WARNING: This story contains nudity, extreme graphic violence, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Island Outrage. Part 3. Conclusion.
GW (gwalb@nycap.rr.com)


"Once the terrible pain of that perverted, unnatural spanking forced Mother to submit herself to Fraulein Power's domination, the depraved brute forced the Queen to perform disgusting acts of abasing homage!"

"That vicious Devil forced my poor Mother to perform the most mortifying and disgusting acts of homage to her! No Amazon Queen ever knew such mortification, even those unfortunate few captured by evil men!"

"If Mother sometimes tried to assert her Royal Dignity, Fraulein Power swiftly reminded her who was now the Master!"

"After she forced Mother to totally degrade herself, she humiliated her even further by pulling the dignified Queen onto her lap, and fondling her in the most offensive manner possible!"

"Once she succumbed to Gerda's forceful dominion, Mother continued to demean herself by paying the ultimate homage to that vile Nazi fiend!"

"Even that was not enough for that despicable bitch! She dishonored my proud, Queenly Mother in the most vile disgusting way thinkable! It is the custom, of Erishka's accursed clan to degrade any proud women they defeat in that hideous manner, to teach them servility, and it is most effective, as I know myself!"

Amerizon shook her head sadly, in sympathy! "Y-yes...(sniffle)...I suffered that same degradation, and nothing can equal that shame!"

"(sob)...Wh-when Gerda was done with my poor Mother, she flung the sobbing Queen upon her own horse, and tied her to it, in the most humiliating manner her cunning evil mind could devise!"

"An Amazon search party found my unfortunate Mother later that day, still tied to the horse in that humiliating way! She was delirious and in her delirium revealed much of the story! Of course even Amazons are prone to gossip, and the story was soon known throughout the Island!"

"Her humiliation known to all, Mother never recovered from the shame of that terrible defeat and the degradation that followed!  She seldom left her chamber and fell ill soon after! It was as though she had no will or wish to live, and she died in my arms, a year later!"

"After that act of infamy, Gerda flew back to her home, and to her well deserved death the very next day! Though, in that brief period, she murdered Mighty Maid! (See The Adventures of Power Miss: Fraulein Power   Fraulein Power ) It was that act, that spurred Power Miss, her first victim, to finally rebel and stab her to death! It was an act that can only be considered justifiable homicide! No criminal ever deserved death more than that bitch!"

"The two deaths were covered up by a venal public official, and Power Miss contacted me shortly afterward! She returned my Amazon weapons to me, and confessed that it was her failure that had led to the deaths and suffering of her sisters! While under Gerda's control, she revealed all of our weaknesses! Having fallen to Gerda's interrogations myself, I was in no position to cast blame, though shameful coward that I am, I never told Power Miss the full depths of my own complicity! It was a terrible burden she lived with for the rest of her life, as I live with mine! In the years that remained to her, Power Miss did much to atone for her failure!"

"We did what little we could for our remaining sisters! We tracked down and released the two who Gerda sold sold into bondage, but by the time we found Drusilla, she was dying of a social disease, contracted in the wretched den where she was enslaved! As with my Poor Mother, Fraulein Power's evil lived on, after her death!"

Deena and Amerizon had reached the Royal Palace sometime before, but stood in the darkness while Deena finished her story. Before, they parted for the night, Queen Deena had one more sad bit of news to reveal.

"As time went on a new group of superheroines replaced those who had fallen, but now they too have begun to disappear, and I fear some terrible new evil is at work! Perhaps, there is yet some good we can do?"

The End.