WARNING: This story contains adult situations, adult language, and violence. It is intended for mature adults only, and should not be read by anyone under the age of twenty-one!

Mom the Superheroine.
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"At first, I was kind of embarrassed, when my sons, Ralphie and Billy, found my old costume, in a trunk in the attic! I'd thought it would be best, to wait until they were older, to tell them, their mother was the famous superheroine, Fantastic Femme, in her younger days!"

"Well, when they kept bugging me to tell them about my adventures, it did make me feel pretty proud! Of course, I kept reminding them, over and over, they MUST NEVER reveal my real identity to ANYONE! I loved the way their eyes lit up, though, when I'd tell them about my triumphs over evil! Of course, I left out those times, when things went the other way; they're not the kind of stories, you tell your kids! Things like that robot!"

"To tell you the truth, after that eight foot robot, anally raped me for fourteen hours before I escaped its clutches, it made it a lot easier to accept, when Ralph proposed marriage, to my alter ego, prim librarian, Betty Boon! Ralph is a sweet guy, and he recognized the warm, loving woman, behind Betty's frumpy, dowdy guise! By then, I was nearly thirty, and the glamor of fighting evil had worn thin, anyway, and I wasn't all that sorry to leave my boring library job, either!"

"Ralph was pretty happily surprised on our wedding night,
when he got his first glimpse of a superheroine, in a sexy nightgown! Naturally, like all superheroines, I have a really fabulous figure! You know, that IS a superheroine thing! We're ALL gorgeous! Even now, if I do say so myself, at forty-five, after fifteen years of marriage, and two kids, my figure is still pretty spectacular, even by the standards of the Superheroine Sisterhood! And people never can believe my real age when I tell them! They always tell me I look years younger! Of course, I do my best to play it down, and dress conservatively! Aside from hiding my real identity, nobody wants a shameless sexpot as P.T.A. President!"

"Some of those other unfortunate occupational hazards, although they were really nasty at the time, turned out to be valuable learning experiences! Like that time, Mistress Morganna, the evil hypnotist, mesmerized me, and made me her unpaid housekeeper for six months! I was the only servant, and I spent about nineteen hours a day, cleaning her forty room mansion with the twenty-three bathrooms! Not only did I have to do all Morganna's housework, but in my very limited free time, she ordered me to watch the cooking channel, and read cookbooks, until I got to be a gourmet chef, able to cook banquets for her evil guests! I not only had to cook the banquets, I had  to serve
them to the evil guests, too! Naked! When I finally came to my senses, after six months, and escaped, I nearly got fired for missing all that time at the library! I was pretty happy to tell them what to do with THAT job, when I married Ralph!"

"Well! What I was saying, was that turned out to be pretty good experience for being a housewife! In fact, some days it gets so hectic around here, I almost wish I was back at Morganna's! Ralph never ceases to be amazed either, at some of those tricks in bed, I learned that three months, when I was Mack the Pimp's sex slave!"

"It turned out, I'm not the only one with a famous past, in the neighborhood! The ex-super villainess, Sadique moved into a house down the street from us, a few months ago! That was a little awkward! Capturing Sadique was one of my first big triumphs! It was the first year I became a superheroine, and I was only twenty-one! It was a real feather in my cap, with the Sisterhood, for a beginner to pull that off! I really kicked Sadique's butt too, doing it! After she served eight years, in the special Federal Penitentiary for super villainesses, she apparently gave up crime, and got married! Of course, since I never reveal my real identity, she didn't know that her arch-nemesis, was almost her next door neighbor! Everyone knows about Sadique's past, of course, because ex-cons aren't allowed to have secret identities! She seems kind of proud of it, and is always bragging about her evil exploits, the despicable wretch! Most people call her Sadie, now!"

"Sadie has one son, Bobby, who's two years older than my older son, Ralphie! That's how the trouble started! Bobby is nasty little brat! Takes after his mother! Anyway, right after they moved in, he started picking on my kids, and bullying them!"

"One day, Billie said to me: 'Gee Mom! you're a Superheroine! Can't you arrest him, or something?"

"I explained that since I'd retired, I was no longer deputized to arrest people, but that it was about time, I had a talk with Bobby's Mother!"

"It was a hot summer afternoon, and I wasn't dressed in my usual, loose voluminous clothing! I just had on a pair of very short shorts, and a tee shirt! Heck! I guess I'm vain enough, to like to show off my long legs, and big boobs, ONCE  in a while! I didn't even have a bra on, under the tee shirt. Big as they are, my boobs really don't need one to keep them up! I thought of changing, but it was too darned hot! I just went the way I was!"

