of her virtue; and even worse, her own body's treacherous surrender to that violation, the pure hearted heroine was in a state of shock.  She looked on passively, while Gerda stood up, and removed her ugly, gray panty girdle, sloppily letting her black stockings dangle to the floor.  Gerda pulled the dazed Power Miss from the bench, and pushed her down on her knees, then sat down, herself.

"Ach, ja, now you vill do Gerda!" The Nazi villainess snickered, with a wicked leer.

Oh God, protect her! Subserviently bowing her head, putting her face between this vile Nazi's legs, and paying perverted homage to that... that..! Power Miss couldn't even imagine the details; she just knew it was something too horrible to contemplate. The thought made her violently sick to her stomach.

"No, no, I c-couldn't!"  Power Miss pleaded in a broken, frightened voice.

"Ach, Ja you VILL!"   Gerda commanded, in the harsh, biting tone of Nazi domination. Her icy, blue eyes bored into Power Miss's brain, as intimidating as cold steel drills, mesmerizing the traumatized heroine.

On her knees, looking fearfully up at the evil woman, who devastatingly defeated her, and then frightfully brutalized her, Power Miss felt pride, courage and honor melt away.  All that remained, was that terrible, cold knot of fear in her belly; her terror of those remorseless, blue eyes blotted everything else from her mind.  The once indomitable superheroine dared not disobey! In a near trance, Power Miss surrendered her will to the arrogant, despotic Nazi!  It was, as though... as though.. OH GOD! though, the horrid Nazi owned her.   Gerda von Hipper, the woman she most despised in the world, had become her master, the master of her very soul!

Power Miss dumbly bowed her head, and pressed her battered, though still exquisitely beautiful face to Gerda’s crotch. Gerda shivered with sadistic pleasure, as she felt the brokenhearted superheroine's tears drench her pussy hairs. Ach, revenge was so delicious!

Once she began the odious task, Power Miss found herself carried away by it.  She licked and sucked at Gerda's pussy with, what might well, pass, for enthusiasm.  She could scarce admit it, but, in her broken heart, Power Miss felt a craven desire to please the odious Nazi dominatrix; her gut wrenching terror of displeasing the evil, autocratic Nazi, had given rise to a fawning eagerness to serve her new master.   Power Miss paid homage to Gerda’s horrid pussy with intense, hungering desire, the way a broken spirited dog will crawl on her belly, to lick her master's hand, after a savage beating.

It didn't take long before Power Miss's slavish worship of her most detested enemy had the inevitable result. Gerda exploded with perhaps the most satisfying orgasm of her life. "Ach!  Mein little, superheroine slut licks pussy like a Munich whore!  Ja, ze pitiful bitch vas born to serve her Nazi master!"

Even after her defeated enemy had rendered her, the final token of servitude, Gerda wasn't satisfied, though. Like her beloved Fuhrer, one conquest was never enough for Gerda.  She'd never forget that hateful, humiliating ride through the sky, carried into captivity like a sack of potatoes. "Ach, zat vas goot, but it iss not enough. I vant to break ze bitch, zo she will liff in terror uff me, as long as I let her liff, anyvay!  Ja, ze stuck-up bitch deserves one more sing!  I sink it ist time for 'Big Otto, ja!"

Once the idea came to her, Gerda couldn't wait to carry it out. Even while still shuddering from her triumphant sexual climax, Gerda jumped up from the bench.   Power Miss felt a well founded thrill of renewed terror. Gerda grabbed the unfortunate heroine between the legs and by the hair, and with this terribly painful grip swung her victim bodily into the air.  As Power Miss shrieked in agony, Gerda slung the bound heroine face down across the bench.

Sobbing softly, in shameful remorse for what Gerda had made her do, Power Miss lay where Gerda flung her. She was now, so terrorized by the evil Nazi, that she didn't dare dream of escape.

Meanwhile, Gerda went to a nearby cupboard to retrieve her most prized instrument of domination.  Power Miss glanced fearfully over her shoulder, and saw Gerda fasten an unfamiliar object around her legs, by the straps attached to it.

