This story contains nudity, graphic violence, n/c f/f rape, and other elements that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Pink Ladies.
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It had been a long day for Elizabeth McMasters, the new Principal of Middle Borough High School. That morning, she had reluctantly taken the step she had been contemplating for some weeks. She had submitted the paperwork to the School Board, to expel Judy Sanders, the President of the Pink Ladies.
"That girl disrupts the entire school! I hate to do it, but it's only fair to the rest of the students! She should have graduated last year, if she'd made any effort, so this is her fifth year! I don't think she deserves any more chances!"

Of course in a bureaucracy, paperwork moves slowly, and it would be at least several days before the final approval came through. Meanwhile the school would have to put up with the problem student.

Though social clubs were forbidden at the school, the Pink Ladies' had long flourished at Middle Borough, as an illicit organization in defiance of the rules. The 'Ladies' were really a just a gang of juvenile delinquents, masquerading as a club, of course. They swaggered around the school bullying the other students, and engaging in petty crime outside of school. They were easily identifiable because every gang member had dyed pink hair. Elizabeth's predecessor, the elderly Mr. Nichols had ignored them, shying away from trouble, while awaiting retirement.

Once Nichols retired, the Board had transferred Principle McMasters to Middle Borough to restore discipline to the school. She not only worked the entire school day in her office, but also had taken on the job of coaching the boys lacrosse team after school. The team had been without a coach for some time, and Elizabeth had been a noted Olympic contender in her earlier years.

It was after six o'clock by the time
lacrosse practice was finished. Elizabeth noted the time as she walked into the girl's locker room. Good! The locker room would be deserted and she could shower at her leisure.

However, the Principal wasn't the only one who had the idea to make use of the locker room. Judy Sanders had become used to treating all school facilities as her own personal property. She had sneaked out of school early, but returned after classes were over to take a nap in the deserted Nurse's Office, before her planned evening activities. She had plans
to do some bar hopping with several other gang members. Judy checked her wallet.

"Yep, got my fake i.d.! Maybe I'll give some lucky guy a thrill! Like t'get laid tonight! Been a few days!
Guess maybe I better take a shower before I meet the girls!"

"Hah! If that fat, blond bitch is gonna' expel me, I might as well enjoy myself in the mean time!
" Judy mused as she undressed by the locker she kept reserved for her own private use. One of the pink ladies worked in the school office, and told Judy at lunch time about the expulsion papers.  

Once undressed, Judy entered the semi darkened shower area. She heard running water and realized someone else had the same idea. Moving silently on bare feet she peeked around the corner.

"Well well if it isn't the 'bitch' herself! Hah! Be a shame t'miss a chance like this! Gotta' admit the big bitch's got more muscles than an ape under them suits she wears!"

As Elizabeth emerged from the shower, she was suddenly grabbed from behind by the hair at the back of her neck.

The Principal screamed in pain and shock at the unexpected attack.

The shocking attack, disoriented Elizabeth long enough, for the pink thatched delinquent to drive a paralyzing fist deep into her ridged belly. Though not nearly as muscular as the Principal, Judy was strong and sturdily built, and had a real knack for disabling opponents. At eighteen she was a veteran of some years of cat-fighting.

Once she gained the advantage, Judy mercilessly capitalized on it. She gave the large blond no chance to recover but beat her savagely.

Knowing what was coming but unable to escape, Elizabeth looked into Judy's eyes with the frightened stunned like of a rabbit trapped by a snake.

No matter how desperately the big blond woman twisted and squirmed, she couldn't avoid the relentless kicks, that unerringly found her svelte middle.

Judy pummeled Principle McMasters until the older woman slumped nearly unconscious. The young thug inspected her victim with critical expertise.

Judy's hand fondling her stately bosom roused the befuddled principal in alarm.

In spite of her stern resolve, Judy's sharp nails digging into her sensitive nipples convinced the helpless educator to cooperate with the vicious student.

Judy had a diabolical, new idea. To carry it out effectively, it would be more convenient if the unfortunate, brutalized principal was unconscious. Judy struck her expertly at the back of the neck. Elizabeth slumped to the floor with a moan.

It was nearly an hour later when the moaning Principal awoke. It took several minutes to drag her bruised, aching body off the floor, and to stumble over to the sink. She screamed in horror as she saw her reflection in the mirror over the sink.

Judy had done a most thorough job of making Principal McMasters into a Pink Lady!

Next day, the Principal called in sick and later that day submitted a request for early retirement. In the confusion of finding a replacement for her, the paper work for Judy Sander's expulsion was lost.

The End.