Mom's Lawn Sale


Neighborhood humiliation catfight.

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence and non-consensual sexual scenes. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

The most momentous event of my childhood, maybe of my whole life, happened the day my mother was getting ready for her annual lawn sale.  I never looked at things the same way again.  Up until that day, Mom was always very dignified, a perfect lady and model of decorum, but that day she got into a fist fight with Ruth Evans, our next door neighbor.

It started while Mom was cleaning out the garage and cellar, looking for stuff to sell.   Now, my Mom was pretty as a picture, but, even so, she was a big, strapping woman, and she was throwing old lawn mowers and snow blowers around as if they were toys.  I was always amazed at just how strong Mom was.  In fact, it was my Dad who always went to Mom to unscrew hard to open containers, rather than the other way around.  I guess it was because she was so big;  tall and big boned, with big boobs, wide hips and a big, though very nicely shaped, backside.  She exercised a lot, and had a reasonably trim waist, though, that only made the rest of her queen sized body all the more incredible.

I remember, one day, hearing our next door neighbor Bill Andrews, telling one of his buddies.  “That Helen Matheson is built like a brick outhouse, the best looking broad in the neighborhood!”

Good looking as she was, Mom never looked at any other man but my Dad. Of course, even so, none the men in the neighborhood could seem to keep their eyes off her, and sometimes that caused problems.  A lot of the other wives blamed Mom for their men's wandering eyes, rather than putting the blame, where it really belonged.  Usually, Mom just laughed it off; she really didn't seem to care too much for other women anyway.

The neighbor who resented Mom the most was Ruth Evans.  She lived on the other side of us, from the Andrews. She was always making snide remarks that Mom just ignored.

Anyway, that day my Dad was away on a road trip, but that didn't stop Mom. She didn’t mind doing all the work herself. All though she’d never admit it, I think she was pretty proud of how strong she was.  She was wearing cutoff jeans and sports bra, and still ahd her running shoes on, because she'd just finished a five mile run.  I was only eleven, but I could already tell those long legs of hers were fabulous, full and muscular, but really shapely.  I wasn’t the only one who noticed Mom’s long legs.  Ruth’s husband, Gordon, was eying them over the hedge as she worked.

Then Ruth came out, in pink bikini, to do some sunbathing.  Now, to tell you the truth, Ruth didn’t have the figure to wear a bikini like that.  It showed off all of her pale, skinny, sagging little body, bur that never seemed to worry Ruth.  She seemed to think she was gorgeous, and was always parading around half naked, to the snickers of most of the men.

At first, Gordon didn’t even notice his scantily clad wife, he was still so busy ogling Mom, that is, until Ruth snarled something to him in a harsh grating  voice.  With one final, longing glance over his shoulder at Mom, Gordon slunk, sheepishly, back into the house.  Ruth may only have been about five foot nothing and a hundred pounds, but Gordon was terrified of her.  In fact the whole neighborhood was leery of Ruth.  She was a real sarcastic bitch, with a tongue like an adder.

As soon as Gordon slunk inside, Ruth stormed through a gap in the hedge and stalked over to the garage door and yelled at Mom. “Why the hell don’t you put some clothes on instead of parading around here, like some cheap, two-bit slut?”  She snarled.

Mom looked up, with a big grin, and, said, sweet as pie:  “Gee Ruth, I like your outfit, too!  Did you pick it up at the last lawn sale?”  Ruth's family had money, and she was always lording it over everyone in the neighborhood.  On the other hand my Mother always had to work for everything she got.  I guess that's why she couldn't resist needling the blonde.

“Shut  your big mouth, Helen Matheson, or I’ll shut it for you!”

“That’ll be the day!” Mom laughed, and pointedly turned her back on the noisy, fish wife from next door. Then, she nonchalantly leaned over to pick up another heavy packing crate, to take out to the lawn.

Ruth was about foaming at the mouth, she was so mad.  I don't believe she even thought about what she was doing.  Anyway, she kicked mom in the behind.  Her feet were bare, and the kick hardly even moved Mom’s big solid body, but my Mother’s face blazed, and she spun around furiously.

“Okay, you nasty, blond witch, that’s it!  You get your skinny, ugly, little butt back across that hedge, or I’ll throw you over it!”

As soon as she kicked Mom, Ruth must have realized what a terrible mistake it was, because she looked scared as heck.  Her face turned a sort of  white green.  She started toward the hedge, but scared or not, she couldn’t resist one last parting shot.

