WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, M/F rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Phantasma On Patrol. Part 3. Conclusion.
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It was a tough struggle for the battered crime boss, but Enigma finally got Phantasma's beaten and still unconscious body inside the warehouse headquarters of her criminal operations.

With a sigh of relief, Enigma flung Phantasma to the floor. Even the jarring landing didn't rouse the badly beaten, blue crusader, as the elated crime boss stared down at her prize with exhausted satisfaction.

Though she had won, Enigma had never taken so much punishment in a fight. Now, she knelt beside the moaning unconscious loser, and vengefully stripped her naked. "Time for a little pay back!" She muttered.

It was Enigma's pawing hands that finally roused Phantasma; still moaning, she sat up groggily, to the chilling realization of her dire predicament. To fully bring home the harsh reality of defeat, Enigma triumphantly waved the last remnant of her costume under Phantasma's nose.

As Enigma spitefully played 'keepaway' with the tattered remnants of her costume, Phantasma desperately grabbed at her briefs. The useless effort drove home the bitter knowledge of just how badly Enigma had beaten her. Her body trembled in weakness and excruciating pain, and she almost fell over backward, again.

Still vengefully dangling the brief's out of reach, Enigma planted her big foot in Phantasma's aching belly and pushed her down flat again.

While she was unconscious, the injuries to her badly battered body stiffened her muscles, robbing Phantasma of all her legendary strength.  Weak as a baby, now, she wriggled and squirmed desperately, but she couldn't budge the evil blonde's leg. Enigma's boot pinned her helplessly, and humiliatingly, to the floor. Enigma shouted for her two henchmen to come witness her triumph, and her foe's mortification.

Helplessly displayed by the gloating Enigma, Phantasma miserably averted her face, as the two hoods stared down lustfully at her voluptuous nude  body.

Once she triumphantly showed off her trophy to her henchmen, Enigma twisted Phantasma's arm behind her back, and forced the weakly struggling crimefighter to her feet.

As Enigma held the infuriated crimefighter helpless, Harry chained the trembling Blue Marvel's arms above her head suspending her gorgeous nude body on tiptoe, in humiliating  bondage.

"Go get ready for some fun boys!" Enigma ordered as she critically examined her handiwork. Harry and Moe obeyed with smirks on their faces. While they left, Enigma came closer and reached for Phantasma's mask. "Time for the unveiling, Honey! Yer face, that is; the rest o'you is pretty well unveiled already!"

Phantasma desperately tried to pull away, twisting her head from side to side. It was no use! Enigma tore the Blue Marvel's mask from her beautiful face with a flourish.

Enigma stared hard at the unmasked crimefighter's face, and then chortled in recognition. "Hey you're that debutanty Carstairs bitch, what's always in the society pages givin' big bucks t'charities! What a coincidence! We been casing yer joint fer a heist! We'd like a little o'that charity ourselves! Guess it's gonna be easier'n I figured!"

As Enigma tore Phantasma's mask off, Harry and Moe returned, both as naked as the unfortunate crimefighter, herself. As Enigma looked on approvingly, Harry approached the bound Blue Marvel, his fairly large penis bobbing eagerly. Phantasma gulped down a thrill of alarm; she had no doubt  what was coming.

The gorgeous crimefighter covered her apprehension with a snarl. "Damned if I let them see I'm scared!" She told herself.

Harry wasted no time on foreplay; after all, HE was more than ready! Grabbing the struggling Phantasma's waist, he brutally forced his hard, fat penis into her delicate vagina!

As Harry painfully raped her, Phantasma cursed him furiously.

When Harry was finished, Moe pulled a crate over in front of the beautiful crimefighter, and standing on it, thrust his smaller penis into her reluctant mouth. Having no choice, the unhappy Phantasma, with a grimace of disgust, did as the thug ordered.

As Phantasma serviced Moe, Harry inspected her spectacular body from the rear, his eyes drawn to her magnificently contoured, bottom cheeks.

Harry crept closer and fondled Phantasma's gorgeous butt, adding to her disgust, as she sucked Moe's revolting penis.

After Moe came in her mouth, Harry struck again. Totally unprepared, Phantasma shrieked in awful distress as Harry rammed his large dick into her tiny anus! This was a thousand times worse than anything she was prepared for.

When Harry finally finished his disgusting anal rape, Phantasma prayed her ordeal was over. Although she had endured the horror, stoically, she was badly shaken. How much more could she take?

Now it was Enigma's turn. She had no sexual interest in the captive crimefighter, although she enjoyed watching her two henchmen humiliate the proud, publicly idolized Champion of Justice.

