WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, f/f rape and other perversities. The subject matter may also be considered sacrilegious, or even blasphemous, by some. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

This story is a sequel to Heavenly Justice.

Trouble In Paradise. Part 2. Conclusion
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Not satisfied
that she had brutally beaten up her heavenly Mistress, the Divine Queen of All Creation, the vicious, up-start handmaiden, Lilith, grasped Asherah by the hair and pulled Her up from the ground.

The painful tugging on her hair roused the battered Goddess from her stupor.

Could it be? Did an earthly witch knock the Mistress of Paradise, OUT COLD? How could... It was a catfight victory that shook the very foundations of Paradise! The Goddess had scant time to contemplate Her ignominious, heaven shaking defeat. Twisting Asherah's hair painfully, with a grip the Goddess couldn't escape, Lilith forced Her to Her feet.

Having proved the more accomplished catfighter, and viciously beaten her Mistress senseless, the evil Lilith had no hesitation in gloatingly treating the Queen of Heaven with the most contemptuous disrespect. Kneeing the Mistress of Paradise in the behind for emphasis, Lilith used her inescapable grip to force Asherah over to a rustic bench that adorned the elysian garden.

Until this day, the Warrior Goddess, Asherah despised Lilith as a lazy, sybaritic whore, surely, too sly and craven to be a fighter, yet, astonishingly, Her wayward handmaiden just knocked Her out cold. Now, to add insult to injury, the despised handmaiden painfully dragged Divine Asherah across her lap, like an unruly human child. Such a sacrilegious insult was intolerable to the Queen of Paradise! Unable to get loose, She screamed in indignant, but impotent, rage!

"Shut up, you fat old bag! D'ya think, I'm impressed by yer yelling! You may be a Goddess, but I just beat the crap out o'you! Now I'm gonna' show ya, who's
really BOSS, around here!"

"You-you..." Asherah was nearly speechless for a moment in outraged wrath at the upstart's incredible effrontery. Before She could express Her indignant outrage, Lilith painfully smacked Her broad bottom. The Mistress of Paradise squealed in pain.

Smarting in pain, and furious at Her embarrassing predicament, Asherah loudly vowed retribution.

"You-you impious tart, I'll send you to the infernal regions with Samael, when I get loose!"

"Ow! Damn you!"

Unimpressed by the threat, Lilith had smacked Her Mistress, a second time, even harder. "Hah!
Ya won't be sending me nowhere from where yer lying, now, Bitch, will ya? We'll see how high and mighty ya are, when I get done blistering yer big, fat behind! Maybe ya better think about begging me, ya fat Bitch!"

At the suggestion that the Mistress of Paradise beg an earthly witch, Asherah's Divine Fury reached fever pitch.

To Asherah's furious indignation, Lilith laughed at Her threats, and continued smacking Her broad behind, with a steady relentless tempo, until Her shapely bottom blazed.

At first, the fiery pain fueled Asherah's indignant Divine fury, and She promised Herself a fierce vengeance.

Yet, as the mortifying punishment went on, AND ON, each smack adding to Her misery, Asherah's put thoughts of righteous retribution aside for the moment; finding it took all Her divine concentration to endure this hideous indignity with the stoic decorum, befitting a Goddess.

Lilith went on, and on, tirelessly, until Asherah's broad, shapely bottom glowed with scorching, scarlet torment.  Each merciless slap added to the fiery pain, until it was nearly unbearable. Asherah gritted Her teeth, to hold back a sob. Her eyes were hot and dry, and She had to blink back a tear.

Lilith's hand felt like a steel paddle, and her arm rose and fell as relentlessly as though it was driven by machinery. Each agonizing smack made it harder for Asherah to maintain Her stoic, dignified endurance. As it was, it was impossible for the resolute Goddess to blink back all of Her tears, or to swallow every little sniffle of misery.

Her eyes overflowed with painful tears, and Asherah tried to wipe away the humiliating display of weakness, much to Lilith's sadistic amusement.

Asherah tried to deny it, but Her trembling, uncertain sniffles betrayed Her.