"Anybody with an ass that big and fat deserves to get it kicked!  If you covered it up properly, I wouldn't have been tempted!"  Ruth said it with a nasty little laugh.

That did it!  Mom grabbed Ruth, lifted her a foot off  the ground, and shook her, until the little blonde’s teeth rattled. Then, she sat her up on a shelf in the garage and stood back, hands on her broad hips, to admire her handiwork.

“Stay there, Ruthy, Dear!  I’ve got work to do!’  Mom chuckled.

Now, it was Ruth’s turn to get red in the face. Her breathing got loud and harsh, and her eyes blazed.  She was obviously fit to be tied.  She jumped down from where Mom set her, and launched a roundhouse slap at Mom’s grinning face.  Mom moved her head about an inch, and the slap missed. Ruth’s momentum carried her around in a half circle, right off her feet.

Ruth jumped up, still seething, and ran at Mom, scratching and clawing. Mom grabbed the spitting blonde’s wrists, and held her helpless, in a grip of iron.

“Cool down, Ruthy, before you blow a gasket!” Mom purred. I suspected she was getting a charge out of humiliating the annoying, little blond.

“L-let me go!  Leggo, you big, over-grown ox!”  Ruth yelled.

“Are you going to behave, like a good, LITTLE girl?”  Mom ignored the ‘overgrown ox’ remark, although her eyes blazed, when Ruth said it, but she just couldn’t resist getting back, by emphasizing Ruth’s tiny stature, which as everyone in the neighborhood knew, the blonde was very sensitive about.

Ruth was sniffling by now, she was so mad and frustrated.  “All right, but let me go!”  She snuffled.

Mom was too good-natured to torment anyone for long, even a bitch like Ruth; she let go of her wrists.  Ruth stood there a few seconds, shaking with rage or fear, I don’t know which.  I guess she still hadn’t learned her lesson, though, because as soon as she got herself under control, she hauled off and slugged Mom in the face, with her fist.

“Wow!”  I thought.  “She must be crazy! That little gnat sting won’t even faze Mom!”  I confidently waited for Mom to laugh off the punch, and mop up the garage with Ruth.

Instead, when the punch landed on the point of her stubborn chin, Mom got this stunned, surprised look on her face. Her eyes rolled, and her arms dropped.  She stumbled backward a step, her big legs wobbling.

For a second, Ruth looked even more surprised than Mom.  But she recovered quick enough.   She stepped in close, and hauled off and slugged Mom again.  This time, of course, my Mother was wide open, and the second  punch must have landed even harder, right on the same spot, the point of her chin.

The effect was even more devastating, this time.   Mom’s eyes rolled up under her lids, and her big, sexy body went limp.  She just sort of crumpled up, like a big rag doll.  She wound up on her behind, on the floor at Ruth’s feet.

I got this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, when I saw Ruth knock my Mom down. I couldn’t believe this little bitch had kayoed MY MOM, the strongest woman in the neighborhood.  It was obvious, too, that first punch hadn’t been any kind of a fluke. Big and strong as she was, my Mom must have had what fighter’s call a ‘glass jaw’.

Mom looked up with a puzzled look on her face, like she had no idea where she was, or how she got there.  Ruth was almost dancing with joy, but she got her self under control, soon enough.  She grabbed a handful of Mom’s sports bra, and pulled her face up close.  Then she put everything she had behind the next punch, a right uppercut.

I heard Mom whimper, “N-no!” and then I heard Ruth’s fist crack against Mom’s jaw, for the third time. The sound went right through me like an electric shock.

Ruth let go of her bra, and Mom flopped over on her back. She was out cold!

Ruth let out a war whoop of triumph, and danced around my Mom’s kayoed body.   Mom just lay there moaning a little, hardly moving, her legs spread wide.  Suddenly, she didn’t look like the biggest, strongest woman in the neighborhood, anymore, but more like a hurt little girl.

When she finished her victory dance, Ruth sat down on Mom’s chest.  Even though, Mom was still out like light, she wriggled a little when Ruth sat on her, but Ruth didn’t budge.

When Mom finally started to come around, she looked up, and saw the nasty blond sitting on top of  her chest.  She began to struggle harder with all her strength, trying to get loose.  There was a tense, desperate look in her eyes.  My brave Mother came close to throwing the smaller woman off her, but just when she almost succeeded, Ruth cocked her fist, and sent it crashing into Mom’s chin.  That’s all it took!  Mom went limp and still, and her big blue eyes closed.  She was out cold again; there was no question about it, she really did have a glass jaw!