The shrewd Enigma was motivated solely by her business interests. She rather ruefully admired the toughest foe she'd ever fought. "I gotta give the bitch credit; she took it from them two apes without whining! That's why I gotta make the bitch squirm some more, though! Teach her a lesson she'll never forget! She's gotta learn never to interfere with Enigma again!"

Enigma pulled the crate behind Phantasma, as the bound crimefighter eyed her apprehensively. As Enigma climbed on to the crate, she pulled a large, old-fashioned, straight razor from concealment, and flamboyantly brandished it before Phantasma's widened eyes.

Enigma grasped her around the neck, and despite her resolve, Phantasma trembled in alarm.  "Oh God is the bitch going to cut my throat! She's capable of anything!" Phantasma gritted her teeth. "She's not going to make me beg, though, DAMN IT, no matter what!"

Enigma had something less bloodthirsty in mind then slitting her captive's throat, but something more humiliating to the proud Phantasma. This was something, Enigma was sure, would totally demoralize any woman, especially the proud crimefighter, idolized for her striking beauty. Disdaining shaving cream or any lubricant, Enigma rapidly hacked at Phantasma's glorious, blue black tresses, painfully scraping the sharp razor down to the bare scalp. Phantasma screamed in shocked humiliation.

Phantasma had stoically endured the bestial rape by the two thugs, and steeled herself to die bravely, if necessary, but as she looked down at her raven tresses lying in clumps at her feet, she was near tears.

Enigma emphasized her woe by chortling. "Good thing ya got those big titties, Honey; otherwise with all them muscles, people'd think you was an ugly guy!"

Enigma was not finished humiliating her adversary. In a stint in prison, she learned the art of tattooing. As Phantasma squealed in pain, the ruthless crime boss crudely branded the gallant crimefighter's shapely behind, with her make-shift tattoo needle.

When she finished, Enigma contemptuously freed her victim from her bondage and snickered: "Take a look at your big fat behind, now, Slut!"

Phantasma twisted her sore aching body to look down at a hideous tattoo, emblazoned in scarlet on her gorgeous behind. The diabolical criminal had permanently marred her body with a humiliating memento of defeat. For the first time in Phantasma's hellish ordeal, tears rolled down the courageous crimefighter's face.

"Okay I'm done with you!" The vicious crime boss sneered to the disgraced crimefighter  "The boys'll drive you home! Don't give 'em any trouble! And most important don't ever come near my operations again! Don't forget, Bitch! I know who you are, and where you live! The next time I won't be so nice! After I beat the shit out of you, you'll be at the bottom of the West River, wearing concrete overshoes! REMEMBER THAT!" Enigma contemptuously patted the teary eyed crusader on the cheek to emphasize her point.

Shamed and cowed by defeat, Phantasma only snuffled in misery, at the threat.

Driven home to her luxurious mansion, the thoroughly humbled Champion of Justice, naked, unmasked, raped, shorn and tattooed, huddled in the back seat of the sedan, sniffling in anguish. Harry and Moe escorted her inside her sumptuous home. Clearly possessing a thorough knowledge of the layout, they took the weeping crimefighter directly to her own bedroom, and ordered her to open her bedroom safe. All of the valuable Carstairs jewels rested inside that safe. Edwina was not particularly attached to jewels; she only wore them because people expected it at society events. Yet, the thought of letting these contemptible thugs take what was rightfully hers, revolted the hard working heiress.

The distraught Crimefighter sniffed back her tears, and indignantly, if not very convincingly, quavered her refusal.

Harry's brass knuckles, and Moe's blackjack, swiftly convinced the naked socialite, that now the indomitable Phantasma could be savagely bullied with impunity, even by this contemptible pair of second-raters.

Groveling in pain on the floor, fearing the evil pair would permanently cripple her, Phantasma tearfully surrendered, pawing pathetically at Harry's foot.

Phantasma sobbingly opened the safe under the watchful eyes of the two hoods.


As the two criminals departed with all of her priceless jewels, Edwina Carstairs collapsed on her bed sobbing in despair.

Edwina's hair eventually grew back; she could afford to replace her jewels, and more importantly, afford to have the awful tattoo painfully removed from her shapely behind, but she could never erase Enigma's brand on her soul.  She would never forget that terrible defeat, or recover from the horrifying nightmare that followed. The heroic defender of virtue had lost her nerve; Phantasma  was never seen in the City again.

Edwina Carstairs redoubled her charitable activities and other public service, while Enigma's organization soon dominated all criminal activities in the City.

The End.