WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Note: This story is a prequel to Fraulein Power's Trophies Fraulein Power's Trophies  and in the Fraulein Power chronology occurs after the evil Nazi defeated Superwoman, as recounted in It Runs in the Family,  It Runs in the Family .

Amazon Pride. Part 2.

"The Devil nearly incapacitated me with that terrible kick! I could hardly stand, and she instantly took advantage of my distress to batter my sensitive breasts! I literally howled at the fierce pain!"

"I couldn't stand up to Fraulein Power's deadly fists any more, and staggered away from her, trying to catch my breath! I was in more pain than ever in my life! I believe that Devil woman cared more about hurting and inflicting pain on her foe, than about winning! Whatever her motive, her tactics were horribly effective! It is a terrible thing for an Amazon to admit, but I confess that the awful pain unnerved me! Gerda outfought me from the beginning, and I knew now the beast was capable of beating me! For the first time in my life, I feared losing a fight, and my belly knotted in dread! That Devil read the fear in my face!"

"The Devil flung herself at me, and my growing fear paralyzed me! I did nothing to ward her off, but, to my shame, stood trembling like a frightened rabbit, as she crashed into me, scratching and clawing!"


"Gerda's stocky weight bore me to the floor beneath her!"

"Gerda clawed at my eyes, and I did nothing to ward her off, but only screamed in fear!"

"I was pinned to the floor under that awful Nazi! Oh, it was awful to have that creature on top of me, hatefully pressing against my body!  I could think of nothing but to get away from her, and I struggled with panicky desperation! I no longer fought back, but only tried to escape her! My foolish struggles did no good; that devil rode me down as though she was skillfully breaking a wild horse!"

"It wasn't long before Gerda pinned me down securely! Exhausted and beaten, I lay there panting like a frightened animal in an inescapable trap! Once she stilled my struggles, she began punching me in the face!"

"I still have nightmares of being helplessly pinned under Gerda's fat behind, while those terrible fists smash into my face!"

"My newborn terror increased with every punch! I vainly tried to shield my face, and howled in pain and fear!"

"When I had nearly passed out, the fiend rolled me around and wrapped her fat thighs around my waist from behind!"

"Her horrible legs clutched me with unendurable pressure! In terror, I gasped and gagged just trying to breathe!"

"This time, I did pass out! As I lost consciousness, I truly believed I would never awaken!"

"I did wake, though, with a scream of pain! The devil was twisting my arm, nearly ripping it from the socket; her boot heel pressed my neck to the floor!"

"The pain was atrocious; I was sure she would kill me, or worse, cripple me in some horrible way, as she had Superwoman! I feared that fate much more than death! In terror, I begged her to release me!"


"I was utterly helpless, shrieking in pain, begging Fraulein Power to relent! Instead of accepting my fate like a true Amazon, I gave in to my despairing terror! I cried out my bitter surrender, begging Fraulein Power to spare me, screaming for mercy like a frightened child! My cowardice still haunts my dreams!"

"Gerda pulled me to my feet, and though I towered over her, I cringed submissively before her, no longer an invincible Amazon superheroine, but a humbled, contemptible captive, trembling in fear of a mightier woman! I lost the halter of my uniform in the struggle, and I could feel her cruel, greedy eyes possessively examining my bosom! I shivered in dread, and foolishly tried to hide my humiliating nudity!"

"I confess, I was always arrogantly certain I had no equal in combat, and it was a horrifying shock when Fraulein Power vanquished me so ignominiously! In my haughty pride, I came to avenge my fallen sisters, and justly punish that vile creature! Instead, it was I who screamed and begged for mercy, a crushing blow to pride and spirit! Didn't I deserve to be tormented and abused for my failure? If I wasn't strong enough to avenge my sisters, mustn't I share their sufferings? In despairing confusion, I yielded to Fraulein Power's evil mastery!  In my heart I have always feared some depraved part of me found satisfaction in submission to the wicked fiend! Her arrogant dominance filled me with a terrible, perverse compulsion to obey her! It was the same strange melting, submissive feeling, I occasionally experienced when playing binding games with my Amazon sisters! Then, it was a harmless game, but now my submissive acquiescence was a deadly trap from which I couldn't escape!"

"Emotionally persuaded that Gerda had won the right to do whatever she pleased with me, I offered no resistance when she stripped me of the last vestiges of the proud uniform, a coward no longer deserved to wear!"

"That wicked woman's hateful mastery over me was complete! When she pawed my naked body with contemptuous familiarity, I felt horribly violated, but I dared offer her no resistance! Subservient to her evil will, I let her use me as her despised plaything, with no more than a whimper for mercy!"

"Even when the foul witch touched me in the most offensively intimate manner, I couldn't summon the courage to defend my modesty like a true Amazon should, but blubbered and pleaded like a frightened puppy!"

"Though I coweringly submitted to her invasive fumbling, my pitiful display of modesty annoyed Fraulein Power! She contemptuously flung me across a piece of furniture! Terrified by her, I submitted like a fawning dog about to be punished!"


End of Part 2.

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