Dear God, NO!  Power Miss had heard of such nasty perverted things, but since they were illegal in her country, never seen one.

With an arrogant goose step, Gerda strutted over to her weeping, superheroine victim, and waved the fearsome, outsized phallus in Power Miss's terrified face. "Ach! I already tended to your little pussy, nein?  I sink, I vill giff you 'Big Otto' up your big, American backside!"  Gerda taunted her wretched, terrified prisoner.

The thought of that horrible monstrosity entering her tight, little anus scared the unhappy Power Miss so much, that she almost peed on the bench.  It was only, with the greatest difficulty, that she regained control of her bladder in the nick of time. Shorn of all pride and self-respect, she frantically begged and pleaded.  The virtuous heroine's piteous pleas filled Gerda's black heart with unholy joy.

As Power Miss uselessly screamed and pleaded, Gerda walked behind her, parted her superbly sculpted thighs, and pushed between them. She poked and prodded Power Miss's magnificent bottom cheeks, still blazing from the inhuman, scorching spanking, she'd given them.

"Ha, ha! Ze great, American superheroine iss not so tough now, eh?  She sqveals and begs, just like zose girls I played wiz, during ze war!  Ja, maybe you sqveal more zen zem. Some of zose bitches held out for days!  You sqvealed for mercy in less zen an hour, nein?"

Grinning in delight at her hated enemy's tragic, hysterical terror, Gerda tormented and teased her victim, a little longer, keeping Power Miss in dreadful suspense.  She pried the tight, solid  mounds of that magnificent derrière apart, and rubbed the mammoth head of the phallus against Power Miss's delicate, little anus, letting the terrified superheroine get the feel ot the dildo's heft and power.

Finally, the vicious Nazi could restrain herself no longer.  With one powerful, triumphant thrust of her hips, she rammed the giant shaft's entire length all the way into Power Miss's quivering body. The helpless, terror-stricken, American girl felt the bulbous head burst through her tightly clenched sphincter, seemingly ripping her in two. Then, the grotesque shaft plunged deep inside her intestines, filling her entire body with its loathsome presence, as Gerda buried its bulk to the hilt.

The ill-fated superheroine's horrified, violated shriek shook the rafters of the solidly constructed building. Power Miss continued to shriek, in horrible, tormented anguish, as Gerda rammed the horrible monster in and out of her wounded anus, until Gerda, herself, ecstatically lost count. The vanquished crimefighter's violated, agonized body stiffened, convulsively, at each ferocious thrust of Gerda's hips.

As the swaggering, Nazi bully savagely debauched her helpless enemy's most forbidden orifice, she slyly slid her hand under Power Miss's abdomen, until she found her delicate pussy. Gerda roughly fingered and fondled her victim's delectable, sexual organ. Even in the throes of her agonizing, mortifying pain, Power Miss could not resist her new master's possessive hand toying with her sexual organ. She thrashed helplessly on the bench, overwhelmed by the gruesome, double assault on her gorgeous body.  It wasn't until Gerda felt Power Miss explode, with her second orgasm of the evening, that she deemed 'Big Otto's' work done.

Her vicious, abominable game done, Gerda wrenched free of her tormented victim's body. The monstrous dildo ripped out of the weeping heroine's body with an audible popping sound, its exit even more painful, than its entry.  Power Miss collapsed brokenly across the bench almost falling off it.  Gerda untied her hands, with a snort of contempt. "Ja, you vill not giff me any more trouble tonight, I sink!"

Before she put 'Big Otto' away, Gerda decided to have some more fun with the monstrosity at her terrorized victim's expense.

"Ach, you filzy Yankee pig, you haff got Otto all dirty. Clean him off, you vorzeless slut!"

Power Miss looked at the horrible thing in shocked dismay.  Even terrorized, as she now was, by Gerda, the dainty, fastidious heroine was appalled at the idea of putting that thing in her mouth, after Gerda just removed it from her oral cavity. Yet, she dared not defy her evil captoress. She closed her eyes, indecisively, in dread.

