(Author's Note: This sequence was intended as the introduction to a much longer story, but technical difficulties may make completion impossible, so I'm posting it as a short standalone.)

WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, and adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Mega Woman's Disgrace.

Possessing  powers equal to Mega Woman's own, Adder was the most dangerous foe, the stalwart Champion of Justice ever faced, as Mega Woman discovered in their first encounter.

Through an informant, Mega Woman was aware that Adder possessed super powers of her own. Yet, Mega Woman hardly imagined any criminal would dare resist her formidable might, exercised in the cause of justice. She discovered her error, when the wily Adder unexpectedly leapt at her in a belligerent manner. The smaller woman trapped  Mega Woman in a crushing bear hug, pinning her chagrined foes arms to her sides. 

When she tried to break free, Mega Woman made the disconcerting discovery that her evil foe was almost her equal in strength. Though she strained every muscle of her magnificent body, she couldn't immediately get loose.

Though Adder proved incredibly strong, it was doubtful that she was quite as powerful as the larger more muscular Mega Woman. After the first initial surprise, the resolute heroine strained every muscle to break free, and finally, with a mighty heave, tore her right arm from Adder's grasp.

Before Mega Woman could free her other arm, Adder retaliated by grabbing the heroine's enormous left breast in her claw like grip.

To forestall Mega Woman escaping her clutches, Adder viciously rammed her knee into the crotch of the Champion of Virtue.

Feeling confident, the arrogant Adder released her grip and took a step backward.

Stricken by the dastardly villainess's cowardly, foul blow to her genitalia, Mega Woman failed to block a blasting straight left to her jaw.

Adder's mighty right fist finished the job, knocking Mega Woman gaga.

Mega Woman crashed to the ground. She tried to get up but her head was spinning, and her supple, shapely legs seemed to have turned to water. Adder stood over the fallen heroine and sneered a warning.

Before Mega Woman could gather her senses, the depraved villainess emphasized her warning with a vicious belly stomp, never one to let good sportswomanship prevent her from kicking a foe when she was down. 

A mule like kick to the jaw, knocked Mega Woman completely out cold. She lay unstirring, long enough for Adder to make her escape, but not before adding one final humiliating touch to her victory.

Waking to the realization, that for the first time in her glorious career, she'd been decisively beaten by an evil foe, and then finding herself stripped mortifyingly naked, was a horror, the virtuous champion would never forget.

Even years later, Mega Woman's face grew beet red at the thought of that mortifying flight home; stark naked, her shame was visible to all!

The End.