WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape, and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Note: This story is a prequel to Fraulein Power's Trophies Fraulein Power's Trophies  and in the Fraulein Power chronology occurs after the evil Nazi defeated Superwoman, as recounted in It Runs in the Family,  It Runs in the Family .

Amazon Pride. Part 3. Conclusion.

"As the Devil approached me, whip in hand, I crouched at her feet, shivering in dread, knowing what was to come, yet lacking the courage to defend myself, or even try to escape her!"

"Gerda took her time getting ready, while I trembled in mindless terror! She was an expert in administering punishment, and I suppose she calculated the delay would unnerve me even further, though I doubt that was possible, for I was nearly wetting myself in my terror!"

"At last, when she was fully ready, she whipped me savagely, while I screamed and howled like a paddled schoolgirl!"

"Amazons are taught from infancy to be stoic in suffering and misfortune! None could conceive of weeping at pain, but to my shame, I was sobbing like a child when Gerda had done with me! The horrible fiend sneered at my tearful weakness, and her contempt was justified! How could an Amazon Princess so disgrace herself? The bitter knowledge of my weakness increased that horrible fiend's growing ascendancy over me!"

"Gerda twisted me over on my back and straddled my face! Of course I knew what she wanted, but to my shame, I had no thought of resisting her! It was better to degrade myself, than to be punished anymore! My cowardice was total, now; my only thought was to placate her!"

"Gerda shook her fist in my face as she ordered me to service her! Her threat was unnecessary;  her mere command was enough! It was more than just my cowardice, contemptible as that was! I felt a horrifying fascination in abasing myself to Gerda! It seemed terribly fitting to serve this woman who was so strong and masterful!"

"As I proceeded with that odious task, to my horror, my horrible, perverted fascination in submitting to the fiend became sexually gratifying! The devil was quick to notice my shameful arousal and taunt me for it! H-how could I...(sniffle)...have sunk so low?"

Queen Deena stopped on the path, while Amerizon sympathetically patted her shoulder. It was a time before the Queen could continue her story.

When Queen Deena was able to go on, her voice still trembled as she remembered her degradation that horrible night. "Wh-when I had satisfied her lust, Gerda got off me! I lay there on the foot stool  I was sobbing in shame and covered my face! I heard Gerda open a drawer in the nearby cabinet! Then she shouted harshly at me!"

"'Gedt ub you ztupidt, Zludt!' She commanded me!"

"Slavishly obedient to her commands, now, I stumbled painfully to my feet, as quickly as I could!"

"I glanced fearfully at Gerda, and almost vomited! She had buckled an immense phallus about her loins!"

"That horrible thing terrified me and I wanted, more than anything to flee, but, by now I was totally within Gerda's power; I stood transfixed as she approached me! She grasped me in her frighteningly powerful grip, and pulled me close! I trembled like a wild creature in a trap!"

"'Ach! you Zludt! Do not play ze innozendt maiden viz Gerda!' She derided my terror!"

"I felt that monstrous obscene thing probing at me, then it burst into my body with a blinding flash of pain!"

"The pain was atrocious! Yet as the Devil rammed that horrible thing deep into my body, I experienced an uncontrollable jolt of forbidden sexual excitement, beyond my wildest imaginings! I pulled the evil Nazi closer to me, and hunched my body forward to drive that thing deeper!"

"Hating myself for my weakness, I yielded to that guilty shameful ecstasy! The chaste Amazon Maiden truly became Fraulein Power's depraved whore! I thrust myself against her, driving that hateful thing deeper, my bosom mashing against Gerda's fat boobies! That hellish device almost split me in two, but my loathsome ecstasy drowned the blinding pain!"

"Inevitably, I experienced a shameful orgasm, one of incredible intensity! Gerda pulled away from me, jerking that thing from my ravished body! The pain was still atrocious, but I desperately longed to have it back, such a whore had I become! Overcome by the explosive forcefulness of my orgasm, I sank weakly to my knees! Laughing at my shame, Gerda thrust that obscenity into my mouth! Whore that I was, I sucked it lustfully, as though it were living flesh that had pleasured me!"

"After Fraulein Power fully sated her sexual whims with my body, she began to question me!"

"Ach! Now zat ve haff hadt our vun, ve vill gedt down to buzzinezz! You know many zecredtz zat you vill share viz Gerda!"

"Gerda looped my own Lariat of Truth around my own neck, as I had looped it around the necks of so many criminals! I vowed that no matter how low I had sunk, I would tell her nothing!"