Asherah was reaching the limits of even Her Divine endurance. The awful burning pain blotted everything else from Her mind. "Oh I can't stand anymore!" She silently shrieked, biting her lip. "No, no...mustn't give in to her!" The pain must stop or She would be undone!

"Hah! Ya want me to stop, Ya know what Ya gotta say!" Lilith gloated triumphantly.

Divine Pride has limits! In a small, teary voice, Asherah uttered a humble plea.

A plea hardly louder than a whimper didn't satisfy the cruel witch, and she smacked Asherah's bottom again, if anything, even harder, and more painfully.

"Louder Bitch I want to hear you whine and beg!"

This time, the Proud Mistress of Paradise, humbled by frightful pain, shrieked for mercy, begging the contemptible handmaiden by name!

Cruel Lilith forced the sobbing Goddess to continue pleading, rubbing Her nose in Her mortifying capitulation.

By now, there was nothing Asherah wouldn't say, or promise, to end this horrifying nightmare.

Finally, Lilith abruptly stood up, spilling the disgracefully dishonored Queen of Heaven onto the ground.

"Shit Yer as big a wimp as that Divine Justice babe! No wonder Ya picked such a loser fer Yer Divine Messenger! Two gutless peas in a pod! Look at ya, blubbering like a fat cow from a little spanking! Yer pathetic!" Lilith crowed in triumph.

Divine Asherah lay at the villainous handmaiden's feet sobbing in mortified despair. How had such a catastrophe overtaken a Divinity?

Gloating in victory, Lilith wasn't done yet.

Lilith was tremendously aroused by her victory, and even more erotically stimulated by the thrill of ruthlessly spanking the haughty Mistress of Paradise until she made Divine Asherah weep and beg for mercy, like a terrified mortal child. Oh how delicious THAT was! Now the impious witch thought what a delectable climax to her triumph, it would be, to force Righteous Asherah, Herself, to gratify her pent-up sexual need.

"Heh, heh! Oh YEAH! That's perfect! The
sanctimonious Queen of self righteous prudery, Herself, eating little Lil's pussy!"

How could the Queen of Heaven, the Divine Guardian of Righteousness, bring Herself to commit such an abomination? Yet, She couldn't endure another spanking? The humiliation! The pain! Her fiery red behind still burned with the awful scalding pain. The despised handmaiden had made herself the dreaded Mistress, a frightening mistress Asherah didn't dare disobey! With a choked whimper, the dethroned Divine Queen sorrowfully debased Herself, in obedience to Her terrifyingly dominant handmaiden's command.

Once Asherah satisfied her base sexual need, Lilith stood up, and glanced down at her debauched former Mistress with a sneer and an insult.

"Oh, just one more little thing, Honey!" Lilith snickered in contempt. She  pulled the still sobbing Goddess up by the hair, and then over on Her hands and knees.

With only an occasional tug on her makeshift leash, Lilith led the sobbing Goddess through the fields of paradise. On hands and knees, in a state of shock, Asherah crawled obediently at Lilith's heels. Overwhelmed by the horrifying calamity that had befallen Her, She hardly knew nor cared what was happening.

Lilith dragged the defeated Goddess, by the hair, to the very Gates of Paradise, and then with a final, demeaning kick to the behind made clear her intention.

To her sad dismay, the shamed, defeated Goddess learned She had been right; Paradise couldn't hold both Lilith and Herself! Incredibly, Asherah, Queen of Victories, didn't drive the vile serpent from Paradise! The wicked, upstart handmaiden dethroned the Heavenly Queen, and drove HER from Paradise!

With a sob, Asherah shuffled through the Gates, into exile, bereft of Her Divine Powers.

In vain, did the pathetic slave, who had been the mighty superheroine, Divine Justice, pray for succor to her Patroness, the Matronit.

Shorn of Divine Power, the exiled Mistress of Paradise was not only helpless to aid her Chosen Messenger, but Herself, shamefully shared Her beloved protégée's
evil fate. We read in the Writings of the Kabbalists, that in Her exile, the unfortunate Matronit, the Mistress of Paradise, is the sexual plaything of Samael and other lesser demons of evil, who repeatedly impregnate Her with their fiendish seed, while Lilith sits in Her place in Paradise.

The End.