WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, M/F rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Phantasma On Patrol. Part 2.
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Though she managed to hurl the gallant Phantasma to the ground, and trample on her, something no criminal had ever done, the overconfident Enigma was perched more precariously than she imagined. Despite frightful pain, Phantasma twisted her splendidly muscled form, and  flung the criminal off. Enigma barely avoided crashing to the ground, herself.

As Enigma strove to regain her balance, Phantasma started to jump to her feet, but she discovered, to her dismay, the Mob Boss had injured her much more seriously than she first thought.

Before the injured Phantasma could get to her feet, Enigma recovered her balance. Her taloned fingers clawed at Phantasma's huge bosom. Though she did little damage to the crimefighter's mouth-wateringly luscious breasts, she did, to her amusement accidentally tear away Phantasma's scanty blue bodice.

"Geez Honey, never knew how you kept those pasties on yer fat udders, anyway!" Enigma sneered. "Thought maybe ya just painted them on!"

Her mirth didn't retard Enigma's attack, she struck again, almost instantly, with a brutal kick to Phantasma's denuded bust.

The kick spurred Phantasma to regain her feet, no matter what the cost. Once on her feet, she painfully discovered the brief time on the ground caused her swollen right knee to stiffen excruciatingly, making it impossible to put her full weight on her right leg. Enigma snickered at her foe's obvious agony.

Enigma's mirth was short-lived. Even with most of her substantial weight on her left leg, Phantasma threw a devastating left that connected solidly with the astonished Enigma's chin.

Agonizing as it was, just to stand, Phantasma threw two damaging rights, one to the crime boss's chin, and the other buried deep in her belly.

Another hard left nearly tore Enigma's head off.

Scenting victory, Phantasma, gritting her teeth in agony, planted both legs solidly, and threw a right-handed haymaker to Enigma's face. The mighty blow landed squarely on the point of her chin, and sent the groggy crime boss crashing  against an alley trash can.

The battle had so far, done more damage to her gorgeous body than any in Phantasma's career. Now, sure she had won, the injured crimefighter relaxed her guard a bit, as pain engulfed her. Enigma, just as badly hurt, and twice as groggy, clung to the trash can for support. She knew, one more punch would finish her.  In a daze, she felt her hand on the handle of the sturdy cover. Instinctively she grasped it, and whirled to smash it into the astounded Blue Marvel's face. The first crashing blow almost knocked the exhausted Phantasma to the ground.

As Phantasma staggered, Enigma smashed the heavy metal cover down on the top of her head.

Enigma suddenly felt better, as she battered Phantasma's head from side to side.

When Enigma finally lowered the makeshift weapon, Phantasma, tottering drunkenly, cradled her aching, woozy head.

Enigma dropped the ash can cover, and came at Phantasma confidently. Her foe's head reeling from the vicious beating with the cover, Enigma caught the disoriented crimefighter by surprise in her inflexible grip.  Powerful arms of steel crushed the Blue Marvel's slim, taut waist.

Before Phantasma could resist, Enigma hoisted the woozy crimefighter off her feet.

Still reeling from the battering to her head, Phantasma struggled frantically to escape the deadly crushing trap. She moaned in agony at the excruciating pressure on her injured back. Every muscle of Phantasma's fabulous body strained like a coiled spring, but she couldn't loosen Enigma's gorilla arms.

Phantasma knew she couldn't take much more of this punishment without passing out. Desperate danger called for desperate measures!

Before she passed out completely, Phantasma, in desperation did the only thing left her. She jabbed her thumbs into Enigma's eyes and pressed hard.

Screaming in pain Enigma dropped Phantasma to rub her burning eyes. Though she'd gotten loose, Phantasma's head was going round in circles; and she had all she could do to stay on her feet. She hoped Enigma's watering eyes would give her the few moments she desperately needed to recover.  Enigma never gave the staggering crimefighter the respite she needed. Her eyes watering and her vision blurred, instinct alone guided the brutal crime boss's foot as she unerringly drove it into Phantasma's pussy.


Dizzy from the brutal head banging, then further weakened by the punishing bear hug, the crotch kick was the final straw.  Phantasma staggered, transfixed by the terrible pain in her genitalia. Her vision clearing, Enigma prepared for the next brutal assault, which she desperately hoped would be the last.

By now Enigma could see well enough to aim a potent left cross that connected squarely with Phantasma's jaw.

A kick to the staggering crimefighter's injured back followed swiftly.

Enigma's next kick buried her toe in Phantasma's aching belly.

Enigma knew she'd definitely gained the upper hand over the battered heroine, but she was badly hurt and exhausted, too. How much longer could she keep up this grueling contest? She had no choice, though, she MUST finish it! She grabbed Phantasma's arm in an iron grip to hold her steady, and plowed her knee into the masked crusader's battered belly, right where she just kicked her.

Still restraining Phantasma's arm in her skillful, if tiring, grip, Enigma smashed her fist into the crimefighter's kidney's intensifying the agony in her injured back. Weariness may have slowed her down, but Enigma still punched like a blacksmith.

Enigma used her grip to whirl the nearly helpless Blue Marvel around, for what she hoped would be the finisher. Phantasma knew she was almost finished, but she had no strength left to block the punch, that might be her last.

Enigma's mighty right fist crashed into Phantasma's jaw, with heart stopping force, whirling her in a half circle.

When the dogged Blue Marvel still didn't go down, a mighty left whirled her in the opposite direction.

Nearly out on her feet, Phantasma clung to the same ash can, that saved Enigma moments earlier. There was no cover to save the gallant crimefighter, though, even if she had the strength left to use it.

Enigma measured her opponent, then taking careful aim, she threw a right uppercut. The exhausted crime boss put everything she had left into the blow. The punch landed squarely and lifted  Phantasma completely off her feet.

Knocked out cold, Phantasma fell heavily, her big muscular body slumping  against the trash can. A weary Enigma surveyed her floored foe with a grunt of satisfaction. In her checkered career she  faced many opponents, but none who ever came so close to beating her.

Enigma knelt down, and hurt and weary as she was, managed to haul the unconscious Blue Marvel to her feet.

Phantasma was still out cold, and it took all Enigma's fading strength to even keep her heavy body erect.

The elation of victory gave Enigma the burst of energy necessary to sling her moaning, kayoed foe over her shoulder for the short trip back to her lair.

Staggering and stumbling under the weight of the full-bodied Phantasma, Enigma managed the last few steps.


End of Part 2.

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