"We Amazons are trained to resist all forms of interrogation, even the Lariat of Truth, that is so powerful a tool! I resisted as long as I could, but once again I proved no match for Gerda!  I had already surrendered my will, even my soul, to the Devil! My own weakness and her awful strength  made me her obedient slave! It wasn't long before I bowed to her imperious commands, casting away the last vestiges of my honor, Hera forgive me!"

"Once I started talking, it was difficult to hold anything back, though I continually tried! Gerda was a skilled interrogator, she would make me repeat things over and over until I betrayed a hint and then she would zero in on it, and bully me into telling her! I babbled much to her! I told her my secret identity as a United States Naval officer, and many military secrets! I even told her the location of this secret Island of the Amazons! She questioned me long and hard about Mighty Maid and poor Dear Mary! She already knew much about them, but I told her more, Goddess forgive me!"

"Once Gerda drained me dry, and I had betrayed everything I believed in, and had lived for, her interest ended!"

"Ach! You Ztupidt Zludt, vat shouldt I do viz you now? You are no vurzer use to Gerda! You haff licked mein puzzy und toldt me vat you know! Vat elze are you goodt vor?"

"Then, while it still bound my neck, Fraulein Power swung my Lariat over a beam in the ceiling! I trembled in awful fear for my life! I was sure she intended to kill me by hanging, the most ignominious of deaths! Yet when she ordered me to stand up on the stool, I was unable to disobey her! I was totally enslaved to her strong will! Trembling in abject terror, I obediently did as she bid me! She had made me so miserable a coward that I could no longer face death like an Amazon! Standing on the stool, I wept and pleaded for my worthless life, but Gerda only laughed at me!"

"Though she could easily have kicked the stool away, so the fall might break my neck, and end my suffering quickly, Fraulein Power used her enormous strength to slowly, painfully haul me into the air! I dangled from the ceiling, slowly strangling, kicking and struggling in horrified terror, as the Golden Cord stole my breath away!"

"Finally, I grew too weak to struggle! My mad kicking slowed, and I dangled in the air, unable to breathe; certain I'd me dead in another second!"

"It was then, a moment short of death, that Gerda released me and I tumbled to the floor, gasping for breath, incredibly relieved to be alive! I suppose the Cruel Devil never meant to kill me at all, but only intended to demonstrate her total power of life and death over me!"

"I was so happy to be alive that I seized the Fiend's hand and slobberingly kissed it in gratitude! What kind of disgusting depraved thing had I become?"

"Fraulein Power had taken everything from me, my Amazon pride, my honor and my self-respect, and left me with my miserable life, and I was grateful to her!  I was, indeed, a contemptible, broken woman! The Vile Devil knew it, and contemptuously dismissed me, knowing I was no longer a threat to her! She commanded me to return to my home and not trouble her further, unless she summoned me! She kept my uniform and Amazon weapons, and gave me a castoff rag to wear home!"

"Without my Tiara I couldn't summon my secret aircraft, and I had no money! I crept back to my apartment on foot, through the darkened streets, still weeping at my shame! I had always strode fearlessly through the dangerous city, but for the first time in my life, I walked in terror, sniveling like a frightened school child, starting at every sound and shadow!"

"For a year, I lived in terror of Fraulein Power, coming at her beck and call to service her like an unpaid whore, her contemptible concubine!  To my shame, I invariably responded to her vicious violations of my body! Back in my bed, thinking of the vile things she did to me, lustful feelings often overwhelmed me, and I shamefully gave in to them! Fraulein Power had indeed made me her obedient lap dog!"

Amerizon felt the tears in her own eyes at the sorrowing Amazon's courageous admission, remembering her own shame.

Queen Deena went on with a sorrowful shake of her head. "I only dared disobey Gerda once! In disguise, I secretly attended poor Mary's funeral!  From a rear seat I watched Gerda humiliate Superwoman, hating myself for not having the courage to interfere! Instead, I slunk away like a whipped dog, terrified I would receive the same! Somehow the Devil spied me, anyway, and I suffered more humiliation and pain that night for my folly! When she was done with me, she bade me return  home, but I knew she was still angry and I feared worse retribution was in store, knowing how terribly vindictive she was! I could not conceive how terrible her retribution would be!"

They had reached the Royal Palace and Queen Deena was in tears. Amerizon embraced her and gave her a sisterly kiss of consolation on her cheek.

"Tell me no more tonight, Dear Sister! We are both too overcome by emotion!"

"Yes you are right...(sniffle)...I will continue my story tomorrow night! Thank you for listening, Veronica! In all the years since that terrible night, I have never been able to share my shame with another!"

The End.

Queen Deena continues her story of Fraulein Power's retribution, shortly, in Island Outrage.