"I told the kids to stay home, when I started out! I was walking, of course! Even though, I can still fly, if I do that, everyone is going to guess who I am! It's always hard not to! Sometimes, in the morning, when the kids are in school, I drive out to a deserted spot in the country, and just fly around for a half hour! Gosh, it's fun to swoop around the sky like an eagle! That's one of the best parts of being a superheroine! Of course, when I'd almost gotten to Sadie's house, I noticed the kids were trailing along at a discreet distance! Well it was just too hot to bother, and I only intended to have a talk with Sadie, anyway! So I didn't turn around, and send them home, like I suppose I should have!"

Sadie answered the door a minute or so after I knocked! She's a few inches shorter than me, but maybe a little thicker, especially around the waist! Her belly is a little fat now, and her boobs kind of sagged as she got older, even though they're a lot smaller than mine!  She's still got that red hair and those nasty green eyes, though, and I guess guys still find her attractive! At least, whenever her salesman husband is on the road, she always seems to have a lot of male visitors in the evening!"

"When she opened the door, she gave me a dirty look, as though she was expecting a complaint of some kind! With a kid like Bobby, that's probably not at all unusual!"

"You're that prissy, little wimp, Betty 'whatshername', ain'tcha the P.T.A. President? What do you want?"

"Her insulting words, and the tone, she said them, really irked me! So much so, that for the first time in years, I forgot about keeping my identity secret! I pulled off my thick, black rimmed glasses, pulled the pins out of my bun, and shook my long, shimmering mane of golden hair loose around my shoulders, and hands on hips, I assumed my feared power stance, sticking out my 44D chest!"

"Recognize me NOW, Sadie?"

"She recognized me then, but was a lot less impressed, than I'd hoped, she'd be!"

"Hah, hah! That's rich! Fantastic Femme's baking cookies for P.T.A. bakes sales, these days, and pretty lousy, indigestible cookies at that!"

"Well that made me REALLY mad!"

"You shut that dirty mouth, you Floozy!" I retorted raising my voice. "My chocolate chip cookies are the best in the neighborhood! Anybody will tell you that!"

"That was no lie, either! That six months of the cooking channel, at Morganna's made me a really superb cook!"

"Hah! If you say so, Femme, but all's I know is, I broke a tooth on one of them last month! Whatcha' want anyway? I'm busy! I don't have time to stand here jawing with no broken-down, has-been superheroine!"

"I was seething of course, but I bit my tongue, and said."

"I want  that darned little bully of yours to stop picking on my kids, that's what I WANT!"

"Shit! I guess yer kids must be bigger wimps than their Mom, huh?"

"'Yeah! Well you didn't spend eight years in prison, because their Mom is a wimp, did YOU?' I said, maybe a little more cattily than necessary, but I was furious by then!"

"Hah! Big deal! Yer twice as big as me, and ya caught me by surprise that day, otherwise I'd have kicked yer fat, superheroine butte!"

"Oh! I really wanted to smack her face then, but I reminded myself, I WAS a lady, even if she didn't know the meaning of the word!"

"She must have read my mind, because she said: 'Why dontcha try it, NOW, ya top heavy bimbo?'"

"I was really fuming, by then, but I clenched my fists and kept them on my hips!"

"'If you don't keep that nasty brat of yours under control, maybe one of thees days I will!' I retorted, madder than ever!"

"'Watch who yer calling a 'nasty brat', Bitch!' She snarled, and slapped me across the face!"

"Well, naturally, I saw red! Nobody slaps a superheroine, not even a retired one! I went after her! She dodged, around me, though, and jumped down off the stoop on to the front lawn! I turned around, and jumped down after her!"

"She didn't get far, before I grabbed her shoulder, and pulled her around facing me!"

"I'd really let my anger get the better of me, and was pretty careless, and maybe I was a little rusty after fifteen years of marriage, and motherhood! Maybe, too, she'd learned some new tricks, since the last time we met, in those eight years in that penitentiary for Super villanesses!"

"Anyway, as she turned around, she rammed her hard knee right up into my pussy! My God it hurt! Worse even than that time Gigantus hit me there, with a steel girder! Maybe I had gotten soft, and  I'm not as tough as I used to be? That day, I got back up, and mopped up the floor, with that overgrown moron,
Gigantus ! Of course, that day, I was wearing a cup under my costume!"

"While her knee was still between my legs, the slut rammed me again even harder in the same place!"

"Hah, Hah!"

"Through a red haze of pain, I heard that evil laugh; mocking me; mocking Fantastic Femme! Oh I wanted to, SO BAD, but it's really hard to fight, when your pussy is on fire, and your shapely thighs are locked together in shock, and you're standing there pigeon-toed, trying to ease that frightful pain! I couldn't get my breath, and I was gulping like a fish out of water!"

