WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, f/f rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Author's Note: Certain attitudes and prejudices, presented herein, are not those of the author, but were widespread during, the wartime era, and in the milieu, portrayed.

Mission To Los Grande. Part 4. Conclusion.
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As though proof that justice was indeed blind, evil triumphed over virtue and honor in the Los Grande jungle. The vile, young Nazi bully, Ubermadchen, decisively defeated the noble American champion of democracy, Lady Marvel. She ruthlessly thrashed her beaten foe, until the badly battered Lady Marvel had no choice but to surrender to the ruthless girl. Viciously determined to degrade her foe, Ubermadchen tore off the lower portion of Lady Marvel's proud uniform, intent on further punishing her with a paddle. In desperation, Lady Marvel tried to escape, but was swiftly caught again.

Her prisoner's panicky flight changed Ubermadchen's plans. Now, she would really punish the mature, older superheroine, by taking her across her knee and spanking her like a naughty child. "How delicious! This way will be more fun, anyway!" Making sure there was no further escape attempts, Ubermadchen demeaningly pinched  Lady Marvel's ear, to drag her across her lap. Unable to escape the girl's grip, and horrified by the mortifying prospect of being spanked, Lady Marvel sniffled in protest.

Ubermadchen swiftly settled Lady Marvel's huge, womanly body across her girlish knees. She twisted her victim about, until the snuffling woman's large, muscular, but femininely rounded buttocks were exposed at just the right angle. She eyed her large gorgeously rounded target, eagerly. Her heart thumping wildly, the mortified Lady Marvel could only wait the girl's sadistic pleasure.

"Oh, isn't enough she's beaten me? Must she shame me this way?" It hadn't yet occurred to Lady Marvel, that this horrible punishment might be just as painful as it was humiliating.

It was only when the first blow landed, that Lady Marvel discovered that Ubermadchen's devilish paddle could inflict fierce, scorching pain to her normally invulnerable back side. She shrieked in hellish torment at the excruciating discovery.

Undone by the fierce searing pain in her splendidly sculpted behind, something never before imagined, the once dauntless American Champion broke down completely, and with loud screams, sobbingly begged the vicious girl to stop. Her loud wails only incited the heartless teenager to greater effort.  Ubermadchen was sadistically amused and delighted by the renowned Lady Marvel's shrieks for mercy, but loudly expressed indignant disgust at the Allied superheroine's lack of fortitude.

Maddened by the fierce unaccustomed pain, Lady Marvel struggled with hysterical frenzy to escape Ubermadchen's clutches, even as she hysterically screamed for mercy. Making sure her victim didn't escape, Ubermadchen kept up her stream of sneering taunts, as her unflagging right arm rose and struck with pitiless regularity.


Inevitably the cruel punishment sapped all her strength and resistance. Unable to struggle any more, Lady Marvel slumped brokenly across the devil girl's knees, her cries dying to sobbing, pitiful whimpers for mercy.

At last, the cruel young Nazi, dropped her arm to her side and paused a moment, demanding the broken American superheroine's total submission.

Pain blotted everything from her mind and heart. Nothing else mattered but ending this terrible scalding agony; Lady Marvel sobbingly submitted to the teenager's authority. 

With a satisfied sneer, Ubermadchen pushed her degraded, weeping victim off her lap. As Lady Marvel gingerly rubbed her scorched backside, the girl languidly removed her Nazi uniform. Lady Marvel uneasily gulped down the lump in her throat, as she saw what Ubermadchen was doing.

Once she had removed her own clothing, Ubermadchen forcefully stripped Lady Marvel of the last vestiges of her own uniform.  Though growing up in a more innocent age of American history, Lady Marvel, as a big city reporter and crimefighter, knew of instances of forceful lesbian domination and rape. Raised in the tradition of her god fearing parent's wholesome rural values, the idea had always revolted and sickened her. Oh Dear God! Was this angelically innocent appearing  teenager one of those kind of women.

Though it would have also shocked and horrified her own stern Prussian parents, young Inga had indeed absorbed many perverse inclinations from her mentor, Commandant Gerda.

The naked Ubermadchen jumped lightly to the top of the stool, she had used for the hellish spanking. Looking down triumphantly at the miserably sobbing superheroine she had so resoundingly defeated and punished, she arrogantly ordered Lady Marvel to kneel down in front of her.

 "You will lick my Nazi boots clean, now, American whore!" Ubermadchen sneered.

The hateful, little, Nazi BITCH! By what right did she DARE command the proud and virtuous LADY MARVEL to servilely kneel and pay her homage? The sharp burning pain that still scalded her blistered backside, reminded Lady Marvel that the hateful girl had won the right by defeating and thrashing her. Painfully aware of the terrible teenager's power over her, Lady Marvel resentfully sank to her knees, hating herself for her craven weakness.

Crouching abjectly on her knees, Lady Marvel servilely kissed Ubermadchen's Nazi boot.

Ubermadchen was not satisfied by any token homage, but forced the sobbing, broken-hearted, American superwoman to lick every inch of her shiny black boots, and then suck the toes.

Her defeated foe's servile homage was tremendously exciting, erotically so, to the evil Nazi. It made her youthful breasts tingle with excitement. How delightful to have a slave to ease that tingling itch. She ordered her hapless slave to come to her. Lady Marvel, hating the evil girl, but fearing her even more, did as she was told.


Though not surprised by now, Lady Marvel was still appalled, when Ubermadchen demanded the ultimate homage. How could she do THAT, but terrified of the evil teen, she obediently sank back down on her knees. Knowing she would do what the hateful teen wanted, Lady Marvel hated the girl's odious domination with her whole heart, but she hated herself even more for her cowardly submission to it. After her glorious triumphant career, her world acclaim as a heroic defender of virtue, it was horrifying to discover she was a coward, who could be stripped of virtue by fear, fear of a teen aged girl half her size. 

Ubermadchen wrapped her slim leg about Lady Marvel's neck, drawing the older woman's tear-stained face to her wet, eager young pussy. In misery, Lady Marvel obediently let herself be guided.

Gagging in disgust, Lady Marvel abjectly did her best to satisfy Ubermadchen's lust, terrified of the penalty for failure.

Ubermadchen was already tremendously excited by her conquest of the renowned American Superheroine. To have such a slave to minister to her needs was even more arousing. She came swiftly, though, it seemed an eternity to the heartsick Lady Marvel.

Very satisfied, Ubermadchen jumped down from the stool, and swiftly redonned her Nazi uniform. At her feet, stomach still churning in disgust, a forlorn figure of misery and defeat, sobbed brokenly. As Ubermadchen dressed, Lady Marvel became more aware of her own shamed nakedness.

"Pl-please, c-could I have my uniform back?" The shamed crimefighter pleaded between sobs.

"Certainly NOT!" Ubermadchen snapped. "You are my prisoner of war, and deserve no clothing to cover your disgusting carcass! Those rags will be sent to Dr. Goebbels in Berlin! He will make good use of them in publicizing your defeat and disgrace!"

The End.

Our hapless heroine's travails will be concluded in the near future, in: "Lady Marvel's Interrogation."