family WARNING: This story contains graphic violence and nudity. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Note: The characters in this trilogy will be familiar to readers of other related stories. A complete chronology of the adventures and travails of the heroines of this temporal continuum was prepared by an enthusiastic reader, Adam ben Yisroel, and will be appended to the the third story, "Early Retirement"

Like Mother, Like Daughter. Part 1.

An urgent message halted Superlady as she was about to set out to apprehend the notorious Elfrieda von Richtofen, the fiendish Nazi war criminal once known as Black Valkyrie. Alerted by Professor Martin of the Capital City Observatory, Superlady  raced into outer space and deflected a deadly comet that was on a collision course with Earth. The Comet was composed of deadly Kryptonite, the one substance deadly to Superlady, and it was only by the greatest skill and daring that the World's mightiest superheroine succeeded in deflecting the comet, so it would now pass safely past the Earth.

Having accomplished her vital mission to preserve the Earth from destruction, Superlady still had time to reach Chicago where she had a report that the von Richtofen woman had been seen skulking about a deserted building. It was said that Elfrieda von Richtofen, former Cambridge Professor, now supported herself performing in a private clubs presenting deadly wrestling matches for the pleasure of wealthy connoisseurs of such spectacle.

As Superlady flew toward Chicago, she discovered the impact with the comet had not been without cost. The exposure to such a massive amount of Kryptonite had sapped a portion of her super strength and powers.

"Hmmm...oh I feel terrible! Usually the effects of that awful stuff wear off as soon as I get out of its range. Never been exposed to such a massive dose, before though! Maybe I should wait a day and...No I may never get another chance to catch that Nazi Witch! I'm sure I'll be fine by the time I get to Chicago!" Superlady debated silently.

Predictably, the dauntless heroine, resolved to carry on with her objective.

It was after 10:00 o clock that evening, when still feeling a little weak and shaky, Superlady arrived in Chicago. She immediately sped to the deserted tenement building that she had been informed was Elfrieda's temporary headquarters, and rapidly searched the building. There was evidence of someone living there, but no Elfrieda. Superlady decided to wait.

Meanwhile, staying in the shadows of the darkened buildings, a lone figure hurried through the dirty streets. "Ah what a life!" The hurrying woman muttered. "Degrees from every major European University, a brilliant scholar, and I am reduced to making my living as a female wrestler! Ah If only Adolph had put me in charge of the Russian invasion? I would have shown those Slavic swine! I'd still be the toast of the Third Reich, perhaps, Fuhrer myself! Ah Well! It was a good night though! Now, they match me against two opponents at once, body builders and weight lifters to boot!  I beat those two muscle bound bitches nearly to death and drained all their strength! I haven't felt so strong in years! Not since I broke that bitch, Amerizon, fifty years ago!"

The woman in the shadows was Elfrieda von Richtofen, once known as Black Valkyrie, the Nazi superwoman, one of the most powerful and diabolical figures of Hitler's Germany. Her public defeat and humiliation of the renowned American superheroine, Amerizon, made her one of the greatest of Nazi heroes. Having learned from the forbidden books of the Dark Amazons to achieve superhuman strength by feeding on the pain and suffering of her victims, Black Valkyrie was nearly unstoppable during the war years.

After the War, Elfrieda fled to a friendly neutral country and became the Generalissimo's Secret Police Chief, insuring her safety from extradition, for some years. It was only after the death of the old dictator in 1956, that Elfrieda became a hunted fugitive. Although she was now over eighty years old, her Dark powers had preserved her youthful appearance. Only her graying hair hinted at her true age.

Elfrieda slid furtively into the deserted tenement. "It's a dump, but relatively safe!" she sighed. She had paid an exorbitant fee to a crime boss, for its use. Thinking herself safe, Elfrieda began to remove her long, dark rain coat, but just then a tall powerful figure stepped from the adjacent room.