"I saw it coming, but I couldn't get out of the way! Sadie's hard right fist crashed into my nose! I saw stars, as my whole head exploded in pain! I was afraid she'd broken my nose, it hurt so much! The pain brought tears to my eyes, and I felt blood dripping down my face! Then her left fist hit my right eye, closing it!"

"Sadie grabbed my long, blond hair, and jerked me down into another knee lift to my jaw! That about did it! I didn't know whether I was coming or going! She still had two handfuls of blond hair, right up close to my head! Even with all the other pain, I could still feel how much that hurt, as she tugged hard on it! She swung me around in circles, and kicked me in the belly at every turn! I sure didn't need that, then!"

"I still don't know how, but somehow, I got loose from that awful grip on my hair! Sadie still had two hands-full of blond curls, in her hands, that she threw on the ground! I turned the other way, and tried to get away,
from her, for a second, to maybe get my breath! I was gagging so, I was afraid I'd throw up! I took about one step, and the nasty slut grabbed the back of my tee shirt, and pulled me backward!" 

"The darned shirt ripped down the back! I felt the hot sun on my big breasts, as they pulled loose from the shirt! Oh my God! My boobs were bare, and my kids were standing right there, by now! I was half-naked, in front of My KIDS! I tried to cover my chest, but when I did that, Sadie punched me in the pussy! That still hadn't stopped hurting from those two knee-lifts! THAT did it! I fell down on the grass, on all fours!"

"Sadie kicked me over on my back! I looked up, scared! Hard confession for a superheroine to make! I was right to be scared, Sadie dropped down with all her weight, her big butt about caving in my poor stomach!"

"I tried to get loose, but she was planted too solidly in my aching tummy! I tried to punch her, but she pinned my arms under her knees! I couldn't cover them up now, and my big, naked, boobs were jiggling, all over my chest! I didn't have time to be embarrassed though, because Sadie rolled up the sleeves of her sweater, and then began pounding my poor boobs, with her fists! I was screeching bloody murder! Lucky it was mid-afternoon, or the whole neighborhood would have been out to watch! I think I did hear some windows and doors opening, but I had other things to worry about then!"

"Oh God, but she was hurting me! It was one of those times, when you're almost sorry, you've got such a nice, really big, set of jugs! I was afraid that witch was going to knock them right off my chest, the way she was bashing them, and bouncing them all around, like they were a pair of punching bags! I was flinging my head from side to side, and my long hair was twisting through the air, all which ways!"

"When I wasn't screaming, I was begging the dirty slut to stop! Oh, what could be more humiliating, then for a superheroine to beg for mercy?"

"Sadie's only answer was: 'Hah, hah!'"

"I'd just about had it, because I passed out about then! Mercifully so, I guess!"

"A minute or so later, when I opened my eyes, (The left one, anyway! I couldn't open the right one for a while!), Sadie was standing up, looking down at me!"

"'Hah, hah, hah!' Oh I hated that laugh!"

"Hah! Had enough, 'Superheroine'?

"'Y-yes, yes...please...I give..I give!' I was sobbing now!"

"Well! Too bad, Bitch! I haven't! Hah hah!"

That awful Slut kicked me back over on my hands and knees, again!  Every kick lifted my aching body about a foot off the ground!"

"Sadie grabbed the waist band of my shorts, so I couldn't go anywhere, not that I was likely to have gotten very far, the way I felt, and turned her head, to tell her nasty little brat son!"

"Bobby! Get that two-by-four over by the house, for me, will ya?"

"SURE THING, Ma! Hah, hah!"

"While the brat got the board, Sadie pulled my shorts down around my knees! At least she left my panties on! Maybe because her son was standing there! She sure wouldn't do it to spare my feelings!"

"When the awful Slut got the board in her hand, she grabbed me by the hair again, and started whacking my backside! Wow! That smarted, to say the least! She kept whacking me, and made me crawl all over her front yard, on my hands and knees! My big, bruised breasts were dragging in the grass! I was really sobbing hard, but every time that thick board battered my poor butt, I screamed between my sobs!"

"Sadie, of course, was laughing all the time, like a crazy banshee!"

"Hah, hah! Boy superheroines all got such gigantic fat asses!"

"Of course, it's true we do all have kind of large, backsides, even if they are very nicely contoured, but it sure wasn't the time, I wanted to be reminded of it!"