It wasn't until Gerda grabbed the back of her head, and pulled it close, that Power Miss steeled herself, to gingerly take the tip of that filthy thing, into her pristine, pink mouth.  Only  a portion of the enormous, bulbous head would even fit beyond her bruised lips.

When she was satisfied that Power Miss had paid sufficient homage, to the brutal, obscene monstrosity that had nearly torn her in two, Gerda yawned. "Ach!  Zat vas fun, but id ist late, and I am tired.  I vill go to bed now!"

Gerda summoned two of her henchmen.  "Carry zis bitch to ze interrogation cell, und make her 'comfortable' for ze night!" Gerda laughed harshly.

The men looked on in disbelief, at what their Commandant had done to the invincible Power Miss, beaten her to a bloody pulp, stripped her naked, and horribly abused her.

"Ja, zat bitch Gerda is zom voman!" One man whispered to his companion. Gerda overheard the remark, but took it as a tribute to her Nazi leadership skills.

"Did zat ozer fool get the pictures?" Gerda snapped

"Ja, ja! He got zem!"

Gerda smiled slyly. "Goot!"  Gerda glanced down at Power Miss crouching at her feet, but the vanquished, brutalized heroine was in a virtual stupor, and didn't comprehend the import of the conversation.

The men picked up the broken whimpering  crimefighter, and carried her to a small, bare cell. Both took the opportunity to callously fondle, and finger the most intimate places on the body of the mighty champion of justice.

Gerda followed, closely, to make sure, even now, Power Miss didn't use her formidable strength to escape.  She had little faith in the intelligence of her subordinates. She also knew the two brutes would rape the lush-bodied American, if given the chance, and Gerda hated to share anything, especially the beautiful Power Miss. The captive superheroine was her own private, sex toy.

The two men strung the moaning Power Miss up, by her wrists from the ceiling. The cell door slammed shut, and the painfully shackled Power Miss heard Gerda's evil laugh of triumph. Every muscle in her battered body already ached, and it wasn't long, before the she was crying in  terrible torment, as she dangled helplessly  from the rafters

After what seemed days of agony, but was in reality about six hours, one of Gerda's subordinates came into the cell, and released Power Miss from her frightfully painful bondage. Even now, with her super strength, she could probably have overpowered him, but she was too demoralized and hurt to make the attempt.  As soon as the bonds were loosened, Power Miss sank down on the floor; her weary aching body hurt everywhere.

About a half hour later, the door clanged open, again, and Gerda strutted into the tiny, cramped cell. Power Miss glanced up fearfully at the woman who had defeated and brutalized her, and made her plead for mercy. She shuddered, in shock, as she saw Gerda’s attire.

Gerda now wore her own Power mesh suit.  It had somehow been dyed an evil black.  Her own proud emblem had been discarded, and the suit was now desecrated by the bloody swastika, that she so loathed.

"Oh, Dear God, what have you done to my Power mesh suit?"  Power Miss wept.

"Ach, id ist ze spoils of var. Id ist mein now!" Gerda crowed. "Ach, Yankee bitch, how do you like id? Say Auf Wiedersehen to Power Miss, und say hello to 'Fraulein Power' ze Nazi Supervoman! With superstrenz and ze power suit, zer will be no stoppink Gerda, now! Ze old Power Miss has been, how do you say it, 'defrocked'?"

Then, as if suddenly thinking of a problem, Gerda looked down at the denuded superheroine, and snickered. "Ach, but vat vill you vear, now zat I haff taken your suit?" Gerda paused a moment, and then snickered.  "Ach, I haff it! You can vear my old uniform shirt!"  Gerda conveniently produced a filthy, gray, uniform shirt, tattered and begrimed, and tossed it to her prisoner.