Ruth was grinning like she’d just won the lottery.  She slapped Mom’s face a back and forth, a few times, until Mom opened her eyes again.

“Wake up, Sleepyhead!”  Ruth chirped.

“Get off me, you Little Witch!” Mom yelled, when she realized what was happening.  I thought, I heard a note of hysteria in her voice, and she started struggling desperately again.

Ruth hit Mom a fourth time and knocked her for another loop.  It didn’t surprise me anymore; I’d sickly come to expect it. I watched in horrified fascination as Ruth slapped Mom awake, again.  This time, when she opened her eyes, Mom looked scared.  She just lay there breathing hard, her eyes big and dark with fear.

“Well, who’s the Queen Bee of the neighborhood, now?” Ruth demanded.

“Y-you are!”  Mom mumbled in a choked voice. Hearing my Mom so scared was as bad a shock, as seeing her knocked out. I never knew Mom to be scared of anything!

“That’s right, Sweety, I AM!” Ruth crowed. Then, as though to prove it to herself, she hit Mom again.  Her dynamite punch knocked Mom for another loop.  Seemingly satisfied, Ruth stood up, and planted her foot on Mom’s chest, squashing her big, up thrusting, right boob. Mom trembled a little, but didn’t wake up.

Ruth leaned over and slowly pulled Mom’s sport bra off, pushing and shoving the much bigger woman around like a sack of potatoes.  Mom moaned some more, but still didn’t wake up.

I gulped in horror at seeing anyone treating my beautiful mother so disrespectfully.  Even so, I couldn’t take my eyes off my mother's big ripe breasts.  Naked, they were gorgeous, big and firm, with big, pointy, brown nipples.  This time, Ruth woke Mom up by slapping her breasts instead of her face.

Mom woke up, with a yelp of pain and a shudder of fear.  She looked up and saw Ruth standing over her, waving her bra in the air.  There were tears in her eyes, and this time, it was plain as day, that Mom was scared out of her wits.

“No, no!’  Mom whimpered. “Give me, my top back!  Pl- please!”

“Shut up, Helen!  You’ve got this coming to you!  You’ve been waving those big, fat tits around, under everybody’s noses for years!  Well, lets show them off good, for the whole neighborhood to see!”

“No, no!”  Mom wept, but her tears only egged Ruth on.

“Maybe we ought to see what you’ve got under those too tight, too short cutoffs too!”  Ruth chuckled, with a nasty gleam in her eyes.

“N-no!”  Mom yelled in terror.  She rolled over on her tummy, and tried to scoot away on her hands and knees, but Ruth kicked her in the behind again. This time, of course, her kick was effective, flattening Mom.  Her big gorgeous, naked boobs splatted on the cement garage floor.

Flat on her belly, Mom clawed the cement in desperation trying to get away, as Ruth pulled the tight denim down off her big round behind.  Mom's pink under panties came off too.  Her big, hard, round bottom cheeks gleamed like car headlights.  Mom was squealing and screaming in terror.

Once Ruth pulled her pants off, Mom just lay there, sobbing loudly.  Even then, I think if she’d gotten up, and covered her chin, she still could have beaten the crap out of the little bitch, but Ruth had her buffaloed by now.

Ruth waved Mom’s pants in the air, and jumped up and down, whooping in joy, some more.  She still wasn’t done humiliating poor Mom though.  She kicked Mom over on her back.  Mom tried to cover her crotch and her big boobs with her hands, but it was no use.  Her huge, milky breasts spilled over her arm, and her other hand couldn’t quite cover her soft, mahogany thatch.

Mom caught a glimpse of me staring, stupefied at her incredible body, and begged.  “Oh please, Ruth!  Not in front of Bobby. He’s only eleven!”

“Shut up, you big, fat-titted whore!  You brought this on yourself!”  Ruth screamed, and kicked Mom in the belly.  Mom doubled up in a ball choking for air.

“Get up on your feet, you big Cow!”  Ruth yelled, and hauled Mom up on her feet.  It was a tough job, because Mom was twice her size, but the little bitch handled her easily.  Mom was too scared to resist, and let Ruth paw her without putting up any fight.  You could tell she was scared silly of the nasty blonde by now.

Once she had Mom up, Ruth stepped back and cocked her fists again. Mom cowered away from her, and put up her hands protectively, not in a fighting stance with closed fists, but with her hands open, as though surrendering, yet still trying to protect that glass jaw.