"Well, the nasty witch paraded me all around that lawn, about five times, and its a pretty, darn big lawn, too, whacking my backside at every step! I could see, by now a small crowd had gathered, on the sidewalk! My poor kids were standing there, looking scared and ashamed for their Mom! Nobody offered to help me, even though I was screaming and sobbing hysterically, all the time! I could hardly move another inch, and I guess Sadie was sick of dragging me, when she finally let me drop down on my belly! I lay there a while; I just couldn't move! I had my head buried in my arms, like an ostrich, and I couldn't stop blubbering and crying!  My legs were still kind of under me, and I suppose my big superheroine butt, with just my thong panties on, was sticking about straight up in the air!"

"I don't know how long, I was lying on the ground, when Sadie pulled me up on my knees by the hair! That's when I saw that brat Bobby, had a camera taking pictures of me! Of course, they're ALL OVER the internet, now! SO humiliating! At least, thank God, I wasn't in uniform, disgracing the Sisterhood!"

"Holding me up by the hair, Sadie waved a can of chloroform, under my bloody nose! The brat must have got it out of the house for her, when he was getting his darned camera!"

"Of course the sight of chloroform scared me even more than I was already! Any time any superheroine, gets even a sniff of that stuff, she knows things aren't going to turn out good! Sadie didn't open it, though, Thank God! Just wanted to scare me some more! Nasty, hateful Slut!"

"Then the damned witch said to me, while she kept jerking my aching head, back and forth by the hair:

'Now you Stupid Bimbo, GET OFF my property and don't ever come back within a hundred yards of here, or, SO HELP ME, I'll feed you to my pet, penile octopoid, that I keep in the basement!'"

"Heck! That scared me even worse, than the darned chloroform! Geez! I didn't want one of those darn things to get hold of me, again! The last time, a penile octopoid caught me, its slimy tentacles filled every orifice of my body, even one nostril! It was thirty-seven hours of non-stop orgasms, before I got loose, a new superheroine record! You might wonder what's wrong with
thirty-seven hours of non-stop orgasms, sounds great? Well, let me tell you, there can be TOO MUCH of a good thing! I was cross-eyed, and giggling uncontrollably, for two weeks after! That's really embarrassing for a librarian! I almost got fired that time, too!"

"I was really relieved, she wasn't going to take me inside and molest me! The way her eyes were gleaming, when she looked at my naked breasts, I knew she'd thought of it! Guess the only thing saved me was her son was standing there!"

"Hah! Now, GET GOING LOSER!" She sneered again.

"'O-okay, okay...I-I'm going...' I snuffled! It took me a minute, to pull my pants back up, and wrap what was left of my shirt around me, to try and cover some of my marvelous, up-swept, 44D bosom!"

"Poor Ralphie and Billie had been standing there on the sidewalk, white faced, during my entire disgrace! They were really nice helping me home, though! Of course the poor kids kept looking around, like they were hoping nobody would see them, with their Mom, who was such a pathetic wuss!"

"And, aw Geez! Their Mom WAS a real pathetic mess, limping so I could hardly walk, clothes torn and disheveled, my long beautiful, blond hair, a snarled birds-nest! By then, I had a shiner in my right eye, that didn't go away for a week, and of course my nose still hadn't stopped bleeding! And they had to listen to their grown-up, forty-five year old, superheroine Mom snuffling like a little kid, all the way! It wasn't until after I got home, that I could stop crying!"

"After that, I didn't have to remind the kids not to tell anyone their Mom is Fantastic Femme! Guess they'd just as soon forget it! They haven't asked me to tell them about my 'Triumphs Over Evil', lately, either! When they come home from school, and tell me Bobby took their lunch money, AGAIN, they just look at me hopelessly, knowing their Mom, the Superheroine, can't help them any! She can't even help herself! That hurts! I think, sometimes, they don't even tell me, because they can see, how bad it makes me feel!"

"Not that it matters, now, if they tell anyone I'm Fantastic Femme! That witch down the street has told everybody, and the whole neighborhood knows how she humiliated me! I don't think I've got a hope of getting reelected President of the P. T. A., this year! And the really galling thing is, I heard Sadie is going to run! I threw away those thick eyeglasses and all those frumpy clothes, anyway! No point now! Even if I am a really wussy superheroine, I can at least try to be a good looking one!"

"I guess every cloud has some kind of a silver lining! I just have to tell Ralph a couple of details of my encounter with Sadie, and he screws me half the night, like a madman! Some nights, it feels like I'm back in Mack the Pimp's harem! In fact, it was Ralph, who asked me to write this! I'll never know why guys get so turned on, when their wives get beat up in a catfight? Writing about it, now, though, when it's all over, is making me kind of hot and wet! Proves what a pathetic wuss, I AM!"

The End.