The fugitive Nazi made it a point to study her potential enemies, and although she had never encountered Superlady before, she recognized the imposing figure in red, blue and gold instantly. Bad Luck, indeed! Superlady was the most powerful superheroine on Earth. The news reports were full of her latest feat of deflecting a comet from colliding with Earth just that afternoon. Yet Elfrieda didn't panic. Having just defeated two powerful women and absorbed their strength, her own dark powers were at their peak. She knew there was no hope of escaping Superlady's super speed. Like a cornered rat, her only chance was to fight. After all, Superlady wasn't the first superheroine she had fought, and she was still  large. Elfrieda threw aside her coat, and faced her new foe.

As Superlady approached the Nazi, about to restrain her in her mighty arms, Elfrieda struck first. Her foot lashed out with skilled accuracy, catching the gorgeous blond superheroine between the thighs.

Normally, Superlady would have laughed off such a foul blow, but tonight the effects of the deadly Kryptonite had not yet worn off. To her extreme distress, Superlady discovered she was temporarily vulnerable to attack. At a disadvantage, she faced the deadliest opponent, of her career.  She was as yet unaware that this devil possessed an even greater advantage. Elfrieda could capitalize on a foe's pain and suffering to drain their strength, and use it against them. As she gasped in pain, Superlady had the first inkling of her danger. She was dismayed to feel a portion of her already diminished super strength ebbing away.

Unfaltering in determination, Superlady was not one to be deterred by a momentary setback. Taking a deep breath, she attacked the vile Nazi woman with swinging fists.

Perhaps Superlady was weaker than even she guessed, for Elfrieda shook off her two mighty blows, and retaliated with two blows that at least equaled Superlady's diminished force.

Elfrieda's second murderous punch twisted Superlady in a half circle, and the grinning Nazi  kicked her in the back, a brutal blow to the kidneys, that staggered the powerful crimefighter.

The demonic Nazi grabbed Superlady's new summer tunic and tore it completely off her voluptuous torso. Superlady was, to say the least, chagrined.

In spite of witnessing her mother's misfortune at the hands of another evil Nazi, Superlady, the most powerful superheroine on earth, never felt it necessary to hone her combat skills. Yet, when exasperated beyond endurance, she had the instincts of a fiery catfighter. If there was one thing Superlady was sensitive about, it was anyone messing with her uniform. Perhaps she could never forget the sight of her sobbing, defeated mother humbly surrendering her own proud uniform to that other Nazi murderess, Fraulein Power.

Like a wildcat, Superlady scratched at Elfrieda's eyes then grabbed two handfuls of her hair.

Unfortunately for Superlady, Elfrieda possessed considerable catfighting instincts of her own, and hers were combined with  a great deal more hands on experience in the craft. She fought back with a vicious attack on Superlady's denuded and most delectable bosom, swinging so tantalizingly in her face.

Superlady discovered that in her weakened state, her large curvaceous breasts were painfully vulnerable to Elfrieda's brutal mauling.

It was only with the greatest effort, and considerable pain that, Superlady finally freed her  beauteous breasts from Elfrieda's claws. She half turned away, pausing a fraction of a second to nurse the damage Elfrieda had inflicted on her exquisite bust.

That split second pause was enough for the cunning Elfrieda. She attacked again, grabbing the tall, half naked, blonde warrior from behind in a bear hug of distressing power.

Superlady would never forget her own beloved mother struggling helplessly in Fraulein Power's arms. A child, she'd been able to do nothing but watch as that other evil Nazi used the crushing hold to permanently cripple her screaming mother. It was unnerving to be similarly caught in Elfrieda's arms, and even more unnerving to find she couldn't break the hold. Superlady struggled wildly as the Nazi's arms crushed her middle. She couldn't breathe! Normally able to go long periods without breathing, tonight with her powers so depleted, she found she could no longer do without life giving oxygen.  She gasped desperately. She felt more strength oozing from her captive body. With complacent satisfaction Elfrieda felt the same strength flowing into her own sturdy form.

No matter how frantically Superlady kicked and struggled, she couldn't get loose. As her strength ebbed, her formidable body drooped helplessly, until she dangled limply from the Nazi's strong arms. The vicious Nazi taunted her, and Superlady could barely find breath to gasp out a defiant retort.


End of Part 1.

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