It was horrible to watch my big, beautiful Mother being terrorized like that, by a nasty bitch half her size.  Mom was so scared she was shaking like a leaf.  It made those big, white boobs jiggle up and down excitingly, I must say.

While poor Mom tried to protect her face, Ruth hit her in the stomach.  Mom had a healthy appetite, and was a little plump, maybe, but even so, under the plump flesh, you could see her tummy muscles clearly outlined, because she was in such good shape and exercised a lot.  Ruth’s bare midriff, on the other hand, looked like a little pot of custard pudding.  Firm tummy muscles, or not, though, Ruth’s fist drove into my Mother’s body about up to the wrist.  Mom’s mouth dropped open, and she grabbed herself, and doubled over.  She was gagging, but she couldn’t even cry out.  The punch had taken her breath away completely.

While Mom was holding her lower tummy, for dear life, Ruth plowed her fists into Mom’s big breasts.  Mom could only squawk in agony.  She fell down on her knees.  It looked like she was worshiping Ruth.

Even kneeling down, Mom’s head was about even with Ruth’s droopy little tits. It was tragic! Here was my big, beautiful, queenly mother crouching down on her knees, completely at the mercy of a skinny, little potbellied blonde.  In terror, Mom helplessly  tried to curl up in a ball, but Ruth kicked her over on her side.

I yelled, “Leave my Mom alone!  Leave her alone!” but Ruth gave me a nasty look, and snarled: “Shut up, you worthless little piece of crap!” She was so nasty, she scared me just as much as she’d scared my poor, helpless Mother. I shut up; by now, I was crying as hard as Mom was.

Just then, Mom made one last desperate stab at escaping.  She jumped up and tried to run away, but she was hurt pretty bad, and moved slow and clumsily.  Ruth caught her easily.  Now the blond bitch really got nasty!

Once she caught her, Ruth grabbed Mom’s crotch from behind, with one hand and her big boob with the other.  Mom went stock still, frozen like a statue.  The only movement was her big, tear filled, blue eyes, darting madly around, hopelessly looking for some escape.

“No, please, Ruth Let go!  Oh, wh-what are you doing?”  Mom blubbered. Ruth twisted her glossy pubic hair until Mom shrieked at the pain.

“Shut up, Helen, or I’ll snatch your snatch bald!”  Ruth laughed, pleased at her pun.

Mom didn’t move or even struggle, except that she was trembling so hard that her knees knocked together.  She bit her plump lower lip trying to hold back her loud sobs.  The tears just streamed down the cheeks of her beautiful face.  Now, that Ruth had Mom fully under control, she started pinching her nipples. Mom shrieked again. The horrifying sound went right through me like a razor.

Ruth went on tormenting Mom for several minutes. If Mom tried to pull away, Ruth would pinch her pussy, and Mom would behave.  As she held on to Mom’s pussy to keep her under control, Ruth began to play with it. In horror, I saw her wriggling fingers slide inside Mom’s plump, pink, pussy lips.  Mom’s body went stiff as a board, as though she’d been struck by a lightening bolt.

“Omigod, No! Get out of there! Oh no, Ruth pleeeease!” Mom pleaded between heartbroken sobs. Ruth’s fingers got to her, though, much as she obviously hated it.  Her mouth gaped open, as she panted for breath between sobs.  Her big hips wiggled around, and her eyes got glassy. Ruth stopped pinching Mom’s nipples, and started rubbing and massaging them, instead.  Mom’s head drooped backward against Ruth’s shoulder, and she started to moan, almost as loud as she’d been crying, seconds before.

By now, half the neighborhood had gathered to see what the horrifying screams were about.  They stayed to watch.  Most of the wives were snickering at Mom’s humiliation.  She found out that day how few real friends she had.  None of the husbands dared help Mom either, with their wives watching. I guess some of them were enjoying it too, as it became more like a sick sex show.

 My poor Mother stripped naked, finally came in an explosive, sexual  climax, while half the neighborhood watched her humiliation. There were a few anonymous catcalls, but mostly people just stared in quiet fascination. After she successfully finger raped her, Ruth flung my sobbing Mother back down on the lawn, outside the garage.

Ruth still hadn’t finished tormenting Mom, though.  Doing something like that to Mom must have gotten Ruth all excited, too.  Her eyes were hot and gleaming, and she was panting in excitement.  She looked down at my naked Mother and licked her lips.  Mom looked up in sick horror; I guess, somehow, she knew what was coming.  Ruth slowly sat down on Mom’s bountiful chest, acting like my sobbing Mother was a slave she owned.