"PUT IT ON!" Gerda commanded icily, when Power Miss hesitated. The beautiful, frightened prisoner shuddered at the touch of the shirt, but Gerda had taught her, the hard way, never to question her new Nazi Master's harsh commands. Instant servile obedience was the only safe response. Sniffing in disgust, Power Maid put the shirt on, shamed by the evil swastika she now bore on her arm. The buttons had been deliberately torn off, and the shirt  hung loosely, not covering, but only accentuating, the unhappy crimefighter's alluring, buxom nakedness. The bedraggled superheroine stood, miserably, in the corner of the cell, while Gerda inspected her, with contemptuous arrogance.

"Vell, vat should I do viz you, now? I fear, I must shoot you!"  Gerda said, as though seriously contemplating the problem.

Cynthia felt a horrifying thrill of fear. Virtually fearless, her entire life, now the thought of death terrified her, as it never could have before. "N-no, no, please!"  She wept.

"Ach, such a vaste, zough, to shoot such a goot, liddle pussy slave. Nein, on second zought, I sink you are not verse killing; you are zuch a pasetic veakling! I vill make you a liddle proposition, Cynthia Lane!  I vill spare your vorzless life, but you vill neffer try to be a supervoman, again! You vill leave zat, to Gerda from now on!"

"A-all right!" Cynthia mumbled, in shame.  In her heart, the degraded, brutalized crimefighter knew that after this catastrophic defeat, she'd never regain the courage, to challenge evil, again.
"Sh-she's right, I am a pathetic weakling!" Cynthia Lane admitted to herself.

"Ach, ja, and vun ozer sing!  Vile I vas entertaining you, last night, our photographer took pictures! Iff you break your verd, I vill send zem to ze American newspapers. Zat vill be ze end of your newspaper career, and of your senator fazer's, too!  You understand?"

Power Miss turned pale, at the thought of her father seeing her obscenely raped, and engaging in forbidden, perverted sex, with the evil Nazi.  The shock would kill him! "No, no! You mustn't!"  She wept.

"Ja? Zen you better be a goot, liddle ex-superheroine!  Ach ja, zere ist vun ozer zing!  You vill keep Gerda informed of any information you come across in Washington! Do you understand?  Ve haff no agents zer, now, sanks to Power Miss!"

"I can't betray my country! You can't ask me to do that!"  Cynthia cried out, horrorstricken at the idea of becoming a Nazi agent, a traitor to everything she believed in.

"Nein? Vell id ist up to you! Zat is ze 'deal,' as you Americans say!  I vill send ze pictures in ze next post, zen! "

The thought of the world seeing Power Miss kneeling between Gerda's thighs, slavishly pleasuring the debauched Nazi was too appalling to bear.  Poor Cynthia knew she would even turn traitor, rather than that.

Cynthia silently nodded her head 'yes', the lump in her throat, too big to even gasp out a response.

"Ja, goot! Zat ist settled, zen! I vill take you out into ze jungle, vere you can get back to ze capitol!"

At that, 'Fraulein Power' picked Cynthia up in her arms. Yesterday, she was a masterful, invulnerable, world renowned superheroine. Today, Power Miss felt like a helpless, frightened child, in Gerda's powerful grip. Gerda carried her to the exit, and a moment later, they were flying through the air.  It was terrifying experience, as Gerda flew with reckless, inexperienced speed.

Gerda deposited Power Miss on the jungle floor, not too far from the Los Grande Capitol.  The evil, Nazi superwoman hovered in the air a moment, then seized her victim around the neck, in her unbreakable grip. Pulling Power Miss off balance, she brutally kissed the frightened woman hard on the lips.

"Just a liddle token, to remember Gerda by, until next time, Slut!'  The cruel Nazi spat out, contemptuously, before she flew off.

When Gerda let go of her neck, the broken woman, who had yesterday been the indomitable Power Miss, sank down on one knee. With an evil laugh of derision, Gerda, or 'Fraulein Power', flew off into the jungle, leaving the sad forlorn figure, in a cast off Nazi shirt, kneeling on the jungle floor, sobbing in remorse, at her disastrous failure, and betrayal of everything Power Miss had stood for.


The End.