WARNING: This story contains graphic violence and non-consensual bestiality. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Perils Of the Lion Queen.
Part 2.

After attacking Lurleena, the Lion Queen from behind, her once faithful side-kick, T'wanna viciously beat her erstwhile jungle mentor into near unconsciousness.

While the injured Lurleena lay on her belly hardly able to move, T'wanna grabbed two handfuls of long golden hair.  As Lurleena struggled to escape the painful grip on her hair, T'wanna thumped down on her back, and viciously grabbed the beautiful blonde between the legs.

Knowing she was beaten, and unable to endure anymore of the fierce pain, Lurleena bleated her surrender. T'wanna swiftly bound the defeated Lion Queen with strong unbreakable vines, and then roughly pulled her to her feet.

Knotting another vine around Lurleena's neck as a halter, the triumphant T'wanna led her shamed captive through the jungle to a cave in the swamp, where the two former friends once played as girls.

Inside the cave, the cruel T'wanna suspended her helpless captive by her feet, and lowered her into a pit of deadly snakes.

Lurleena shrieked in terror until T'wanna relented, and raised her from the pit. As the vanquished Jungle Queen knelt trembling in violent agitation from her frightful ordeal, T'wanna gleefully tore the loin cloth from her shapely loins, baring her golden fringed womanhood. Lurleena squealed in outraged shock.

T'wanna went to the mouth of the cave and whistled.  A few moments later, she returned, leading a huge male lion; one she had raised from a cub. The lion born since Lurleena left the jungle, had no knowledge of the loving bond the older lions felt for the beautiful blonde woman. T'wanna led her pet to Lurleena's side and whispered in his ear, using the language of the lions, Lurleena, herself, in happier days taught her.

The young lion had not yet mated, and found the tawny-maned Lurleena a tempting sexual toy. As the lion sniffed lustfully at her shapely body, Lurleena wept in despairing fear.

Without further foreplay, the excited lion, mounted the weeping Lurleena from behind, and had his way with her delectable, defenseless body.

Giving Lurleena scant chance to recover from the horrors of the bestial, anal rape, T'wanna picked the sobbing blonde up in her arms, and carried her to a pool of quicksand a short way from the cave.

T'wanna watched as Lurleena sank into the quicksand, her beautiful face, twisted in terror, disappearing finally into the filthy ooze. Only then, did cruel T'wanna haul her erstwhile friend from the muck.

When Lurleena had partially recovered form her terror, T'wanna contemptuously loosened her bonds.  She shepherded the tearful Lurleena down to the river, where they had swam as girls, to wash the sticky mud from her creamy skinned body. As Lurleena bathed, T'wanna stood smiling on the bank. When Lurleena was done, T'wanna suddenly called out a warning.

Lurleena had often fought and killed killer crocs in her youth. Now the thought of facing another jungle peril filled her with uncontrollable fright. The crocodiles had long ago learned to fear Lurleena's wrath, but now sensing her newborn fear they began heading toward the panicky Jungle Queen. Lurleena fled in terror.

On the bank of the river, T'wanna caught Lurleena, and harshly informed her. "The perils of the jungle are too great for a white woman; horny lions, quicksand, snakes and crocodiles, and especially 'uppity' native girls, LIKE ME! You should leave the jungle and never return! If you're wise, you'll take my advise!"

"Y-yes, yes! Anything you say, T'wanna!  Only no more, please, no more! If you let me go, I-I'll go back to my parent's homeland!  You'll never see me again! Ever!  I swear! Honest, I will!" Lurleena babbled.

"Swear it, while you kiss my feet!" T'wanna giggled.

The humbled, Lion Queen hastily fled from her jungle home, never to return.

At age eighty-five, retired librarian, Lurleena Fisher, lives in old-maidish seclusion in Canton Ohio.

The Batawanna Republic's President-for-Life, T'wanna Mabatta, was assassinated by a rebel sniper in 1983.

The End.