Ruth squirmed around until she got comfortable, and had Mom’s arms pinned under her knees.  Ruth’s skimpy, pink bikini bottom was right above Mom’s suffering face.  My Mother looked up at the vicious blond, her tear drenched, blue eyes pleading her for mercy, but Ruth just looked down at her, still acting as if she owned her.  I guess, maybe, at that second, she did.   Ruth nonchalantly adjusted her bikini, and I saw her black sheathed pussy peeking out.  So did Mom; her eyes went wide open in horrified shock.  Ruth arrogantly pointed her finger at her crotch.

Mom’s big body stiffened for a second, like she was going to resist, but then she sort of went limp, as though in resignation.  Ruth had beaten all the fight out of her.  A few seconds later, I saw Mom’s tongue slide obediently into Ruth’s partially exposed pussy, and then her mouth was making gulping, sucking motions.

Ruth sat there like a little queen, fingering her breasts, her eyes half-closed for a while.  Then she started squirming around in excitement. I noticed Mom was squirming around herself, her big white legs wriggling and jerking. I suppose, some part of her strong nature responded to being brutalized and dominated that way.

Ruth screamed in ecstasy!  Mom groaned in despair!

Ruth sat there, real still and dreamy eyed, for a little while longer, than slowly stood up.  She winked at one of her friends, who winked back.  She spat down into Mom’s face, in contempt.

Mom rolled over, and buried her face in her arms, ashamed to face anyone after what she’d just been made to do.  Ruth wasn’t finished yet. She grabbed Mom’s long, brown, ponytail and used it like a dog leash, tugging on it, until Mom was up on her hands and knees.

“Oh please Ruth leave me alone!  Haven’t you done enough already?”  Mom sobbed.

“Stop yapping, and heel, Bitch!”  Ruth yelled at Mom, and kicked her, treating her like a stray dog.  Mom was too terrified of the blonde to dare cross her, and she obediently crawled along behind Ruth, on her hands and knees, with Ruth jerking on her ponytail for turns. Ruth paraded my poor, humiliated Mother around the lawn, like that, showing her off to the neighborhood.

I guess the men thought it was quite a show, the way Mom’s big behind wriggled back and forth in all its naked glory.  Her breasts were so big they dangled down halfway to the ground. Every once in a while, one of the men would catch a glimpse of Mom’s pussy, between her big, round thighs, and would lick his lips, and maybe give a little whistle.

Ruth glanced down and saw the way Mom’s butt was swaying from side to side, and snickered. “That’s it Doggie-Bitch wag your tail for the nice people!”

Mom’s head was hanging down, so she wouldn’t have to look anyone in the face, but every once in a while, Ruth would jerk her face up by her ponytail leash, so one of her women cronies could laugh into Mom’s face.

Mom looked up at one woman, Jean Stevens, she thought was her friend, and whimpered.  “Please Jean, make her stop!” but Mrs. Stevens just sniffed and looked away. Ruth jerked Mom on to the next person by the hair.

“Oh, please Ruth let me go!  You’ve got what you want!”  Mom kept begging.  Finally, Ruth jerked her head up, and looked down into Mom's face.

“One more thing, Helen!”  Ruth purred.  She put her foot up on a little box, and commanded “Kiss my foot, Helen!”

Mom was still groveling on her hands and knees.  With a look of sick resignation on her beautiful face, Mom even did that.  She had no more pride left. It must have been the lowest point of her life.

Ruth finished off my Mother’s total humiliation by tying her up, naked.  She used Mom’s own duct tape to fasten her arms behind her back.  Mom had put up a “Sale” sign over our picnic table, and Ruth made her kneel, naked, up on the table, under the sign. She jammed Mom’s own pink panties into her mouth and taped them there.

Mom had brought out some white cardboard and markers, to make price tags for the sale.  Ruth picked up a piece of the cardboard and a marker and wrote something on it.  Then she hung it around Mom’s neck.  It dangled down resting on Mom’s big, proud, upthrust breasts.  It said: “two bit whore, $.15 a pop.”

Ruth strutted up and down in front of her victim, my poor humiliated Mom, to the admiration of her women cronies.  It was almost a half hour later, that someone finally insisted on untying Mom and letting her go.

Mom ran into the house, sobbing like little girl.  She locked herself in her room, and wouldn’t come out until my Dad got home the next day.  After that, Mom wouldn’t show her face in the neighborhood. Finally a couple of months later, Dad arranged for us to move to a new house, on the other side of the City.  Even there, Mom was never the same, again.

 The End.